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Italian Cinema Film Listing

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DVD1155 1900, NovecentoDVD1976
2982V 1990, Nineteen NinetyVHS1977
BLU35 3 Films by Roberto Rossillini Staring Ingrid Bergman, Three Films by Roberto Rossillini Staring Ingrid BergmanDVD1954
690V Age of the Medici, Cosimo de'MediciVHS1972
DVD142 Amarcord, I RememberDVD1974
1791V Amarcord, I RememberVHS1974
3298V AmoreVHS1948
DVD3953 Baci e AbbracciDVD1999
2972V Before the Revolution, Prima Della RivoluzioneVHS1962
DVD1143 Best of Youth, The, Meglio Gioventu, LaDVD2003
511V Bicycle Thief, Ladrie di BicicletteVHS1942
DVD3 Bicycle Thief, Ladrie di BicicletteDVD1948
2656V Bicycle Thief, Ladrie di BicicletteVHS1942
2309V Big Deal on Madonna Street, I Solti IgnotiVHS1958
4592V Bread and Tulips, Pane e TulipaniVHS2000
DVD276 Bread and Tulips, Pane e TulipanaDVD2000
DVD3613 Caesar Must Die, Cesare Deve MorireDVD2011
1010V Canterbury Tales, TheVHS1971
DVD2803 Children Are Watching Us, The, I Bambini ci GuardanDVD1944
DVD4323 Chine, LaDVD1972
752V Ciao Federico!VHS1970
1697V Ciao, Professore!, Ciao ProfessoreVHS1994
DVD3390 Ciao, Professore!DVD1992
DVD3390 Ciao, Professore!DVD1992
512V Cinema ParadisoVHS1989
DVD144 Cinema ParadisoDVD1989
516V City of Women, Citte Delle Donne, LaVHS1979
685V Clowns, The, I ClownsVHS1971
DVD1116 Conformist, TheDVD1970
2941V Devil in the Flesh, Diavolo in CorpoVHS1986
DVD2832 Divorce Italian Style, Divorzio all'italianaDVD1962
2210V Divorce--Italian Style, Divorzio All'ItalianoVHS1961
514V Dolce Vita, La, Sweet LifeVHS1960
3398V Dolce Vita, La, Sweet LifeVHS1960
DVD508 Dolce Vita, La, Sweet LifeDVD1960
513V Eclipse, Eclipse, L'VHS1962
3264V Eclipse, The, L'EclisseVHS1962
DVD1142 Eclipse, The, L'EclisseDVD1962
2942V Eyes, the Mouth, Gli Occhi, La BoccaVHS1983
DVD2807 Facing WindowsDVD2003
630V Fellini SatyriconVHS1969
689V Fellini's 8 1/2, 8 1/2VHS1963
DVD340 Fellini's 8 1/2, 8 1/2DVD1963
DVD332 Fellini's Roma, RomaDVD1972
DVD2083 Fellini-SatyriconDVD1968
2129V Fellini: A Director's NotebookVHS1969
3223V Fish Soup, Zuppa di PesceVHS1994
3266V Garden of the Finzi-ContinisVHS1970
DVD1664 Garden of the Finzi-Continis, Il Giardino dei Finzi-ContiniDVD1970
629V Ginger and FredVHS1986
DVD1697 Golden Door, NuovomondoDVD2006
DVD1290 Gospel According to Saint Matthew, The, Vangelo Secondo Matteo, IlDVD1964
DVD3595 Great Beauty, TheDVD2013
2981V Grim Reaper, Commare SeccaVHS1962
DVD1291 Hawks and the Sparrows, The, Uccellacci E UccelliniDVD1964
DVD3954 I Cento PassiDVD2000
DVD4075 I'm Not Scared, Io non ho PauraDVD2003
1346V Intervista, InterviewVHS1987
DVD3347 Johnny Stecchino, Johnny ToothpickDVD1991
3237V Johnny Toothpick, Johnny StecchinoVHS1991
634V Juliet of the Spirits, Giuliette Degli SpiritiVHS1965
DVD333 Juliet of the SpiritsDVD1965
968V KaosVHS1984
DVD3713 L'Amore MolestoDVD1995
DVD217 L'Avventura, AvventuraDVD1960
2326V L'Avventura, AvventuraVHS1960
DVD3955 L'ultimo Bacio DVD2001
DVD283 Leopard, The, Il GattopardoDVD1963
DVD462 Leopard, The, Il GattopardoDVD1963
DVD124 Life is BeautifulDVD1998
3854V Life is Beautiful, La Vita e BellaVHS1997
686V Love in the City, Amore in CittaVHS1953
DVD916 Love Meetings, Comizi d'amoreDVD1964
DVD1288 Mamma RomaDVD1962
BLU9 Marriage Italian StyleDVD1964
DVD2606 MedeaDVD1969
951V MediterraneoVHS1991
DVD281 Mimi the Metalworker Wounded in HonorDVD1972
4142V Mimi the Metalworker Wounded in HonorVHS1972
2890V Miracle in Milan, Miracolo a MilanoVHS1951
DVD2808 My Brother Is an Only Child, Mio Fratello è Figlio UnicoDVD2006
4434V Night Full of Rain, AVHS1978
509V Night of the Shooting Stars, Notte di San Lorenzo, LaVHS1982
3309V Night of the Shooting Stars, Notte di San LorenzoVHS1982
DVD1141 Night of the Shooting Stars, The, Notte Di San Lorenzo, LaDVD1982
3411V Night PorterVHS1974
710V Nights of Cabiria, Notti di CabiriaVHS1957
DVD331 Nights of CabiriaDVD1957
2889V Notte, La, Night, TheVHS1961
2545V Open City, Roma, Citta ApertaVHS1945
2873V Outcry, El GridoVHS1957
515V Padre Padrone, My Father, My MasterVHS1977
DVD145 Padre, Padrone, My Father, My MasterDVD1977
3265V Padre, PadroneVHS1977
739V PaisanVHS1947
2977V Partner, SosiaVHS1968
2354V Passione D'AmoreVHS1981
DVD173 Postman, The, Il PostinoDVD1995
2394V Postman, The, Il PostinoVHS1994
3672V Quo VadisVHS1912
2878V Red Desert, Il Deserto RossoVHS1964
BLU8 Red DesertDVD1964
BLU8 Red DesertDVD1964
2234V Rocco and His Brothers, Rocco e i Suoi FratelliVHS1960
635V Roma, Fellini's RomaVHS1972
4362V Salo: 120 Days of Sodom, Salo, o, le 120 Giornate di SodomaVHS1976
1479V Scent of a Woman, Profuma di DonnaVHS1975
DVD1292 Scrounger, The, AccatoneDVD1961
2349V Seduced and Abandoned, Sedotta e AbbandonataVHS1964
3799V SensoVHS1954
3413V Seven BeautiesVHS1976
2887V Shoe Shine, SciusciaVHS1946
DVD277 Son's Room, The, La Stanza del FiglioDVD2001
2973V Spider's Strategem, Strategia de RagnoVHS1970
687V Strada, La, Road, TheVHS1954
DVD341 Strada, La, Road, TheDVD1954
4195V StromboliVHS1950
510V Swept Away, Traviolti da un Insolito Destino Nell'azzuro Mare D'AgostoVHS1975
DVD296 Swept AwayDVD1975
2412V Swept AwayVHS1974
628V Swindle, The, Il BidoneVHS1955
2340V Teorema, TheoremVHS1968
2738V Torrents of SpringVHS1990
1894V Tree of Wooden Clogs, L'Abero Degli ZoccoliVHS1978
DVD478 Tree of Wooden Clogs, The, L'Albero Degli ZoccoliDVD1978
3019V Two Women, Ciociara, LaVHS1960
2880V Umberto D.VHS1952
633V Variety Lights, Luci del VarietaVHS1951
508V We All Loved Each Other So Much, C'eravando Tanto AmatiVHS1977
DVD143 We All Loved Each Other So MuchDVD1974
DVD496 We All Loved Each Other So MuchDVD1969
2969V What?VHS1973
631V White Sheik, Lo Sceicco BiancoVHS1952
632V Young and the Passionate, I VitelloniVHS1956
DVD3638 Zombi 2DVD1979