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4846V 90 Miles, Ninety MilesVHS2001
DVD2781 90 MilesDVD2001
3824V A. Philip Randolph: For Jobs and FreedomVHS1995
DVD2076 Agronomist, TheDVD
2466V Aime CesaireVHS1994
1842V Alex HaleyVHS1992
DVD3758 Alex HaleyDVD1992
DVD1879 Alex Haley's Queen, QueenDVD1992
3244V Alfred Hitchcock: Master of SuspenceVHS1973
3968V Alfred Stieglitz: PhotographerVHS1982
DVD1992 Amazing GraceDVD2006
3826V Amelia EarhartVHS1993
3967V America and Lewis HineVHS1984
1675V America's First Women FilmmakersVHS1993
DVD3848 America's Senator: The Unexpected Odyssey of Arthur VandenbeDVD2011
DVD2184 American President, TheDVD
DVD3752 American PromiseDVD2013
3202V Andy WarholVHS1987
DVD3746 Anita, Anita: Speaking Truth to PowerDVD
5143V Anna Pavlova: A Woman for All Time, PavlovaVHS1996
3972V Annie Leibovitz: Celebrity Photographer, Celebrity PhotographerVHS1993
DVD421 Ansel AdamsDVD2002
2093V Anthropologist, People ResearcherVHS1992
DVD2165 Antonia Pantoja: Presente!DVD2009
DVD1916 Antowone FisherDVD2002
3613V AtaturkVHS1998
3639V Attila the Hun: The Scourge of GodVHS1994
1405V Ballerinas, TheVHS1985
DVD902 Beah, A Black Woman SpeaksDVD2003
DVD4062 Bearden Plays BeardenDVD1980
DVD2138 Beauty MarkDVD2008
DVD1518 Becoming John FordDVD2007
4375V Before Night FallsVHS2000
DVD2673 Before Night FallsDVD2000
DVD2141 Before RosaDVD
2479V Before the NickelodeonVHS1982
DVD3488 Before the NickelodeonDVD1982
DVD431 Benjamin FranklinDVD2002
3851V Bertolt BrechtVHS1996
2815V Bix: Ain't None of them Play Like Him YetVHS1981
4471V Bob FosseVHS1999
4887V BonhoefferVHS2003
DVD1745 Boogie ManDVD2008
DVD2102 Boogie Man, Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater StoryDVD2008
5065V Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O'BrienVHS1996
DVD2062 Brother Outsider: the Life of Bayard RustinDVD2002
2277V Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud, Thinking Out LoudVHS1996
2475V Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to FollowVHS1987
DVD2235 Call of the Wild, TheDVD2007
DVD878 CapoteDVD2005
5086V Capturing the Past, How to Prepare and Conduct an Oral History InterviewVHS1997
DVD3698 Carmen Miranda, Carmen Miranda: Bananas Is My BusinessDVD1994
2534V Charles Weidman: On His OwnVHS1990
3573V Charlie Chaplin: Film's First IconVHS1997
1762V Chaucer: A Poet's PilgrimageVHS1994
DVD3909 Citizen ByrneDVD1950
DVD935 Citizen KingDVD
1916V Citizen LockeVHS1994
DVD3824 Citizen TanouyeDVD2005
DVD3851 ClintonDVD2012
DVD2757 Clyburn of South CarolinaDVD2007
5101V ColetteVHS1951
4025V Colin PowellVHS1992
4035V Colin Powell: A Soldier's Campaign, Soldier's Campaign, AVHS1995
DVD873 Conversation with Koko, ADVD1999
DVD3467 Crazy WisdomDVD2010
DVD402 CrumbDVD1994
DVD1897 Curious Mr. Catsby, TheDVD
DVD3594 Dallas Buyers ClubDVD2013
DVD3994 Dancing in the Light: The Janet Collins StoryDVD2015
DVD2005 Dangerous MindsDVD1995
3971V David Hockney: Pleasures of the Eye, Pleasures of the EyeVHS1997
DVD2296 De-LovelyDVD2004
DVD2197 Death in Tehran, ADVD2009
4920V DerridaVHS2002
DVD2758 Dick Riley: The Education GovernorDVD2007
2353V Diego Rivera: I Paint What I SeeVHS1989
DVD1644 Diving Bell and the Butterfly, TheDVD2007
DVD3756 Dog, TheDVD2013
DVD2895 DomeniciDVD2011
4396V Don't Look BackVHS1967
DVD2151 Dorothea Orem, Dorothea Orem : Self-Care FrameworkDVD1988
DVD1369 Downpour ResurfacingDVD2002
DVD2198 Dreams of ObamaDVD2009
4621V Duke EllingtonVHS2000
2650V East Wind, West Wind- Pearl BuckVHS1993
2651V Edgar Allan Poe: Terror of the SoulVHS1995
2826V Edward the Seventh, Edward VIIVHS1985
DVD1945 Egalite for AllDVD
5018V Einstein: Shedding Light on the UniverseVHS2002
DVD2079 El GeneralDVD
4239V Eleanor Roosevelt StoryVHS1965
4024V Elijah MuhammadVHS1994
178V Elizabeth BishopVHS1986
4717V Elizabeth Catlett, Sculpting the TruthVHS1998
2672V Elizabeth RVHS1971
DVD2174 Elizabeth RDVD1971
180V Emily DickensonVHS1986
4853V Emma Goldman: The Anarchist GuestVHS2000
3572V Erich Von Stroheim: The Man You Loved to HateVHS1997
DVD2551 Erik H. Erickson: A Life's WorkDVD1991
1794V Erik H. Erikson: A Life's WorkVHS1992
4098V Ernesto Che Guevara: The Bolivian DiaryVHS1994
3574V Ernst Lubitsch: A Master of Cinematic StyleVHS1997
DVD3760 EthelDVD2012
187V Ezra PoundVHS1986
4692V F. Scott Fitzgerald, Great American DreamerVHS1997
DVD1086 F. Scott FitzgeraldDVD1996
2257V F. Scott Fitzgerald: One Fine Morning, One Fine MorningVHS1996
DVD494 Fabulous Dorseys, TheDVD1947
1579V FDRVHS1994
DVD2191 FDRDVD1994
2496V Federico Fellini: The Director as CreatorVHS1970
DVD3939 Female MisbehaviorDVD1997
3384V Fidel Castro: El ComandanteVHS1996
DVD3870 Finding Vivian MaierDVD2013
DVD2996 First Grader, TheDVD
4513V First Person SingularVHS1997
1234V Fliers in Search of a Dream, Flyers in Search of a DreamVHS1986
DVD1044 Flowers of St. Francis, TheDVD1950
DVD1385 Folk SongsDVD2007
DVD3973 Forbidden VoicesDVD2012
4223V Forgotten Battle of Fort Pillow, TheVHS2001
3362V Francois Truffaut: Stolen PortraitsVHS1993
3361V Frank Lloyd WrightVHS1997
205V Frank Lloyd Wright: Prophet Without HonorVHS1978
2461V Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White MaskVHS1996
5302V Franz Boas, 1858-1942VHS1980
DVD3874 Frederick DouglassDVD1994
1481V Frederick Douglass: When the Lion Wrote HistoryVHS1994
DVD2003 Freedom Never DiesDVD2000
691V Frida Khalo: 1910-1954VHS1983
DVD2199 From Jesus to ChristDVD1998
DVD2127 Frost/ NixonDVD2008
DVD2755 Gaillard's CharlestonDVD2006
4510V Genghis BluesVHS1999
DVD2185 George H. W. BushDVD2008
4490V George Segal: American Still LifeVHS2000
4011V George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire, Settin' the Woods on FireVHS2000
4623V George Washington's MotherVHS2000
1069V George Washington: The Man Who Wouldn't Be KingVHS1992
958V Georgia O'KeefeVHS1977
DVD3871 Good Day to Die, ADVD2010
DVD899 Good Night, and Good LuckDVD2005
DVD3808 Green FireDVD2011
DVD3757 Grey GardensDVD1975
DVD798 Guevara: Anatomia de un Mito, Guevara: Anatomy of a MythDVD
DVD1030 Gypsy HeartDVD1998
4919V Hang Up Your Brightest Colors, LIfe and Death of Michael CollinsVHS2000
DVD3046 Hanya Holm: A RetrospectiveDVD
179V Hart CraneVHS1986
DVD2632 Having Our SayDVD1999
DVD1013 He Who Hits First, Hits Twice, The Urgent Cinema of Santiago AlvarezDVD
4891V Helene CixousVHS1992
3973V Henri Cartier-BressonVHS1994
DVD1230 Henri Langlois: Phantom of the CinemathequeDVD2005
3379V Henry Kissinger: A Diplomat's LifeVHS1995
DVD2080 Herskovits at the Heart of BlacknessDVD
3380V HirohitoVHS1994
DVD2183 History of Women's Achievements in America, ADVD
DVD3580 Homo LudensDVD2008
4784V Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus BarbieVHS1988
DVD1106 Hugo ChavezDVD
4497V Human RemainsVHS1998
DVD2346 I Build the TowerDVD2006
DVD4034 I Have Never Forgotten YouDVD2006
1482V I Have Nothing to Say and I Am Saying It, John Cage: I Have Nothing to Say and I Am Saying ItVHS1990
DVD2203 Ida B. Wells & Fannie Lou HamerDVD2009
DVD1126 Ida B. Wells: A Passion for JusticeDVD1989
DVD3912 In Memorium, James F. Byrnes, 1879-1972DVD
DVD427 In Search of ShakespeareDVD2003
DVD2486 In the Matter of Cha Jung HeeDVD2010
DVD2397 Indians, Outlaws, & Angie DeboDVD2010
DVD3744 Internet's Own Boy, TheDVD2014
3894V Irving Berlin: An American SongVHS2000
2531V IsadoraVHS1966
DVD4036 It Is No Dream, It Is No Dream: The Life of Theodor HerzlDVD2011
5040V J. Robert Oppenheimer: Father of the Atomic BombVHS1995
4473V Jackie Mason: An Equal Opportunity OffenderVHS1995
3636V Jacob Lawrence: The Glory of ExpressionVHS1993
1360V James Baldwin: Nobody Knew His NameVHS1993
835V James Baldwin: The Price of the TicketVHS1990
DVD2587 James Baldwin: The Price of the TicketDVD1990
DVD3908 James F. Byrnes, "Palmetto Special" : James F. ByrnesDVD1980
3074V James JoyceVHS1996
3576V Jean Renoir: An Artist Whose Canvas was FilmVHS1997
3454V Jesse Jackson: Civil Rights Leader and PoliticianVHS1992
3422V Jesse Jackson: I Am SomebodyVHS1995
DVD2186 Jimmy CarterDVD2008
DVD1084 JinnahDVD1998
DVD2428 John AdamsDVD2008
DVD3852 John Brown's Holy WarDVD2000
5037V John Cage: Man and MythVHS1990
4536V John Dewey: His Life and WorkVHS2001
4208V John Mauchly: The Computer and the SkateboardVHS2000
2991V Joseph Stalin: Red TerrorVHS1996
DVD2879 Julie & JuliaDVD2009
DVD3961 Kathy Griffin, My Life on the D-List, Season 1DVD2005
DVD1173 Kawabata Yasunari: The Master of FuneralsDVD2000
DVD2188 Kennedys, TheDVD1992
DVD787 KurosawaDVD2000
DVD3783 La BambaDVD1987
DVD3783 La BambaDVD1987
DVD1537 La Vie En Rose, The Extraordinary Life of Edith PiafDVD2007
DVD492 Lady Day: The Many Faces of Billie HolidayDVD1990
DVD1961 Lamb's TaleDVD
183V Langston HughesVHS1986
DVD1277 Last King of Scotland, TheDVD2006
2311V Last Zapatista, TheVHS1995
DVD2187 LBJDVD1991
208V LeakeyVHS1983
DVD2006 Lean On MeDVD1989
3415V Legacy of Barbara JordanVHS1996
1212V Legend of Harriet Tubman, TheVHS1977
2996V LeninVHS1990
DVD3778 Let's Get LostDVD1988
3701V Life and Times of Sara Baartman: The Hottentot VenusVHS1998
5093V Light Keeps Me CompanyVHS1999
DVD1415 Little Dieter Needs to FlyDVD1998
DVD1853 Lodz GhettoDVD1989
DVD3850 Long Walk of Nelson Mandela, TheDVD1999
DVD2544 Louisa May AlcottDVD2008
DVD3805 Love is the DevilDVD1998
5095V Machito: A Latin Jazz LegacyVHS1987
4750V Maggie GrowlsVHS2002
2947V Mahatma Gandhi, Twentieth Century ProphetVHS1998
DVD3951 Malcolm XDVD1992
4032V Malcolm X: A Search for Identity, Search for Idenity, AVHS1995
1233V Malcolm X: Make It PlainVHS1994
DVD2156 Man for All Seasons, ADVD1966
2486V Man in the Silk Hat, The, L'Homme au Chapeau de SoieVHS1983
DVD3893 Man Named Pearl, A DVD2006
DVD1677 Man We Called Juan Carlos, TheDVD2000
DVD1780 Man Who Wanted to Classify the WorldDVD
2547V Man You Loved to Hate, TheVHS1990
4884V Marcel Proust: A Writer's LifeVHS1992
4120V Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the WhirlwindVHS2001
DVD594 Margot FonteynDVD1989
1930V Maria's StoryVHS1990
185V Marianne MooreVHS1986
DVD3754 MarjoeDVD1972
DVD3853 Mark TwainDVD2001
3427V Martin Luther King Commemorative Collection, In Remembrance of MartinVHS1986
DVD2202 Mary McLeod Bethune & Shirley ChisholmDVD2009
3575V Max and Dave Fleischer: The Fathers of Movie AnimationVHS1997
87V Maya AngelouVHS1982
4981V Me & Isaac Newton, Me and Isaac NewtonVHS1999
DVD2715 Michael Chekhov, Michael Chekhov: The Dartington YearsDVD2002
DVD1818 Midnight ExpressDVD1978
3377V Midwife's TaleVHS1997
4754V Mille Gilles, Thousand GillesVHS1997
5010V Milton Hershey: The Chocolate KingVHS1995
3435V Miss Amy and Miss MayVHS1990
DVD842 Monumental, David Brower's Fight for Wild AmericaDVD2004
DVD2090 Most Dangerous Man in America, TheDVD
DVD3826 Most Honorable SonDVD
DVD3680 Mother Jones: America's Most Dangerous WomanDVD
DVD2290 Moulin RougeDVD1952
4691V Muhammad: Legacy of a ProphetVHS2002
289V Mussolini, Rise and Fall of a DictatorVHS1976
3382V Mussolini: Italy's NightmareVHS1996
DVD2166 My Home- Your WarDVD2006
DVD1271 Nam June Paik: Lessons from the Video MasterDVD2006
DVD2112 Napoleon BonaparteDVD1999
DVD2133 Nat Turner, Nat Turner: A Troublesome PropertyDVD
DVD1127 Negroes With GunsDVD2005
3381V Nelson Mandela: Journey to FreedomVHS1996
4031V NerudaVHS1997
2059V Never Give Up: Imogen CunninghamVHS1975
DVD2116 Newton's Dark SecretDVD2003
5140V NijinskyVHS1980
DVD2189 NixonDVD1990
4598V Nobody's BusinessVHS1999
DVD3510 Nobody's BusinessDVD1996
3558V Not For Ourselves AloneVHS1999
DVd3032 Notes on Marie MenkenDVD2006
1388V NureyevVHS1991
3842V Nurse Theorists: Portraits of ExcellenceVHS
DVD3610 Only a God Can Save UsDVD2009
DVD3753 Our NixonDVD2013
DVD1852 Out of the AshesDVD2002
4097V Pablo Picasso: A Primitive SoulVHS1999
4202V Pam GrierVHS1999
DVD1175 Passion of the Mao, TheDVD
DVD2164 Patsy Mink: Ahead of the MajorityDVD2008
4116V Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer's EndVHS1997
DVD3759 Paycheck to Paycheck, Paycheck to Paycheck: The Life & Times of Katrina GilbertDVD2014
4905V Pianist, TheVHS2002
DVD1460 PineroDVD2001
DVD896 Playing GodDVD2003
5145V Plisetskaya DancesVHS1964
1814V Poet Laureate Rita DoveVHS1994
DVD2841 Political Dr. Seuss, TheDVD2004
DVD189 PollockDVD2000
DVD3829 Portrait of JasonDVD1967
478V Powerful Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow WilsonVHS1962
DVD4037 Prime Ministers, TheDVD2013
1799V Primo Levi: A Sketch of His LifeVHS1991
DVD1509 Prisoner of Shark Island, TheDVD1936
DVD3749 Pussy Riot, Pussy Riot: A Punk PrayerDVD2013
DVD1566 Putin: Stairway to PowerDVD2003
DVD2205 Rachel Carson's Silent SpringDVD1993
4893V Ralph Ellison: An American JourneyVHS2001
3383V Rasputin: The Mad MonkVHS1997
DVD2190 ReaganDVD1998
4698V Rebel Hearts, Sarah and Angelina Grimke and the Anti Slavery MovementVHS1994
204V RembrandtVHS1936
3959V Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light, Darkness and LightVHS1995
1870V Robert Burns, the Ploughman PoetVHS1985
182V Robert FrostVHS1986
184V Robert LowellVHS1986
3195V Robert Sperry: A Northwest MasterVHS1998
2362V Rock Hudson's Home MoviesVHS1992
4115V Ruth Orkin: Frames of LifeVHS1998
2756V Salman RushdieVHS1996
5033V Sam Walton: Bargain BillionaireVHS1997
1440V Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, Travels of Gatemouth Moore, TheVHS1992
DVD3629 Scarlett Empress, TheDVD1934
2816V Scientific and Technological Genius, Contributions of Peoples of African DescentVHS1997
DVD3491 Searching for Lin Zhao's Soul, Xun zhao Lin Zhao de ling hunDVD2009
DVD2993 Searching for Sugar ManDVD2012
3977V Sebastiao Salgado: Looking Back at YouVHS1993
3532V Secret Life of Sergei Eisenstein, TheVHS1987
4739V Senora Eva PeronVHS2002
785V Simone de BeauvoirVHS1978
DVD2201 Sister AimeeDVD2007
2673V Six Wives of Henry VIIIVHS1971
DVD1059 Sketches of Frank GehryDVD2005
DVD3001 SkinDVD2008
4718V Sociology is a Martial Art, Sociologie est un Sport de CombatVHS2001
DVD2999 Soldier of the RoadDVD2011
DVD4050 Somewhere BetweenDVD2011
3844V Son of Africa: The Slave Narrative of Olaudah EquianoVHS1995
DVD2132 Soul of Justice, Soul of Justice: Thelton Henderson's American JourneyDVD
2581V Sprout Wings and FlyVHS1983
DVD2896 Squid and the Whale, TheDVD2005
DVD2004 Stand and DeliverDVD1988
DVD2387 Stanislavsky Century, TheDVD1993
2372V Stanislavsky, Maker of Modern TheaterVHS1972
DVD3910 Statesman, A, James F. Byrnes: A StatesmanDVD
2484V Struggle for Russia, TheVHS1994
DVD1539 Sugar Curtain, The, El Telon de AzucarDVD2006
186V Sylvia PlathVHS1986
181V T. S. EliotVHS1986
DVD2070 Taking Root, Taking Root : The Vision of Wangari MaathDVD2008
DVD1623 Tasmanian DevilDVD2007
DVD3750 Teachings of the Tree PeopleDVD2006
DVD2547 Tell the Truth and RunDVD1996
DVD2231 TeslaDVD2000
4978V Tesla: Master of LightningVHS2000
DVD2192 Theodore RooseveltDVD1996
4600V Theremin: An Electronic OdysseyVHS1994
1577V This is Edward SteichenVHS1965
4778V Thorpe's GoldVHS1984
1216V Thurgood Marshall: Portrait of an American HeroVHS1985
DVD3261 Ties That Bind, TheDVD1984
3404V Times of Harvey Milk, TheVHS1984
DVD2529 Times of Harvey Milk, TheDVD1984
DVD1533 TrotskyDVD1988
DVD2193 TrumanDVD1997
1752V Two Dollars and a DreamVHS1987
2953V Uncommon ImagesVHS1992
DVD506 Victor Jara: The Right to Live in Peace, Derecho de Vivir en PazDVD1999
5238V Victor Jara: The Right to Live in PeaceVHS1999
DVD2787 Visions of the Spirit, Visions of the Spirit: A Portrait of Alice WalkerDVD1989
4439V Vladamir Horowitz, The Last RomanticVHS1986
DVD2143 Voices & VisionsDVD1988
1874V W. E. B. DuBois: A Biography in Four VoicesVHS1995
3958V W. Eugene Smith: Photography Made Difficult, Photography Made DifficultVHS1989
DVD1725 W. Eugene Smith; Photography Made DifficultDVD1989
DVD2592 W.E.B. DuBois: A Biography in Four VoicesDVD1995
DVD885 Walk the LineDVD2005
189V Walt WhitmanVHS1986
3976V Wegman's WorldVHS1996
4084V Whistler: An American in EuropeVHS1995
DVD3888 WildDVD2014
4143V Wilderness Idea, TheVHS1992
190V William Carlos WilliamsVHS1986
DVD2301 William Kunstler, Disturning the UniverseDVD2009
DVD4066 Wind Rises, TheDVD2013
DVD3035 Winston Churchill, Winston Churchill: Walking With DestinyDVD2010
DVD1829 Winston Churchill, The Wilderness Years, 1929-1939DVD1981
DVD3593 Wolf of Wall Street, TheDVD2013
1955V Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni RiefenstahlVHS1993
DVD2194 Woodrow WilsonDVD2002
2278V World of Buckminster Fuller, TheVHS1971
4684V Worlds of Mei LanfangVHS2000
1083V Wrestling with GodVHS1990
DVD325 Yankee ImmortalsDVD2003
DVD3873 You May Call Her Madam SecretaryDVD1987
DVD1511 Young Mr. LincolnDVD1939
DVD545 ZapataDVD2004
DVD1746 Zora Neale Hurston: Jump at the SunDVD
DVD1272 Zora Neale Hurston: A Heart with Room for Every JoyDVD2005