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Summary File 3: sample data.
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American Factfinder
Census Bureau
Census 2000 Home
S.C. Census Data Tables
FFIEC Geocoding: 1990 Census Tract Street Locator [includes basic profile]

Training and User Guides

Training Modules - Slides and training exercises on Census 2000 content, American Factfinder and PL 91-171 CD-ROM from the Census Bureau in English and Spanish. [HTML, PowerPoint] Updated with each release of data.
Census Tutorial - sponsored by the Alaska Library Association GODORT.
Tips for Viewing and Printing PDF maps
Census 2000 Summary File 1 ASCII data - tips on working with the files and using MS Access.

American Factfinder
University of Michigan Documents Center - slide show and user guide. Includes screen shots and exercises.
Creating Thematic Maps - guide to creating maps displaying census information.
Tutorials and Training Materials - from the American Factfinder site. Includes PowerPoint slides.

More Guides to Census 1990 and 2000 data
Census Guide 2000 from the Documents Center at the University of Michigan.
A Guide to the Decennial Census with a focus on 1990 and 2000 census datafrom the University of North Carolina.
FreeDemographics.com user guide.

Landview IV - Guide to DVD of 1990 Census maps and data.

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Software and Tools

The Documents and Microforms Department provides equipment, software and tools for accessing and viewing most Census 2000 materials. Contact the Department for more information.

Acrobat Reader 5 - a free reader for use with PDF files. Includes support for screen readers [Windows only]. Earlier versions for Macs are available.
Winzip - free software for unzipping compressed files. [Windows]
Stuffit Expander - free software for unzipping compressed files. [Mac & Windows]
ArcExplorer - a free GIS viewer from ESRI. [Windows and Unix] 



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