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Dance Film Listing

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DVD2395 About TapDVD1985
DVD1990 Acting Techniques of Topeng: Masked Theater of BaliDVD
DVD3047 African-Haitian Dance Class, Dunham TechniqueDVD
1434V Ailey DancesVHS1982
5236V Air for the G String, Air for the G-StringVHS1997
5207V Alice in Wonderland: A Dance FantasyVHS1993
5222V Alicia, Alicia AlonsoVHS1976
DVD3734 Alonzo King Lines BalletDVD2011
DVD595 American Ballet Theatre at the Met, Mixed BillDVD1984
3168V American Indian Dance TheatreVHS1989
1391V Anna KareninaVHS1979
5143V Anna Pavlova: A Woman for All Time, PavlovaVHS1996
5146V Antony TudorVHS1985
1400V AnyutaVHS1982
1395V Art of 20th Century Ballet, TheVHS1985
4108V Art of KabukiVHS1998
5250V Art of the Ballerina, TheVHS1966
1124V Aspects of the Kabuki Theater of JapanVHS
1397V Backstage at the KirovVHS1983
DVD591 BalanchineDVD1984
5194V Balanchine Essays: Passe and Attitude, Passe and AttitudeVHS1994
1405V Ballerinas, TheVHS1985
1436V Ballet Dance, Intermediate-AdvancedVHS1984
DVD1087 Ballet RussesDVD2005
2986V Ballroom DancingVHS1993
1420V Baryshnikov at Wolf TrapVHS1976
5277V Basci Principles for PointeVHS
DVD699 Basic Anatomy & Kinesiology, Especially for DancersDVD2004
5276V Basic Principles of PartneringVHS
1429V Bayadere, LaVHS1991
DVD3045 Beginning Folk Dances with Phyllis WeikartDVD2008
5242V Behind the Scenes with David ParsonsVHS1992
DVD593 Bill T. Jones: Dancing to the Promised Land, Dancing to the Promised LandDVD2004
DVD590 Black TightsDVD1960
1425V Black Tights: From the Ballets of Paris de Roland PetitVHS1960
4471V Bob FosseVHS1999
5232V Bolshoi Ballet Gala Concert, TheVHS1991
5150V Bujones: Winning at VarnaVHS1974
4146V Butoh: Body on the Edge of CrisisVHS1990
4812V Butoh: Piercing the MaskVHS1991
DVD592 Car Man, TheDVD2001
1408V CarmenVHS1973
2534V Charles Weidman: On His OwnVHS1990
1413V Chat Botte, LeVHS1986
1456V CheckmateVHS1982
1394V Children of Theater Street, TheVHS1977
5173V Chuck Davis: Dancing Through West AfricaVHS1987
1416V CinderellaVHS1961
3598V Classical Indian DanceVHS1998
DVD1590 Coming & Going, Nederlands Dans Theater 3 : Coming & GoingDVD1992
DVD2215 Contemporary Turns and JumpsDVD
1401V CoppeliaVHS1980
DVD598 Corsaire, LeDVD1999
1404V Creole GiselleVHS1988
4447V Dance and Human HistoryVHS1976
3207V Dance at CourtVHS1993
2533V Dance Black AmericaVHS1984
3209V Dance CenterstageVHS1993
DVD1991 Dance of the Spirits: Mask Styles and PerformanceDVD1988
3578V Dance on the Wind: Memoirs of a Mississippi ShamanVHS1994
1412V Dance Theater of HarlemVHS1989
4832V Dancemaker: Paul Taylor, Paul Taylor, DancemakerVHS1998
DVD679 Dancetime!, 500 Years of Social DanceDVD1998
DVD3981 Dancing From the Inside OutDVD1994
3211V Dancing in One WorldVHS1993
DVD3994 Dancing in the Light: The Janet Collins StoryDVD2015
DVD3053 Dancing with the CameraDVD1982
1403V Daphnis and ChloeVHS1982
DVD599 Dein Perry's Tap Dogs, Tap DogsDVD1996
4658V Denishawn Dances OnVHS2003
1418V Denishawn: The Birth of Modern Dance, Denishawn, the Birth of Modern DanceVHS1988
DVD670 Dream, TheDVD2004
5234V Early Dance, From the Greeks to the RenaissanceVHS1995
DVD2396 Early Dance, The Baroque EraDVD1995
4345V Elegance of Baroque Social DanceVHS2000
DVD2391 Epoca, La. The Palladium EraDVD
DVD903 Esmeral'daDVD1994
3199V Ethnic Dance Around the WorldVHS1983
5129V Eugene "Luigi" Louis, Dance On: EugeneVHS1982
1435V Evening with Alvin AileyVHS1986
DVD1760 Evening with Katherine Dunham, AnDVD2004
DVD3042 Experiential Anatomy in Dance TechniqueDVD2011
1422V Fille Mal Gardee, LaVHS1986
1402V FirebirdVHS1982
3078V FlamencoVHS1986
3521V FlamencoVHS1995
1108V Folkorico: Ballet Folklorico de MexicoVHS1989
5149V Fonteyn and Nureyev: The Perfect PartnershipVHS1985
1417V Four By KylianVHS
5249V From Ballroom to Broadway and BackVHS1980
1399V Gaite ParisienneVHS1954
1428V Gala Evening with the Moiseyev Dance CompanyVHS1986
DVD596 Gene Kelly: Anatomy of a DancerDVD2002
DVD3043 German Lineage in Modern DanceDVD2012
1431V Ghost DancesVHS1983
5235V GiselleVHS1996
5239V Glory of the Bolshoi, TheVHS1995
5225V Glory of the Kirov, TheVHS1995
5105V Great Pas de DeuxVHS1997
DVD1030 Gypsy HeartDVD1998
DVD3046 Hanya Holm: A RetrospectiveDVD
5202V Hanya: Portrait of a PioneerVHS1985
5142V Hard Nut, The, Mark Morris Dance Group: The Hard NutVHS1992
4922V He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin'VHS1983
5215V Histoire Du Soldat, L', L'Histoire du SoldatVHS1957
1423V Holiday of BalletVHS1981
4541V How Ballet BeganVHS1972
DVD1588 How to ChoreographDVD
4711V How to Create a Rumba, Como se Forma una RumbaVHS2001
DVD678 How to Dance Through TimeDVD2000
DVD1768 Husk, Lament, & UndertowDVD1986
1991V I am a DancerVHS1994
4135V I Is a Long-Memoried Woman, I Is a Long Memoried WomanVHS1990
3210V Individual and Tradition, TheVHS1993
DVD1589 Injury Prevention for DancersDVD1997
2531V IsadoraVHS1966
5224V Jazz Dance ClassVHS1984
5251V Jazz Tap Ensemble USAVHS
DVD1019 Johann Strauss, Dance and DreamDVD2004
2985V Jose Greco in PerformanceVHS1959
4829V Jose Limon: Three Modern Dance ClassicsVHS1955
5203V Journey Through Dance, Journey Through Dance with Gay CheneyVHS1994
3625V JVC Smithsonian Folkways Anthology of Music and Dance.., of AfricaVHS1996
DVD1198 Kaguyahime: The Moon PrincessDVD1994
5211V Kurt JoossVHS2000
1410V L'Ange Bleu: Ballet de Roland PetitVHS1988
1398V Lady of the Camillias, TheVHS1987
5220V Land of Sweet Taps, TheVHS1994
DVD2100 Learning to ShagDVD
1415V Legend of LoveVHS1989
1630V Legong, Dance of the VirginsVHS1930
DVD1593 Lester Horton TechniqueDVD1990
DVD3724 Lester Horton Technique, Advanced LevelDVD2003
DVD3723 Lester Horton Technique, Intermediate LevelDVD2002
1406V Little Humpbacked Horse, TheVHS1961
3021V Lord of the DanceVHS1996
3205V Lord of the DanceVHS1993
DVD2214 Lyrical JazzDVD
DVD2774 Mad Hot BallroomDVD2005
5141V Making Ballet, Actress, TheVHS1995
3577V Man Who Dances: Edward VillellaVHS1968
DVD675 ManonDVD1982
DVD594 Margot FonteynDVD1989
3491V Maring in MotionVHS1968
DVD1767 Marriage of Dance & Video, TheDVD2003
2755V Martha Clarke, Light and DarkVHS1980
1392V Martha Graham in PerformanceVHS
1426V Marynishky Ballet of St. PetersburgVHS1991
DVD901 Maya Plisetskaya, Diva of DanceDVD1977
1389V MedeaVHS1977
2532V Men Who Danced, TheVHS1985
1396V Merry Widow, TheVHS1983
DVD3041 Motif DescriptionDVD1994
DVD1587 Musical Theatre Dance, Bob Rizzo's Musical Theatre Dance with Christopher GattelliDVD2001
3208V New Worlds, New FormsVHS1993
4867V New York City Ballet WorkoutVHS2001
5140V NijinskyVHS1980
1388V NureyevVHS1991
4831V Nureyev and the Joffrey Ballet in Tribute to NijinskyVHS1980
1424V Nutcracker, TheVHS1977
DVD3993 Nutcracker, TheDVD1977
1393V OneginVHS1986
4352V Onoe Baiko the Seventh as the Salt GathererVHS1972
DVD1228 Othello, Lar Lubovitch's OthelloDVD
896V Palm PlayVHS1977
DVD638 Parsons Dance CompanyDVD1992
3571V Pas de DeuxVHS1968
DVD597 Peter and the Wolf, Prokofiev's Peter and the WolfDVD1997
5233V Peter Martins: A DancerVHS1979
4847V Pilobolus Dance Theatre, Pilobolus Dance TheaterVHS1977
5145V Plisetskaya DancesVHS1964
1409V Points in SpaceVHS1986
4109V Portrait of an OnnagataVHS1990
3204V Power of Dance, TheVHS1993
1437V Prince of the Pagodas, TheVHS1992
DVD900 Pulcinella, SoldatDVD1988
1419V Rake's Progress, TheVHS1982
5252V Reel IrishVHS
DVD3722 RizeDVD2005
1432V Road to the Stamping GroundVHS1984
1407V Romantic Era, TheVHS1980
DVD1043 Romeo et JulietteDVD2002
5343V Seraikella Chhau, Serakilla Chha : the Masked Dance of IndiaVHS
3175V SevillanasVHS1992
3206V Sex and Social DanceVHS1993
DVD2373 Shaggin' On the StrandDVD1985
5231V Shakers, TheVHS1997
5221V Sizzling LatinVHS
2187V Sleeping BeautyVHS1982
4830V Sleeping BeautyVHS
DVD580 Sleeping Beauty, TheDVD
1427V Soldat, PulcinellaVHS1988
DVD3054 Soul DanceDVD2009
DVD2657 Step UpDVD2006
DVD3980 Steppin'DVD1992
4848V Stomp Out Loud, StompoutloudVHS1997
5240V Stone Flower, TheVHS1991
2185V Swan LakeVHS1990
DVD586 Swan LakeDVD1982
1390V Sylphide, LaVHS
1414V Sylvie Guillem at WorkVHS1988
1430V Symphony in D Workshop, Nederlands Dans TheaterVHS1983
DVD673 Tales of Beatrix Potter, TheDVD1971
2987V TangoVHS1983
3608V Tango, Tango, No Me Dejes NuncaVHS1998
DVD3686 Tango Negro, Tangro Negro: The African Roots of TangoDVD2013
3174V Teaching Children Dance VideoVHS1993
DVD2394 That's Dancing!DVD1985
4107V Theater in JapanVHS1989
DVD589 Three by DuatoDVD2000
1455V Three By Martha GrahamVHS1969
1123V Tradition of Performing Arts in Japan, Art of Kabuki, Noh and BunrakuVHS1989
DVD2371 Tradition of Performing Arts in Japan, The, The Artistry of Kabuki, Noh and BunrakuDVD1989
DVD1592 Training a Ballerina, Spirit of Dance : Training a BallerinaDVD1995
DVD1591 Turns, Leaps, & Bounds, Bob Rizzo's Turns, Leaps & BoundsDVD
5355V Two DancesVHS1990
4953V Twyla Tharp: Making Television Dance, Making Television DanceVHS1977
DVD588 Variety and Virtuosity, American Ballet Theatre NowDVD1998
5210V VaudevilleVHS1997
2735V Video Anthology of Music and Dance in the AmericasVHS1995
DVD674 Video Dictionary of Classical Ballet, TheDVD1983
5144V Voltaire's Temple of GloryVHS1996
DVD1849 War DanceDVD2006
DVD3048 West African Dance DVD2006
1433V White Night of Dance in LeningradVHS1987
DVD3044 World of American Indian Dance, TheDVD2010
1121V You Can Dance Mambo and DirtyVHS1989
4834V Zena Rommett Floore-Barre and Ballet TechniqueVHS2001