CD-ROM, DVD, Video List

CD-ROMs and DVDs may be used in the department and may be available for checking out. Arrangements for viewing videos can be made.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Aeronautical Charting Data, Sampler II C 55.402:Ae 8/5/CD

Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Data, 1972-1994, July 1996, (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-2:Ar 2/CD
ASCII data files of weekly ice data for the Arctic basin (1972-1994) and Antarctic basin (1973-1994). No display or extraction software.

Benthic Habitats of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:B 44
Includes benthic habitat maps and data (in shapefiles), georeferenced aerial photo mosaics, a habitat classification manual and software. Also available on the Internet.

Biological Atlas of the Arctic Seas 2000: Plankton of the Barents and Kara Seas, International Ocean Atlas Series, V.2, 2000 C 55.297:OC 2/V.2/CD
Atlas in HTML and MS Word format, original data, auxiliary tables, maps and bibliography on Barents Sea phytoplankton and zooplankton, plankton taxa, photos and drawings of 50 main phytoplankton species, maps and graphs of marine environment, plankton changes (1930s-1990s).

C-CAP, Coastal Change Analysis Program, Changes in Land Cover in the Columbia River Estuary: 1989-1992, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:C 63
Developed to provide coastal resource managers with satellite-derived land cover data and a variety of other spatial data layers in a user-friendly cross-platform interface. This type of interface, along with all the data, allows for enhanced analysis capabilities that will be useful to a variety of managers presently dealing with issues concerning fisheries practices throughout the study region.

C-CAP, Coastal Change Analysis Program, Changes in Land Cover in the Yakutat Bay, Alaska, Region: 1986-1993, (CD-ROM)C 55.54:C 63/2
Developed to provide coastal resource managers with satellite-derived land cover data and other spatial data layers in a user-friendly cross-platform interface. This type of interface, along with all the data, allows for enhanced analysis capabilities that will be useful to a variety of managers presently dealing with issues concerning fisheries throughout the study region.

C-CAP, Coastal Change Analysis Program, land cover changes in the San Francisco Bay and Elkhorn. (CD-ROM) C 55.54:SA 5/CD
Provides satellite-derived land cover data and other vector data in a multiplatform environment. These data types are readily accessible to the desktop geographic information system (GIS) community. This CD-ROM highlights land cover change detection analysis of the area around the Elkhorn Slough watershed on the central California coast.

Characterization of the Ashepoo-Combahee-Edisto (ACE) Basin, South Carolina, NOAA/CSC/20010-CD, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:AS 3/CD

Climate Atlas of the United States, Contiguous 48 States,(CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-2:C 61/CD/yr
This CD-ROM contains version 2.0 of the Climate Atlas of the United States, which features climate maps of all 50 states. The new CD Atlas contains 2023 color maps of climatic elements such as temperature, precipitation, snow, wind, pressure, etc., chosen to portray the climate of the US. The period of record of the data for most of the maps is 1961-1990." It replaces a popular paper Atlas last published in 1968. Additionally, the CD contains all of the data in .dbf format. 
Available online. See department for password.

Climatic Atlas of the Barents Sea 1998: Temperature, Salinity, Oxygen, Russian Academy of Sciences, International Ocean Atlas Series, Volume 1, (CD-ROM) C 55.297:OC 2/V.1/CD
The time and space distribution of 74,256 ocean stations (temperature, salinity, and oxygen) occupied in the Barents Sea during 1898-1993 is presented on this CD-ROM . These data are recorded in a form at designed for use in electronic spreadsheets and/or databases. Monthly maps defining the station distribution over the Barent s Sea are given for every year. Monthly mean fields of temperature and salinity distribution for the depths 0, 30, 50, 100, and 200 met ers, with a grid distance of 10'x30' are plotted using objective analysis techniques. A description of the summer and winter seasons is given in terms of the spatial-temporal variability of thermohaline characteristics of the Barents Sea.

C-MAN and Buoy Reports and Summarized Elements, Vols 1-2, March 1996 C 55.281/2-2:B 88/v.1-2/CD
Data, summary tables, and access software for 197 Buoy and C-MAN sites managed by the National Data Buoy Center.

Coastal Geotools '01, Proceedings of the 2nd Biennial Coastal GeoTools Conference, Charleston, South Carolina, January 8-11, 2001, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:C 63/5/CD
Biennial conference on the use of spatial technology in coastal resource management. Includes abstracts and papers of works presented, summaries of special interest meetings, training and other special sessions, list of conference participants and exhibitors, proceedings of the 1999 conference. PDF format.

Coastal Hazards Assessment, Alabama, 1997, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:H 33/CD
Comprehensive hazard-related information on Mobile and Baldwin counties. Information includes, flood hazard areas, demographics, flood loss data, hurricane storm surge hazards, emergency evacuation routes, historical disaster data, applicable laws and policies, emergency shelter locations, growth trends. 

Coastal Remote Sensing, New Technologies for Coastal Mapping, 1998, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:T 22
Profiles aircraft laser beach mapping and hurricane observations and the data they provide related to high resolution coastal topography and hurricane-induced coastal ocean impacts.

Coastal Zone 01 Cleveland, Ohio, July 15-19, 2001, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:C 58/CD
Proceedings and searchable abstracts of annual international gathering of ocean and coastal management professionals. Conference themes: Sustainable Coastal Communities, Maritime Transportation and Commerce, People and the Coast, Energy and the Environment.

Coastview. Florida Bay Imagery and Information, Volume 1, 1999, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:IM 1/V.1/CD
A collection of over 1500 AVHRR reflectance images from 1985 to 1998 at a 1 kilometer spatial resolution. The images can be browsed using any HTML browser and are also available in GeoTIFF format. In addition to the reflectance imagery, a coincident set of sea surface temperature images are available. Additional environmental data on the CD-ROM include digital vector coverages, meteorological data, and water quality data. 
Associated website:

Community Vulnerability Assessment Tool, New Hanover County, North Carolina, 1999, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:C 73
Helps local and state officials determine and prioritize their localities' vulnerability to coastal hazards. 

Cooperative Summary of the Day, United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Pacific Islands, (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-4:yr range
Daily observations from cooperative observers. Includes air and soil temperatures, rainfall, snowfall and evaporation. Data available for individual stations varies but falls beteen 1850s-1997. Basic extraction software available. ASCII data files only.

Ecological Characterization of Otter Island, South Carolina, 1996, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:EC 7
A prototype CD-ROM product which demonstrates the utility of digital publication of ecological characterization information in support of coastal resource management. The CD-ROM product integrates diverse information about the region's physiography, ecology, history, socioeconomic status, and management in an interactive, menu driven format.

Engineering Weather Data, 2000 Interactive Edition, (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-2:EN 3/CD
Interactive database covering over 800 stations worldwide. For each station, there is information on: summarized design criteria data for dry and wet buld temperatures and humidity ratios, average annual climate summaries, psychrometric summaries, binned temperature data, annual temperature and humidity summaries, heating and cooling degree day summaries for building envelop loads, ventilation and infiltration loads, solar radiation data and seasonal wind direction and wind speed summaries.

ESI Atlases, South Carolina (CD-ROM) C 55.54:M 32/ESI/SC 
ESI Atlases, South Florida, January 1999, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:M 32/3/ESI/FL/SOUTH 
ESI Atlases, Upper Texas Coast, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:M 32/2/ESI/TX 
ESI Atlases, West Peninsular Florida, Part 1, January 1999, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:M 32/4/ESI/FL/WEST/PT.1
Contains maps and data from the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Atlases. ESI mapping is widely used for identifying sensitive coastal environments as a tool in oil spill response. The ESI approach compiles information for coastal shoreline sensitivity, biological resources, and human-use resources. This information is plotted on 7.5 minute USGS quadrangles. Map files are stored in PDF format. 
Other maps are available at:

Geologic Hazard Photos, Volume 1-3, February 1997, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:G 29/V.1-3/CD
Vol.1: Earthquakes, General Topics. Vol. 2: Earthquake Events. Vol. 3: Landslides, Tsunamis, Volcanoes. Images on the CD-ROM are available in GIF, JPEG and TIF format. JPG and TIF formats available on the website. The CD-ROM includes GeoVu software for data access and visualization.

Global AVHRR-Derived Land Climatology, NOAA, 1997, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:G 51/2/CD

Global Daily Summary, Temperature and Precipitation, 1977-1991, (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2:977-91
Meteorological data from WMO observations.

Global Ecosystems Database, Disc B, NOAA, November 1997, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:G 51/3/CD
Latest version:

Global Gridded Upper Air Statistics, ASCII Data Format, Version 1.1., (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-2:G 51/yrs/CD
ASCII data files of long-term monthly means and standard deviations for 1980-1995 for 15 atmospheric levels on a global 2.5 degree grid. Elements included are air and dewpoint temperature, height, sea level pressure, wind, and density. Also included are 8 point wind roses. No display or extraction software.

Global Precipitation Climatology Project, GEWEX WCRP, Precipitation Analyses, Version 1A, July 1987 - December 1997, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:G 51/CD
GPCP is a component of WCRP Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX). Established 1986 to provide monthly mean precipitation data, it merges infrared and microwave satellite estimates of precipitation with rain gauge data from more than 30,000 stations. All its member countries contributed to this analyses. It contains 19 Version 1A precipitation products plus validation data and documentation. Documentation and maps of monthly 'satellite+gauge' analyses can be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat reader. All other analyses and data ... must be accessed via user written programs. 
Data for version 2 is available at:

Global Tropical/Extratropical Cyclone Climatic Atlas, Version 2.0, September 1996, (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-2:T 75/CD
Contains all available digitized tropical cyclone track data for 6 tropical storm basins for period 1800s to 1995 and extratropical track data for Northern Hemisphere for 1965 to 1995; and 2 programs which provide display and export charts to printer. Information available include displays of cyclone tracks, summary or hourly data, narratives for cyclones (e.g., name, location, intensity stage, maximum wind speed, central sea-level pressure, and movement for each hourly position along a cyclone track).

Guidance Documents for Natural Resource Damage Assessment Under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, August 1996, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:D 65
These documents cover pre-assessment phase activities under the Oil Pollution Act (OPA); injury assessment activities; identification and evaluation of natural resource and service injuries; need to restore natural resources and to compensate for interim lost services; compensation formulas; simplified formulas for coastal and marine environments based on the Natural Resources Damage Assessment Model for Coastal and Marine Environments; primary restoration activities; a review of state-of-the-art restoration of habitats and biological natural resources; an evaluation of potential restoration actions following injury to natural resources; and restoration planning activities under the OPA that comply with the National Environmental Policy.

Hourly United States Weather Observations, 1990-1995, October 1997, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:H 81/CD

Integrated Surface Hourly Observations, 1995-2000, Vols.1-16, (CD-ROM)
C 55.54:IN 8/V.1-16/CD
Integrated Surface Hourly Observations, 2001, Volumes 17-20, (CD-ROM)
C 55.54:IN 8/V.17-20/CD
"The CD-ROMs contain compressed ASCII data files and associated inventory files for the Integrated Surface Hourly (TD3505) data set. The observations contained on this CD-ROM set are integrated from all of the NCDC and Navy surface hourly data (TD3280), NCDC hourly precipitation data (TD3240), and Air Force DATSAV3 surface hourly data (TD9956). Hourly and synoptic type data for approximately 12,000 global stations are available for two time periods (1995-1999 and 2000). There are a total of 16 volumes separated by geographic region and time period."

International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project, (ISCCP), Central Archive Catalog of Data and Products, Version 1.0, November 1998, (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-2:SA 8/CD
Catalog of data, products and supporting information available from the ISCCP Central Archive (ICA) and procedures for ordering data and products.

Hydrochemical Atlas of The Sea of Okhotsk 2001, International Ocean Atlas Series, V. 3, 2001, (CD-ROM) C 55.297:OC 2/V.3/CD

International Surface Weather Observations, 1982 - 1997, Volume 1-5, September 1998, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:W 37/V.1-5/CD

International Ocean Atlas and Information Series, Atlas of Temperature-Salinity Frequency Distributions: North Atlantic Ocean. CD 2, Annual, (CD-ROM)
C 55.297:T 24/3/ANNUAL/CD 2
International Ocean Atlas and Information Series, Atlas of Temperature-Salinity Frequency Distributions: North Atlantic Ocean. CD 1, Seasonal, (CD-ROM)
C 55.297:T 24/3/SEASONAL/CD 1

Kachemak Bay Ecological Characterization, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:EC 7/2/CD
A comprehensive and user-friendly digital compilation of biological, physical, and human-use data on Kachemak Bay, Alaska. Includes color images, historical photos, maps, spatial data, and a searchable bibliography. KBEC includes four main components, or sections: Descriptions of the ecosystems, including the physical, estuarine, and terrestrial environments, as well as extensive species lists; Human dimension discussions, including explanations of historical, recreational, and subsistence uses of the Bay's resources, as well as a socioeconomic profile; Summaries of local and regional research and monitoring projects; The KBEC Geographic Information System (GIS), including over 100 spatial data sets relating to Kachemak Bay, metadata, pre-loaded sample project files, and tutorials.

Magnetic Anomaly Data Of The Former U.S.S.R, etc., 1996, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:M 27/CD

MM4-1990 Meteorology Data, National Climatic Data Center and Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division, Volumes 1-12: Jan-Dec, August 1995 C 55.281/2-2:M 56/V.1-12/CD
Prototype data contained on 12 monthly discs provides access to modeled hourly data from 1990 for a grid with 80km horizontal resolution; wind, temperature, dewpoint, and height data are available for 23 atmospheric levels.

National Environmental Watch, Prototype, 1994 (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-2:EN 8/CD/PROTO
Provides abstracts and articles on NOAA-sponsored research on environmental issues. Topics include fisheries, coastal ecosystems, water resources, atmosphere, oceans, and climate and global change. Focus is on NOAA-sponsored research with relevance to social issues.

NOAA Environmental Buoy Data, Disc 1-7, (CD-ROM) C 55.297:B 88/DISC.1-7/CD
Disc 1. Atlantic Ocean sections 1-2; disc 2. Atlantic Ocean sections 3, 4, 5; disc 3. Gulf of Mexico; disc 4. Great Lakes; disc 5. Eastern Pacific lower section; disc 6. Eastern Pacific upper section; disc 7. Alaska, Hawaii, & other Pacific Ocean. Historic archive of meteorological and oceanographic data collected from the early 1970's through December 1997, with online Internet links to updated data, information, and time series plots, by moored buoys and C-MAN stations operated by the NOAA National Data Buoy Center (NDBC). Principal measured parameters reported by both moored buoys and C-MAN stations include air temperature and pressure, wind speed and direction, wind gust, and sea surface temperature. The buoys (and a few C-MAN stations located on offshore platforms) also report wave data, which usually includes wave height, wave period, and wave spectra. Since the late 1980s, some buoys have reported directional wave spectra. The data and information files are recorded in ASCII format.

NOAA KLM, User's Guide, (With Imagery and Digital Data), Version 1.0, July 1999, (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-2:IM 1/2/CD
Describes the spacecraft characteristics, orbital considerations, sensor package, real-time data systems for local users, tracking procedures to acquire data from real-time transmission system sensors, ingest and preprocessing, calibration, and formats for level 1b data and operational products of the NOAA-K through NOAA-M polar orbiter series of satellites.

NOAA Weather Charts, Chart Series A, B, C, Vol. No., (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-5:Vol./No.
1994-1997. Chart series A. Surface and upper air weather charts; Chart series B. Initial analysis and forecast charts; Chart series C. Tropical strip/precipitation and observed weather charts.

NOAA/NASA Pathfinder, Climate Data, February 1998, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:P 27/CD
Data sets from the NOAA/NASA Pathfinder Program. The goal of this program is to make currently archived satellite data widely available to study global climate change. Seven data sets: AVHRR Land, AVHRR Ocean, TOVS A, TOVS C1, TOVS C2, SSM/I Precipitation and SSM/I Atmospheric Moisture. The major portion of the data is of one- by one-degree gridded files with many parameters.

C 55.297:OD 3/CD

Periodical Publications, NOAA, (CD-ROM) C 55.287/63:yr/vol.
Jan-Sep 1998. Earlier volumes available in print in the Department. More recent issues available online. Password may be required. Contact the department if you have problems accessing online issues.

Probabilities of Temperature Extremes in the U.S.A, Version 1, February 1999, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:T 24/CD
Software for estimating the probability of extreme temperatures occurring in 332 locations in 50 states and how probabilities might change given monthly forecasts of above or below average temperatures.

Prototype Data for GLOBE (Global Land One-km Base Elevation), Version 0.5, Volume 1-3, February 1997, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:G 51/4/V.1-3/CD

Radiosonde Data of North America, 1946-1995, (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-2:R 11/Vol./yr./CD
Base set updated by annual reissue of volume 4.
Radiosonde Data of North America, 1994-1997, Version 2.0, April 1999, (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-2:R 11/999/CD
Compressed data only. Access software available at web site.

SeaView, Satellite Imagery of the Southeastern U.S. Coast, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:SE 1/CD
A collection of over 1,400 satellite SST maps at approximately 4 km resolution for the coastal ocean of the southern U.S. in a UNIX and PC compatible format. CoastWatch AVHRR image files in an annotated JPEG format can be rapidly browsed to determine the interannual and seasonal temporal and spatial variability of major ocean features, including the Gulf Stream and the Loop Current, as well as regional cold water upwellings, warm and cool eddies, and seasonal temperature changes over a period from 1991 to 1996. Once significant features or processes are identified, the same imagery in TIFF format allows high-end image processing of the actual temperature values.

South Carolina's Coast: A Remote Sensing Perspective, Vol. 1 & 2, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:C 63/4/V.1-2/CD
A two-volume CD-ROM set that demonstrates the utility of information acquired by satellite and airborne remote sensing systems for coastal South Carolina. Coastal resource managers may use this information to detect land use trends, document shoreline dynamics, and educate the public. The CD-ROMs also contain geographic information system (GIS) tutorials explaining how to access and manipulate the data, examples on how the data can be used to address coastal resource issues, and tools to aid in the data analysis. 

Southern California Bight, Natural Resources Damage Assessment, Expert Reports (CD-ROM) C 55.54:B 48
These 28 reports were generated in support of the Damage Assessment conducted by Federal and Sate trustees (1991-1994) to determine the effects of DDT and PCBs on the natural resources of the Bight.

Technical Documentation With Imagery and Digital Data, Version 1.0, August 1997, (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-2:IM 1
Detailed documentation about the NOAA POES program, descriptions of data formats, images produced from the data and data set samples.

Temperature & Salinity, Objectively Analyzed Fields and Statistics, World Ocean Atlas 1998, Disc 1-2, (CD-ROM) C 55.297:OC 2/2/DISC.1-2
Disc 3 not available, but data is available online.

Texas-Louisiana Shelf Circulation and Transport Processes Study : data and reports 1992-1994, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:SH 4/CD
5 CD-ROMs. The study area encompassed the Texas-Louisiana continental shelf offshore of approximately the 10 meter isobath from the Mississippi River to the Rio Grande. The major field components were moored current meter measurements, drifting buoys, hydrography, acoustic Doppler current profiling, meteorological buoys, and MiniSpec directional wave instruments and SeaData non-directional wave instruments. ASCII data and PDF reports.

The Maury Collection, Global Ship Observations 1792-1910, Version 1.0, February 1998, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:M 44
Contains ASCII data files consisting of ship observations of weather conditions for the period 1792-1910. Most observations are from the middle 1830s to 1850s and includes elements such as wind direction and speed, air and sea temperature, and barometric pressure. There is no display or extraction software.

Tide & Tidal Current Tables, (CD-ROM) C 55.421/5:yr
1996, 1997, 1999. Data also included in print publications: Tidal current tables. Atlantic Coast of North America, and: Tidal current tables. Pacific Coast of North America and Asia for the year.

Time Series of Global Monthly Vegetation Cover from NOAA/AVHRR, Version 1.0, etc., January 1998, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:V 52/CD 
Time Series of Global Monthly Vegetation Cover from NOAA/AVHRR, Monthly Vegetation Cover Product, Third Generation C-Level, April 1985-December 1997, Version 1.1, February 2001, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:V 52/2001/CD
12 years of global monthly imagery and digital NDVI files (April 1985-March 1997) 

Topographic Lidar: An Emerging Beach Management Tool - The Northwest Project, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:B 35/CD
Lidar (Light Detection And Ranging) is a remote sensing technology that has not reached the attention of all of its potential users. With this CD-ROM, the NOAA Coastal Services Center is attempting to address that problem by providing an overview of how LidAR works and illustrating two applications of the data for coastal management. Four customized ArcView project files are included on the CD-ROM.

U.S. Divisional and Station Climatic Data and Normals, volume 1, December 1994 (CD-ROM) C 55.281/2-3:v.1/994
ASCII data files relating to U.S. climatic normals and byproducts of the normals. Climatic variables include temperature, precipitation, degree days and Palmer Drought Index. Data covers 1895-1993. No display or extraction software.

US Hourly Precipitation Data, Volume 1, 1900 through 1995, Volume 2, 1990 through June 1998, July 1998, (CD-ROM) C 55.216/45:900-98/V.1-2
Software and documentation available at:

Using Remote Sensing to Address Coastal Management Issues, The Maine Project, 2001, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:M 28/CD
Includes ready-to-print community maps of coastal Maine; examples of how the data and maps are used to resolve coastal issues; educational information about remote sensing and geographic information systems; spatial data, tutorials, ready-to-use project files and free GIS viewing software (ArcExplorer). More information and most of CD-ROM contents available on preject website.

Welcome to the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) data, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:D 26/CD
13 CD-ROMs (Surface Velocity Program, Subsurface Floats, Upper Ocean Thermal, Hydrographic Program, Data Information Unit and Bathymetry Data, Current Meter Moorings, Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers, Sea Level, Surface Meteorology, Surface Fluxes, Sea Surface Height and Temperature)

WOCE Global Data, Version 2.0 C 55.54:D 26/2/(ABBR.)/CD
Data Information Unit and bathymetry (DATA); 
Hydrographic programme (HYDROG.); 
Upper ocean thermal (UPPER); Subsurface floats (SUBSUR.); 
Surface velocity programme (VELOCI.); 
Current meter moorings (CURRENT); 
Acoustic doppler current profilers (ACOUSI.); 
Sea level (LEVEL); 
Surface meteorology (SURFACE); 
Surface fluxes (FLUXES); 
Satellite data, sea surface height (SATELL.); 
Satellite data, sea surface temperature (SEA); 
Satellite data, sea surface winds (WINDS); 
eWOCE, Electronic atlas of WOCE data (ELECTR.). Related website:

World Ocean Atlas 2001, Temperature & Salinity, Oxygen, Nutrients, Chlorophyll, etc, (CD-ROM) C 55.297:W 89/2001/V.1-3/CD
"World Ocean Atlas 2001 (WOA01) contains ASCII data of statistics and objectively analyzed fields for one-degree and five-degree squares generated from World Ocean Database 2001 observed and standard level flagged data. The ocean variables included in the atlas are: in-situ temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, apparent oxygen utilization, percent oxygen saturation, dissolved inorganic nutrients (phosphate, nitrate, and silicate), chlorophyll at standard depth levels, and plankton biomass sampled from 0 - 200 meters."

World Ocean Atlas 1998 Figures, Nutrients & Chlorophyll, Objectively Analyzed Fields and Statistics, (CD-ROM) C 55.297:OC 2/3/DISC.1-4/FIGURES
v.1. Temperature; v.2. Salinity; v.3. Oxygen; v.4. Nutrients & chlorophyll.

World Ocean Database, 2001, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:OC 2/01-08/CD
WOD01 expands on WOD98 by including new variables, data types, and additional historical as well as modern observations.

World Ocean Database, Version 1.0, 1998, (CD-ROM) C 55.54:OC 2/CD

Zooplankton of The Arctic Seas, 2002, (CD-ROM) 
C 55.297:Z 7/CD
"Physical and biological data for the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions extending from the Barents Sea to the Northwest Pacific, sampled during 25 scientific cruises for the period 1903-1956. All primary data are presented on this CD-ROM in a common format, along with maps of the station locations and a listing of zooplankton taxa collected during these cruises. All taxonomic descriptions have been reviewed against the ITIS taxonomic database and other literature sources."
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