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BLU77 12 Angry MenDVD1957
DVD70 2001: A Space OdysseyDVD1968
2337V 2001: A Space Odyssey, 2001, A Space OdysseyVHS1968
2659V 42nd Street, Forty Second StreetVHS1933
4657V 42nd StreetVHS1933
2106V Adam's RibVHS1949
2333V Adventures of Robin Hood, TheVHS1938
5345V African American Cinema I, Within Our GatesVHS1919
3364V African QueenVHS1951
3342V AlienVHS1979
DVD621 All About EveDVD1950
282V All Quiet on the Western FrontVHS1930
DVD46 All Quiet on the Western FrontDVD1930
DVD220 All That Heaven AllowsDVD1955
66V All That JazzVHS1979
DVD311 All That JazzDVD1979
1517V All the King's MenVHS1949
5115V American Avant Garde CollectionVHS
3139V American GraffitiVHS1973
1526V American in Paris, AnVHS1951
DVD1265 American in Paris, AnDVD1951
4813V Animal HouseVHS1978
1557V Apartment, TheVHS1960
2442V Apocalypse NowVHS1979
DVD237 Apocalypse Now ReduxDVD1979
DVD1989 Apocalypse Now: The Complete DossierDVD1979
DVD385 ApplauseDVD1929
1040V Atlantic CityVHS1980
DVD831 Avante Garde: Experimental Films of the 1920's and '30'sDVD
2107V Awful Truth, TheVHS1937
3552V BadlandsVHS1973
2835V Band Wagon, BandwagonVHS1953
3818V Battle of BritainVHS1943
3820V Battle of ChinaVHS1944
3819V Battle of RussiaVHS1943
3144V Beat and BeyondVHS
DVD106 Best Years of Our LivesDVD1946
1513V Best Years of Our LivesVHS1946
5158V Big BusinessVHS1929
2500V Big SleepVHS1946
DVD2 Birth of a Nation, Clansman, TheDVD1915
2444V Birth of a Nation, Clansman, TheVHS1915
DVD306 Birth of a Nation, Clansman, TheDVD1915
1634V Birth of a Nation, Clansman, TheVHS1915
DVD39 Blade RunnerDVD1982
DVD105 Blade RunnerDVD1982
2395V Blade RunnerVHS1982
3025V Blood of JesusVHS1941
2585V Bonnie and ClydeVHS1967
2255V Boyz N the Hood, Boys in the HoodVHS1991
DVD2521 Boyz N the Hood, Boys in the HoodDVD1991
DVD100 Bride of FrankensteinDVD1935
2291V Bride of FrankensteinVHS1935
1516V Bridge On the River KwaiVHS1957
2378V Bringing Up BabyVHS1938
DVD1254 Bringing Up BabyDVD1938
DVD28 Broken Blossoms, Yellow Man and the Child, TheDVD1919
1909V Broken Blossoms, Yellow Man and the ChildVHS1919
353V Buddhism: The Path to EnlightenmentVHS1978
5117V Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie, Bugs Bunny/Road Runner MovieVHS
5116V Bugs Bunny's Overtures to DisasterVHS
3855V Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidVHS1969
DVD1221 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidDVD1969
DVD348 By Brakhage: An AnthologyDVD
DVD8 CabaretDVD1972
4132V Cameraman, TheVHS1928
DVD565 Carmen JonesDVD1954
DVD30 CasablancaDVD1943
DVD381 CasablancaDVD1943
5180V Cat PeopleVHS1942
DVD45 Chaplin MutualsDVD
2004V Charlie Chaplin at Mutual Studios IIIVHS1917
2440V Cheat, The, Girl's Folly, AVHS1915
DVD607 Chulas Fronteras, Del Mero CorazonDVD1975
741V Citizen KaneVHS1941
DVD195 Citizen Kane, Battle over Citizen KaneDVD1941
2686V Citizen KaneVHS1941
2497V City LightsVHS1931
2612V Classic Documentaries, pt. 2VHS
DVD193 Conversation, TheDVD1974
1043V Conversation, TheVHS1974
2984V Cool Hand LukeVHS1967
2498V Corner In Wheat and Selected D. W. Griffith Biograph ShortsVHS
DVD603 Court Jester, TheDVD1956
DVD610 D.O.A.DVD1950
5244V David Holzman's DiaryVHS1967
3303V Day the Earth Stood StillVHS1951
DVD2905 Day the Earth Stood Still, TheDVD1951
903V Dead BirdsVHS1964
DVD512 Dead BirdsDVD1964
1550V Deer HunterVHS1978
DVD609 Destry Rides AgainDVD1939
DVD611 DetourDVD1948
3817V Divide and ConquerVHS1943
DVD37 Do the Right ThingDVD1989
2430V Do the Right ThingVHS1989
5151V Docks of New York, TheVHS1928
2247V DodsworthVHS1936
4396V Don't Look BackVHS1967
DVD33 Double IndemnityDVD1944
3185V Double IndemnityVHS1944
DVD148 Dr. StrangeloveDVD1964
2456V Dr. StrangeloveVHS1964
DVD111 DraculaDVD1931
4656V DraculaVHS1931
3360V Duck SoupVHS1933
3566V E. T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, E T The Extra TerrestrialVHS1982
DVD1219 E.T., E.T. The Extra- TerrestrialDVD1982
3549V Early AbstractionsVHS
2336V Easy RiderVHS1969
DVD539 Easy RiderDVD1969
DVD830 Edison: The Invention of the MoviesDVD
2602V Emperor JonesVHS1933
4365V Enter the DragonVHS1973
DVD2805 Enter the DragonDVD1973
DVD4172 EraserheadDVD1977
DVD379 FantasiaDVD1940
2410V FargoVHS1996
DVD1217 FargoDVD1996
4999V Films of Oskar Fischinger, Vol. 1VHS
3076V Five Easy PiecesVHS1970
3260V Flesh and the DevilVHS1926
DVD953 Footlight ParadeDVD1933
2511V Force of EvilVHS1948
4548V Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseVHS1921
DVD99 FrankensteinDVD1931
3183V FrankensteinVHS1931
2601V FreaksVHS1932
1533V From Here to EternityVHS1953
3152V FuryVHS1936
3133V Garlic is as Good as Ten MothersVHS1980
DVD292 General, PlayhouseDVD1927
3332V GiantVHS1956
DVD1194 GiantDVD1956
1591V GigiVHS1958
1585V Godfather, Pt. II, Godfather IIVHS1974
1582V Godfather, TheVHS1972
1514V Going My WayVHS1944
2293V Gold Diggers of 1933VHS1933
DVD954 Gold Diggers of 1933DVD1933
2281V Gold Rush, TheVHS1925
DVD1243 Gold Rush, TheDVD1925
DVD48 Gone with the WindDVD1939
DVD107 Gone with the WindDVD1939
4854V GoodfellasVHS1990
DVD1193 GoodfellasDVD1990
3051V Graduate, TheVHS1967
DVD721 Graduate. TheDVD1967
DVD417 Grapes of WrathDVD1940
288V Grapes of Wrath, TheVHS1940
4332V GrassVHS1925
2307V Great Dictator, TheVHS1940
DVD2392 Great Dictator, TheDVD1940
DVD500 Great Train RobberyDVD1903
1905V Great Train Robbery and Other Primary WorksVHS
2501V GreedVHS1924
DVD465 Groundhog DayDVD1993
DVD617 Gun CrazyDVD1949
2781V HalloweenVHS1978
2616V Harlan County, USA, Harlan County, U.S.A.VHS1976
67V Harold and MaudeVHS1971
2685V Heiress, TheVHS1949
2236V High NoonVHS1952
2014V High SchoolVHS1968
DVD65 His Girl FridayDVD1940
2111V His Girl FridayVHS1940
DVD476 His Girl FridayDVD1940
4789V His Girl FridayVHS1940
2001V Hoop DreamsVHS1994
1524V How Green Was My ValleyVHS1941
DVD623 How Green Was My ValleyDVD1941
DVD536 How the West Was WonDVD1962
3123V Hunters, TheVHS1958
DVD2744 Hunters, TheDVD1957
2717V I Am a Fugitive From a Chain GangVHS1932
DVD563 Image of an Assassination: A New Look at the Zapruder Film, Zapruder FilmDVD
4297V Imitation of LifeVHS1934
DVD456 Imitation of LifeDVD
3551V In the Land of the War Canoes, In the Land of the HeadhuntersVHS1914
DVD2720 In the Land of the War Canoes, In the Land of the HeadhuntersDVD1914
218V Into MadnessVHS1989
DVD14 Invasion of the Body SnatchersDVD1956
2360V Invasion of the Body SnatchersVHS1956
1525V It Happened One NightVHS1934
DVD35 It's a Wonderful LifeDVD1946
2663V It's a Wonderful LifeVHS1946
DVD602 Jailhouse RockDVD1957
2413V JawsVHS1975
2768V Jazz SingerVHS1927
5334V Jenkins' Orphanage Band, Movietone outtakes for USC Film Library National Film RegistVHS1928
DVD2610 Killer of SheepDVD1977
2949V King KongVHS1933
DVD1220 King KongDVD1933
DVD1125 Kiss Me Deadly, Mickey Spillane's Kiss Me DeadlyDVD1955
4571V Know Your Enemy: JapanVHS1945
DVD256 KoyaanisqatsiDVD1983
4370V KoyaanisqatsiVHS1983
DVD219 Lady EveDVD1941
2112V Lady Eve, TheVHS1941
5127V Last Command, TheVHS1928
3039V Last of the Mohicans, TheVHS1920
2321V Last Picture Show, TheVHS1971
DVD540 Last Picture Show, TheDVD1971
259V Latah: A Culture Specific Elaboration of the Startle ReflexVHS1983
3585V LauraVHS1944
1552V Lawrence of ArabiaVHS1962
2091V Letter from an Unknown WomanVHS1948
DVD572 Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, From the Manger to the CrossDVD
828V Life and Times of Rosie the RiveterVHS1980
DVD1555 Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter, TheDVD1980
293V Life of Emile Zola, TheVHS1937
3432V Little CaesarVHS1931
5155V Living Desert, TheVHS1953
2358V Louisiana StoryVHS1948
DVD407 Love Me TonightDVD1932
2576V Magnificent Ambersons, TheVHS1942
DVD118 Maltese FalconDVD1941
2555V Maltese Falcon, TheVHS1941
2992V Manchurian CandidateVHS1962
DVD1218 Manchurian Candidate, TheDVD1962
2446V ManhattenVHS1979
1584V MartyVHS1955
DVD1016 Marx Brothers Silver Screen CollectionDVD
2565V MASH, M*A*S*HVHS1970
2642V Maya Deren: Collected Experimental FilmsVHS
DVD15 Mean StreetsDVD1973
1474V Mean StreetsVHS1973
DVD1037 Medium CoolDVD1969
2449V Meet Me In St. LouisVHS1944
5156V Melody RanchVHS1940
1592V Midnight CowboyVHS1969
DVD543 Midnight CowboyDVD1969
2384V Mildred PierceVHS1945
DVD353 Modern TimesDVD1936
2882V Modern TimesVHS1936
DVD511 More Treasures from American Film ArchivesDVD
3366V Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonVHS1939
3703V My Darling ClementineVHS1946
DVD218 My Man GodfreyDVD1936
5157V Naked Spur, TheVHS1953
DVD69 Nanook of the NorthDVD1922
2638V Nanook of the NorthVHS1922
DVD112 NashvilleDVD1975
2228V NashvilleVHS1975
5147V Naughty MariettaVHS1935
3816V Nazis Strike, TheVHS1943
3218V NetworkVHS1976
2438V Night at the OperaVHS1935
2666V Night of the HunterVHS1955
2448V Night of the Living DeadVHS1968
3587V NinotchkaVHS1939
605V Norte, El, NorthVHS1983
DVD2161 Norte, El, NorthDVD1983
2352V North by NorthwestVHS1959
2379V Nothing but a ManVHS1964
DVD55 NotoriousDVD1946
DVD226 NotoriousDVD1946
1462V NotoriousVHS1946
DVD608 On the Road with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Road to MoroccoDVD
DVD227 On the WaterfrontDVD1954
73V One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestVHS1975
DVD103 Our Hospitality, Sherlock Jr.DVD1923
4400V Out of the PastVHS1947
DVD619 Out of the PastDVD1947
DVD601 Outlaw Josey Wales, TheDVD1976
2957V Ox-Bow Incident, Ox Bow IncidentVHS1943
DVD2725 Ox-Bow IncidentDVD1943
DVD259 Paths of GloryDVD1957
1562V PattonVHS1970
3674V Perils of Pauline, TheVHS1914
2599V Phantom of the Opera, TheVHS1925
1045V Philadelphia StoryVHS1940
DVD995 Philadelphia Story, TheDVD1940
DVD604 PinocchioDVD1940
2338V Place in the SunVHS1951
DVD1248 Place in the Sun, ADVD1951
DVD444 Planet of the ApesDVD1968
4034V Planet of the ApesVHS1968
DVD808 Point of OrderDVD1964
129V Powers of TenVHS1968
3815V Prelude to WarVHS1943
DVD562 PrimaryDVD1960
5154V Prisoner of Zenda, TheVHS1937
DVD4 PsychoDVD1960
2574V PsychoVHS1960
4578V PsychoVHS1960
2505V Public Enemy, TheVHS1931
5153V Pups is Pups, Three Smart BoysVHS
DVD18 Raging BullDVD1980
2713V Raging BullVHS1980
3367V Raiders of the Lost ArkVHS1981
DVD1188 Raiders of the Lost ArkDVD1981
DVD228 Raisin in the SunDVD1961
1042V Raisin in the Sun, AVHS1961
3809V Raisin in the Sun, AVHS1961
DVD146 Rear WindowDVD1954
1519V Rear WindowVHS1954
4117V Rear WindowVHS1954
3330V Rebel Without a CauseVHS1955
DVD1260 Rebel Without a CauseDVD1955
2363V Red RiverVHS1948
2114V Roman HolidayVHS1953
2473V SabrinaVHS1995
2948V SabrinaVHS1954
2628V SalesmanVHS1969
285V Salt of the EarthVHS1954
3241V Salt of the EarthVHS1954
2623V ScarfaceVHS1932
DVD19 Searchers, TheDVD1956
2427V Searchers, TheVHS1956
3336V Searchers, TheVHS1956
2802V Seven Brides for Seven BrothersVHS1954
DVD147 Shadow of a DoubtDVD1943
2515V Shadow of a DoubtVHS1943
3240V ShadowsVHS1959
4579V ShaftVHS1971
2231V ShaneVHS1953
DVD1213 ShaneDVD1952
3220V She Done Him WrongVHS1933
2443V Sherlock Jr., Our HospitalityVHS1924
DVD439 Sherman's MarchDVD1986
3550V Sherman's MarchVHS1986
DVD1005 Shop Around the Corner, TheDVD1940
2664V Show Boat, ShowboatVHS1936
2504V Show PeopleVHS1928
DVD20 Singin' in the Rain, Singing in the RainDVD1952
DVD108 Singin' in the Rain, Singing in the RainDVD1952
2339V Singin' in the Rain, Singing in the RainVHS1952
3702V Snow White and the Seven DwarfsVHS1937
DVD354 Some Like it HotDVD1959
2778V Some Like it HotVHS1959
2209V Son of the SheikVHS1926
1616V Sound of Music, TheVHS1965
DVD36 StagecoachDVD1939
2522V StagecoachVHS1939
2772V Star Wars, Star Wars IV: A New HopeVHS1977
DVD1183 Star Wars, Star Wars IV: A New HopeDVD1977
1576V Sting, TheVHS1973
3239V Stormy WeatherVHS1943
2703V Streetcar Named DesireVHS1951
DVD380 Streetcar Named Desire, ADVD1951
DVD216 Sullivan's TravelsDVD1941
2369V Sullivan's TravelsVHS1941
2343V Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Blvd.VHS1950
DVD203 Sweet Smell of SuccessDVD1957
5148V Swing TimeVHS1936
818V Tabu: A Story of the South SeasVHS1931
2525V Tarzan and His MateVHS1934
DVD21 Taxi DriverDVD1976
2431V Taxi DriverVHS1976
3464V Tess of the Storm CountryVHS1922
4069V Thin Blue Line, TheVHS1988
DVD534 Thin Man, TheDVD1932
4395V This is Spinal TapVHS1984
2614V To Be or Not to BeVHS1942
2553V To Kill a MockingbirdVHS1962
DVD1196 To Kill a MockingbirdDVD1962
DVD190 TootsieDVD1982
3294V TootsieVHS1982
3093V Top HatVHS1935
DVD125 Touch of EvilDVD1958
2741V Touch of EvilVHS1958
3301V Traffic in SoulsVHS1913
821V Trance and Dance in BaliVHS1952
3368V Treasure of the Sierra MadreVHS1948
DVD826 Treasure of the Sierra MadreDVD1948
DVD130 Treasures from American film ArchivesDVD
DVD600 Triple Feature Drama ClassicsDVD
DVD535 Trouble in ParadiseDVD1932
3709V Twelve O'Clock HighVHS1949
5123V Uncle Sam, The Movie Collection, Volume 3VHS
DVD40 VertigoDVD1958
1345V VertigoVHS1958
3523V VertigoVHS1958
3821V War Comes to AmericaVHS1945
5152V Wedding March, TheVHS1928
1593V West Side StoryVHS1961
3242V White HeatVHS1949
3488V Why Man CreatesVHS1969
DVD1032 Why We Fight: World War IIDVD
2408V Wild Bunch, TheVHS1969
DVD1261 Wild Bunch, TheDVD1969
3365V Wind, TheVHS1928
1347V WingsVHS1927
DVD98 Wizard of OzDVD1939
2573V Wizard of Oz, TheVHS1939
4897V Woman of the YearVHS1942
2769V Woodstock: Three Days of Peace and MusicVHS1970
2681V Yankee Doodle DandeeVHS1942
4461V Young FrankensteinVHS1974
3062V Young Mr. LincolnVHS1939