CD-ROM, DVD, Video List

Educational and Training Resources


A Collection of Solid Waste Resources, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:C 68/CD/yr 
Publications on climate change and waste, composting, hazardous waste management, 
household hazardous waste, tribal waste management, landfills, recycling, municipal solid waste 
management. Includes games and activities for children and information in Spanish. Annual 

Addressing and Resolving Poor Performance: An Interactive Tool for Supervisors, Version 1.0, January 1998, (CD-ROM) 
PM 1.59:AD 2 
Designed as a learning tool or as a quick reference. Associated web site.

Air Traffic Control, Computer-Based Training Library, (CD-ROM) 
D 301.118:L 61/CD/yr 
Contains data about air traffic control training programs. 

Army Logistics Process Rock Drill, 1998, (CD-ROM) 
D 101.129/6:D 83/CD 

Attaining Excellence, TIMSS As A Starting Point to Examine Teaching, Eighth-Grade Mathematics Lessons: United States, Japan, and Germany, ORAD 97-1023R, (VIDEO) 
ED 1.334/2:M 42/VIDEO 

Auxiliary Specialty Course Navigation (AUXNAV), Student Study Guide, Instructor Guide, (CD-ROM) 
TD 5.67:N 22/STUD./INSTR./CD 

Basic Course in Occupational Medicine, (CD-ROM) 
D 101.129/6:M 46/CD 
Designed to provide a foundation in occupational health for U.S. Army civilian occupational health 
nurses, and military community health nurses with oversight responsibilities for OH programs.

Basic Satellite Imagery Interpretation, (Unclassified), September 1996, (CD-ROM) 
D 203.34:SA 8/CD 

Best Practices, COS Trainer's Handbook, etc., (DISK) 
PE 1.13:P 88/DISK 

CANTRAC: catalog of Navy training courses, (CD-ROM) 
D 201.40:T 68/yr/CD 
Contains information on schools and courses under the purview of the Chief of Naval Education and
Training and other Navy training commands.

Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office Library on CD: A One-Stop Reference, March 2000, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:C 42/2
91 documents on accident reporting and notification requirements, training and industry guidances,
chemical accident investigation, counter-terrorism, international chemical accident prevention and
preparedness and emergency preparedess and response.

Climate Change Presentation Kit, 1999, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:C 61/CD

CME Training System, September 1996, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:IN 7/CD
Designed to train EPA and state and local officials in ground-water monitoring at hazardous waste
facilities. CME stands for Comprehensive Ground-Water Monitoring Evaluation. Includes a glossary
and relevant sections of the Code of Federal Regulations

CNET Support Manuals, 1998, (CD-ROM) 
D 201.40:C 42/CD
NAVEDTRA 130A. Task based curriculum development manual, v. 1. Developers guide -- v. 2.
Sample products -- v. 3. Managers guide -- NAVEDTRA 131A. Personnel performance profile
based curriculum development manual -- v. 1. Developers guide, v. 1 supplement. Curriculum
developers aids -- v. 2. Sample products -- v. 3. Managers guide -- NAVEDTRA 135A. Navy school
management manual. Manuals also available from Office of Training Technology website: 

Coastal Use Issues Course, Version No. 1.0, April 1998, (CD-ROM) 
A 1.142:C 63/CD
The Coastal Use Issues Course provides an introductory understanding of the laws and regulations
regarding the East and Gulf Coasts of the United States of America. A recent Executive Order
13158, May 2000 extends these requirements to the West Coast, Alaska, and the Pacific Basin.

Coastal Use Issues, Version 3.0, July 2000, (CD-ROM) 
A 68.24:C 63/CD

Computer-Assisted Instructional Program on the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, 2000, (CD-ROM) 
JU 13.18:B 22
Designed to help bankruptcy clerks learn how the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure apply to
their work.

Concrete Pavement Design Details & Construction Practices, etc., Technical Digest Instructor's Guide Participant's Workbook Visual Aids, (CD-ROM) 
TD 2.73:C 74/CD

Considering Project Effects Under NEPA, Version 3.0, July 2000, (CD-ROM) 
A 68.24:P 94/CD

Conflict Resolution for School Personnel, An Interactive School Safety Training Tool, Disk 1-2, (CD-ROM)
J 28.31:SCH 1
"This interactive CD–ROM (NCJ 194198) from NIJ contains five modules (anger, threats, attacks with weapons, suicide, and weapons on campus) that are intended to aid school personnel in their responses to such potentially violent situations. The modules, which can be viewed in any order, are broken down into 12 didactic tutorials (e.g., de-escalating student conflicts, assessing a suicide threat, suspected gunshots) and 14 interactive scenarios (e.g., fight in library, Internet hit list, gun in cafeteria). The interactive portion presents videos of potentially dangerous situations and asks the viewer to select a response from a variety of choices."

Cooking for Groups, A Volunteer's Guide to Food Safety, Includes English and Spanish Version, October 2001, (CD-ROM) 
A 110.20:C 77
English and Spanish

Delivering Timely Water Quality Information to Your Community, The Jefferson Parish - Louisiana Project, September 2001, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:J 35/CD
Instructions on how to design, site, operate and maintain water quality data gathering and analysis system, use data visualization tools to graphically depict data, develop plan to communicate results to community.

Diamond Chuitna Coal Project: A Case Study of the EIS Process, 1998 
EP 1.104:EN 8
An interactive case study of the environmental assessment process using the Diamond Chuitna
coal project assessment of the late 1980s as a model.

Earthquakes and Eruptions, Smithsonian Institutions, Global Volcanism Program, Digital Information Series, GVP-2, 2000, (CD-ROM) 
SI 1.49:EA 7
Four informative interactive programs based on global-scale datasets for earthquakes and volcanic
eruptions since 1960. Designed for home, classroom or museum use. Related website. 
Effective Risk Management of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Newmedia CD, August 2002, (CD-ROM) EP 1.104:R 51/2/CD
"CD-ROM version of the workshop, Effective Risk Management of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, held in January 2002, in Cincinnati, Ohio. The goal of this workshop was to introduce the science and engineering behind managing the potential risk of suspected endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). The content of the workshop was designed for the practitioners of environmental management: environmental decision makers in Federal and State agencies and in industry, environmental engineering professionals and environmental researchers. The presentations provide a broad background including the basics of what is known about health and ecosystem effects and exposure assessment for EDCs, and the current state of knowledge in managing the risks of suspected EDCs."

Emergency Responder Chemical and Biological Equipment Guides and Database
J 28.31:C 41
"Guides and a searchable database developed to help emergency first responders in the evaluation and purchase of chemical and biological detection, personal protective, and communications equipment." NIJ Guide 100-00, 103-00, 101-00, 104-00, 102-00.

Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (Ambulance), National Standard Curriculum, September 1985, (CD-ROM)
TD 8.64:AM 1
DOT HS 809 055, DOT HS 809 056. Instructor Guide and Participant Manual.

EMS Public Information, Education & Relations (PIER) Instructor Video, 1996, (Video) 
TD 8.2:EM 3/19/VIDEO

ENC: a collection of curriculum standards and frameworks for mathematics and science education, (CD-ROM) 
ED 1.340/3:vol./no.
Publications, resources, multimedia. Each CD-ROM covers a different topic. Organization website. 
Endangered Species Act MOA Guidance and Training, Version 2002, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:SP 3/CD
MOA Guidebook, PowerPoint training presentations (1 hr and 4 hr), sample documents, FAQs. MS Word, Acrobat for documents.

Energy and Water for Sustainable Living: A Compendium of Energy and Water Success Stories, 2002, (CD-ROM)
E 1.111:EN 2/2/CD

Energy Star Homes Marketing Toolkit, Version 1.1, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:EN 2/CD
An overview and marketing strategy for homes built according to EPA's Energy Star Homes
program standards.

Engineering Trade-Offs Program, August 2000, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:EN 3/CD
Presents the Engineering Trade-Offs (ETO) decision-making process in environmental engineering
activities and use in two projects. Includes PowerPoint presentations on the topic.

Envirocrimes: Clear and Present Hazards, Version 1.0, May 1998, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:EN 8/2/CD
A collection of scenarios that show the many different types of environmental crimes law
enforcement officers might encounter on the job. Its purpose is to help them recognize
environmental crimes and take appropriate action.

Environmental Justice, Version 3.0, July 2000, (CD-ROM) 
A 68.24:EN 8/CD
Contains environmental compliance training course that introduces civil rights issues that led to
environmental justice initiatives, major environmental justice mandates and requirements of Exec.
Order 12898, accompanying presidential memo and USDA regulations and policies on
environmental justice; library of reference materials and tutorial.

Environmental Statute Review Course
EP 1.104:ST 2/CD
"Training uses text, narration, graphics, animation and video to cover the basic provisions and enforcement authorities of seven environmental statutes (RCRA, CERCLA, CAA, CWA, EPCRA, TSCA, and FIFRA). The course is intended for environmental personnel who may be familiar with one statute, but need to gain an overall understanding of other statutes."

Environmental Tobacco Smoke: A health hazard to children, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:T 55/CD
Speaker's notes, brochures and presentations.

EPA's State and Local Climate Change Outreach Kit 
EP 1.104:C 61/2000/CD
Presentations, slideshows, information sheets, brochures and lists of resources for public
education and information programs on global warming. 

Fathers' Involvement in Children's Learning, Tool Kit, (CD-ROM) 
ED 1.83:F 26/CD
Materials and resources on fathers' involvement in children's learning, including examples of
effective practices.

First Responder Course, (Awareness Level), Version 3.0, June 1999, (CD-ROM) 
A 68.24:F 51/CD/yr
A self-directed training course to acquaint first response disaster workers to the principles of
emergency response and hazardous substances management.

The Food Stamp Program, Training Guide for Retailers, (Video)
A 98.8/2:330

Guide for Industrial Waste Management, February 2003, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:IN 2/2/CD

Historic Preservation Issues, (CD-ROM) 
A 68.24:H 62/yr/CD
The Historic Preservation Issues Course addresses the key legislation in preserving the rich
heritage of the United States. This course also focuses in on Section 106 of the National Historic
Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA) which requires Federal agencies to take into account the effects
of their undertakings on historic properties, and afford the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
a reasonable opportunity to comment. These regulations, "Protection of Historic Properties," were
revised in May 1999 and will be codified at 36 C.F.R. Part 800 and are part of this course. Multiple
versions. Latest include interactive multimedia.

HMA Construction Overlay Design Course No. 13132, Instructor's Guide Participant's Workbook Visual Aids, (CD-ROM) 
TD 2.73:C 76/CD

Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation Course No. 131063, October 2001, (CD-ROM) 
TD 2.73:P 27/2
Instructor Guide Participant Workbook Reference Manual

I-BEAM, Indoor Air Quality-Building Education and Assessment Model, September 2001, (CD-ROM)
EP 4.28:IB 3/CD
Interactive software program for building professionals for managing indoor air quality (IAQ) in commercial buildings.

Indoor Air Quality, Tools for Schools Training Modules 1&2, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:T 62/CD
These Modules were designed to assist in the training of school district personnel in the use of
EPA's IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit. The modules on the CD consist of three main
components in a Microsoft Powerpoint slide show format: a 40-minute Short Presentation; Module
1; and, Module 2.

Interactive Courseware 
D 301.118/2:
Air Education and Training Command. Several CD-ROMS. Each covers different training topic.

International Course, Remote Sensing of the Earth's Environment from terra La Scuola per la societa dell' Informazione, Movies, Disk 1 - 2, August 25-30, 2002, (CD-ROM)
NAS 1.86:IN 8/DISK 1-2/CD
The two CD set is a useful compilation of PowerPoint lectures on all aspects of the algorithms used to process and interpret remote sensing data acquired from the Terra satellite. Lectures include an introduction of single scattering, multiple scattering, absorption and scattering properties of the Earth's atmosphere and land surface, remote sensing techniques, and satellite orbits. The two CD set includes all PowerPoint lectures (one CD) and the many movies and animations that are linked to these lectures to illustrate the physical principles as well as the many results of the application of these techniques to real data (second CD). There is also one IDL script for simulating the bidirectional reflectance function of vegetation by varying selected parameters of an analytic model.

Introduction to Federal Taxes For Small Business/Self-Employed, September 2001, (CD-ROM)
T 22.69:T 19
Includes multimedia. Can be used in a classroom or as a self-study tool.

Introduction to Hard Rock Mining , CD-ROM Program, September 1997 
EP 1.104:H 21
An interactive multimedia CD-ROM that presents a basic outline of hard rock mining including
methods, related mine waste issues and environmental concerns.

Introduction to Superfund Enforcement, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:SU 7/2/CD
Computer based training course. Provides an overview of the Superfund enforcement program's
major components and the usual sequence of enforcement activities at remedial sites on the
National Priorities List (NPL).

Land Use Issues, Version 3.0, July 2000, (CD-ROM) 
A 68.24:L 22/CD
Landscape Dynamics and Forest Management, RMRS-GTR-101-CD, December 2002, (CD-ROM)
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-101-CD
"Landscape Dynamics and Forest Management examines the dynamics of how fire affects the landscape for up to 300 years into the future and how sediment and large wood might be routed through the landscape. The Simulator explores and displays example management scenarios to help managers appreciate the consequences of different management scenarios over long time frames. The CD uses animations to visually illustrate landscape and sediment routing dynamics over decades and centuries. Relevant literature that elaborates on the concepts is included, along with a bibliography and GIS software tools that support these kinds of analyses....The Landscape Simulator is software that creates a four-dimensional virtual landscape from digital maps and databases. The simulator is a tool for modeling the role of disturbance in creating and maintaining landscape structure using probabilistic disturbance scenarios."

Lead-Safe Yards: Developing and Implementing a Monitoring, Assessment, and Outreach Program for Your Community, January 2001, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:L 46/3/CD
The handbook presents a case study showing how one community-based program—the EMPACT
Lead-Safe Yard Project (LSYP) in Boston, Massachusetts—is using a variety of low-cost
techniques, such as landscaping and yard treatments, to reduce children's exposure to elevated
levels of lead in residential soil. The handbook provides step-by-step guidance for developing a
similar program to address the problem of lead in soil in other communities. It is written primarily
for community organizers, non-profit groups, local government officials, Tribal officials, and other
decision-makers who will implement, or are considering implementing, lead-safe yard programs.
Much of the information will also be useful to individual homeowners interested in finding low-cost
ways to reduce children's exposure to lead in soil. 

Lender Liability, Version 1.0, June 1999, (CD-ROM) 
A 68.24:L 54/CD/yr
The Lender Liability Course explains the exemption from and defenses to liability under CERCLA
for entities that maintain indicia of ownership primarily to protect a security interest or that acquire
property involuntarily. Multiple versions.

Let's Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, April 2000, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:R 31/2
Games, activities, publications and resources for students and teachers.

Loan Arranger Consolidation, December 2000, (CD-ROM) 
ED 1.83:L 78
Powerpoint presentation on consolidating multiple federal education loans into a single loan.

Make Your Parties Rock Substance-Free, A Guide to Safe and Sober Event Planning, July 2001, (CD-ROM)
TD 8.8:P 25/3/CD
DOT HS 809 402. The planner contains ideas for party settings, promotional ideas, party task lists and a complete set of resources for the event.

Making Standardization Decisions, June 1999, (CD-ROM) 
D 1.95:ST 2/CD
Interactive multimedia training course and reference resource "to help engineers, logisticians, and
other technical and acquisition personnel decide when - and when not - to standardize items and

Marine Corps Planning Process Computer-Based Training Course, 1998, (CD-ROM) 
D 214.34:T 68/CD

Measurement of Stream Discharge by Wading, U.S. Geological Survey, Water-Resources Investigations Report 00-4036, (CD-ROM) 
I 19.42/4:00-4036/CD
Training CD-ROM. Describes how stream discharge should be measured when wading and using
the velocity-area method. Version 1.1 includes test.

National Environmental Policy Act, version 3.0, July 2000, (CD-ROM) 
A 68.24:EN 8/2/CD

National Highway Institute Transportation Training Resources Catalog, 2002 (CD-ROM)
TD 2.73.T 68

Navy Advancement Center: TRAMANS and NRTCs, Volume 1, Disk 2 of 2, October 1998, (CD-ROM) 
D 207.217:T 68/V.1/DISK 1-2/CD

Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series, (NEETS), Modules 1 through 24, September 1998, (CD-ROM) 
D 207.217:EL 2/MOD.1-24/CD

NEPA, National Environmental Policy Act Course, Version No. 1.0, May 1998, (CD-ROM) 
A 1.142:N 21/CD
To help USDA officials and employees comply with regulations promulgated by NEPA and Council
on Environmental Quality. This course is designed to provide a broad overview of the purpose and
policy goals of the National Environmental Policy Act.

NHTSA/FHWA, Bicycle Safety Resource Guide etc., For Windows 95/98, (CD-ROM)
TD 8.64:B 47
Developed to provide bicycle safety professionals at the state and community level with a resource guide of bicycle safety countermeasures that can be used by a variety of implementer groups to solve specific, commonly occurring bicycle safety problems. Existing and proposed countermeasures that can be used by 15 potential implementer groups to solve or reduce 40 specific safety problems are identified and described.

North America Banding Council, Promoting Sound and Ethical Banding Principles and Techniques, Banders' Study Guide, etc., June 2001, (CD-ROM) 
I 19.15/3:B 22
Publications and guides on bird banding. Organization web site. 

NPDES Compliance Inspection Manuals, Release April 1, 2000, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:C 73
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) manuals and instruction guides and
workbook. Includes multimedia.

Ozone Monitoring, Mapping, and Public Outreach, Delivering Real-Time Ozone Information to Your Community, September 1999, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:OZ 7/CD
Instructions on how to monitor ground-level ozone and use EPA systems and applications to
retrieve, manage, distribute and map real-time data. Also information on how to communicate
information on real-time ozone levels and health effects to people in the community.

Partners for Learning: Preparing Teachers to Involve Families, etc., Teacher and Administrator Preparation Kit, (CD-ROM) 
ED 1.83:P 25/2/CD
Presentation materials on educator preparation for family involvement in education with examples
of best practice.

Partnership for Family Involvement in Education, Presentation Materials, (CD-ROM) 
ED 1.83:P 25/CD
Speaker's notes and overheads addressing each of four sectors of the Partnership for Family
Involvement for Education - family-school groups, community organizations, religious groups,
employers and lays out research-based rationale and activities to support local level family
involvement in education. Related website.

Partnership for Family Involvement in Education, Tool Kit, (CD-ROM) 
ED 1.83:P 25/4/CD
Materials and resources on family involvement in education.

Patient to Patient: Cancer Clinical Trails and You, etc., (VIDEO) 
HE 20.3193:C 61/VIDEO

Pavement Preservation: Selecting Pavements for Preventive Maintenance Course 131058, September 2001, (CD-ROM) 
TD 2.73:P 27
Instructor Guide Participant Workbook Visual Aids

Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:L 46/2/CD

RWS Electronic Reference Guide, Ver 1.200.00, IBM-380XD, Telos-Metrobook, etc., August1998, (CD-ROM) 
D 101.129/6:R 25/CD

RWS Recovery CD, Ver 2.13.00, IBM-380XD, etc., December 1998, (CD-ROM) 
D 101.129/6:R 24/CD

Self-Paced Interactive Training for The Hazardous Organic NESHAP, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:IN 8
Senior Project at SERVE, The SENIOR PROJECT: A Guide to Developing and Judging a Senior Project Presentation, (VIDEO)
ED 1.348/4:SE 5

Sharing Promising Practices, 1st ed., November 1999, (CD-ROM) 
PE 1.13:SH 2/CD
Includes information resources such as manuals, training modules and programming ideas; staff
with a particular expertise or funding resources.

SHEMD, DISK #1, Release 6 - September 1997, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:SH 4/CD
Includes reference manuals, training modules and performance support systems. Laboratory waste
management; Lead in drinking water; Sampling for lead; Occupational injury/illness coding
system; Ergonomics; Federal facilities pollution prevention planning guide; Pollution prevention
plan performance support system; Wastewater sampling at wastewater treatment plants.

Small Business Tax Education Program, (STEP), Publication 1466, CD-ROM 
T 22.44/2:1466/yr/SUPP./CD
1996-1998. Instructional modules designed for the small business owner and the self employed.

STEAM, Shipboard Training Education Advancement Morale: demo disk : international training, 1999, (CD-ROM) 
D 201.40:T 68/2/DEMO/CD
Demonstration of available training through the Naval Education and Training Security Assistance
Field Activity.
Stewplan: Software for Creating Forest Stewardship Plans, General Technical Report NE-301, March 2003, (CD-ROM)
A 13.88:NE-301
User Guide on Internet.

Stream Discharge Measurements from Cableways, U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Investigations Report 01-4102, 2001, (CD-ROM) 
I 19.42/4:01-4102/CD
Training program includes self-test and multimedia.

Stream Discharge Measurements Under Ice Cover, U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Investigations Report 00-4257, 2000, (CD-ROM) 
I 19.42/4:00-4257/CD
Training CD-ROM.

Teacher Change Improving K-12 Mathematics, ENC Eisenhower National Clearinghouse, 1999, (CD-ROM) 
ED 1.334/2:M 42/4/CD
A collection of resources to help educators and professional development providers facilitate
discussion and reflection on improving K-12 mathematics. The materials include professional
development activities, TIMSS publications, articles about teacher change, and teacher narratives. 

Teaching Earth Science. 
I 19.121:50
Mac only. Includes 17 teaching tools, covering geologic processes, earthquakes and faulting, map
projections and globes, and a printable Earth and Tectonic Globes section.

Technical Manual Set Methods & Procedures TOs, April 1, 2001, (CD-ROM)
D 301.118:M 56/CD
TO 00-CD-1. Air Force TO System Information website has further information.

The Case Development Process: putting it all together June 2000, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:C 26
Presents the decision-making process in environmental engineering activities.

The Metal Finishing Facility Risk Screening Tool (MFFRST):, etc., July 2001, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:M 56/2
The model MFFRST, short for Metal Finishing Facility Risk Screening Tool, is a user-friendly pc-based computer tool which allows an individual to evaluate the potential exposures and health risks to workers and nearby residents from emissions from individual metal finishing facilities.

The Place Called Home: Tools for Sustainable Communities, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:H 75/CD
Discusses how people can reinhabit the land in ways that are good for people and the planet.
Includes excerpts from books
and other publications, a tool kit with examples of ordinances, codes and studies with Internet
addresses and stories of projects in different parts of the United States that have to do with
preserving community, responsibility to the land and quality of life.

The Remote Sensing Tutorial Online Handbook, (CD-ROM) 
NAS 1.86:R 28/CD
Tutorial provides detailed understanding of utility of remote sensing data in monitoring Earth's
surface and atmosphere. Aims to develop skills in interpreting visual displays and data sets both
by direct inspection and by computer processing. NASA recommends using online version
concurrently with the CD one, as a tutorial, to supply the updates not available on the CD. 

Training Opportunities, Version …, (CD-ROM) 
D 101.129/6:T 68/yr/CD
Video files about training opportunities offered at the U.S. Army Recruiting Command.

Transaction Screen Process Training including environmental compliance library, 1998, (CD-ROM) 
A 1.142:SCR 2
Introduces the user to the ASTM standard E-1528-96, Environmental site assessment: transaction
screen process, a method of evaluating the environmental condition of real property which may be
held as security for USDA loan and grant programs.

Troubleshooting Guide For Small Ground Water Systems with Hypochlorination, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:T 27/CD

United States Coast Guard Seamanship Study Aid, September 1999, (CD-ROM) 
TD 5.67:SE 1/CD

Videotape Classroom Study: Third International Math and Science Study, (CD-ROM) 
ED 1.334/2:M 42/CD
Clips from 6 public-use videotaped eighth-grade mathematics lessons (2 lessons each from
Germany, Japan, U.S.); lesson tables for the mathematics lessons.

A Virtual Small Business Workshop, Small Business and Self-Employed Working to Put Service First, November 2001, (CD-ROM)
T 22.69:V 81
Business tax information for small businesses and the self-employed. Multimedia.,,id=97726,00.html

Volcanoes of Indonesia, etc., 1998, (CD-ROM) 
SI 1.49:V 88
Data and images for Indonesian volcanoes. Users can view data about individual volcanoes,
chronologies of known eruptions in the past 10,000 years, more than 400 images, over two
decades of current eruption summaries from Smithsonian bulletins and GVP's petrologic,
bibliographic and map databases. Also contains a program that sequentially plots all the known
eruptions since 1960. Regional seismic data can be superimposed, along with tectonic plate
boundaries. Related web site.

Wastewater Treatment Systems, Informational Materials, (CD-ROM)
EP 1.104:W 29/4/CD
Information, Powerpoint presentations and images.

Water Issues, Version 3.0, July 2000, (CD-ROM) 
A 68.24:W 29/CD

WAVE-Saver For Educational Institutions, Version 2.0 For Windows, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:W 36/2000/EDU
Allows users to determine and manage water usage in school facilities with the aim of promoting
efficiency and conservation. Interactive multimedia

WAVE-Saver for Hotels, 2000, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:W 36/2000/CD
Allows users to determine and manage water usage in hotel facilities with the aim of promoting
efficiency and conservation. Interactive multimedia.

WAVE-Saver For Office Buildings, Version 2.0 For Windows, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:W 36/2000/OFFICE
Allows users to determine and manage water usage in office buildings with the aim of promoting
efficiency and conservation. Interactive multimedia.

WAVE-Saver: Water Management System, Version 2.0, 1997, (CD-ROM) 
EP 1.104:W 36
Allows users to determine and manage water usage in hotel facilities with the aim of promoting
efficiency and conservation. Interactive multimedia.

Welcome to The EOSDIS Data Sampler, (CD-ROM) 
NAS 1.86:EA 7/CD
Interactive multimedia introduction to NASA's EOSDIS data centers and featured data.

Working With Stress, A NIOSH-TV Production, 2002, (DVD-ROM)
HE 20.7129:ST 8/DVD
Describes workplace factors that can create or exacerbate worker stress, and suggests practical measures for reducing job-related stress through changes in work organization. 




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