CD-ROM, DVD, Video List

General Interest

The Adventure of Echo The Bat, An Adventure in Remote Sensing, Grades 5-8, etc., 2003, (CD-ROM)
NAS 1.86:EC 4/CD

The Asian Monsoon and Data Assimilation, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, (CD-ROM)
NAS 1.86:M 75/CD
Contains teacher, student and resource guides for middle and high school students and a data visualizer with 4000 data graphs. Includes multimedia presentations at four levels of complexity from a brief overview to scientific papers by NASA scientists. Includes 4000 charts of temperature, precipitation and wind for Seoul, Bombay, Calcutta, Seattle, Washington, DC, and London for 1985-1989. Also includes ASCII temperature and precipitation data for Bombay (1878-1989), Calcutta (1931-1989), London (1841-1989), LA, (1877-1977, 1987-1989), Seoul (1905-1989), washington, DC (1824-1842, 1846-1848, 1854-1859, 1862-1989). Similar and more data sets available in publication World Monthly Surface Station Climatology or NASA GEDEX CD-ROM.

Asthma Speaker's Kit, January 2001, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:AS 8/CD
Powerpoint presentation.

Breathing Freely: an interactive program for patients with asthma, 2000, (CD-ROM) 
D 101.129/6:AS 8/CD

Budget and annual performance plan of the U.S. Department of Commerce
C 1.1/8:2000

Comprehensive Reference Resource, Disc 1 & 2, September 11, 2001, (CD-ROM)
D 12.22:C 73/CD
Photos, multimedia, news articles and documents. Search by venue, chronology, and organization.

Cooking for Groups, A Volunteer's Guide to Food Safety, Includes English and Spanish Version, October 2001, (CD-ROM)
A 110.20:C 77

Delivering Timely Water Quality Information to Your Community: The Chesapeake Bay and National Aquarium in Baltimore EMPACT Projects, November 2002,
EP 1.104:W 29/3/CD
"to provide state and local governments and others "How-to" steps needed to design, employ, and maintain water quality monitoring, data management/delivery, and communications systems. The handbook is based on the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracting (EMPACT) and Fort McHenry Tidal Wetland Restoration projects. It also includes information about lessons-learned and success stories associated with similar projects, and sections on interpreting and communicating the significance of the resultant water quality.

Designated Driver Safe Ride Program Community Action Guide, October 2001,
TD 8.64:D 83
DOT HS 809 401. Ideas for promoting designated driver programs and resources for implementing programs. More resources on project web site.

The Dynamic Sun, (CD-ROM) NAS 1.86:SU 7/yr/CD
A multimedia educational presentation on the sun and its effects on the earth, including components for elementary, middle, and high schools with corresponding teachers' guides. Most images are from SOHO, the Solar and Helispheric Observatory.

Earthquakes and Eruptions, Smithsonian Institutions, Global Volcanism Program, Digital Information Series, GVP-2, 2000, (CD-ROM)
SI 1.49:EA 7
Four informative interactive programs based on global-scale datasets for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions since 1960. Designed for home, classroom or museum use.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke: A health hazard to children, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:T 55/CD
Speaker's notes, brochures and presentations.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about EFTPS…, (CD-ROM)
T 22.69:EL 2
For business and individual taxpayers. Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. Informational and marketing materials, EFTPS-Online demo. Multimedia.

Exploring the Extreme Universe!, (CD-ROM)
NAS 1.86:UN 3/2/CD/yr
Interactive multimedia.

Fathers' Involvement in Children's Learning, Tool Kit, (CD-ROM)
ED 1.83:F 26/CD
Materials and resources on fathers' involvement in children's learning, including examples of effective practices.

Federal Tax Products, Final Release, (CD-ROM)
GP 3.38/3:yr/FINAL
Federal tax forms, instructions, notices and publications. Forms can be completed electronically and saved.

Final Report on Electric Clothes Dryers and Lint Ignition Characteristics, Main Report & Appendices, May 2003, (CD-ROM)
Y 3.C 76/3:29/C 62/CD

The First Forty Years: A Collection of Selected Images, (CD-ROM), NAS 1.86:IM 1/CD

Images of historical significance from the NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Office of Public Affairs historical image archive. Images also appear in the book "Dreams, Hopes and Realities: NASA Goddard's First Forty Years". Images in JPEG and TIF. Mac and Windows image browsers provided.

GRACE Interactive CD-ROM
NAS 1.86:G 78/CD
GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment): Mission overview, schematics of the satellite's design, technical overview, launch vehicle specifications, movies of various parts of the mission, classroom exercises. More information and educational materials on project web site.

History of US Marine Corps Operations in World War II, FMFRP 12-34, January 2000, (CD-ROM)
D 214.9/6:12-34/CD
v.1. Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal / Frank O. Hough, Verle E. Ludwig, Henry I. Shaw, Jr. -- v. 2. Isolation of Rabaul / Henry I. Shaw, Jr., Douglas T. Kane -- v. 3. Central Pacific drive / Henry I. Shaw, Jr., Bernard C. Nalty, Edwin T. Turnbladh -- v.4. Western Pacific operations / George W. Garand, Truman R. Strobridge -- v.5. Victory and occupation /

Imagine The Universe! StarChild, (CD-ROM)
NAS 1.86:UN 3/yr/CD
Annual captures of the Imagine the Universe! Multimedia designed for students 14 and up.

In Situ Enhanced Source Removal, Hill AFB Utah, September 1999, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:SO 8
HTML report describes and compares the performance of in-situ technologies designed to accelerate the removal of organic contaminants from unconsolidated soils and aquifers.Data from the nine demonstrations are compiled into an MS Access database. Also includes bibliographic database of references used and computer code.

Introduction to Federal Taxes For Small Business/Self-Employed, September 2001, (CD-ROM)
T 22.69:T 19
Includes multimedia. Can be used in a classroom or as a self-study tool.

Invasion Intervention, "Intervasion":, A Concise History of the U.S. Army in Operation Uphold Democracy, (CD-ROM)
D 110.13:H 62/CD
The Combat Studies Institute presents a critical history of Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti. This concise study of the Army's role in that important peace operation was written by three faculty members at the Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth: Lieutenant Colonel Walter E. Kretchik, Dr. Robert F. Baumann, and Dr. John T. Fishel. Their accounts and conclusions drawn from them are based on an extensive review of available documentary material, interviews with key participants in the operation, discussions with experts on Haitian affairs, and travels to Haiti to conduct a firsthand assessment. The result is a challenging analysis of Uphold Democracy that brings into perspective deficiencies as well as achievements in the conduct of the operation. Consists of Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Also includes special video segments adapted from the documentary film Rhythm of the Street, which was produced by LTC Kretchik and Dr. Baumann under the auspices of the Combat Studies Institute in 1997.

Let's Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, April 2000, (CD-ROM) EP 1.104:R 31/2

Games, activities, publications and resources for students and teachers.

Make Your Parties Rock Substance-Free, A Guide to Safe and Sober Event Planning, July 2001, (CD-ROM)
TD 8.8:P 25/3/CD
DOT HS 809 402. The planner contains ideas for party settings, promotional ideas, party task lists and a complete set of resources for the event.

Making Sun-Earth Connections, (CD-ROM)
NAS 1.86:SU 7/2/CD
A multimedia educational presentation on the sun and its effects on the earth, including components for elementary, middle, and high schools with corresponding teachers'guides.

Military Careers, 1999, (CD-ROM)
D 1.95:C 18/CD
A guide to military occupations and selected military career paths. See related website.

Partnership for Family Involvement in Education, Presentation Materials,
ED 1.83:P 25/CD
Speaker's notes and overheads addressing each of four sectors of the Partnership for Family Involvement for Education - family-school groups, community organizations, religious groups, employers and lays out research-based rationale and activities to support local level family involvement in education. Related website.

Partnership for Family Involvement in Education, Tool Kit, (CD-ROM)
ED 1.83:P 25/4/CD
Materials and resources on family involvement in education.

Private School Online Directory, July 2000, (CD-ROM)
ED 1.334/2:SCH 6/2/CD

Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:L 46/2/CD

Protecting Children From Exposure to Secondhand Smoke, Community Action Kit, August 2002, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:C 73/2
"Developed by the U.S. EPA to assist community leaders in educating communities about the dangers of secondhand smoke. This information will help them develop strategies and locate resources necessary to implement a community-based campaign to reduce children's exposure to secondhand smoke. The kit contains a number of products and ideas - each with its own "blueprint" to help you get results. Specific projects are identified and the project's purpose, methods of achieving the goal, evaluation mechanisms, and detailed action steps are discussed."

Senior Project at Serve, The Senior Project: Mentoring: The Art of Becoming, (VIDEO) ED 1.348/4:M 56/VIDEO

Speed Management Resources, September 2001, (CD-ROM)
TD 8.64:SP 3
High and low resolution PDF files. Includes factsheets, posters, brochures, educational materials.

Statistical Abstract of the United States, (CD-ROM)
C 3.134/7:yr
1993-present. Latest edition on CD-ROM contains content not found in print edition (supplemental explanatory material on major economic series, maps). Files in spreadsheet format contain more years of data or detail (additional variables or geographic units) than the print edition or PDF files on the CD-ROM.

Student Aid Audio Guide (CD-ROM)
ED 1.83:ST 9/CD/yr
Annual. Audio CD.

Taxpayer Rights & Alternative Dispute Resolution, 2001, (CD-ROM)
T 22.69:R 44/CD
For tax practitioners assisting low income taxpayers and includes information specific to this sector. Integrated with IRS Digital Daily web site for updated and expanded information.

The Traffic Safety Box, January 2001, (CD-ROM)
TD 8.64:T 67
The program is intended to build awareness and educate youth on traffic safety issues. It provides students with an opportunity to interact and learn about highway safety through a series of interactive exercises. Topics covered include alcohol, occupant protection, speeding, and zero tolerance.

Trust and Terror, New Demands for Crisis Information Dissemination and Management, etc., December 2002, (CD-ROM)
Y 3.L 61:15/T 76/CD
This CD-ROM, narrated by Walter Cronkite, describes the proposal of NCLIS to expand the role of libraries as an essential component of U.S. crisis information dissemination and management.

The United States Army and the Korean War, United States Army Center of Military History, Vol. 1-4, September 2000, (CD-ROM) D 114.21:K 84/V.1-4/CD
Publications on CD-ROM and NOT on website: The Medics' War, by Albert E. Cowdrey; Military Advisors in Korea: KMAG in Peace and War by Robert K. Sawyer, Black Soldier/White Army: The 24th Infantry Regiment in Korea by William T. Bowers, William M. Hammond, and George L. MacGarrigle; U.S. Army Mobilization and Logistics in the Korean War by Terrence J. Gough; Pictorials of Korea, 1950 and Korea, 1951-1953 by John Miller, j.r., Owen J. Carroll, and Margaret E. Tackley.

The United States Army in World War 1, Center of Military History, Vol. 1-3, April 2001, (CD-ROM)
D 114.21:W 19/V.1-3/CD/
Version 1, 2. This three disc CD-ROM brings together for the first time all of the Center's existing work on World War I, to include an overview essay, Learning Lessons in the American Expeditionary Forces (Disc 1); the 18-volume documentary collection of selected AEF records of the United States Army in the World War, 1917-1919 (numbered 1-17, with Volume 10 divided into two separate parts), (Discs 1 and 2); the five-volume Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War (numbered 1-3, with Volume 3 divided into three separate parts), (Disc 3); American Armies and Battlefields in Europe (Disc 3); and World War I print set (Disc 3).

U.S. Restitution of Nazi-Looted Cultural Treasures to the USSR, 1945-1959, Published 2001, (CD-ROM) AE 1.127:N 23

U.S. Savings Bonds Payroll Savings Resources Guide, February 2002, (CD-ROM) T 1.66:B 64

Information and tools to inform employees of U.S. Savings Bonds Payroll Savings Plan. Includes video, info. guide, promotional materials, links to manual and more information. English and Spanish. (Windows Media Player, MS Word, HTML)

Viewing The Violent Universe (CD-ROM) NAS 1.86:UN 3/3/CD
Contains computer-viewable version of a 5-minute video on the launch and early achievements of the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory.

A Virtual Small Business Workshop, Small Business and Self-Employed Working to Put Service First, November 2001, (CD-ROM)
T 22.69:V 81
Business tax information for small businesses and the self-employed. Multimedia.,,id=97726,00.html

Welcome to NASA's Earth Science Enterprise, Educational CD-ROM, (CD-ROM) NAS 1.86:EA 7/3/yr/CD
Interactive multimedia educational CD-ROM. "NASA's Earth Science Enterprise is dedicated to understanding the total Earth system and the effects of natural and human-induced changes on the global environment. The vantage point of space provides information about Earth's land, atmosphere, ice, oceans, and biota that is obtainable in no other way. Programs of the Enterprise study the interactions among these components to advance the new discipline of Earth System Science, with a near-term emphasis on global climate change." Program website has additional materials.

Working With Stress, A NIOSH-TV Production, 2002, (DVD-ROM) HE 20.7129:ST 8/DVD
Describes workplace factors that can create or exacerbate worker stress, and suggests practical measures for reducing job-related stress through changes in work organization.

World War II Inter-Allied Conferences, 2003, (CD-ROM) D 5.22:C 76/CD
Minutes of conferences between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston S. Churcill during World War II on allied grand strategy




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