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Western Cinema Film Listing

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DVD1813 3:10 to YumaDVD2007
DVD665 All the Pretty HorsesDVD2000
DVD1159 Arizona, Wesley Ruggles' ArizonaDVD1940
5098V Ballad of Gregorio CortezVHS1982
DVD1932 Ballad of Little Jo, TheDVD1993
4017V Big Country, TheVHS1958
DVD681 Blazing SaddlesDVD1974
DVD555 Buffalo Bill and the Indians, Sitting Bull's History LessonDVD1976
3855V Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidVHS1969
DVD1221 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidDVD1969
4356V Cheyenne AutumnVHS1964
DVD666 ChisumDVD1970
1543V CimarronVHS1931
1575V Dances With WolvesVHS1990
DVD1253 Dances with WolvesDVD1990
DVD682 Dead ManDVD1996
DVD609 Destry Rides AgainDVD1939
DVD3651 DjangoDVD1966
DVD3230 Django UnchainedDVD2012
DVD1936 Duck, You SuckerDVD1971
DVD2489 Duel in the SunDVD1946
DVD652 El DoradoDVD1966
DVD1933 Fistful of DollarsDVD1964
3845V Fistful of Dollars, AVHS1964
3846V For a Few Dollars MoreVHS1965
DVD1934 For a Few Dollars MoreDVD1965
DVD1928 Gene Autry Collection, Vol. 1DVD
3847V Good, The Bad and the UglyVHS1966
DVD1935 Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, TheDVD1966
DVD4317 Great Silence, TheDVD1968
DVD683 Gunfight at the O.K. CorralDVD1957
2366V Gunfight at the OK Corral, Gunfight at the O. K. CorralVHS1957
DVD1501 Hangman's House, 3 Bad MenDVD1928
3032V Harlem Rides the RangeVHS1939
DVD725 Heller in Pink TightsDVD1960
2236V High NoonVHS1952
DVD1192 High NoonDVD1952
DVD536 How the West Was WonDVD1962
DVD546 HudDVD1962
DVD1500 Iron Horse, TheDVD1924
4413V Johnny GuitarVHS1954
DVD2577 Johnny GuitarDVD1954
2567V Last of the MohicansVHS1992
DVD64 Lone StarDVD1995
2319V Lone StarVHS1952
3070V Lone StarVHS1995
2233V Magnificent Seven, TheVHS1960
DVD532 Man Called Horse, ADVD1970
2320V Man from Laramie, TheVHS1955
2678V Man Who Shot Liberty ValanceVHS1962
DVD650 Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, TheDVD1962
DVD1361 McCabe & Mrs. MillerDVD1971
5156V Melody RanchVHS1940
4405V Mountain Men, TheVHS1980
3703V My Darling ClementineVHS1946
dvd1516 My Darling ClementineDVD1946
5157V Naked Spur, TheVHS1953
3155V Once Upon a Time in the WestVHS1969
DVD1919 Once Upon a Time in the WestDVD1968
DVD601 Outlaw Josey Wales, TheDVD1976
2957V Ox-Bow Incident, Ox Bow IncidentVHS1943
DVD2725 Ox-Bow IncidentDVD1943
DVD552 Pharaoh's ArmyDVD1995
DVD1931 PosseDVD1993
2363V Red RiverVHS1948
DVD19 Searchers, TheDVD1956
2427V Searchers, TheVHS1956
3336V Searchers, TheVHS1956
2231V ShaneVHS1953
DVD1213 ShaneDVD1952
4372V Shanghai NoonVHS2000
DVD672 ShenandoahDVD1965
DVD654 Shootist, TheDVD1976
DVD651 Sons of Katie Elder, TheDVD1966
DVD36 StagecoachDVD1939
2522V StagecoachVHS1939
BLU114 The Hateful EightDVD2015
DVD1298 TombstoneDVD1993
DVD2530 Treasures 5: The West, 1898-1938DVD
DVD653 True GritDVD1969
1097V True WestVHS1983
DVD38 UnforgivenDVD1992
1564V UnforgivenVHS1992
3058V Vanishing American, The, Zane Grey's The Vanishing AmericanVHS1925
DVD1261 Wild Bunch, TheDVD1969