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DVD131 AfrocentricityDVD
3244V Alfred Hitchcock: Master of SuspenceVHS1973
1675V America's First Women FilmmakersVHS1993
1956V American CinemaVHS1994
4899V American Movie, Making of Northwestern, TheVHS1999
DVD2854 American Super-8 Revolution, TheDVD1972
3251V Autocrats, Hollywood, pt. 7- AutocratsVHS1980
4674V Baadasssss Cinema, Badass CinemaVHS2002
4054V Banned and CensoredVHS
3142V Battle Over Citizen KaneVHS1996
2479V Before the NickelodeonVHS1982
DVD3488 Before the NickelodeonDVD1982
2481V Birth of Soviet Cinema, TheVHS
DVD3887 Birth of the Living DeadDVD2013
DVD2836 Bronze Screen, TheDVD2002
2475V Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to FollowVHS1987
4020V Camera: Early Photography and Moving PicturesVHS
DVD1921 Capturing Reality: The Art of DocumentaryDVD2008
2597V Carmen Miranda: Bananas is My BusinessVHS1994
2827V Celluloid ClosetVHS1996
DVD1368 Century of Sound, ADVD
3573V Charlie Chaplin: Film's First IconVHS1997
DVD1275 Cinema HistoryDVD2001
4496V Cinema Verite: Defining the MomentVHS
4293V CinemnesisVHS
4769V Classified XVHS1997
3252V Comedy, A Serious Business, Hollywood, pt. 8- Comedy, A Serious BusinessVHS1980
DVD4125 Comedy, Spectacle and New HorizonsDVD1994
2359V Constructing RealityVHS1973
DVD2300 Craft of Film Acting, TheDVD
DVD1695 Cutting Edge, The: The Magic of Movie EditingDVD
5244V David Holzman's DiaryVHS1967
DVD1479 Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs, TheDVD1999
5177V Directors on ActingVHS2002
DVD1670 Documentary Filmmaking: Tips From the TrenchesDVD
4393V Drive In Blues, Drive-In BluesVHS1986
BLU107 Early Women Filmmakers: An International AnthologyDVD2017
DVD4294 Early Women Filmmakers: An International AnthologyDVD2017
DVD3934 Early Works of Cheryl Dunye, TheDVD1994
DVD548 Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, Easy Riders Raging BullsDVD2002
DVD830 Edison: The Invention of the MoviesDVD
3257V End of an Era, Hollywood, pt. 13- End of an EraVHS1980
3572V Erich Von Stroheim: The Man You Loved to HateVHS1997
3574V Ernst Lubitsch: A Master of Cinematic StyleVHS1997
DVD4123 European Pioneers, TheDVD1994
DVD4124 Experimentation and DiscoveryDVD1994
3911V Family Album, TheVHS1986
2496V Federico Fellini: The Director as CreatorVHS1970
2487V Film Before Film, What Really Happened Between the Images?VHS1986
2675V Film on FilmVHS
DVD2560 Films of James Broughton, TheDVD
3362V Francois Truffaut: Stolen PortraitsVHS1993
DVD4047 Free Radicals, Free Radicals: A History of Experimental FilmDVD2011
DVD4122 Great Train Robbery, The: And Other Primary WorksDVD2002
3249V Hazard of the Game, Hollywood, pt. 5- Hazard of the GameVHS1980
DVD1013 He Who Hits First, Hits Twice, The Urgent Cinema of Santiago AlvarezDVD
4835V Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's ApocalypseVHS1991
DVD1230 Henri Langlois: Phantom of the CinemathequeDVD2005
3859V History of Film, Film HistoryVHS1997
BLU31 Hollis Frampton Odyssey, ADVD1979
5165V Hollywood Aliens and Monsters, To the Galaxy and BeyondVHS1997
3248V Hollywood Goes to War, Hollywood, pt. 4- Hollywood Goes to WarVHS1980
3192V Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American DreamVHS1997
3997V Images of IndiansVHS1979
DVD1851 Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the HolocaustDVD2004
2933V In Black and WhiteVHS1992
3246V In the Beginning, Hollywood, pt. 2- In the BeginningVHS1980
3576V Jean Renoir: An Artist Whose Canvas was FilmVHS1997
3456V Joan Does DynastyVHS1999
DVD615 Killer Classics Extra FeaturesDVD2004
5093V Light Keeps Me CompanyVHS1999
DVD2831 Looking at MoviesDVD2010
DVD1323 Lost Book FoundDVD1996
DVD3436 Lost Reels of Pancho Villa, The, Rollos Perdidos de Pancho Villa, LosDVD2003
DVD698 Magical Worlds of Joseph Cornell, TheDVD2004
3254V Man with the Megaphone, Hollywood, pt. 10- The Man With the MegaphoneVHS1980
2547V Man You Loved to Hate, TheVHS1990
3575V Max and Dave Fleischer: The Fathers of Movie AnimationVHS1997
DVD2552 Maya Deren, Maya Deren Experimental FilmsDVD1943
2551V Meeting Two QueensVHS1991
4148V MIckey Mouse MonopolyVHS2001
DVD1015 Mickey Mouse MonopolyDVD2001
2588V Midnight Ramble, Oscar Micheaux and the Story of Race MoviesVHS1994
DVD3410 Moguls & Movie Stars, Moguls and Movie StarsDVD2010
DVD511 More Treasures from American Film ArchivesDVD
3839V Motion Picture History of the Korean WarVHS1958
3565V Movies' StoryVHS
4604V My Father's CameraVHS2000
4031V NerudaVHS1997
3400V New Cinema of Latin AmericaVHS1983
3370V New Cinema, TheVHS1984
4048V Off the Straight and NarrowVHS1998
4934V One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train, 100 Children Waiting for a TrainVHS1988
1651V Origins of American AnimationVHS
3253V Out West, Hollywood, pt. 9- Out WestVHS1980
DVD1960 Oxford American Best of the South DVDDVD2008
DVD1280 Oxford American Southeren DVD, 2007, TheDVD2007
4202V Pam GrierVHS1999
DVD3288 Pervert's Guide to Cinema. Parts 1, 2, 3DVD2006
DVD4225 Pervert's Guide to Ideology, TheDVD2013
3245V Pioneers, The, Hollywood, pt. 1- The PioneersVHS1980
DVD1276 ProductionDVD2001
3990V Reading FilmVHS1992
DVD1090 Reel Bad ArabsDVD2006
2362V Rock Hudson's Home MoviesVHS1992
2469V Rouch in ReverseVHS1995
3532V Secret Life of Sergei Eisenstein, TheVHS1987
5069V Seeing is Believing: Handicams, Human Rights and the NewsVHS2002
DVD3989 SeventeenDVD2015
3247V Single Beds and Double Standards, Hollywood, pt. 3- Single Beds and Double StandardsVHS1980
3989V Slaying the DragonVHS1987
DVD4025 Slaying the DragonDVD1987
3256V Star Treatment, Hollywood, pt. 12- Star TreatmentVHS1980
3834V Stranger with a CameraVHS2000
DVD1274 Successful Nonlinear Editing for Video, Non-linear Editing for VideoDVD2003
3042V Surname Viet, Given Name NamVHS1989
DVD3209 Surveying the First Decade, Vidoe Art and Alternative Media in the U.S., 1968-1980DVD1995
3250V Swanson and Valentino, Hollywood, pt. 6- Swanson and ValentinoVHS1980
3193V Taking PicturesVHS1996
DVD2614 Tales From the ScriptDVD2009
DVD2602 These Amazing ShadowsDVD2011
DVD2530 Treasures 5: The West, 1898-1938DVD
DVD130 Treasures from American film ArchivesDVD
DVD1406 Treasures III: Social Issues in American Film 1900-1934DVD
DVD2451 Treasures IV: American Avant Garde Film, 1947-1986DVD
3255V Trick of the Light, Hollywood, pt. 11- Trick of the LightVHS1980
DVd1321 Videos of Sadie Benning, TheDVD
1508V Visions of LightVHS1992
DVD2254 Visions of LightDVD1992
4388V Wartime MomentsVHS
1206V Women Who Made the MoviesVHS1991
1955V Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni RiefenstahlVHS1993
DVD3207 Workers Leaving the Factory, Arbeiter verlassen die FabrikDVD1995
5172V Writing for FilmVHS1989