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French Cinema Film Listing

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DVD1330 10th District Court, The, 10e ChambreDVD
DVD3276 4 By Agnes Varda, Four By Agnes VardaDVD1985
DVD43 400 Blows, Four Hundred Blows ; Quartre Cents CoupsDVD1959
911V 400 Blows, The, Quatre Cents Coups, LesVHS1959
2934V A Bout de Souffle, BreathlessVHS1959
2253V A Nous la Liberte, Liberty for UsVHS1931
2940V AlphavilleVHS1965
DVD297 AmelieDVD2001
4782V Amelie, Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie PoulainVHS2001
4232V Any Number Can Win, Melodie en Sous-SolVHS1963
4766V ArtemisiaVHS1997
DVD2600 Au Revoir les Enfants, Goodbye, ChildrenDVD1987
4205V Autumn Tale, Conte D'AutomneVHS1998
DVD418 Band of Outsiders, Band a PartDVD1964
DVD579 Barbarian Invasions, The, Invasions Barbares, LesDVD2003
2199V Battle of AlgiersVHS1966
DVD2850 Battle of Algiers, The, La Bataille d'AlgerDVD1966
DVD1789 Beat That My Heart Skipped, TheDVD
1160V Beauty and the Beast, Belle et la Bete, LaVHS1946
DVD3837 Beauty and the BeastDVD1946
1476V Belle de JourVHS1967
DVD2464 Bete Humaine, La, Human BeastDVD1938
DVD399 Birth of a GolemDVD1990
1657V Bitch, The, Chienne, LaVHS1931
2634V Blood of a Poet, Sang d'un Poete, LeVHS1930
3906V Blood of the Beasts, The, Sang des Betes, LeVHS1949
DVD1425 Blood of the Beasts, The, Le Sang Des BetesDVD1949
DVD303 Blue, BleuDVD1993
2836V Blue, BleuVHS1993
2239V Boudu Saved From Drowning, Boudu Sauve des EauxVHS1932
DVD207 Breathless, A Bout de SouffleDVD1959
4118V Bye ByeVHS1995
DVD3272 Camille ClaudelDVD1989
2397V Carnival in Flanders, Kermese HeroiqueVHS1935
DVD881 Casque d'or, Golden MarieDVD1952
3447V Ceremonie, LaVHS1995
3596V CesarVHS1936
DVD1350 Chantal Akerman: Les Annees 70DVD
1046V Children of Paradise, Enfants du Paradis, LesVHS1945
2677V Classic Foreign Shorts, pt. 2VHS
DVD97 Cleo from 5 to 7DVD1961
2495V Cleo from 5 to 7, Cleo de 5 a 7VHS1961
DVD371 Code Unknown, Code InconnuDVD2000
DVD384 Contempt, Le MeprisDVD1963
4549V Crime of Monsieur Lange, Crime de Monsieur LangeVHS1936
DVD585 Dangerous Liaisons, The, Liaisons Dangereuses, LesDVD1959
3722V DantonVHS1983
1647V Day in the Country, Partie de Campagne, UneVHS1936
3224V DelicatessenVHS1991
2287V Devil's Envoys, Visiteurs Du Soir, LesVHS1942
1660V Devils, The, Diaboliques, LesVHS1955
641V Diary of a Chambermaid, Journal d'une Femme de ChambreVHS1964
2596V Diary of a Country Priest, Journal d'un Cure de CampagneVHS1951
DVD404 Dinner Game, The, Le Diner de ConsDVD1998
4130V Discreet Charm of the BourgeoisieVHS1972
DVD50 DivaDVD1982
3446V DivaVHS1981
DVD1644 Diving Bell and the Butterfly, TheDVD2007
3830V Double Life of Veronique, The, Double Vie de VeroniqueVHS1991
DVD2457 Earring of Madame de..., TheDVD1953
2334V Earrings of Madame De..., Madame De...VHS1953
3595V FannyVHS1932
DVD2456 Fanny Trilogy, TheDVD1931
2331V Forbidden Games, Jeux InterditsVHS1952
DVD1629 From the Other SIde, De l'autre côtéDVD
DVD1058 Full Moon in Paris, Les nuits de la pleine luneDVD1984
2736V Gentle Woman, Femme Douce, UneVHS1969
3159V GerminalVHS1993
DVD433 Gleaners and I, Les Glaneurs et la GlaneuseDVD2002
DVD400 Golem, the Spirit of ExileDVD1991
DVD301 Grand IllusionDVD1937
1665V Grand Illusion, Grande Illusion, LeVHS1938
2988V Guerre est Finie, La, War is Over, TheVHS1966
4552V Haidresser's Husband, Mari de la CoiffeuseVHS1990
784V Handsome Serge, Beau Serge, LeVHS1958
DVD1144 Hate, The, Haine, LaDVD1995
DVD1316 Hate, The, Haine, LaDVD1995
DVD1314 Hidden, CacheDVD2005
DVD2453 Hiroshima Mon AmourDVD1959
912V Hiroshima, Mon AmourVHS1959
3161V Horsemen on the Roof, Le Hussard sur le ToitVHS1995
5133V How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman, Como Era Gostoso o Meu FrancesVHS1973
1656V Human Beast, The, Bete Humaine, LaVHS1938
DVD454 IndochineDVD1992
DVD374 IrreversibleDVD2002
2595V Is Paris Burning?, Paris Brule-t-Il?VHS1966
1780V Italian Straw Hat, Chapeau de Paille d'Italie, UnVHS1927
DVD2439 Italian Straw Hat, The, Chapeau de Paille d'ItalieDVD
3071V Jacquot, Jacquot de NantesVHS1991
4914V Jean de FloretteVHS1987
2229V Jetee, Buck Rogers in the 25th CenturyVHS
DVD1643 Jetee, La/ Sans SoleilDVD1962
2265V Jour Se Leve, Le, DaybreakVHS1939
DVD2484 Jour se Leve, Le, DaybreakDVD1939
2423V Jules and Jim, Jules et JimVHS1962
2237V Juve Contre FantomasVHS1913
1219V L'Age D'Or, Age D'Or, L'VHS1930
DVD835 L'ami De Mon Amie, My Girlfriend's BoyfriendDVD1987
DVD414 L'AtalanteDVD1934
1633V L'AtalanteVHS1934
DVD755 L'auberge EspagnoleDVD2002
DVD810 L'esquiveDVD2003
DVD2343 La Noire De ... , Borom SarretDVD1965
DVD2599 Lacombe LucienDVD1974
2589V Ladies of the Bois de Bologne, Dames du Bois de BoulogneVHS1994
3718V Last Metro, The, Le Dernier MetroVHS1980
DVD2585 Last Metro, The, Dernier MétroDVD
DVD51 Last Year at Marienbad, Annee Derniere a MarienbadDVD1961
2965V Last Year at Marienbad, L'Annee Derniere a MarienbadVHS1961
DVD774 Le Samourai, SamuraiDVD1967
DVD722 Life and Nothing But, La Vie et Rien D'atureDVD1989
4547V Little Theatre of Jean RenoirVHS1971
4128V LolaVHS1961
777V Lovely Month of May, The, Joli Mai, LeVHS1962
DVD1313 Lover, TheDVD1992
4384V LumumbaVHS2000
DVD63 Ma Vie En Rose, My Life in PinkDVD1997
1837V Madame BovaryVHS1990
DVD2581 Magic of Melies, TheDVD1904
DVD2601 Malle, The SupplementsDVD
3646V Man Bites Dog, C'est Arrive Pres de Chez VousVHS1992
2486V Man in the Silk Hat, The, L'Homme au Chapeau de SoieVHS1983
2665V Man Ray Classic ShortsVHS
4915V Manon of the SpringVHS1987
3494V MariusVHS1931
2936V Married Woman, The, Femme Mariee, UneVHS1964
2853V Marseillaise, LaVHS1938
775V Masculine-Feminine, Masculin Feminin: 15 Faits PrecisVHS1966
734V May Fools, Milou en MaiVHS1989
4926V Men with GunsVHS1997
642V Milky Way, Voie Lactee, LaVHS1963
2280V Million, Le, Million, TheVHS1931
DVD1057 Mon OncleDVD1958
DVD2981 Monsieur LazharDVD2011
2621V Mr. Hulot's Holiday, Vacances de Monsieur Hulot, LesVHS1953
3369V Muriel ou le Temps d'un Retour, MurielVHS1963
DVD2598 Murmur of the Heart, Souffle au CoeurDVD1971
2345V My American Uncle, Mon Oncle D'AmeriqueVHS1980
3016V My Life in Pink, Ma Vie En RoseVHS1997
4416V My Mother's Castle, Chateau de ma Mere, LaVHS1990
4896V My Night at Maud's, Ma Nuit Chez MaudVHS1968
4433V My Sex Life...Or How I Got Into an ArgumentVHS1996
4930V Names Live Nowhere, Noms N'Habitent Nulle PartVHS1994
DVD976 Nous La Liberté, ADVD1931
2639V Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, An, Riviere du Hibou, LaVHS1962
2640V Orpheus, OrpheeVHS1949
DVD2470 Orpheus, OrphéeDVD1950
4928V Other World, The, Autre Monde, L'VHS2001
2649V Passion of Jeanne D'Arc, Passion of Joan of ArcVHS1928
DVD657 Passion of Joan of Arc, The, Passion de Jeanne D'Arc, LaDVD1928
4422V Pauline at the Beach, Pauline a la PlageVHS1983
2269V Pepe Le MokoVHS1937
DVD2454 Pepe le MokoDVD1936
DVD2031 Perceval, Perceval le GalloisDVD1978
DVD1771 PersepolisDVD2007
1382V Phantom of Liberty, Fantome de la Liberte, LeVHS1974
DVD2440 PickpocketDVD1959
1384V Pierrot le Fou, Pierrot Goes WildVHS1968
DVD569 Pierrot Le Fou, Pierrot Goes WildDVD1965
3140V Pioneers of French CinemaVHS
DVD420 PlaytimeDVD1967
3780V PonetteVHS1996
DVD530 Port of Shadows, Quai des BrumesDVD1938
2619V Raven, The, Corbeau, TheVHS1943
DVD305 Red, RougeDVD1994
2838V Red, RougeVHS1994
2276V Red and the Black, Rouge et le NoirVHS1954
950V Red Balloon, The, Ballon Rouge, LeVHS1956
DVD1594 Red Balloon, The, Le Ballon RougeDVD1956
4558V Red Kiss, Rouge BaiserVHS1985
2434V Rendez-Vous D'Anna, Les, Meetings of Anna, TheVHS1978
2055V Return of Martin Guerre, Retour de Martin Guerre, LeVHS1982
DVD2719 Return of Martin Guerre, The, Le Retour de Martin GuerreDVD1982
2631V Rififi, Du Rififi Chez les HommesVHS1955
DVD413 Rules of the Game, Le Regle du JeuDVD1939
1664V Rules of the Game, Regle Du Jeu, LeVHS1939
1932V Shoot the Piano Player, Tirez sur le PianisteVHS1960
733V Small Change, L'Argent de PocheVHS1976
DVD2040 SorceressDVD
2436V Spoiled ChildrenVHS1977
743V Story of Adele H., Histoire d'Adele H.VHS1975
2264V Sugar Cane Alley, Rue Cases NegresVHS1983
DVD3028 Sugar Cane Alley, Rue Cases-NègresDVD1983
4211V Summer, Rayon Vert, LeVHS1986
4196V Tale of Winter, A, Conte D'HiverVHS1992
DVD408 Taste of Others, The, Les Gout des AutresDVD2000
2975V TessVHS1980
4294V That Obscure Object of DesireVHS1977
2235V Three Men and a Cradle, Trois Hommes et un CoffinVHS1985
DVD1628 To Be and To Have, Etre et avoirDVD2002
DVD888 Touchez pas au Grisbi, Hands off the lootDVD1954
DVD438 Triplets of Belleville, Belleville Rendez-vousDVD2003
DVD3895 Twentynine PalmsDVD2003
4487V Two or Three Things I Know About Her, 2 or 3 Things I Know About HerVHS1967
DVD2508 Un Chien Andalou, Andalousian DogDVD1929
1202V Under the Roofs of Paris, Sous les Toits de ParisVHS1929
2554V Under the Sun of Satan, Sous le Soleil de SatanVHS1987
DVD994 Venus Beauty Academy, Vénus Beauté (Institut)DVD1999
DVD584 Visitors, The, Visiteurs, LesDVD1996
4785V Viva Maria!VHS1965
421V VolponeVHS1939
DVD1845 Wages of Fear, The, Le salaire de la peurDVD1953
1953V WeekendVHS1967
DVD1342 WeekendDVD1967
DVD304 White, BlancDVD1994
2837V White, BlancVHS1994
3734V Wild Child, The, L'Enfant SauvageVHS1969
DVD76 Wild Reeds, Roseaux SauvagesDVD1994
3448V Wild Reeds, Rouseaux Sauvages, LesVHS1994
1381V Woman is a Woman, Femme est une Femme, UneVHS1961
2791V ZVHS1969
2248V Zero for Conduct, Zero de ConduiteVHS1933
1129V ZouzouVHS1934