CD-ROM, DVD, Video List


Attaining Excellence, TIMSS As A Starting Point to Examine Teaching, Eighth-Grade Mathematics Lessons: United States, Japan, and Germany, ORAD 97-1023R, (VIDEO) ED 1.334/2:M 42/VIDEO
Breathing Easy: What Home Buyers and Sellers Should Know About Radon, Indoor Air Quality Information Clearinghouse (IAQ-Info), (VIDEO) EP 1.104:R 12/VIDEO
EPA 402-V-02-003 "With a bit of light humor, the video covers the basics, including radon science, the lung cancer risk, home inspection, building a new home radon-resistant, testing and fixing a home, disclosure, state radon offices, hotline and web resources, and key radon numbers, e.g., EPA's action level and the U.S. indoor and outdoor averages. The primary audiences are home buyers and sellers, and real estate sales agents and brokers. Home inspectors, mortgage lenders, other real estate practitioners, and radon services providers will also find the video helpful."
EMS Public Information, Education & Relations (PIER) Instructor Video, 1996, (Video) TD 8.2:EM 3/19/VIDEO
The Food Stamp Program, Training Guide for Retailers, (Video) A 98.8/2:330
Getting in Step: A Video Guide for Conducting Watershed Outreach Campaigns, etc., June 2003, (VIDEO) EP 1.8:W 31/2
Developed to help implement an effective outreach campaign as part of a state or local water quality improvement project. Video includes case studies of diverse approaches.
National Center for Education Statistics, Data for Decisions, Resources from the National Center for Education Statistics, November 1996, (Video) ED 1.334/2:D 35/VIDEO
NHANES III Anthropometric Procedures, From the National Center for Health Statistics, (VIDEO) HE 20.6231:AN 8/VIDEO
Operation Cooperation, Partnership Between Law Enforcement and Private Security, (VIDEO) J 26.2:OP 2/VIDEO
Patient to Patient: Cancer Clinical Trails and You, etc., (VIDEO) HE 20.3193:C 61/VIDEO
Pursuing Excellence, Eighth-Grade Findings From the Third International Math and Science Study, (Video) ED 1.334/2:EX 2/VIDEO
Senior Project at SERVE, The SENIOR PROJECT: A Guide to Developing and Judging a Senior Project Presentation, (VIDEO) ED 1.348/4:SE 5
Senior Project at Serve, The Senior Project: Mentoring: The Art of Becoming, (VIDEO) ED 1.348/4:M 56/VIDEO
SunWise: Sun Safety Program K-8, May 2003, (VIDEO) EP 1.104:SU 7/4/VIDEO
"The SunWise School Program is an environmental and health education program that aims to teach children and their caregivers how to protect themselves from overexposure to the sun." Video describes program and is designed for teachers, school nurses, parents and school administrators who want to learn more about the program.
U.S.A. v. Microsoft Corp., Deposition: Bill Gates, August 27 & 28, September 2, 1998, (VIDEO TAPES) JU 10.2:M 58/3/date/TAPE no.



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