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War Cinema Film Listing

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DVD1069 1915DVD1982
3999V 49th Parallel, Forty-Ninth ParallelVHS1941
DVD1793 Alexandria Why?, Iskanderiya-- leh?DVD1979
282V All Quiet on the Western FrontVHS1930
DVD46 All Quiet on the Western FrontDVD1930
2442V Apocalypse NowVHS1979
DVD237 Apocalypse Now ReduxDVD1979
DVD1989 Apocalypse Now: The Complete DossierDVD1979
DVD1551 Band of BrothersDVD2001
4894V Behind the Lines, RegenerationVHS1997
DVD800 Big Red One, TheDVD1980
DVD1503 Born Reckless, PilgrimageDVD1933
DVD300 Bridge on the River KwaiDVD1957
1516V Bridge On the River KwaiVHS1957
3840V Bridges at Toko-Ri, TheVHS1955
4859V Captail Corelli's MandolinVHS2001
4415V Catch 22, Catch-22VHS1970
DVD680 Coming HomeDVD1978
DVD4233 CoriolanusDVD2011
DVD795 Cruel Sea, TheDVD1952
DVD1446 Das BootDVD1981
DVD10 Deer HunterDVD1978
1550V Deer HunterVHS1978
3956V DieppeVHS1993
DVD1710 Dirty Dozen, TheDVD1967
4861V Escape to AthenaVHS1979
DVD686 Fail-SafeDVD1964
2600V Farewell to ArmsVHS1932
4411V Farewell to Arms, AVHS1957
DVD1505 Four Men and a Prayer, Seas BeneathDVD1938
DVD1502 Four SonsDVD1928
DVD4229 Free State of JonesDVD2016
DVD1264 From Here to EternityDVD1953
2560V Full Metal JacketVHS1987
DVD268 Full Metal JacketDVD1987
DVD4134 FuryDVD2014
3060V GallipoliVHS1981
3783V GettysburgVHS1993
DVD34 GloryDVD1989
3137V GloryVHS1989
3640V Green Berets, TheVHS1968
3888V Guns of August, TheVHS1964
BLU52 Hangmen Also DieDVD1943
DVD282 Harrison's FlowersDVD2000
DVD3557 Hart's WarDVD2002
DVD3666 Hitler, Dead or AliveDVD1942
DVD2084 Hurt Locker, TheDVD2009
DVD883 In Love and WarDVD1996
DVD1053 In Which We ServeDVD1942
283V InformerVHS1935
DVD2107 Inglourious BasterdsDVD2009
DVD2093 Into the StormDVD2009
DVD1476 J.S.A., Joint Security AreaDVD2000
DVD1012 JarheadDVD2005
3683V KhartoumVHS1966
326V Killing Fields, TheVHS1984
4614V Land and FreedomVHS1995
2567V Last of the MohicansVHS1992
1552V Lawrence of ArabiaVHS1962
DVD1242 Lawrence of ArabiaDVD1962
1463V LifeboatVHS1944
4000V Lion Has Wings, TheVHS1939
DVD1662 Longest Day, TheDVD1962
2565V MASH, M*A*S*HVHS1970
DVD1250 MASH, M.A.S.H.DVD1969
DVD3809 Master and CommanderDVD2003
DVD2176 Men Who Stare at Goats, TheDVD2009
1130V Merry Christmas, Mr. LawrenceVHS1982
440V MissingVHS1982
DVD3720 Monuments Men, TheDVD2014
1520V Mrs. MiniverVHS1942
DVD2523 Mrs. MiniverDVD1942
3410V Murderers Are Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal StoryVHS1989
2344V Napoleon, Able Gance's NapoleonVHS1927
3936V One Man's HeroVHS1999
DVD2468 Patriot, TheDVD2000
1562V PattonVHS1970
DVD1255 PattonDVD1970
4467V Pearl HarborVHS2001
1566V PlatoonVHS1986
DVD1222 PlatoonDVD1986
DVD687 Quiet American, TheDVD2003
DVD1542 Reporters at War: War, Lies, & VideotapeDVD2003
DVD3499 Roberto Rosselini's War TrilogyDVD2009
DVD1180 Ryan's DaughterDVD1970
DVD2118 Saints and SolidersDVD2004
3649V SalvadorVHS1986
DVD102 Sands of Iwo JimaDVD1949
3135V Sands of Iwo JimaVHS1949
DVD406 Saving Private RyanDVD1998
3781V Saving Private RyanVHS1998
3778V So Proudly We HailVHS1943
DVD3795 Stalag 17DVD1953
DVD3561 TigerlandDVD2000
DVD1229 Time Out of War, ADVD1954
DVD3796 Tora! Tora! Tora!DVD1970
4708V Trench, TheVHS1999
3709V Twelve O'Clock HighVHS1949
4777V VictoryVHS1981
DVD1445 Wannsee Conference, TheDVD1992
DVD2978 War HorseDVD2011
DVD1226 War HuntDVD1962
DVD1543 War Tapes, TheDVD2006
DVD1517 What Price GloryDVD1952
DVD1504 When Willie Comes Marching Home, Up The RiverDVD1950
DVD780 Wild GeeseDVD1978
DVD1857 World War II: When Lions RoaredDVD1994
4425V YanksVHS1979
3408V Young Lions, TheVHS1958
DVD3212 Zero Dark ThirtyDVD2012