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Geography- Asia Film Listing

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314V Ancient and ModernVHS1984
2692V Arabs and the WestVHS1991
2688V Arabs: Who They Are, Who They are Not, Who They Are Who They Are NotVHS1991
1025V As Iwate Goes- Is Culture Local?, As Iwate Goes Is Culture LocalVHS1992
1024V As Iwate Goes- Is Politics Local?, As Iwate Goes Is Politics Local?VHS1992
2697V Authority and ChangeVHS1993
2075V Awakening VietnamVHS1995
3150V Being Muslim in IndiaVHS1984
1628V Blind SwordsmanVHS1978
2691V Bonds of Pride, TheVHS1991
2824V Buddha and the Rice PlantersVHS1976
904V Buddha in the Land of the KamiVHS1989
2007V Buddhism and Black BeltsVHS1993
312V Captains and KingsVHS1984
3757V Central AsiaVHS1995
319V Change: Turkey and Saudi ArabiaVHS1984
2081V ChinaVHS1996
3654V ChinaVHS1986
2127V China and its SphereVHS1995
916V China Diary: For My CountryVHS
3680V China: Ancient Rhythms and Modern CurrentsVHS
725V China: Contemporary Changes in Historical PerspectiveVHS1990
3655V China: The History and the MysteryVHS1996
1156V College Years, TheVHS1989
1855V Communist Ideology after MaoVHS1984
1722V Confucianism and the Taiwan ExperienceVHS
4518V Day Will Come, AVHS1999
4530V Don't Ask WhyVHS1999
4957V Doon School ChroniclesVHS2000
DVD1491 Drowned OutDVD2004
1157V Early Working Years, TheVHS1989
719V Electronic Tribe, TheVHS1987
3520V Ella's JournalVHS1996
310V Family MattersVHS1984
3652V Famous Cities of the Far EastVHS1994
1629V Farm SongVHS1978
1854V Fight for Democracy, TheVHS1992
2042V Forbidden City: The Great WithinVHS1995
3077V Forest of BlissVHS1978
DVD2467 Forest of BlissDVD1986
350V Fountains of ParadiseVHS1984
1627V Full Moon LunchVHS1976
969V Ganges, TheVHS1991
2098V Global Firms in the Indudstrializing EastVHS1995
4332V GrassVHS1925
2751V Half the SkyVHS1997
2689V Historic Memory, TheVHS1991
309V Holy LandVHS1984
317V Homeland: Israel and PalestineVHS1984
2066V Hong Kong to UlaanbataarVHS1993
1133V House of the Spirit, Perspectives on Cambodian Health CareVHS1984
320V Identity: LebanonVHS1984
2690V Image of God, TheVHS1991
316V Independence: Egypt and AlgeriaVHS1984
2084V IndiaVHS1996
355V India and the Infinite: The Soul of a PeopleVHS
2201V India: Farming and DevelopmentVHS1996
2693V Islam and PluralismVHS1993
718V Japan, Behind the MaskVHS1986
1370V Japan, the Island EmpireVHS1978
724V Japanese Version, TheVHS1991
2065V Karachi to Khyber PassVHS1993
374V Kingdom, TheVHS1982
5131V Korea: A Fresh StartVHS
2128V Mainland Southeast Asia; Maritime Southeast AsiaVHS1995
1626V Margaret LockVHS1992
307V Middlemen, TheVHS1984
1023V Neighborhood TokyoVHS1992
311V New FrontiersVHS1984
2124V North Africa and Southwest Asia, Challenge of IslamVHS1995
2121V North America: Post-Industrial Transformation IIVHS1995
376V Oil, Money, and PoliticsVHS1982
1159V Options for Women at Mid-LifeVHS1990
3903V Pacific CenturyVHS1992
332V Peter BergerVHS1988
722V Proper Place in the World, AVHS1987
375V Race with Time, TheVHS1982
2008V Red Express: The Trans-Siberian RailroadVHS1990
2701V Religious Experience, TheVHS1976
318V Revolution: Iraq and IranVHS1984
1106V Riddle of Midnight, TheVHS1988
4067V River Elegy, Ho ShangVHS
2009V Road to the FutureVHS1994
2119V Russia's Fracturing FederationVHS1995
313V Sects and ViolenceVHS1984
2126V South Asia, Aspiring IndiaVHS1995
2061V St. Petersburg to TashkentVHS1993
315V Story of Oil, TheVHS1984
1155V Suburban Tokyo High School StudentsVHS1988
3042V Surname Viet, Given Name NamVHS1989
720V Sword and the Chrysanthemum, TheVHS1987
1625V Theodore C. BestorVHS1992
308V TorchbearersVHS1984
723V Unruly Dragon: The Yellow RiverVHS1988
795V Veiled RevolutionVHS1982
DVD2635 Veiled Revolution, ADVD1982
4958V With Morning HeartsVHS2001
2698V Women and IslamVHS1993
2105V World of the Dragon, TheVHS1995
1158V Young Family, AVHS1990