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Criminal Justice Abstracts (1968-): available from the Electronic Resources. Indexes U.S. and international journals, books, reports, dissertations, and unpublished papers on criminology and related disciplines. Use the Library Catalog or the list of electronic journals to locate items indexed.

National Criminal Justice Reference System: federal clearinghouse for research, policy and practice information on criminal and juvenile justice and drug information. Organized by subject. Also index of over "160,000 criminal justice publications, including Federal, State, and local government reports, books, research reports, journal articles, and unpublished research." Includes links to full text of reports if available. Most publications can also be ordered for free.

Transactional Records Clearinghouse (TRAC): statistical data, overviews, rankings, maps and other information on federal law enforcement compiled from data from various federal government agencies. Some data may require a fee.

World Justice Information Network: "a central point of access to a global virtual library containing thousands of professional publications" and a successor to "the United Nations Online Crime and Justice Clearinghouse (UNOJUST)". Requires free registration.

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Major Publications

United States Statistics

Crime & Justice Data Online - interactive database of state and local statistics. 
Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics: "national-level statistics describing all aspects of processing in the Federal criminal justice system, including investigations by U.S. attorneys, prosecutions and declinations, pretrial release and detention, convictions and acquittals, sentencing, appeals, and corrections." 
Crime and Justice Atlas: a graphical presentation of trends in crime and sentencing over the last 25 years for the U.S., each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia individually. Included with each state’s data is a list of significant justice system initiatives implemented in the state since 1975.
Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 1999 National Report 
Key Crime and Justice Facts at a Glance 
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics: statistics on the criminal justice system, arrests, offenses, public attitudes to crime, processing of defendants, parolees and prison inmates.
Uniform Crime Reports: U.S. crime and arrest statistics and crime indexes. IncludesCrime in the United States and Hate Crime Statistics. Earlier issues available in the Documents department.

Bureau of Justice Statistics Publications: alphabetical list of publications.
National Institute of Justice PublicationsNIJ Journal archive, research reports by topic, speeches by the director of the NIJ from the research agency of the U.S. Department of Justice.
NCJRS Publications: Alphabetical index of publications.
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Publications: juvenile justice publications on courts, offenders, substance abuse, gangs, victimization, corrections.
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms publications

South Carolina

Crime in South Carolina: annual compilation of county and state statistics from the State Law Enforcement Division, Uniform Crime Reports Department. Includes crime, arrest and crime clearance statistics. 
South Carolina Criminal and Juvenile Justice Trends 2000 
South Carolina Traffic Collision Fact Book

South Carolina Office of Justice Programs publications


World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems: narrative descriptions of criminal justice systems of countries around the world.

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Government Agencies

Department of Justice: includes information for individuals, communities and kids and youth.
Office of Justice Programs

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention 
Bureau of Justice Statistics: statistical publications, spreadsheets and datasets arranged by topic.

FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation.

South Carolina Department of Corrections
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

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Statistical Datasets

These sites provide access to raw data, data in spreadsheet format and/or allow users to create customized datasets and analyses. Data may also be available in summarized and published format. See the other sections to locate the relevant publications.

Crime & Justice Electronic Data Abstracts : aggregated data from published sources in spreadsheet format. Locate data by topic or jurisdiction.
Federal Justice Statistics Database: data on suspects and defendants processed in the federal justice system. Download data or use the interactive query system.
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data: part of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) archive. Some data available through an online analysis system or for downloading. The Research and Data Center provides support for ICPSR data at USC.

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CD-ROMs and Videos

CD-ROMs are available for use in the Documents department and may also be available for circulation. Videos may be viewed in the library. A complete list of CD-ROMs from the Justice Department is available

Crime Victimization Survey Software, November 1999, (CD-ROM) J 29.29:C 86 
Software to help law enforcement officers and researchers collect information using standardized questions from the National Crime Victimization Survey.

Domestic Violence By Police Officers, etc., September 1998, (CD-ROM) J 1.14/23:D 71 
Proceedings from a 1998 conference.

Envirocrimes: Clear and Present Hazards EP 1.104:EN 8/2/CD
A collection of scenarios that show the many different types of environmental crimes law enforcement officers might encounter on the job. Its purpose is to help them recognize environmental crimes and take appropriate action.

Federal Justice Statistics Program (CD-ROM) J 29.30:yr 
1995-. Data and documentation from the Federal Justice Statistics Program about individuals and corporations processed through the federal criminal justice system. Includes programs to perform customized analyses.

Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 1999 National Report, (CD-ROM) J 32.23 J 98 
Educator's kit includes the full report, data spreadsheets and supporting source documents.

National Corrections Reporting Program, 1996, June 1999, (CD-ROM) J 29.11/13-2:996Raw ASCII datasets including prison admissions, release and parole data. SAS and SPSS setup files are provided.

Reducing Youth Violence: A Comprehensive Approach (September, 1999), Version 2.0 J 32.21:Y 8
Interactive multimedia CD-ROM includes information on 48 successful programs, 132 technical resource listings, full-text of over 200 OJJDP publications and over 2000 graphs, tables and charts.

U.S.A. v. Microsoft Corp., Deposition: Bill Gates, August 27 & 28, September 2, 1998, (VIDEO TAPES) JU 10.2:M 58/3/date/TAPE no.

United States v. Microsoft Publically Released Deposition Transcripts, June 1999, (CD-ROM) JU 10.25:M 58 
Depositions taken between July 9, 1998 and February 4, 1999. Partially available online.

Research Guides

International Criminal Law: a selective resource guide: covers treaties, major documents, statistics, crime prevention, international criminal justice and specific crimes. Includes links to other guides and metasites.


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