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Romantic Melodrama Cinema Film Listing

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DVD240 Affair to Remember, AnDVD1957
DVD2340 AlgiersDVD1938
DVD533 Alice AdamsDVD1935
DVD220 All That Heaven AllowsDVD1955
DVD1647 AlwaysDVD1989
4453V Angels and InsectsVHS1995
2674V Bostonians, TheVHS1984
DVD87 Boys Don't CryDVD1999
DVD215 Brief EncounterDVD1945
2951V Brief EncounterVHS1945
2109V CamilleVHS1936
DVD1245 CarrieDVD1952
BLU60 Dirty DancingDVD1987
DVD1247 Doctor Zhivago, Dr. ZhivagoDVD1965
2247V DodsworthVHS1936
2575V Dr. ZhivagoVHS1965
DVD2148 Education, AnDVD2009
DVD4266 Ever AfterDVD1998
2600V Farewell to ArmsVHS1932
DVD2522 French Lieutenant's WomanDVD1981
1533V From Here to EternityVHS1953
DVD3762 Front Page WomanDVD1935
1542V Gentleman's AgreementVHS1947
DVD622 Gentleman's AgreementDVD1947
DVD2802 Graduate, TheDVD1967
DVD13 Guess Who's Coming to DinnerDVD1967
2474V Guess Who's Coming to DinnerVHS1967
DVD1654 Guy Named Joe, ADVD
4892V Here on EarthVHS2000
DVD623 How Green Was My ValleyDVD1941
DVD3685 I Was an AdventuressDVD1940
DVD4267 Jane EyreDVD1996
DVD248 JezebelDVD1938
DVD1 Jungle FeverDVD1991
2447V Jungle FeverVHS1991
DVD1000 King and IDVD1956
2091V Letter from an Unknown WomanVHS1948
DVD1002 Love StoryDVD1970
1584V MartyVHS1955
DVD529 MasqueradeDVD1988
2113V Now, VoyagerVHS1942
DVD1003 Officer and a Gentleman, AnDVD1982
DVD1006 On Golden PondDVD1981
DVD1462 OnceDVD2006
DVD2481 PhaedraDVD1962
DVD3787 Pretty in PinkDVD1986
DVD573 Random HarvestDVD1942
DVD1180 Ryan's DaughterDVD1970
DVD3784 Save the Last DanceDVD2001
1465V SpellboundVHS1945
DVD999 Splendor in the GrassDVD1961
DVD2657 Step UpDVD2006
2831V SummertimeVHS1955
DVD624 SunriseDVD1927
DVD2947 TitanicDVD1997
DVD2034 Tristan + Isolde, Tristan & IsoldeDVD2005
DVD998 Way We Were, TheDVD1973
5152V Wedding March, TheVHS1928