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Historical Drama Film Listing

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DVD3589 12 Years a SlaveDVD2013
DVD2607 300 Spartans, TheDVD1962
DVD4129 Abraham Lincoln, Struggle, TheDVD1930
DVD3764 AgoraDVD2009
4743V AkropolisVHS1971
3706V Alamo, TheVHS1960
DVD1992 Amazing GraceDVD2006
DVD2687 American PastimeDVD2007
DVD3728 And Starring Pancho Villa as HimselfDVD2003
2130V Anne of the Thousand DaysVHS1969
DVD2973 ArgoDVD2012
4291V BecketVHS1964
BLU89 BelleDVD2013
DVD4092 Big Short, TheDVD2015
DVD2 Birth of a Nation, Clansman, TheDVD1915
2444V Birth of a Nation, Clansman, TheVHS1915
DVD306 Birth of a Nation, Clansman, TheDVD1915
1634V Birth of a Nation, Clansman, TheVHS1915
DVD4097 Bridge of SpiesDVD2015
DVD3737 Burning BushDVD2013
DVD4246 ConvictionDVD2010
DVD4100 Danish Girl, TheDVD2015
DVD2242 Demetrius and the GladiatorsDVD1954
2826V Edward the Seventh, Edward VIIVHS1985
3580V ElizabethVHS1998
2672V Elizabeth RVHS1971
DVD2174 Elizabeth RDVD1971
3586V Eva Peron: The True StoryVHS1996
DVD1729 Fall of the Roman Empire, TheDVD1964
DVD3877 FoxcatcherDVD2014
DVD4229 Free State of JonesDVD2016
1615V GandhiVHS1982
DVD3466 GandhiDVD1982
DVD1828 Gathering Storm, TheDVD2002
DVD4254 Girl with a Pearl EaringDVD2003
4715V Grey ZoneVHS2001
DVD2929 Hatfields & McCoysDVD2012
DVD2632 Having Our SayDVD1999
4900V Heaven on EarthVHS1986
DVD2086 I, ClaudiusDVD1976
DVD1872 Ike: Countdown to D-DayDVD2004
DVD3894 Imitation Game, TheDVD2014
DVD2093 Into the StormDVD2009
DVD2584 InvictusDVD2009
DVD2792 Iron Lady, TheDVD2011
3036V JFKVHS1991
DVD1084 JinnahDVD1998
DVD4255 Joyeux NoelDVD2005
3409V Judgment at NuremburgVHS1961
DVD3766 Julius CaesarDVD2002
DVD4070 KinseyDVD2004
4427V Lady JaneVHS1986
DVD3767 Last Legion, TheDVD2007
DVD3039 LincolnDVD2012
4290V Lion in Winter, AVHS1968
1197V Malcolm XVHS1992
DVD3951 Malcolm XDVD1992
1546V Man For All SeasonsVHS1966
3693V Message: The Story of IslamVHS1976
2787V Michael CollinsVHS1996
DVD2849 Michael CollinsDVD1996
DVD1883 MilkDVD2008
4762V Minions of the RaceVHS2002
DVD3695 MissingDVD1982
DVD3720 Monuments Men, TheDVD2014
3711V MosesVHS1975
DVD1031 MunichDVD2005
DVD3559 New World, TheDVD2005
4162V NixonVHS1995
4637V North and South, North and South, Book 1VHS1985
4638V North and South II, North and South, Book IIVHS1986
DVD1852 Out of the AshesDVD2002
3678V Pawnbroker, TheVHS1964
3954V Philby, Burgess and Maclean: The Spies in WhitehallVHS1977
4905V Pianist, TheVHS2002
DVD4136 PrideDVD2014
DVD4241 Pursuit of HappynessDVD2006
DVD2906 RecountDVD2008
DVD3854 Remeber the TitansDVD2000
DVD4170 Revenant, TheDVD2015
947V RoanoakVHS1986
DVD2087 Rome, The Complete First Season, Rome Season 1DVD2006
DVD2088 Rome, The Complete Second Season, Rome Season 2DVD2007
DVD4171 RomeroDVD1989
DVD3629 Scarlett Empress, TheDVD1934
DVD3996 SelmaDVD2014
2673V Six Wives of Henry VIIIVHS1971
4879V Slave ShipVHS1997
DVD2800 SnowDVD2011
DVD3882 Tales from the Land of GullahDVD1999
DVD3618 The ButlerDVD2013
DVD3880 Theory of Everything, TheDVD2014
DVD3706 Thirteen DaysDVD2001
4225V Uncle Sam: The Movie CollectionVHS
DVD2645 Viva Zapata!DVD1952
DVD2970 World War II Behind Closed DoorsDVD2008
DVD1857 World War II: When Lions RoaredDVD1994
3062V Young Mr. LincolnVHS1939
DVD3212 Zero Dark ThirtyDVD2012