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Speech & Speeches Film Listing

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DVD1104 Accent Reduction ProgramDVD2001
4932V Augmentative CommunicationVHS2002
2145V Business PresentationsVHS1994
DVD707 Campaign '04DVD2004
4924V Characteristics of Epidemiologically Sampled Children, with Speech ImpairmentVHS
DVD4174 Cokie RobertsDVD2016
DVD1042 Compilation Vol 1-3DVD
3319V Critical ThinkingVHS1997
DVD641 Do You Speak American?DVD2005
DVD4282 Donald S. Russell Lecture with Hon. David WilkinsDVD2017
2995V DoublespeakVHS1988
DVD4281 Ex Libris Society Annual Dinner, Anita LobelDVD2016
4941V Facilitating Self-Regulation in Phonological InterventionVHS
3008V Great American Speeches, Vol. 1VHS
3009V Great American Speeches, Vol. 2VHS
3010V Great American Speeches, Vol. 3VHS
3011V Great American Speeches, Vol. 4VHS
3012V Great American Speeches, Vol. 5VHS
3013V Great American Speeches, Vol. 6VHS
DVD706 Great SpeechesDVD
5096V Great SpeechesVHS
4616V Half Century of Speech CommunicationVHS
DVD4186 How to Write and Deliver Great SpeechesDVD2006
4596V Human ArticulationVHS2002
4799V Human Speech AcousticsVHS2003
DVD1102 HumanSpeech: ArticulationDVD
3317V LanguageVHS1997
DVD850 Language DevelopmentDVD1995
3415V Legacy of Barbara JordanVHS1996
3427V Martin Luther King Commemorative Collection, In Remembrance of MartinVHS1986
4617V Measuring Speech ProductionVHS1993
DVD1100 Narrative AssessmentDVD1995
DVD4279 Pat Conroy Archive AnnouncementDVD2014
4931V Rethinking Phonological AwarenessVHS
DVD4289 Ron RashDVD2017
DVD4280 Schuyler & Yvonne Moore South Caroliniana Library Alcove ThaDVD2014
4597V Source/Filter TheoryVHS2002
2146V SpeakingVHS1994
2196V Speaking Without Fear or NervousnessVHS1995
4618V Speech PerceptionVHS1996
3345V Speeches of Famous WomenVHS1995
3414V Speeches of Malcolm XVHS1997
3423V Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.VHS1988
4950V Using Your Voice to Improve Your TeachingVHS1994
3998V Video Highlights from the Voice Clinic, Video Hi Lites from the Voice ClinicVHS