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Criminal Justice Film Listing

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DVD1875 AbusedDVD2006
DVD2990 Better This WorldDVD2011
470V Blind JusticeVHS1987
DVD1807 Body DetectivesDVD2000
DVD2950 Broken On All SidesDVD2012
DVD3958 Bus 174DVD2002
494V Campus RapeVHS1990
DVD467 Capturing the FriedmansDVD2003
639V CCI: A Case Study of a Southern Prison, Our Brother's Keeper: CCIVHS1993
3916V CirclesVHS1997
4080V Colombia's Guerilla War: A Sundered NationVHS1999
4682V Community PolicingVHS
DVD2064 Concrete, Steel & PaintDVD
5307V Cops and EthicsVHS
3686V Copycat CrimesVHS1998
3439V Correctional Officer: Working with the Female OffenderVHS1998
2094V Crime and Solutions, Fighting Back: Crime and SolutionsVHS1995
2150V Crime in the SuitesVHS1987
3292V Crimes and PunishmentsVHS1993
3560V Cross-Gender SupervisionVHS1990
DVD910 Date Rape, Behind Closed DoorsDVD1994
DVD1205 DeadlineDVD
3699V Doing Time, Doing VipassanaVHS1997
3758V Double Life of Ernesto Gomez GomezVHS1998
1059V Enabling the Disabled, Americans with Disabilities Act in Correctional FacilitiesVHS1993
DVD924 Eyewitness TestimonyDVD
DVD1417 Face of Evil, TheDVD2004
DVD866 False MemoriesDVD2000
DVD3494 Farm, The: 10 DownDVD2009
DVD3495 Farm, The: Life Inside Angola Prison, Farm, The: Angola USADVD1998
3669V Farm: Life Inside Angola PrisonVHS1998
321V Forensic Death Investigation, Post Mortem ExaminationVHS1988
4010V Forgotten FiresVHS1998
3939V Forty Dollar Misunderstanding, A, $40 Misunderstanding, AVHS
5206V Ghosts of AtticaVHS2001
5189V Girl TroubleVHS2004
DVD3830 Girl TroubleDVD2004
1618V Girls in GangsVHS1993
DVD3883 Grey Area, TheDVD2012
985V Hard EvidenceVHS1992
DVD2348 Hard Straight, ADVD2004
DVD906 Haunted VisionDVD1999
5304V History of American CorrectionsVHS
DVD4067 House I Live In, TheDVD2012
DVD4067 House I Live In, TheDVD2012
DVD3627 Illicit: The Dark TradeDVD2008
DVD3286 Incendiary, Incendiary: The Willingham CaseDVD2011
5029V Incriminating Evidence: Forensic Specialists in ActionVHS
2818V Insect Clues: Forensic EntomologyVHS1996
101V Inside the Jury RoomVHS1986
5283V Justice, JusticaVHS2004
4101V Justice for AmadouVHS1999
3306V Juvenile Sex Offenders: Voices UnheardVHS1997
3444V Kids Behind BarsVHS1997
1058V Killer in the Air, A, Controlling Tuberculosis in Correctional FacilitiesVHS1992
3516V KKK: Hate Crimes in AmericaVHS1993
DVD893 Legal Limbo, War on Terror and the Judicial ProcessDVD2004
3443V Life After Prison: Success on the OutsideVHS1998
3561V Management's RightsVHS1990
4102V Matthew Shepard Political FuneralVHS
1060V Men, Women and Respect, Stopping Sexual Harrassment in Correctional FacilitiesVHS1993
DVD1455 Meth Epidemic, TheDVD2006
4680V Midtown Community Court ExperimentVHS1996
104V Mind of a MurdererVHS1984
DVD4088 Mothering InsideDVD2015
DVD3884 Mothers of BedfordDVD2011
4781V Murder on a Sunday MorningVHS2001
4673V News Media's Coverage of Crime and VictimizationVHS
3128V O. J. Simpson Trial, pts. 1-4VHS1995
DVD905 Out of the AshesDVD1999
4319V Paradise Lost, Child Murders at Robin Hood HillsVHS1996
DVD2980 Paradise Lost 3: PurgatoryDVD2011
4320V Paradise Lost II, RevelationsVHS1999
1861V Post MortemVHS1991
DVD909 Prison Boot CampDVD2001
5308V Probable Cause & Resonable Suspicion II, Suspicion Factors, TheVHS
DVD696 Quiet RageDVD1987
131V Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison StudyVHS1989
5000V Real JusticeVHS2000
2054V Reducing Urban ViolenceVHS1995
3101V Rodney King Case: What the Jury SawVHS1992
DVD897 Scared StraightDVD1978
4593V Senorita Extraviada, Missing Young WomanVHS2001
DVD3324 Sentence of Their Own, ADVD2001
5279V Sentencing the VictimVHS2002
2152V Sexual HarassmentVHS1990
DVD1045 Shakespeare Behind BarsDVD2005
DVD3647 Sin by SilenceDVD2009
428V Someone You Know: Acquaintance RapeVHS1986
1178V State vs. Swan, Coutroom Testimony in a Criminal Child Sexual Abuse CaseVHS1987
DVD907 Street Life, Inside America's GangsDVD1999
DVD904 Talking Skull, TheDVD1998
DVD2928 Telling Amy's StoryDVD2010
966V They're Doing My TimeVHS1989
4069V Thin Blue Line, TheVHS1988
DVD1064 Thin Blue Line, TheDVD1988
2013V Three Strikes, You're OutVHS1994
3852V Titicut FolliesVHS1967
902V To Make the BalanceVHS1966
4244V TraffikVHS1989
DVD1545 Trials of Darryl Hunt, TheDVD2005
DVD1858 True Story of Killing Pablo, TheDVD2002
DVD1889 Tulia, TexasDVD2007
4904V Two Towns of JasperVHS2002
DVD908 Understanding Hate CrimesDVD
638V Understanding the CourtsVHS1990
1111V United States vs. Aaron Burr, United States v Arron BurrVHS1976
3288V View to a Kill: Witnessing an ExecutionVHS1996
3293V Violence: An American TraditionVHS1995
3122V Voices from InsideVHS1996
267V When Children Are WitnessesVHS1989
1179V Williamson Case, TheVHS1987
2819V Wilson MurderVHS1996
DVD1209 Women on PatrolDVD2004
DVD2414 Writ WriterDVD2007
3290V Young Criminals, Adult PunishmentsVHS1996