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Geography- Europe Film Listing

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2104V Changing Berlin: Changing Europe, Changing Berlin, Changing EuropeVHS1995
DVD2835 Coffee Futures, Neyse Halim Ciksin FalimDVD2010
2063V Derry to KerryVHS1993
2117V Europe, Confronting New Challenges IVHS1995
2118V Europe, Confronting New Challenges IIVHS1995
1906V Nation Returns, Nation Returns: GermanyVHS1993
DVD2491 Paris in the 19th CenturyDVD1998
3533V Paris, 1900, Paris 1900VHS1948
2101V Population Transition in ItalyVHS1995
199V Remembrance of a Journey to the VillageVHS1982
DVD2843 Robinson in SpaceDVD1997
195V VersaillesVHS1983