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Propaganda Film Listing

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DVD2110 American Imperialists, Soviet Animations vs the United StatesDVD
4485V Anarchy U.S.A.VHS1966
DVD1235 Architecture of Doom, TheDVD1989
5303V Are We Winning, Mommy?VHS1986
3818V Battle of BritainVHS1943
3820V Battle of ChinaVHS1944
3819V Battle of RussiaVHS1943
DVD2120 Capitalist Sharks, Soviet Animation vs. Greed and AmbitionDVD
3813V Cartoons Go to WarVHS
DVD2389 Deutsche WochenschauDVD
3817V Divide and ConquerVHS1943
4359V Eternal Jew, The, Der Ewige JudeVHS1938
3531V Eye of the DictatorVHS1994
DVD1890 Faces of the EnemyDVD1987
DVD2119 Fascist Barbarians, Soviet Animation vs. Nazi TyrannyDVD
4571V Know Your Enemy: JapanVHS1945
3816V Nazis Strike, TheVHS1943
5314V Negro Solider, TheVHS1944
DVD1396 North Star, TheDVD1943
DVD2111 Onward to the Shining Future, Communism: The Shining FutureDVD2006
3815V Prelude to WarVHS1943
3296V Red Nightmare, Commies are Coming, the Commies are ComingVHS1962
DVD1397 Red Planet MarsDVD1952
3429V Reefer Madness, Tell Your ChildrenVHS1938
DVD2680 Reefer Madness, Tell Your ChildrenDVD1935
3814V Seeds of DestinyVHS1946
2071V South Africa: The Black Red War, Even the Grass Grows Red HereVHS1978
4877V Uncle Sam, the Movie Collection, Vol. 2VHS
5123V Uncle Sam, The Movie Collection, Volume 3VHS
4225V Uncle Sam: The Movie CollectionVHS
DVD1240 Walt Disney On the Front Lines, Walt Disney on the Front Lines : Animation from 1941-1945DVD1941
3821V War Comes to AmericaVHS1945
DVD1032 Why We Fight: World War IIDVD
4654V World War I Films of the Silent EraVHS