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Chinese Film Listing

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DVD2077 24 City, Er shi si cheng jiDVD2008
DVD2698 36th Chamber of Shaolin, TheDVD1978
DVD4256 Ai Weiwei: Never SorryDVD2011
DVD2020 Art of Regret, TheDVD2007
3905V Ashes of Time, Tung Hsieh H Si TuVHS1994
DVD4082 Assassin, TheDVD2015
4806V Better Tomorrow, A, Ying Hsiung Pen SeVHS1986
DVD1762 Big Shot's Funeral, Da wanDVD2001
DVD1754 Black Cannon Incident, Hei pao shi jianDVD1986
DVD1056 Blind Shaft, Mang JingDVD2003
1902V Blue Kite, The, Lan Feng ChengVHS1993
DVD2700 Bride With White Hair, TheDVD1993
BLU70 Center Stage, Ruan LingyuDVD1991
832V Chang: A Drama of the WildernessVHS1927
4800V Chinese Ghost Story, Qian Nu You HunVHS1987
DVD2691 Chop Socky, Chop Socky: Cinema Hong KongDVD2003
DVD736 Chung King Express, Chongquin Sen LinDVD1994
DVD1062 Concrete Revolution, TheDVD2004
DVD2226 ConfuciusDVD2010
DVD1642 Crossroads/ Daybreak, Shizi Jietou/ TianmingDVD1937
DVD210 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Wo Hu Cang LongDVD2000
4347V Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Wo Hu Cang LongVHS2000
799V Crows and SparrowsVHS1949
DVD2350 Dancing for the DeadDVD2011
DVD2243 Devils on the DoorstepDVD2000
1951V Divorce, Li HunVHS
2485V Double HappinessVHS1994
4801V Dr. Lamb, Gao Yung Yi ShengVHS1992
DVD1838 Drunken Master, Jui kuenDVD1978
DVD3649 Drunken Master IIDVD1994
3980V Dust in the Wind, Lien Lien Fen Ch'enVHS1986
2057V Eat Drink Man WomanVHS1994
DVD298 Eat Drink Man WomanDVD1994
DVD2701 Election, Hei She HuiDVD2005
DVD1625 Empress Wu Zetian, Dream of the Red ChamberDVD
3898V Evening Bell, Wan ChungVHS1988
3879V Fallen Angels, To Lo T'ien ShihVHS1995
1583V Farewell My Concubine, Farewell, My ConcubineVHS1993
BLU45 FearlessDVD2006
DVD2693 Fist of LegendDVD1994
3987V Flowers of Shanghai, Hai Shang HuaVHS1998
DVD2224 Gao Xing, GaoxingDVD2009
1558V Girl from Hunan, Hsaing nu Hsiao HsiaoVHS1986
DVD1626 Goddess, The, Shen NuDVD1934
DVD2225 Green Tea, Lu ChaDVD2003
DVD1310 Happy Together, Chun Guang Zha XieDVD1997
DVD2694 Hard BoiledDVD1992
DVD776 He Liu, The RiverDVD1997
DVD1759 Hero, Ying xiongDVD2002
3899V Hibiscus Town, Fu Jeng ChenVHS1984
4248V Hole, The, DongVHS1998
1560V Horse Thief, T'ao ma TseiVHS1987
DVD693 Hua Yang nian Hua, In the Mood for LoveDVD2002
DVD1390 Infernal Affairs, Wu Jian DaoDVD2002
DVD1391 Infernal Affairs 2, Wu Jian Dao IIDVD2003
DVD1392 Infernal Affairs 3, Wu Jian Dao IIIDVD2003
DVD2886 Ip Man, Ye WenDVD2008
DVD4245 Iron Ministry, TheDVD2014
DVD806 Jing Ke ci Qin Wang, Emperor and the assassinDVD1998
1555V Ju-Dou, Ju DouVHS1990
2386V Killer, Diexue Shuang Xiong VHS1989
DVD174 Killer, The, Diexue Shuang XiongDVD1989
DVD1519 Kung Fu HustleDVD2004
DVD2695 Legend of Fong Sai-Yuk, TheDVD1993
1581V Life on a String, Bian zou Zian ChangVHS1991
DVD3490 Meishi StreetDVD2006
4066V Midnight, Tzu YehVHS
DVD1761 Missing Gun, The, Xun qiangDVD2002
DVD761 Morning Sun, Ba jiu dian zhong de tai yangDVD
DVD2217 Mountain Patrol, KekexiliDVD2004
DVD1613 Multilingual Hong KongDVD
DVD319 Naked KillerDVD1995
2546V Night SongsVHS1984
5310V Old Men, Lao TouVHS
3896V On a River Without Navigation Marks, Mei Tu Hang Piao Ti Ho LiuVHS1986
DVD2704 Once Upon a Time in China, Huang FeihongDVD1991
DVD2705 Once Upon a Time in China II, Once Upon a Time in China 2DVD1993
DVD1753 One-Armed Swordsman, The, Du bi daoDVD1967
DVD1832 Painted Skin, Hua PiDVD2008
DVD3913 Peasant Family Happiness, Nong Jia LeDVD2012
DVD2017 Peony Pavilion, The: Young Lovers' Edition, Qing chun banDVD2001
DVD1386 Perhaps Love, Ru Guo-AiDVD
3267V Pillow BookVHS1996
DVD2706 Police StoryDVD1988
DVD2707 Police Story 2DVD1993
DVD2709 Project A, A Ji HuaDVD1983
DVD2710 Project A II, A Ji Hua Xu JiDVD1987
DVD2697 PTU: Police Tactical UnitDVD2001
DVD978 Public & Private Realms of Rural Wenzhou, ChinaDVD
4669V Puppetmaster, The, Xi Meng Ren ShengVHS1993
2506V Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker, Pao da Shuang DengVHS1994
882V Red Sorghum, Hong Gao LiangVHS1987
4067V River Elegy, Ho ShangVHS
2144V Shanghai Triad, Yao a Yao, yao Tao Wai P'o Ch'iaoVHS1995
4387V Shaolin Temple, TheVHS1979
DVD2223 Shower, Xi zaoDVD1999
1655V Story of Qiu Ju, The, Qiu Ju da Guan SiVHS1992
DVD3983 Story of Qiu Ju, The, Qiuju da guan siDVD1992
DVD1757 Street Angel, Twin SistersDVD
DVD2708 SupercopDVD1992
DVD1758 Suzhou River, Suzhou heDVD2000
824V Teahouse, The, Ch'a KuanVHS
3069V Temptress Moon, Feng YuehVHS1996
2163V To Live, HuozheVHS1994
DVD3617 Touch of Sin, A, Tian Zhu DingDVD2013
800V Two Stage Sisters, Stage SistersVHS1965
4787V Untold Story, TheVHS1993
DVD640 Virgil Goes to China, An Introductory Course in Spoken MandarinDVD1991
BLU51 Way of the Dragon, TheDVD1972
2175V Wedding Banquet, Hsi YenVHS1993
DVD3952 Who's the Woman, Who's the Man, Jin zhi yu ye 2DVD1996
DVD2699 Wing ChunDVD1994
801V Women's StoryVHS1989
798V Yellow EarthVHS1984
3800V Zu: Warriors from the Magic MountainVHS1983