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Shakespeare Film Listing

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DVD2056 10 Things I Hate About YouDVD1999
644V All's Well that Ends WellVHS1981
DVD4146 All's Well That Ends WellDVD1981
645V Antony and CleopatraVHS1980
2915V Antony and CleopatraVHS1974
2916V Antony and CleopatraVHS1983
DVD4147 Antony and Cleopatra, Antony & CleopatraDVD1980
646V As You Like ItVHS1980
2913V As You Like ItVHS1936
DVD2650 As You Like ItDVD1978
DVD1773 Chimes at Midnight, FalstaffDVD1965
DVD4148 Comedy of Errors, TheDVD1983
648V Coriolanus, Tragedy of CoriolanusVHS1980
DVD4149 Coriolanus, The Tragedy of CoriolanusDVD1983
DVD4233 CoriolanusDVD2011
649V CymbelineVHS1983
DVD4150 CymbelineDVD1983
DVD670 Dream, TheDVD2004
246V Exploring a CharacterVHS1979
3600V Falstaff, Chimes at MidnightVHS1996
DVD109 Forbidden PlanetDVD1956
2409V Forbidden PlanetVHS1956
4923V Great Hamlets, TheVHS1985
650V Hamlet, Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkVHS1980
DVD222 HamletDVD1980
2605V HamletVHS1964
DVD415 HamletDVD1990
2722V HamletVHS1996
2908V HamletVHS1991
5134V HamletVHS1969
3420V HamletVHS1948
DVD486 HamletDVD1948
4385V HamletVHS2000
5341V HamletVHS1948
DVD2269 HamletDVD2009
DVD2567 HamletDVD1996
DVD3002 HamletDVD2000
DVD1161 Hamlet by BrookDVD2004
DVD4151 Henry IV Part IDVD1979
DVD4152 Henry IV Part IIDVD1979
651V Henry IV, pt. 1VHS1980
652V Henry IV, pt. 2VHS1979
426V Henry VVHS1989
653V Henry V, Life of Henry VVHS1980
2766V Henry VVHS1989
3419V Henry V, Henry the FifthVHS1944
DVD2259 Henry VDVD1989
DVD4153 Henry VDVD1979
DVD4154 Henry VI Part IDVD1983
DVD4155 Henry VI Part IIDVD1983
DVD4156 Henry VI Part IIIDVD1983
654V Henry VI, pt. 1VHS1981
655V Henry VI, pt. 2VHS1980
656V Henry VI, pt. 3VHS1982
657V Henry VIII, Famous History of the Life of King Henry VIIIVHS1979
DVD4157 Henry VIIIDVD1979
DVD1370 Hobart Shakespeareans, TheDVD2005
DVD427 In Search of ShakespeareDVD2003
243V Irony and AmbiguityVHS1979
774V Janet Suzman in acting in Shakespearean ComedyVHS1990
658V Julius CaesarVHS1978
DVD3731 Julius CaesarDVD1979
DVD4296 Julius CaesarDVD2012
659V King John, Life and Death of King JohnVHS1980
DVD4158 King John, Life & Death of King John, TheDVD1984
422V King Lear, Karol LirVHS1971
660V King LearVHS1980
742V King LearVHS1984
DVD422 King LearDVD1982
2909V King LearVHS1953
2910V King LearVHS1971
2911V King LearVHS1971
DVD2564 King LearDVD1983
DVD2565 King LearDVD2008
241V Language and CharacterVHS1979
2715V Looking for RichardVHS1996
DVD4159 Love's Labour's LostDVD1985
661V Love's Labours LostVHS1984
4229V Love's Labours LostVHS2000
328V MacbethVHS1979
662V MacbethVHS1982
DVD223 MacbethDVD1982
2906V MacbethVHS1971
2907V MacbethVHS1948
DVD483 Macbeth, Tragedy of MacbethDVD1971
DVD2572 MacbethDVD2010
DVD3725 MacbethDVD1971
663V Measure for MeasureVHS1979
DVD424 Measure for MeasureDVD1978
664V Merchant of VeniceVHS1980
DVD425 Merchant of VeniceDVD1980
2914V Merchant of VeniceVHS1974
DVD669 Merchant of Venice, TheDVD2000
665V Merry Wives of Windsor, TheVHS1982
DVD2651 Merry Wives of Windsor, TheDVD1982
643V Midsummer Night's DreamVHS1981
2912V Midsummer Night's DreamVHS1968
3895V Midsummer Night's DreamVHS1935
DVD2249 Midsummer Night's Dream, ADVD1999
DVD2568 Midsummer Night's Dream, ADVD1984
4193V Midwinter's TaleVHS1995
666V Much Ado About NothingVHS1980
2721V Much Ado About NothingVHS1993
DVD2652 Much Ado About NothingDVD1984
DVD3779 Much Ado About NothingDVD1993
DVD3780 Much Ado About NothingDVD2012
4968V Much Ado About SomethingVHS2003
DVD221 O, OthelloDVD2001
4537V OVHS2001
DVD3473 OmkaraDVD2006
667V OthelloVHS1981
DVD224 OthelloDVD1981
2765V OthelloVHS1995
3005V OthelloVHS1990
DVD487 OthelloDVD1995
DVD485 Othello, Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of VeniceDVD1952
244V Passion and CoolnessVHS1979
668V PericlesVHS1980
DVD4160 Pericles, Pericles, Prince of TyreDVD1984
DVD2028 Playing ShakespeareDVD1982
247V Poetry and Hidden PoetryVHS1979
3334V Prospero's BooksVHS1991
DVD2542 Prospero's BooksDVD1991
1136V RanVHS1985
2795V RanVHS1985
245V Rehearsing the TextVHS1979
669V Richard II, King Richard IIVHS1978
DVD4161 Richard II, King Richard the SecondDVD1978
DVD4313 Richard IIDVD2013
670V Richard III, Tragedy of Richard IIIVHS1982
2644V Richard III, Richard the ThirdVHS1995
2645V Richard III, Richard the ThirdVHS1995
2904V Richard IIIVHS1955
DVD2258 Richard IIIDVD1995
DVD2569 Richard IIIDVD1983
DVD2257 Romeo + JulietDVD1997
671V Romeo and JulietVHS1978
2684V Romeo and Juliet, Romeo + JulietVHS1996
DVD423 Romeo and JulietDVD1978
3338V Romeo and JulietVHS1968
DVD2563 Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are DeadDVD1990
2898V Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are DeadVHS1990
DVD510 Scotland, P.A., Scotland PADVD2002
242V Set Speeches and SoliloquiesVHS1979
5V Shakespeare and the GlobeVHS1988
DVD2388 Shakespeare and the GlobeDVD
DVD1045 Shakespeare Behind BarsDVD2005
DVD1422 Shakespeare RetoldDVD2005
5208V Shakespeare: Directing for Film and StageVHS2001
DVD2334 She's the ManDVD2006
237V Speaking Shakespearean VerseVHS1979
414V Staging of Shakespeare's PlaysVHS1990
672V Taming of the ShrewVHS1980
2905V Taming of the ShrewVHS1967
DVD2383 Taming of the Shrew, TheDVD1976
DVD2653 Taming of the Shrew, TheDVD1980
673V TempestVHS1979
2739V TempestVHS1982
DVD2570 Tempest, TheDVD1980
DVD2997 Tempest, TheDVD2009
3268V Thousand Acres, AVHS1997
1137V Throne of Blood, Kumonosu-JoVHS1957
DVD2252 Throne of Blood, KumonosujōDVD1957
674V Timon of AthensVHS1981
DVD4162 Timon of AthensDVD1981
DVD211 TitusDVD1999
675V Titus AndronicusVHS1985
DVD4163 Titus AndronicusDVD1985
1030V Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice, OthelloVHS1952
DVD4165 Troilus & Cressida, Troilus and CressidaDVD1981
676V Troilus and CressidaVHS1981
677V Twelfth NightVHS1980
2950V Twelfth NightVHS1988
3197V Twelfth NightVHS1996
DVD2248 Twelfth NightDVD1996
DVD2571 Twelfth NightDVD1980
DVD4297 Twelfth NightDVD2012
678V Two Gentlemen of VeronaVHS1983
DVD4165 Two Gentlemen of Verona, TheDVD1983
239V Two Traditions, TheVHS1979
240V Using the VerseVHS1979
679V Winter's TaleVHS1981
4564V Winter's Tale, AVHS2001
DVD2415 Winter's Tale, TheDVD2001
DVD4166 Winter's Tale, TheDVD1981