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African American Studies Film Listing

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DVD1279 10 Voices, 10 Voices: Ten African American Women that made a DifferenceDVD
DVD2158 4 Little Girls, Four Little GirlsDVD1997
DVD4137 40 Years Later: Now Can We Talk?DVD2013
3824V A. Philip Randolph: For Jobs and FreedomVHS1995
5317V African American ArtistsVHS
5345V African American Cinema I, Within Our GatesVHS1919
5346V African American Cinema IIVHS1926
DVD2533 African American Research in the 21st CenturyDVD2010
4479V African Americans in WWII, Legacy of Patriotism and ValorVHS1998
DVD4068 African Americans, The: Many Rivers to CrossDVD2013
DVD1099 African- American EnglishDVD1997
DVD3916 Africans in AmericaDVD1998
3134V Africans in America: America's Journey Through SlaveryVHS1998
DVD131 AfrocentricityDVD
1599V Against the Odds: The Artists of the Harlem RenaissanceVHS1993
368V Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More: 1964-1972VHS1990
360V Ain't Scared of Your Jails: 1960-1961VHS1986
1842V Alex HaleyVHS1992
1143V Alice WalkerVHS1992
DVD2638 America Beyond the Color LineDVD2002
DVD3752 American PromiseDVD2013
DVD1673 American Red and BlackDVD
261V Among Brothers, Politics in New OrleansVHS1986
4485V Anarchy U.S.A.VHS1966
1188V At the River I StandVHS1993
1229V August WilsonVHS1988
1845V August WilsonVHS1992
358V Awakenings: 1954-1956VHS1986
371V Back to the Movement: 1970-mid1980'sVHS1990
DVD1578 BanishedDVD
3258V Baskets of Gold: Preserving an African American TraditionVHS1998
DVD902 Beah, A Black Woman SpeaksDVD2003
DVD2141 Before RosaDVD
DVD1326 Beyond BrownDVD
10V Black American LiteratureVHS1988
DVD926 Black English as an American DialectDVD
DVD2423 Black in Latin AmericaDVD2011
DVD1631 Black Indians: An American StoryDVD
DVD2593 Black Is... Black Ain'tDVD1995
1841V Black Is...Black Ain'tVHS1995
DVD4184 Black Panthers, The: Vanguard of the RevolutionDVD2015
DVD3917 Black Power Mixtape, 1967-1975, TheDVD2011
DVD2926 Black Press, The: Soldiers Without SwordsDVD1998
3629V Black Press: Soldiers Without SwordsVHS1998
DVD2714 Black TheatreDVD1978
4057V Black Women On: The Light, Dark ThangVHS1997
DVD2739 Blacks & Jews, Blacks and JewsDVD1997
3677V Blacks and Jews, Blacks & JewsVHS1997
107V Bloods of 'NamVHS1986
DVD3236 Booker's Place: A Mississippi StoryDVD2012
1210V Brer Rabbit StoriesVHS1977
363V Bridge to Freedom: 1965VHS1986
DVD2062 Brother Outsider: the Life of Bayard RustinDVD2002
4322V Brothers of the AcademyVHS2001
4534V Brown vs. the Board of EducationVHS1991
1843V Charles JohnsonVHS1992
DVD643 Chisholm '72: Unbought and Unbossed, Chisholm 72DVD2004
DVD4175 Circle UnbrokenDVD2014
4849V Citadel Conference on the Civil Rights Movement in S.C.VHS2003
DVD935 Citizen KingDVD
4769V Classified XVHS1997
DVD4079 Coal Black VoicesDVD2001
4025V Colin PowellVHS1992
4035V Colin Powell: A Soldier's Campaign, Soldier's Campaign, AVHS1995
626V Color AdjustmentVHS1991
DVD2591 Color AdjustmentDVD1991
DVD3987 Dark GirlsDVD2011
1228V Dateline Freedom: Civil Rights and the PressVHS1988
1142V Deadly Deception, TheVHS1993
DVD2322 Dinka DiariesDVD2005
1029V DutchmanVHS1967
5305V Ebonics Controversy, TheVHS1997
4024V Elijah MuhammadVHS1994
220V Ethnic NotionsVHS1986
4586V Ethnic NotionsVHS1986
DVD2588 Ethnic NotionsDVD1986
DVD1120 Eyes on the PrizeDVD1986
594V Family Across the SeaVHS1990
DVD3634 Family Across the SeaDVD1990
DVD1580 Faubourg Treme: The Untold Story of New OrleansDVD2007
DVD549 February OneDVD2004
359V Fighting Back: 1957-1962VHS1986
1234V Fliers in Search of a Dream, Flyers in Search of a DreamVHS1986
1995V Flight to Freedom: The Underground RailroadVHS1995
4010V Forgotten FiresVHS1998
3570V Four Little GirlsVHS1997
1481V Frederick Douglass: When the Lion Wrote HistoryVHS1994
4423V Freedom BagsVHS1990
4824V Freedom FaithVHS2003
DVD2003 Freedom Never DiesDVD2000
DVD2662 Freedom RidersDVD2011
1227V Freedom Station, TheVHS1988
4588V From These Roots, Review of the Harlem RenaissanceVHS1974
5160V Fundi: The Story of Ella BakerVHS1981
DVD3830 Girl TroubleDVD2004
1796V Gloria NaylorVHS1994
4822V God is a NegroVHS2003
2604V God's TrombonesVHS1994
4292V Goin' To ChicagoVHS1994
DVD2734 Goin' to ChicagoDVD1994
4823V Guide My FeetVHS2003
DVD2065 GullahDVD
256V Hands that Picked Cotton, Black Politics in Today's Rural SouthVHS1984
4517V Happy Birthday, Mrs. CraigVHS1972
DVD1224 Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & RhymesDVD2006
1211V How Stories Came to BeVHS1977
3416V Huey!, Black Panther NewsreelVHS1968
4135V I Is a Long-Memoried Woman, I Is a Long Memoried WomanVHS1990
DVD2400 I Sit Where I Want, Legacy of Brown v. Board of EducationDVD2004
3631V I'll Make Me a WorldVHS1999
2933V In Black and WhiteVHS1992
122V In Remembrance of MartinVHS1986
2944V In Search of our FathersVHS1992
4575V Indentifiable QualitiesVHS1989
4825V Inheritors of the FaithVHS2003
4910V Intolerable Burden, TheVHS2002
3636V Jacob Lawrence: The Glory of ExpressionVHS1993
835V James Baldwin: The Price of the TicketVHS1990
DVD2587 James Baldwin: The Price of the TicketDVD1990
5334V Jenkins' Orphanage Band, Movietone outtakes for USC Film Library National Film RegistVHS1928
3454V Jesse Jackson: Civil Rights Leader and PoliticianVHS1992
3422V Jesse Jackson: I Am SomebodyVHS1995
4628V John HenryVHS1998
1844V John WidemanVHS1992
4101V Justice for AmadouVHS1999
370V Keys to the Kingdom: 1974-1980VHS1990
430V Kicking High, In the Golden YearsVHS1988
1226V Kindred Spirits: Contemporary African American ArtistsVHS1992
1195V King: I Have a Dream, I Have a DreamVHS
DVD4259 L.A. RebellionDVD2015
3514V Language You Cry In, TheVHS1998
DVD2590 Language You Cry In, TheDVD
5316V Last Angel of History, TheVHS1995
1212V Legend of Harriet Tubman, TheVHS1977
DVD1475 Little Rock Central, 50 Years LaterDVD2007
DVD4042 Living Thinkers, Living Thinkers: An Autobiography of Black Women ini the IvoDVD2013
3154V Looking for LangstonVHS1989
1147V Lorraine Hansberry, Black Experience and the Creation of DramaVHS1975
3418V Louis FarrakhanVHS1984
4029V Lowndes County Freedom Party: The Rise of the Black Panthers, Lowndes County Freedom Organization, TheVHS1993
4070V M & M Smith: For Posterity's SakeVHS1995
4032V Malcolm X: A Search for Identity, Search for Idenity, AVHS1995
1233V Malcolm X: Make It PlainVHS1994
4120V Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the WhirlwindVHS2001
3427V Martin Luther King Commemorative Collection, In Remembrance of MartinVHS1986
1215V Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry, TheVHS1991
87V Maya AngelouVHS1982
1777V Men of BronzeVHS1977
2588V Midnight Ramble, Oscar Micheaux and the Story of Race MoviesVHS1994
DVD3712 Mighty Times: The Children's March, Children's March, TheDVD2005
1839V Miles of Smiles, Years of StruggleVHS1982
362V Mississippi: Is this America? 1962-1964VHS1986
4383V Modjeska Simkins Story, TheVHS2001
DVD3500 Mr. Stoke's MissionDVD2012
DVD807 Murder of Emmett TillDVD2003
DVD3050 My Name Ain't EveDVD2009
5126V Nat Turner, Troublesome Property, AVHS2002
369V Nation of Law? 1968-1971VHS1990
2850V Negro Ensemble CompanyVHS1987
5314V Negro Solider, TheVHS1944
DVD1127 Negroes With GunsDVD2005
361V No Easy Walk: 1962-1966VHS1986
DVD1156 No! Confronting Sexual Assault in Our CommunityDVD2006
BLU91 Pioneers of African American CinemaDVD1946
366V Power: 1967-1968VHS1990
3637V Promised Land, TheVHS1995
367V Promised Land: 1967-1968VHS1990
4493V Psychological Residuals of SlaveryVHS1995
3601V Queen of FalconVHS1991
1327V Question of Color, AVHS1992
DVD2738 Question of Color, ADVD1992
3626V Rap, Race and EqualityVHS1994
DVD3972 Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil RightsDVD2013
3641V Religion, Rap and the Crisis of Black LeadershipVHS1990
2220V Revival of Black Literature, TheVHS1996
DVD1538 Revolution '67DVD2007
4622V Rise and Fall of Jim CrowVHS2002
DVD3821 Rise and Fall of Jim Crow, TheDVD2002
4826V Rise Up and Call Their NamesVHS2003
1838V Road to BrownVHS1990
DVD2589 Road to Brown, TheDVD1990
DVD1282 RootsDVD1977
DVD1881 Scarred Justice: The Orangeburg Massacre 1968DVD2009
2816V Scientific and Technological Genius, Contributions of Peoples of African DescentVHS1997
DVD816 ScottsboroDVD2001
4484V Scottsboro: An American TragedyVHS2001
DVD4142 Seat at the Table, ADVD2015
1535V Second American RevolutionVHS1984
DVD3907 Selma, Selma: The Bridge to the BallotDVD2015
2016V Sermons and Sacred PicturesVHS1989
1232V Simple JusticeVHS1993
5045V Slave Island: New York's Hidden HistoryVHS2002
4879V Slave ShipVHS1997
DVD2335 Slavery and the Making of AmericaDVD2005
DVD2721 Slavery by Another NameDVD2012
3844V Son of Africa: The Slave Narrative of Olaudah EquianoVHS1995
DVD2969 Soundtrack for a RevolutionDVD2009
90V South's Slave SystemVHS1987
3414V Speeches of Malcolm XVHS1997
3423V Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.VHS1988
DVD1583 Standing on My Sisters' ShouldersDVD
DVD957 State of the Black Union 2006DVD
DVD1574 Strange Demise of Jim Crow, TheDVD1997
4662V Strange FruitVHS2002
2582V Sun's Gonna Shine, TheVHS1971
1205V That Rythm, Those BluesVHS1988
4821V There is a RiverVHS2003
1216V Thurgood Marshall: Portrait of an American HeroVHS1985
DVD3711 Time for Justice, ADVD1995
364V Time Has Come: 1965-1966VHS1990
1621V To Be Old, Black and PoorVHS1990
3358V Tongues UntiedVHS1989
DVD3662 Tongues UntiedDVD1989
1795V Toni MorrisonVHS1992
DVD1018 Treasures of Black CinemaDVD
5200V Trouble BehindVHS1990
1680V Tryin' to Get Home: A History of African American SongVHS1993
1752V Two Dollars and a DreamVHS1987
4476V Two Nations of Black AmericaVHS1998
365V Two Societies: 1965-1968VHS1990
4006V Understanding the Civil Rights MovementVHS2000
DVD581 Unforgivable Blackness, Rise and Fall of Jack JohnsonDVD2004
1874V W. E. B. DuBois: A Biography in Four VoicesVHS1995
DVD2592 W. E. B. DuBois: A Biography in Four VoicesDVD1995
4519V Where Did You Get That Woman?VHS1982
DVD941 Whispers of AngelsDVD2001
DVD2918 White Scripts and Black SupermenDVD2011
1213V Why StoriesVHS1977
DVD4085 Wihemina's WarDVD2015
625V Wild Women Don't Have the BluesVHS1989
DVD1234 With All Deliberate SpeedDVD2004