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Frontline (PBS) Film Listing

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96V Abortion ClinicVHS1983
DVD1041 Age of AIDS, TheDVD2006
DVD1091 Alternative Fix, TheDVD2003
373V Arming of Iraq, TheVHS1990
4755V Battle Over School ChoiceVHS2000
97V Better off Dead?VHS1984
4967V Bigger than EnronVHS2002
107V Bloods of 'NamVHS1986
DVD1690 Bush's WarDVD2008
DVD4271 Card Game, TheDVD2009
95V Class DividedVHS1987
DVD2362 College, Inc.DVD2010
DVD1394 Country BoysDVD2005
DVD1675 Crimes at the BorderDVD
4966V Dangerous Business, AVHS2003
DVD2197 Death in Tehran, ADVD2009
DVD1073 Diet WarsDVD
DVD2364 Digital NationDVD2010
2403V Divided MemoriesVHS1995
2402V Does TV Kill?VHS1995
5324V Dr. Solomon's DilemmaVHS
DVD2198 Dreams of ObamaDVD2009
3528V From Jesus to ChristVHS1998
DVD2199 From Jesus to ChristDVD1998
2382V Go Back to MexicoVHS1997
DVD3351 God in America, God in America: How Religious Liberty Shaped AmericaDVD2010
DVD2363 Growing Up OnlineDVD2008
1968V Gulf War, TheVHS1996
4701V Gunning for SaddamVHS2001
100V Guns, Drugs and the CIAVHS1987
3333V Hillary's ClassVHS1994
490V In the Ashes of the ForestVHS1990
101V Inside the Jury RoomVHS1986
DVD3949 Inside the Teenage BrainDVD2004
4599V Justice for SaleVHS1999
491V Killing for LandVHS1990
493V Killing of Chico MendesVHS1990
102V Living Below the LineVHS1984
2158V Living on the EdgeVHS1995
DVD3850 Long Walk of Nelson Mandela, TheDVD1999
3615V Lost Children of Rockdale CountyVHS1999
DVD2196 Lost Children of Rockdale County, TheDVD1999
103V Memory of the CampsVHS1985
DVD827 Memory of the CampsDVD1985
4235V Merchants of CoolVHS2001
DVD2685 Merchants of Cool, TheDVD2001
492V Mountains of GoldVHS1990
4968V Much Ado About SomethingVHS2003
454V New Harvest, Old ShameVHS1990
DVD575 Persuaders, TheDVD
109V Poison and the PentagonVHS1988
5358V Public Schools, Inc.VHS2003
DVD3849 Raising Adam LanzaDVD2013
5000V Real JusticeVHS2000
dvd1689 Secret History of the Credit CardDVD2004
3988V Secrets of the SATVHS1999
1643V Spirit of Crazy Horse, TheVHS1990
DVD2273 Tax Me If You CanDVD2004
4925V Truth, War and ConsequencesVHS2003
DVD1481 Undertaking, TheDVD2007
455V What About Mom and Dad?VHS1986
4973V What's Up with the Weather?VHS2000
1784V When the Bough BreaksVHS1995