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4773V 18 Ways to Make a Baby, Eighteen Ways to Make a BabyVHS2001
DVD1482 America's Stone Age ExplorersDVD2002
DVD2262 Becoming HumanDVD2009
4955V Bioterror, Anthrax, Small Pox, Ebola and MoreVHS2001
65V China's Only ChildVHS1983
1142V Deadly Deception, TheVHS1993
61V Desert Doesn't Bloom Here AnymoreVHS1987
4956V Dying To Be ThinVHS2000
4995V Earthquake!VHS1990
DVD1616 Einstein's Big IdeaDVD2005
DVD326 EvolutionDVD2001
4836V EvolutionVHS2001
5060V Flood!VHS1996
350V Fountains of ParadiseVHS1984
DVD2206 Ghosts of Machu PicchuDVD2009
301V God, Darwin and the DinosaursVHS1989
2707V Hurricane!VHS1989
DVD3433 Iceman Murder MysteryDVD2011
5368V In Search of the First LanguageVHS1992
2705V Lightning!VHS1995
4845V Lost King of the MayaVHS2001
3541V Miracle of LifeVHS1983
DVD1615 Miracle of Life, TheDVD1983
3940V Mystery of the First AmericansVHS2000
4983V Mystery of the SensesVHS1995
5294V Neanderthals on TrialVHS2001
DVD2116 Newton's Dark SecretDVD2003
DVD2114 Perfect Corpse, TheDVD
DVD2108 Riddles of the SphinxDVD
4843V Search for the Lost Cave PeopleVHS1998
4977V Secret of Photo 51VHS2003
DVD2919 Secret of the Wild ChildDVD1994
2902V Secrets of Lost Empires: Colosseum, ColosseumVHS1997
2901V Secrets of Lost Empires: Inca, IncaVHS1997
2903V Secrets of Lost Empires: Obelisk, ObeliskVHS1997
2900V Secrets of Lost Empires: Stonehenge, StonehengeVHS1997
2899V Secrets of Lost Empires: The Pyramid, Pyramid, TheVHS1997
434V Seeds of TomorrowVHS1985
72V Strange New Science of ChaosVHS1989
5245V Super BridgeVHS1997
2706V Tornado!VHS1992
4973V What's Up with the Weather?VHS2000
DVD4312 Wild WaysDVD2017
63V Will the World Starve?VHS1987
DVD3608 World in the BalanceDVD2004