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DVD2038 13th Warrior, The, Thirteenth WarriorDVD1999
DVD1856 1984DVD1956
DVD3930 25th HourDVD2002
4093V Adventures of Huckleberry FinnVHS1939
DVD3860 Advise & ConsentDVD1962
2181V Aeschylus' Agamemnon, AgamemnonVHS1992
1888V Age of Innocence, TheVHS1993
DVD3303 Age of Innocence, The DVD1993
DVD1879 Alex Haley's Queen, QueenDVD1992
5207V Alice in Wonderland: A Dance FantasyVHS1993
DVD3861 All the King's MenDVD1949
DVD3862 All the King's MenDVD2006
644V All's Well that Ends WellVHS1981
DVD4146 All's Well That Ends WellDVD1981
5296V Along Came a SpiderVHS2001
2251V Anna KareninaVHS1935
DVD2291 Another CountryDVD1984
1V AntigoneVHS1962
133V AntigoneVHS1972
2893V AntigoneVHS1984
645V Antony and CleopatraVHS1980
2915V Antony and CleopatraVHS1974
2916V Antony and CleopatraVHS1983
DVD4147 Antony and Cleopatra, Antony & CleopatraDVD1980
2183V Aristophanes' Frogs, FrogsVHS1991
DVD1373 Arms and the ManDVD1989
646V As You Like ItVHS1980
2913V As You Like ItVHS1936
DVD3624 Awful Truth, TheDVD1937
DVD777 Barchester Chronicles, TheDVD1982
DVD1473 Beckett On FilmDVD
DVD2673 Before Night FallsDVD2000
DVD2288 BentDVD1997
DVD1357 Beowulf, Benjamin Bagby's BeowulfDVD2006
DVD990 Bernice Bobs Her HairDVD1976
DVD2464 Bete Humaine, La, Human BeastDVD1938
DVD3714 Billy BuddDVD1962
3376V Black GirlVHS1980
DVD3677 Blade RunnerDVD1982
DVD2010 Bourne Identity, TheDVD2002
DVD2011 Bourne Supremecy, TheDVD2004
DVD2012 Bourne Ultimatum, TheDVD2007
DVD2447 Breakfast at Tiffany'sDVD1961
DVD4112 BrooklynDVD2015
DVD289 ButleyDVD1974
2109V CamilleVHS1936
DVD4209 CarandiruDVD2003
DVD4111 CarolDVD2015
DVD1245 CarrieDVD1952
3363V Cat on a Hot Tin RoofVHS1958
DVD981 Cat on a Hot Tin RoofDVD1958
DVD3977 Catching Fire, Hunger Games: Catching FireDVD2013
2860V Changeling, TheVHS1993
DVD1225 Cherry Orchard, TheDVD1981
DVD1470 Children of MenDVD2006
DVD1927 Christmas Story, ADVD1983
DVD945 Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeDVD2005
DVD2460 Clan of the Cave Bear, TheDVD1986
DVD4148 Comedy of Errors, TheDVD1983
3047V ConrackVHS1974
DVD988 Constant Gardener, TheDVD2005
DVD2128 CoralineDVD2009
DVD2292 CoralineDVD2009
648V Coriolanus, Tragedy of CoriolanusVHS1980
DVD4149 Coriolanus, The Tragedy of CoriolanusDVD1983
3160V Cousin BetteVHS1988
DVD497 Crucible, TheDVD1996
649V CymbelineVHS1983
DVD4150 CymbelineDVD1983
3907V David CopperfieldVHS1999
DVD1718 Dead CalmDVD1988
DVD2236 Death and the MaidenDVD1994
2845V Death of a SalesmanVHS1985
DVD387 Delicate Balance, ADVD1973
DVD1404 DeliveranceDVD1972
DVD1786 Devil Wears Prada, TheDVD2006
DVD1374 Devil's Disciple, TheDVD1987
DVD1710 Dirty Dozen, TheDVD1967
DVD3665 Dirty Mary, Crazy LarryDVD1974
DVD2946 Displaced Person, TheDVD1977
BLU57 DivergentDVD
348V Doctor FaustusVHS1967
2247V DodsworthVHS1936
2389V Doll's HouseVHS1991
5184V Doll's House, TheVHS1972
DVD775 Dot, TheDVD
1149V Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeVHS1920
1150V Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeVHS1932
DVD2313 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeDVD1931
DVD1708 Dr. NoDVD1962
DVD2634 DriveDVD2011
1029V DutchmanVHS1967
DVD2457 Earring of Madame de..., TheDVD1953
DVD4135 Edge of Tomorrow, Live Die Repeat: Edge of TomorrowDVD2014
4546V Edward IIVHS1991
DVD2051 ElegyDVD2008
DVD3982 Elite Squad, Tropa de EliteDVD2007
DVD769 Ellington was not a StreetDVD
2716V EmmaVHS1996
971V EndgameVHS1992
DVD2671 English Patient, TheDVD1996
DVD1150 Ethan FromeDVD1993
DVD2478 Everything is IlluminatedDVD2005
DVD1975 Evil Under the SunDVD2001
DVD2736 Fahrenheit 451DVD1966
DVD3036 Fall of the House of Usher, La Chute de la MaisonDVD1928
DVD2147 Fantastic Mr. FoxDVD2009
DVD944 Fateless, SorstalanságDVD2004
DVD2083 Fellini-SatyriconDVD1968
2885V Franchise AffairVHS1988
4460V FrankensteinVHS1994
4462V FrankensteinVHS1993
1227V Freedom Station, TheVHS1988
DVD1709 From Russia With LoveDVD1963
DVD395 GalileoDVD1974
DVD3596 Game of Thrones, The Complete Third SeasonDVD2013
DVD3623 GaslightDVD1944
DVD2943 Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, Luftslottet som sprängdesDVD2009
DVD2942 Girl Who Played With Fire, The, Flickan som lekte med eldenDVD2009
DVD4254 Girl with a Pearl EaringDVD2003
DVD2941 Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The, Män som hatar kvinnorDVD2009
BLU20 Golden Compass, TheDVD2007
DVD3881 Gone GirlDVD2014
DVD1458 Good Solider, TheDVD1981
DVD417 Grapes of WrathDVD1940
288V Grapes of Wrath, TheVHS1940
DVD1513 Grapes of Wrath, TheDVD1940
967V Great ExpectationsVHS1946
DVD2044 Great ExpectationsDVD1998
4237V Great GatsbyVHS1974
DVD3586 Great Gatsby, TheDVD2013
650V Hamlet, Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkVHS1980
DVD222 HamletDVD1980
2605V HamletVHS1964
DVD415 HamletDVD1990
2722V HamletVHS1996
2908V HamletVHS1991
5134V HamletVHS1969
3420V HamletVHS1948
DVD486 HamletDVD1948
4385V HamletVHS2000
5341V HamletVHS1948
DVD1457 Hard TimesDVD1977
DVD347 Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsDVD2002
DVD2512 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1DVD
DVD2513 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2DVD2011
BLU43 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.1 & 2 DVD2010
DVD880 Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireDVD2005
DVD2511 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceDVD2009
DVD2510 Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixDVD2007
BLU42 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceDVD2007
BLU40 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsDVD2001
DVD2509 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanDVD2004
BLU41 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireDVD2004
DVD346 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneDVD2001
DVD1377 Heartbreak HouseDVD1977
2685V Heiress, TheVHS1949
DVD3300 Heiress, TheDVD1949
DVD1372 Henrik Ibsen Collection, TheDVD
DVD4151 Henry IV Part IDVD1979
DVD4152 Henry IV Part IIDVD1979
651V Henry IV, pt. 1VHS1980
652V Henry IV, pt. 2VHS1979
426V Henry VVHS1989
653V Henry V, Life of Henry VVHS1980
2766V Henry VVHS1989
3419V Henry V, Henry the FifthVHS1944
DVD4153 Henry VDVD1979
DVD4154 Henry VI Part IDVD1983
DVD4155 Henry VI Part IIDVD1983
DVD4156 Henry VI Part IIIDVD1983
654V Henry VI, pt. 1VHS1981
655V Henry VI, pt. 2VHS1980
656V Henry VI, pt. 3VHS1982
657V Henry VIII, Famous History of the Life of King Henry VIIIVHS1979
DVD4157 Henry VIIIDVD1979
DVD3620 High FidelityDVD2000
DVD391 Homecoming, TheDVD1973
DVD171 House of Mirth, TheDVD2000
DVD2669 House of the Spirits, TheDVD1993
1524V How Green Was My ValleyVHS1941
DVD3079 Human Stain, TheDVD2003
DVD2893 Hunger Games, TheDVD2012
DVD2086 I, ClaudiusDVD1976
DVD633 I, RobotDVD2004
DVD290 Iceman Cometh, TheDVD1973
DVD2082 Ilektra, ElectraDVD1962
DVD1743 Illuminados por el FuegoDVD2005
DVD1401 Illustrated Man, TheDVD1969
910V Importance of Being Ernest, TheVHS1952
DVD389 In CelebrationDVD1975
DVD2982 In DarknessDVD2011
DVD883 In Love and WarDVD1996
DVD1802 In the CutDVD2003
2499V Inferno, TheVHS1989
4183V Inheritance, TheVHS1997
DVD2211 Into the WildDVD2007
DVD2603 IphigeniaDVD1977
DVD1233 Island in the SunDVD1957
5372V Island of the Blue DolphinsVHS1964
DVD393 Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in ParisDVD1974
1778V Jane EyreVHS1944
DVD4267 Jane EyreDVD1996
BLU18 JawsDVD1975
DVD2428 John AdamsDVD2008
DVD2577 Johnny GuitarDVD1954
3276V JudeVHS1996
658V Julius CaesarVHS1978
DVD3731 Julius CaesarDVD1979
BLU14 Jurassic Park Ultimate TrilogyDVD2011
BLU14 Jurassic Park Ultimate TrilogyDVD2011
2459V Keita, Heritage of the GriotVHS1994
DVD1720 Key LargoDVD1948
DVD2131 Killing of Sister George, TheDVD1969
659V King John, Life and Death of King JohnVHS1980
DVD4158 King John, Life & Death of King John, TheDVD1984
660V King LearVHS1980
742V King LearVHS1984
DVD422 King LearDVD1982
2909V King LearVHS1953
2910V King LearVHS1971
2911V King LearVHS1971
DVD3077 King of the GypsiesDVD1978
972V Krapp's Last TapeVHS1988
DVD2343 La Noire De ... , Borom SarretDVD1965
DVD3082 Lady Chatterley's LoverDVD1981
BLU2 Lady Vanishes, TheDVD1938
2085V Last of the Belles, TheVHS1974
DVD1387 Last of the Mohicans, TheDVD1971
DVD3302 Last of the Mohicans, TheDVD1992
DVD3035 Life of PiDVD2012
5374V Light in the Forest, TheVHS1958
DVD2121 Little WomenDVD1994
3871V Long Day's Journey Into NightVHS1962
4783V Long, Hot SummerVHS1958
DVD335 Look Back in AngerDVD1959
2708V Look Back in AngerVHS1989
DVD1973 Lord Edgware DiesDVD1999
BLU21 Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the RingDVD2001
DVD250 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Fellowship of the RingDVD2001
4591V Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingVHS2001
DVD471 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Return of the KingDVD2003
DVD339 Lord of the Rings: Two TowersDVD2002
DVD3438 Lost Honor of Katharina Blum, The, Die Verlorene Ehre der Katharina BlumDVD1975
DVD394 Lost in the StarsDVD1974
DVD1083 Love in a Cold ClimateDVD2000
DVD4159 Love's Labour's LostDVD1985
661V Love's Labours LostVHS1984
4229V Love's Labours LostVHS2000
DVD286 LutherDVD1974
5373V LyddieDVD
328V MacbethVHS1979
662V MacbethVHS1982
DVD223 MacbethDVD1982
2906V MacbethVHS1971
2907V MacbethVHS1948
DVD483 Macbeth, Tragedy of MacbethDVD1971
DVD3725 MacbethDVD1971
DVD287 Maids, TheDVD1974
DVD388 Man in the Glass Booth, TheDVD1975
DVD814 Man Who Walked Between the Towers, TheDVD
DVD1719 Man Who Would Be King, TheDVD1975
DVD2450 Man With the Golden Arm, TheDVD1955
2079V Mansfield ParkVHS1986
DVD316 Marat/Sade, Marat SadeDVD1966
DVD1825 Marie AntoinetteDVD2006
2834V Marlowe's Faust, FaustVHS1989
DVD4099 Martian, TheDVD2015
2667V Martin the CobblerVHS1976
DVD4244 MauriceDVD1987
663V Measure for MeasureVHS1979
DVD424 Measure for MeasureDVD1978
DVD426 MedeaDVD1959
664V Merchant of VeniceVHS1980
DVD425 Merchant of VeniceDVD1980
2914V Merchant of VeniceVHS1974
DVD669 Merchant of Venice, TheDVD2000
665V Merry Wives of Windsor, TheVHS1982
152V Message and the MythVHS1988
643V Midsummer Night's DreamVHS1981
2912V Midsummer Night's DreamVHS1968
3895V Midsummer Night's DreamVHS1935
DVD2961 Mildred PierceDVD2011
DVD1378 Millionairess, TheDVD1972
DVD3682 Mister JohnsonDVD1990
DVD3978 Mockingjay, Part 1, Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1DVD2014
DVD3979 Mockingjay, Part 2, Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2DVD2015
3196V Moll FlandersVHS1996
DVD2977 MoneyballDVD2011
4002V Mrs. DallowayVHS1997
DVD1375 Mrs. Warren's ProfessionDVD1972
666V Much Ado About NothingVHS1980
2721V Much Ado About NothingVHS1993
DVD1974 Murder in MesopotamiaDVD2000
DVD1972 Murder of Roger AckroydDVD1999
DVD1110 Mysterious SkinDVD2004
DVD1232 Naked City, TheDVD1948
BLU44 Name of the Rose, TheDVD1986
DVD2060 Namesake, TheDVD2006
DVD3465 Never Let Me GoDVD2010
2666V Night of the HunterVHS1955
4064V Night of the IguanaVHS1964
DVD983 Night of the iguana, TheDVD1964
DVD4334 NightjohnDVD1996
4637V North and South, North and South, Book 1VHS1985
4638V North and South II, North and South, Book IIVHS1986
DVD1621 Northanger AbbeyDVD1987
DVD2654 Northwest PassageDVD1940
DVD2317 Notes on a ScandalDVD2006
2897V O Pioneers!VHS1991
2639V Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, An, Riviere du Hibou, LaVHS1962
2892V Oedipus at ColonusVHS1986
1028V Oedipus RexVHS1957
DVD434 Oedipus RexDVD1957
DVD435 Oedipus the KingDVD1986
2891V Oedipus the KingVHS1986
2313V Old Man and the SeaVHS1958
DVD655 OleannaDVD1994
2160V Oliver TwistVHS1985
DVD1637 Oliver!DVD1968
2939V Oresteia, AgamemnonVHS1983
667V OthelloVHS1981
DVD224 OthelloDVD1981
2765V OthelloVHS1995
3005V OthelloVHS1990
DVD487 OthelloDVD1995
DVD485 Othello, Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of VeniceDVD1952
DVD3160 Our TownDVD2005
DVD2658 Out of SightDVD1998
DVD2725 Ox-Bow IncidentDVD1943
DVD1832 Painted Skin, Hua PiDVD2008
DVD1775 Peaceful WarriorDVD2006
DVD2454 Pepe le MokoDVD1936
DVD2031 Perceval, Perceval le GalloisDVD1978
668V PericlesVHS1980
DVD4160 Pericles, Pericles, Prince of TyreDVD1984
2682V PersuasionVHS1995
DVD392 Philadelphia, Here I Come!DVD1975
3872V Piano Lesson, TheVHS1995
2338V Place in the SunVHS1951
DVD1248 Place in the Sun, ADVD1951
2734V Playboy of the Western WorldVHS1985
2806V Portrait of a LadyVHS1996
BLU100 Prestige, TheDVD2006
DVD1199 Pride & PrejudiceDVD2005
DVD1215 Pride & PrejudiceDVD1995
1994V Pride and PrejudiceVHS1985
3261V Pride and PrejudiceVHS1995
2958V Prince of Tides, TheVHS1991
DVD2539 Princess Bride, TheDVD1987
DVD3073 Pumpkim Eater, TheDVD1964
DVD3073 Pumpkim Eater, TheDVD1964
2618V PygmalionVHS1938
DVD1376 PygmalionDVD1973
DVD3678 QuerelleDVD1982
DVD1970 Quest for FireDVD1981
DVD2435 Quo VadisDVD1951
5188V Rainmaker, TheVHS1956
DVD228 Raisin in the SunDVD1961
1042V Raisin in the Sun, AVHS1961
3809V Raisin in the Sun, AVHS1961
DVD1909 Reader, TheDVD2008
DVD1397 Red Planet MarsDVD1952
5113V Reflections in a Golden EyeVHS1967
DVD288 RhinocerosDVD1974
669V Richard II, King Richard IIVHS1978
DVD4161 Richard II, King Richard the SecondDVD1978
670V Richard III, Tragedy of Richard IIIVHS1982
2644V Richard III, Richard the ThirdVHS1995
2645V Richard III, Richard the ThirdVHS1995
2904V Richard IIIVHS1955
DVD1752 Ring, TheDVD2002
2856V Rise of Greek Tragedy, Oedipus the KingVHS1975
5375V Roll of Thunder Hear My CryVHS1979
1645V Roll of Thunder, Hear My CryVHS1979
DVD984 Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, TheDVD1961
671V Romeo and JulietVHS1978
2684V Romeo and Juliet, Romeo + JulietVHS1996
DVD423 Romeo and JulietDVD1978
3338V Romeo and JulietVHS1968
DVD1256 Room with a ViewDVD1985
DVD1282 RootsDVD1977
DVD3840 Samurai I: Musashi MiyamotoDVD1954
DVD3841 Samurai II: Duel at Ichijoji Temple, Zoku Miyamoto Musashi: Ichij?ji no Kett? DVD1955
DVD3842 Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu IslandDVD1956
2623V ScarfaceVHS1932
2896V Scarlet Letter, TheVHS1987
DVD1763 Scarlet Pimpernel, TheDVD1934
2279V Scenes from the Country Wife, Country Wife, TheVHS1992
1027V School for ScandalVHS1965
4301V Seagull, The, Sea Gull, TheVHS1975
DVD2381 Seagull, TheDVD1975
3V Second Shepherd's Play, Early English DramaVHS1975
2393V Sense and SensibilityVHS1995
2078V Sense and SensibilityVHS1986
2970V Sheltering Sky, TheVHS1990
DVD3459 SiddarthaDVD1972
DVD3235 Silver Linings PlaybookDVD2012
DVD3001 SkinDVD2008
DVD767 Snowflake BentleyDVD
DVD958 Soldados de SalminaDVD
2182V Sophocles' Ajax, AjaxVHS1992
5367V SounderVHS2002
5366V SounderVHS1972
DVD1777 StardustDVD2007
5376V Stone FoxDVD
DVD3983 Story of Qiu Ju, The, Qiuju da guan siDVD1992
2703V Streetcar Named DesireVHS1951
DVD380 Streetcar Named Desire, ADVD1951
DVD980 Streetcar Named Desire, ADVD1951
DVD3028 Sugar Cane Alley, Rue Cases-NègresDVD1983
5377V Summer of My German SoliderVHS1978
DVD982 Sweet Bird of YouthDVD1961
5356V Tale of Two Cities, AVHS1958
DVD673 Tales of Beatrix Potter, TheDVD1971
672V Taming of the ShrewVHS1980
2905V Taming of the ShrewVHS1967
DVD3690 Tarzan, Volume OneDVD1932
673V TempestVHS1979
2739V TempestVHS1982
DVD2997 Tempest, TheDVD2009
429V Tender PlacesVHS1985
DVD979 Tennessee Williams' SouthDVD1973
2975V TessVHS1980
DVD2828 Their Eyes Were Watching GodDVD2004
DVD390 Three SistersDVD1970
2842V Three SistersVHS1965
DVD1229 Time Out of War, ADVD1954
674V Timon of AthensVHS1981
DVD4162 Timon of AthensDVD1981
DVD2972 Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyDVD2011
DVD1293 Tipping the VelvetDVD2002
DVD211 TitusDVD1999
675V Titus AndronicusVHS1985
DVD4163 Titus AndronicusDVD1985
2553V To Kill a MockingbirdVHS1962
DVD1196 To Kill a MockingbirdDVD1962
DVD2541 Town, TheDVD2010
1030V Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice, OthelloVHS1952
DVD3562 TriageDVD2009
DVD4165 Troilus & Cressida, Troilus and CressidaDVD1981
676V Troilus and CressidaVHS1981
DVD1270 Tunel, ElDVD1977
3981V Turn of the Screw, TheVHS1999
677V Twelfth NightVHS1980
2950V Twelfth NightVHS1988
3197V Twelfth NightVHS1996
2521V Twelve Angry MenVHS1957
DVD3789 TwilightDVD2008
678V Two Gentlemen of VeronaVHS1983
DVD4165 Two Gentlemen of Verona, TheDVD1983
372V UlyssesVHS1967
DVD1577 UlyssesDVD1955
1148V Uncle Tom's CabinVHS1983
3043V Uncle Tom's CabinVHS1903
DVD1641 Virgin Suicides, TheDVD1999
4391V Viva Zapata!VHS1952
4V Waiting for GodotVHS1988
970V Waiting for GodotVHS1988
DVD2341 WalkaboutDVD1971
DVD1627 War and Peace, Voĭna i mirDVD1967
DVD1750 Warriors, TheDVD1979
3112V Washington SquareVHS1997
DVD2463 Washington SquareDVD1997
2180V Wasps: A Comedy by Aristophanes, WaspsVHS1995
DVD2170 Where the Wild Things AreDVD2009
3849V Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?VHS1966
DVD768 Wild About BooksDVD
DVD780 Wild GeeseDVD1978
DVD3301 Wings of the DoveDVD1997
679V Winter's TaleVHS1981
4564V Winter's Tale, AVHS2001
DVD2415 Winter's Tale, TheDVD2001
DVD4166 Winter's Tale, TheDVD1981
3075V Wise BloodVHS1979
712V Wuthering HeightsVHS1971
DVD1241 Wuthering HeightsDVD1970