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U.S. Federal Government  Publications

Title & Coverage

 SuDoc Number
Agricultural Statistics 1995- A 1.47:
American Factfinder 1990-
American Memory
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress 1774-
Budget of the United States Government FY1996- PREX 2.8:
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Current ed. only PREX 2.20:
Catalog of U.S. Government Publications 1994- GP 3.88-9:
Commerce Business Daily - This has been replaced by 2001-
Census of Agriculture 1987-
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Ministers of Foreign Governments Currrent ed. only PREX 3.11/2:
CIA World Factbook Current ed. only PREX 3.15:
Code of Federal Regulations 1996 (part), 1997- AE 2.106/3:
Codification of Presidential proclamations and executive orders 1945-1989
Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics 1993- J 29.20:
Condition of Education 1992- ED 1.109:
Congressional Directory 1995- Y 4.P 93/1:1
Congressional Pictorial Directory 1997-
Congressional Record (daily ed.) 1994- X 1.1/A:
Consolidated federal funds report. State and county areas. 1993- C 3.266/2:date
Constitution of the United States: Analysis and Interpretation Y 1.1/3:
Country Commercial Guides 1996-
Country Studies/Army Area Handbooks Current ed. only D 101.22:
County and City Data Book 1998- C 3.134/2:C 82/2/date
County Business Patterns 1993- C 3.204/4:
Crime in the United States 1995- J 1.14/7:
Current Population Reports: Population Characteristics (P-20), Special Studies (P-23), Estimates & Projections (P-25), Consumer Income & Poverty (P-60), Household Economic Studies (P-75) 1990- Index C 3.186:
Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations Current ed. only L 36.211:
Digest of Education Statistics 1992- ED 1.326:
DOE Information Bridge 1995-
Economic Indicators 1995- Y 4.EC 7:EC 7
Economic Report of the President 1995- PR 42.9:
FedBizOpps.Gov 2001-
Federal Register (daily) 1994- AE 2.106:
Federal School Code List Current school year only ED 1.2:SCH 6/29/
GAO Comptroller General Decisions 1995- GA 1.113:
GAO Reports 1995- GA 1.113:
GPO Access
GrayLit Network
Green Book 1996- Y 4.W 36: 10-4/
Health, United States 1993- HE 20.7042/6:
House, Senate & Executive Reports Partial coverage. 1995- Y 1.1/5: /6: & /8:
House, Senate & Treaty Documents Partial coverage. 1995- Y 1.1/3: /4: & /7:
Internet PubMed 1966- HE 20.3612/3
LSA - List of CFR Sections Affected 1997- AE 2.106/2:
National Atlas of the United States
North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS)
O*NET Current ed. only.
Occupational Outlook Handbook Current ed. only L 2.3/4:
Pocket Guide to Transportation Current ed. only
PrePRINT Network
Projections of Education Statistics to... 1993- ED 1.120:
Public Laws AE 2.110:1995-
Public Papers of the President 1993- AE 2.114:  
Sales Product Catalog Current ed. only GP 3.22/3:
Social Security Handbook Current ed. only SSA 1.8/3:
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics Current ed. only J 29.9/6:
Standard Occupational Classification Manual Current ed. only PREX 2.6/3:2000
State and County QuickFacts
State and Metropolitan Area Data Book Latest ed. only C 3.134/5:
State of the Cities 1997- HH 1.2:C 49/13/yr
Statistical Abstract of the United States 1995- C 3.134:
Subject Bibliographies Current ed. only GP 3.22/3:
Supreme Court Decisions 1999- JU 6.8/B:
Treaties in Force S 9.14:
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
United States Code 1994- Y 1.2/5:
United States Government Manual 1995- AE 2.108/2:
USA Counties Currrent ed. only C 3.134/6:
Vital Statistics of the United States 1900-present HE 20.6210:
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents 1993- AE 2.109:


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South Carolina

South Carolina Statistical Abstract HA 621 .S68 
Census 2000 S.C. Data Tables


Anuario Estadistico de America Latina y el Caribe. Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean - U.N. HA755 .A68 
Human Development Report - U.N. Development Program 
Progress of Nations - UNICEF 
State of World Population - UN Population Fund
State of the World's Children - UNICEF 
UNESCO Statistical Yearbook AZ361 .U45 
World Development Indicators - World Bank 
World Development Report - World Bank 
World Employment Report - International Labor Organization 
World Health Report - World Health Organization 
The World's Women - U.N. 



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