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Summary File 3: sample data.
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FFIEC Geocoding: 1990 Census Tract Street Locator [includes basic profile]

For most users

American Factfinder: Census 2000 data will be released here first. Factfinder allows you to:

2000 Census School District Demographics: Data by school district - school district geography is not available on American Factfinder. From the National Center for Education Statistics.

FreeDemographics.com offers access to all available Census 2000 data also. 

For South Carolina data only

The State Data Center also makes South Carolina data available. This is easier to use, but offers less data and has no maps and does not allow you to select tables.

Additional tables and reports not in Factfinder

Rankings & Comparisons: Summarize data from American Factfinder or present other tabulations of Census 2000 data. [Excel, PDF, ASCII] 
Census Briefs & Special Reports: short analytical briefs and in-depth analytical reports. [PDF] 
Census 2000 PDF Reports: Quick access to PDF reports including demographic profiles, PHC-1, PHC-2, Mapping Census 2000 and technical documentation.

For CD-ROM/DVD and Print Reports

Some data will also be published on CD-ROM or DVD or in print. The Documents & Microforms department will receive these items as part of the federal depository library program, but they will generally be available only after similar data on the Internet.

CD-ROMs/DVDs will provide faster access to large datasets with no download limits and different functionality from Factfinder. Software is provided for manipulation, basic calculation and extraction of datasets in different formats.

perform custom calculations including percentages. 
create or select custom or multiple geographical areas including custom radii from a point (latitude and longitude required) and locate data for the area created.
download datasets without restriction in various formats (Excel, .csv, several versions of Dbase, FoxPro).

Summary print reports for state, county and place areas are also available.

Large data sets and files

Historical Data

The Documents and Microforms Department has printed historical Census reports from 1790, including all maps. Please contact the department for more information.

Census History [PDF]
Selected Historical Census Data - population, housing, income and poverty data from the Census Bureau.
SOCDS Census Data: selected 1970-present census data for metropolitan central cities and metropolitan suburban places. Use the SOCDS Census Query Builder at the bottom of the page to create tables for download in .csv format or to download entire dataset.
U.S. Historical Census Data Browser (1790-1960) National, state and county statistics.
1990 Census CD-ROMs : detailed list of contents. CD-ROMs are available in the Documents department.

The only microfilm copies of census forms in the department are:
1790: Maryland
1800: Maryland
1810: Virginia
1820: Illinois, Virginia
1840: Illinois, Iowa, Ohio
1850: Ohio
1860: Iowa, Virginia
1870: Iowa, Virginia, West Virginia

The department does not have facsimiles of census forms for any other census years or states. It has published statistics and reports derived from the decennial censuses. These do not include information on individuals.

Maps & Mapping

American Factfinder Interactive Maps

Printable Maps - Census 2000 County Block Maps, Voting District/State Legislative District Outline Maps, Census Tract Outline Maps. 
Note: A plotter is required for printing entire maps. [PDF] Use American Factfinder for 6"x6.5" maps.

Columbia, SC tract maps: maps with 2000 & 1990 census tract boundaries available in the Documents department.



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