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DVD1330 10th District Court, The, 10e ChambreDVD
DVD3240 11th Hour, The, Eleventh Hour, TheDVD2007
3203V 1968: America is Hard to See, 1968, America is Hard to SeeVHS1968
DVD2847 1982, La Decisión del Presidente DVD2008
DVD3591 20 Feet from StardomDVD2013
DVD2077 24 City, Er shi si cheng jiDVD2008
DVD4113 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten BulletsDVD2015
DVD752 3 Girls I KnowDVD
DVD2158 4 Little Girls, Four Little GirlsDVD1997
DVD2989 5 Broken Cameras, Five Broken CamerasDVD2011
DVD2358 9500 LibertyDVD2010
DVD3440 Addressing the NationDVD2008
DVD2091 Africa RisingDVD
DVD3038 After KonyDVD2011
DVD3522 Age of Stupid, TheDVD2008
DVD2076 Agronomist, TheDVD
DVD4256 Ai Weiwei: Never SorryDVD2011
DVD1419 All My BabiesDVD1952
DVD3626 America the Beautiful 2DVD2012
4899V American Movie, Making of Northwestern, TheVHS1999
DVD3211 American MysticDVD2011
DVD2854 American Super-8 Revolution, TheDVD1972
DVD2888 American TeacherDVD2011
DVD4284 Among the BelieversDVD2015
DVD2299 Amos Oz, The Nature of DreamsDVD
DVD2352 Animating Reality: A Collection of Short FilmsDVD2010
DVD2278 Ant FarmDVD1975
DVD2165 Antonia Pantoja: Presente!DVD2009
5287V At the Winter Sea Ice Camp, Pt 2VHS1967
3089V Atomic CafeVHS1982
DVD2674 Atomic Cafe, TheDVD1982
DVD1865 Autism: The MusicalDVD2007
DVD2923 BabiesDVD2010
DVD708 BalserosDVD2003
1873V BarakaVHS1992
DVD1908 BarakaDVD1992
DVD2855 Barbecue & Home CookingDVD2004
DVD2840 Battle for BrooklynDVD2011
DVD3700 Battle of Chile, The, Batalla de Chile, LaDVD1975
DVD1546 Beauty Academy of Kabul, TheDVD2004
DVD1518 Becoming John FordDVD2007
DVD2124 Beer WarsDVD
DVD3281 Beijing Besieged By Waste, La ji wei chengDVD2011
DVD4330 Being ElmoDVD2011
DVD4114 Bergman Island: Ingmar Bergman on Faro Island, Cinema and LiDVD2004
DVD474 Best Boy, Best ManDVD1979
DVD2990 Better This WorldDVD2011
DVD1685 Beyond the Classroom: ChinaDVD2007
DVD2681 Beyond the Classroom: JamaicaDVD2009
DVD1866 Bigger Stronger FasterDVD
DVD3887 Birth of the Living DeadDVD2013
DVD3291 Black Sea FilesDVD
DVD2714 Black TheatreDVD1978
DVD3609 Blood BrotherDVD2013
3906V Blood of the Beasts, The, Sang des Betes, LeVHS1949
DVD1425 Blood of the Beasts, The, Le Sang Des BetesDVD1949
DVD4300 Blowing Up Russia, Pokushenie na Rossii?uDVD2002
DVD1469 Blue VinylDVD2002
DVD3236 Booker's Place: A Mississippi StoryDVD2012
DVD823 Born Into BrothelsDVD2004
DVD312 Bowling for ColumbineDVD2002
4771V Bowling for ColumbineVHS2002
DVD1842 Boys of 2nd Street ParkDVD2002
DVD2125 Bragging Rites: The Carolina-Clemson RivalryDVD2003
3930V Bread Day, Khlebnyi DenVHS1998
DVD824 Bright LeavesDVD
DVD1520 Bringing Down A DictatorDVD2001
DVD3224 Broadway Musicals: A Jewish LegacyDVD2013
DVD3452 Brooklyn MattersDVD2007
DVD2856 Brunswick StewDVD2005
3610V Buena Vista Social ClubVHS1999
DVD3049 BullyDVD2011
2524V Burden of DreamsVHS1982
DVD2857 Burgoo!: A Southern TraditionDVD2008
DVD858 Burma DiaryDVD1997
DVD3958 Bus 174DVD2002
DVD516 Bush's BrainDVD2004
DVD2775 By Invitation OnlyDVD2006
DVD1048 C.S.A., The Confederate States of AmericaDVD2004
DVD1341 Cabin FieldDVD
DVD2235 Call of the Wild, TheDVD2007
4389V Calle 54VHS2000
BLU115 CamerapersonDVD2016
DVD3859 Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?DVD2006
DVD857 Candles for New YearsDVD1992
DVD1921 Capturing Reality: The Art of DocumentaryDVD2008
DVD2471 Carbon NationDVD2011
DVD4096 Case Against 8, TheDVD2014
DVD2968 Cedars in the Pines, Cedars in the Pines: lebanese in North CarolinaDVD2012
DVD1524 Chain Of Love, Keten Van LiefdeDVD2000
DVD859 Charcoal People of Brazil, The, Os carvoeirosDVD1999
4309V Charleen, BackyardVHS1980
DVD4323 Chine, LaDVD1972
DVD2691 Chop Socky, Chop Socky: Cinema Hong KongDVD2003
4736V Chronicle of a Summer, Chronique d'un EteVHS1961
DVD3822 Chronicle of a Summer, Chronique d'un été DVD1961
DVD3822 Chronicle of a Summer, Chronique d'un été DVD1961
DVD4069 CitizenfourDVD2014
2611V Classic DocumentariesVHS
2612V Classic Documentaries, pt. 2VHS
4769V Classified XVHS1997
DVD3299 Client 9, Client NineDVD2010
DVD2359 Club NativeDVD2007
DVD1952 Colors Straight UpDVD1997
DVD3504 Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's HopeDVD2012
DVD1062 Concrete Revolution, TheDVD2004
DVD1904 Consuming KidsDVD2008
DVD1068 Contract, The, Contrato, ElDVD2004
DVD1047 Corporation, TheDVD
DVD4337 Cotton RoadDVD2014
DVD2105 Cove, TheDVD2009
DVD3467 Crazy WisdomDVD2010
DVD3890 Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1DVD2013
DVD1541 Crisis: Behind a Presidential CommitmentDVD
DVD2890 Crossing BordersDVD2009
DVD1438 Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of IstanbulDVD2005
DVD2271 CrudeDVD2009
DVD402 CrumbDVD1994
DVD3582 Cutie and the BoxerDVD2013
DVD1315 Darfur DiariesDVD2005
DVD3694 Darwin's NightmareDVD2004
5244V David Holzman's DiaryVHS1967
DVD3576 David Wants to FlyDVD2010
DVD4325 Dawson City, Dawson City: Frozen TimeDVD2016
5073V Day Without a MexicanVHS2004
DVD4326 Deep RunDVD2015
DVD1568 Devil Came on Horseback, TheDVD
DVD2237 Dirt!DVD2009
DVD3583 Dirty WarsDVD2013
DVD3203 Divided We FallDVD2006
DVD3756 Dog, TheDVD2013
DVD782 Dogtown and Z-BoysDVD2001
DVD3567 Double DareDVD2004
DVD1491 Drowned OutDVD2004
DVD2168 Education of Shelby Knox, TheDVD2005
DVD2821 El Bulli: Cooking in ProgressDVD2010
DVD4335 Empowerment Project, TheDVD2014
DVD2994 Encounters at the End of the WorldDVD2007
DVD3785 Endless Summer, TheDVD1966
DVD3965 Enlighten Up!DVD2008
DVD828 Enron: The Smartest Guys in the RoomDVD
DVD3760 EthelDVD2012
DVD2071 Everything's CoolDVD2007
DVD2333 Evolution of Dad, TheDVD2010
DVD2532 Experimental Eskimos, TheDVD2009
DVD2426 Exporting RaymondDVD2010
DVD2437 F for FakeDVD1976
DVD507 Fahrenheit 9/11, Fahrenheit 9 11DVD2004
DVD4195 Family NameDVD1997
DVD409 Fast, Cheap and Out of ControlDVD1997
DVD932 Field Diary, Arena of MurderDVD1982
DVD917 First Amendment Project, TheDVD2004
DVD2488 First Person PluralDVD2000
DVD2349 Flight From DeathDVD2003
DVD1882 FlowDVD2008
DVd1354 Following SeanDVD2005
DVD2181 Food, Inc, Food Inc.DVD2008
DVD1957 Forget BaghdadDVD2002
3570V Four Little GirlsVHS1997
DVD2298 Fourth Dimension, The, 4th Dimension, TheDVD
DVD1830 Fremont, U.S.A.DVD
DVD2622 From Mambo to Hip HopDVD2006
DVD1624 From the Ground UpDVD
DVD1070 Future of Food, TheDVD
DVD2336 Garbage DreamsDVD2009
DVD2449 GaslandDVD2010
DVD726 Gates of HeavenDVD1978
4510V Genghis BluesVHS1999
DVD403 Gimme ShelterDVD1970
DVD3748 Girl RisingDVD2013
DVD1454 Global WarmingDVD2005
DVD1399 Goodbye CP, Sayônara CPDVD1972
DVD3501 Google and the World BrainDVD2013
DVD3614 Greatest Movie Ever Sold, TheDVD2011
DVD1669 Greatest Silence, TheDVD2007
4895V Grey GardensVHS1975
DVD3757 Grey GardensDVD1975
4631V Grin Without a Cat, A, Fond de L'Aur est RougeVHS1977
DVD971 Grizzly ManDVD2005
DVD3886 Half the RoadDVD2014
DVD2852 Half the SkyDVD2012
DVD2858 Hallowed GroundDVD2007
DVD2898 Happy Endings?DVD2009
DVD1428 Harlan County, U.S.A.DVD1976
DVD3521 Hava Nagila, The MovieDVD2012
5339V Healthy Baby Girl, AVHS1996
DVD3743 Hearts of Darkness, Hearts of Darkness: a Filmmaker's ApocalypseDVD1991
DVD2979 Hell and Back AgainDVD2011
DVD1632 HelveticaDVD
DVD1230 Henri Langlois: Phantom of the CinemathequeDVD2005
DVD3673 High SchoolDVD1991
DVD3641 Hollywood on TrialDVD1976
DVD1474 Homo Sapiens 1900DVD1998
DVD3946 Hoop DreamsDVD1994
DVD931 House, House in Jerusalem, ADVD1979
DVD1984 How Little We Know About Our NeighboursDVD2005
DVD2995 How to Survive a PlagueDVD2012
DVD4336 I Am Not Your NegroDVD2016
DVD2209 I.O.U.S.A.DVD2008
DVD2986 If a Tree FallsDVD2011
DVD2092 Illuminator and a Bible for the 21st Century, TheDVD2003
DVD563 Image of an Assassination: A New Look at the Zapruder Film, Zapruder FilmDVD
DVD2486 In the Matter of Cha Jung HeeDVD2010
5274V In the Name of Love, Modern Day Mail Order BridesVHS
DVD733 In This WorldDVD2004
DVD3286 Incendiary, Incendiary: The Willingham CaseDVD2011
DVD1092 Inconvenient Truth, AnDVD2006
DVD3604 Inequality for AllDVD2013
DVD2625 InfamyDVD2005
DVD4121 Ingmar Bergman Makes a MovieDVD1963
2493V Innocents AbroadVHS1991
DVD3305 Inside Deep ThroatDVD2005
DVD2354 Inside JobDVD2010
DVD4327 Inside the Chinese ClosetDVD2015
DVD4245 Iron Ministry, TheDVD2014
DVD1453 Is Wal-Mart Good for AmericaDVD2004
2531V IsadoraVHS1966
DVD2992 Island President, TheDVD2011
DVD3578 Ister, TheDVD2004
DVD2265 Jesus CampDVD2006
DVD3223 Jews and BaseballDVD2010
DVD2275 Jihad for Love, ADVD2007
DVD2817 Jiro Dreams of SushiDVD2011
DVD3279 KhodorkovskyDVD2012
DVD1495 King CornDVD2007
DVD3482 KumareDVD2012
3453V Land Without BreadVHS1933
DVD1017 Last Campaign, TheDVD2005
DVD2137 Last Conquistador, TheDVD2007
DVD3931 Last Train HomeDVD2009
DVD3806 Les Blank: Always a PleasureDVD1995
DVD1475 Little Rock Central, 50 Years LaterDVD2007
DVD3290 Live Nude Girls Unite!DVD2000
DVD2844 LondonDVD1994
4072V Long Way Home, TheVHS1997
DVD3984 Look of Silence, TheDVD2014
2715V Looking for RichardVHS1996
DVD992 Loop Dreams, Making of a Low Budget Movie, TheDVD2001
DVD1480 Losers And WinnersDVD2007
DVD3308 Lost & FoundDVD2003
5046V Lost and FoundVHS2003
DVD911 Lost Boys of SudanDVD2003
BLU75 Lost Lost Lost & WaldenDVD2015
DVD3436 Lost Reels of Pancho Villa, The, Rollos Perdidos de Pancho Villa, LosDVD2003
2358V Louisiana StoryVHS1948
DVD2774 Mad Hot BallroomDVD2005
DVD1534 Made Over In AmericaDVD2007
5064V Mai's AmericaVHS2002
DVD2374 Man From Plains, Jimmy Carter Man From PlainsDVD2007
DVD1860 Man On WireDVD2007
DVD4059 Man, When He Is a Man, A, Hombre, Cuando es el Hombre, ElDVD1982
DVD3289 ManDoveDVD2012
DVD884 March of the PenguinsDVD2005
DVD3730 Maria in Nobody's LandDVD2010
DVD2822 Matter of Taste, ADVD2010
DVD1636 May I Speak?, Puedo Hablar?DVD
DVD2846 Mayan Trilogy: Life, Death, & MigrationDVD2008
DVD3490 Meishi StreetDVD2006
BLU84 Merchants of DoubtDVD2014
DVD1455 Meth Epidemic, TheDVD2006
3219V Millhouse: A White ComedyVHS1971
DVD2525 Miss RepresentationDVD2011
DVD4058 Miss Universe in Peru, Miss Universo en el PeruDVD1982
DVD3645 Missing Picture, TheDVD2013
2952V Moana: A Romance of the Golden AgeVHS1925
DVD2917 MondovinoDVD2004
DVD3238 Money and Medicine, Money & MedicineDVD2012
DVD3480 Money for NothingDVD2013
DVD4048 Moro No BrasilDVD2002
DVD2090 Most Dangerous Man in America, TheDVD
DVD2430 Motherhood Manifesto, TheDVD
DVD3549 Moving MidwayDVD2007
3351V Mr. Hoover and IVHS1989
4781V Murder on a Sunday MorningVHS2001
DVD1994 Muse of FireDVD
DVD724 My Architect, A Son's JourneyDVD2003
DVD1182 My Country, My CountryDVD2006
DVD1815 My Daughter the TerroristDVD2007
DVD2166 My Home- Your WarDVD2006
DVD1429 Night Mail, West HighlandDVD1936
DVD2069 No Impact ManDVD2009
DVD2861 Nothing to ProveDVD2009
DVD4331 OJ: Made in AmericaDVD2016
DVD4275 On the BoweryDVD1956
DVD564 One Day in SeptemberDVD1999
DVD1996 Operation HomecomingDVD2007
DVD4110 Oratorio for PragueDVD1968
DVD3688 Our Brand is CrisisDVD2005
DVD3937 Our City DreamsDVD2008
DVD1449 Our Nation: A Korean Punk Rock Community DVD
DVD490 Outfoxed, Outfoxed: Ruper Murdoch's War on JournalismDVD2004
DVD1960 Oxford American Best of the South DVDDVD2008
DVD2534 Page OneDVD2011
3156V Painters PaintingVHS1972
DVD3644 Panama Deception, TheDVD1992
DVD993 Paper ClipsDVD2004
DVD3967 Paper DollsDVD2006
DVD1471 Paper, TheDVD2007
DVD2980 Paradise Lost 3: PurgatoryDVD2011
DVD3453 Paraiso For SaleDVD2011
2630V Paris is BurningVHS1990
DVD2679 Paris is BurningDVD1990
DVD2164 Patsy Mink: Ahead of the MajorityDVD2008
DVD3759 Paycheck to Paycheck, Paycheck to Paycheck: The Life & Times of Katrina GilbertDVD2014
DVD3913 Peasant Family Happiness, Nong Jia LeDVD2012
DVD2934 People vs. George Lucas, TheDVD2010
DVD2862 People Who Take Up Serpents, TheDVD1974
DVD3985 People's Park, Ren Min Gong YuanDVD2012
DVD3237 Pink Ribbons, Inc.DVD2012
3378V Plot to Kill JFK: Rush To Judgment, Rush to JudgmentVHS1967
DVD1995 Plow That Broke The Plains, Night MailDVD1934
DVD1427 Plow that Broke the Plains, The, River, TheDVD1936
DVD808 Point of OrderDVD1964
DVD2967 Poster GirlDVD2010
DVD2870 Precious KnowledgeDVD2011
DVD562 PrimaryDVD1960
DVD2964 Pruitt-Igoe Myth, TheDVD2011
DVD1822 Pumping Iron II: The WomenDVD1985
DVD1451 Quien Diablos es Juliette?, Who the Hell Is Juliette?DVD1997
DVD2786 Race to NowhereDVD2010
DVD2139 Radio BikiniDVD1987
DVD2089 Rain in a Dry LandDVD
DVD864 Rancho California (por favor)DVD2002
DVD2557 Rape of Europa, TheDVD2006
DVD1468 ReassemblageDVD1982
DVD2438 Rebels With a CauseDVD2000
DVD2251 Record Player, Christian MarclayDVD2000
DVD1090 Reel Bad ArabsDVD2006
5252V Reel IrishVHS
DVD3794 ReligulousDVD2008
DVD1542 Reporters at War: War, Lies, & VideotapeDVD2003
3352V Resident AlienVHS1990
DVD1538 Revolution '67DVD2007
DVD321 Revolution OSDVD2001
DVD2843 Robinson in SpaceDVD1997
2478V Roger & Me, Roger and MeVHS1989
DVD320 Roger and Me, Roger & MeDVD1989
5054V Rose's Dream, 10 Years LaterVHS2000
2628V SalesmanVHS1969
3241V Salt of the EarthVHS1954
BLU63 Salt of the Earth, TheDVD2014
1438V Sans Soleil, SunlessVHS1982
DVD2072 Scarred Lands & Wounded LivesDVD2008
DVD2409 School On the MoveDVD2008
DVD2246 ScratchDVD2001
DVD2993 Searching for Sugar ManDVD2012
DVD1067 Searching for the Wrong- Eyed JesusDVD2004
DVD3031 Second SkinDVD2008
DVD3892 Self Portrait: Dancing at 47KMDVD2012
DVD2081 Seoul TrainDVD2004
DVD2985 Shakespeare HighDVD2012
DVD4329 She's Beautiful When She's AngryDVD2014
DVD2863 Sheep Stew of Dundas, TheDVD2001
DVD439 Sherman's MarchDVD1986
3550V Sherman's MarchVHS1986
DVD2408 Show BusinessDVD2007
DVD4145 ShowrunnersDVD2015
DVD1488 SickoDVD2007
DVD2646 Sistema, ElDVD2009
4134V Six O'Clock NewsVHS1996
DVD796 Sixteen DecisionsDVD
DVD1959 Slacker UprisingDVD
DVD2492 Small Act, ADVD2010
DVD3298 Small Town Gay BarDVD2006
DVD2999 Soldier of the RoadDVD2011
2580V Something to Do with the WallVHS1991
DVD4050 Somewhere BetweenDVD2011
4343V Sonic OutlawsVHS1995
DVD2015 Sons of LwalaDVD
DVD2815 South of the BorderDVD2009
DVD2864 Southern RoutesDVD2005
DVD2865 Southern StewsDVD2002
DVD2063 Soviet Story, TheDVD
DVD741 Spanish Conquest of Mexico, TheDVD1999
DVD921 Spellbound, Everyone Wants the Last WordDVD2004
DVD2845 Split EstateDVD2009
DVD853 Spoils of War, Botin de GuerraDVD1999
DVD2055 Standard Operating ProcedureDVD2008
DVD208 Startup.comDVD2001
DVD416 Stone ReaderDVD2002
DVD3643 Stories We TellDVD2012
DVD3007 Story of Film, TheDVD2011
DVD2971 StoryCorps Animated ShortsDVD2012
DVD1418 Stranger With a CameraDVD2000
DVD986 Street FightDVD2006
DVD1494 Suffering of Sudan, TheDVD2007
DVD1523 Suicide KillersDVD2006
DVD2576 Sun Come UpDVD2010
DVD745 Sunset StoryDVD2003
5280V Susceptible to Kindness, Miss Evers' Boys and the Tuskegee Syphilis StudyVHS1994
DVD2070 Taking Root, Taking Root : The Vision of Wangari MaathDVD2008
DVD1749 Tambogrande: Mangos, Murder, MiningDVD
DVD843 TarnationDVD2004
DVD1526 Testing Hope: Grade 12 In the New South AfricaDVD2007
4600V Theremin: An Electronic OdysseyVHS1994
DVD2602 These Amazing ShadowsDVD2011
4069V Thin Blue Line, TheVHS1988
DVD1064 Thin Blue Line, TheDVD1988
DVD2412 ThirstDVD2003
DVD2675 This Black SoilDVD2004
DVD2823 This Film is Not Yet RatedDVD2006
4310V Time IndefiniteVHS1993
DVD2623 Tiny MachinesDVD1984
DVD1628 To Be and To Have, Etre et avoirDVD2002
DVD2991 Tokyo WakaDVD2012
DVD2866 Tower of the PotomacDVD1994
DVD1525 Town Bloody HallDVD1931
DVD2337 Toxic Sludge is Good for YouDVD2002
DVD713 Trial in East Kalimantan, The Benoaq Dayak ResistanceDVD1999
DVD1831 Trouble the WaterDVD
DVD2228 Tying the KnotDVD2004
DVD4292 TyrusDVD2015
DVD1721 Uganda RisingDVD
4877V Uncle Sam, the Movie Collection, Vol. 2VHS
5123V Uncle Sam, The Movie Collection, Volume 3VHS
4225V Uncle Sam: The Movie CollectionVHS
DVD3940 Uncle Yanco, Black PanthersDVD1968
DVD2402 UncoveredDVD
DVD2983 UndefeatedDVD2011
DVD1481 Undertaking, TheDVD2007
DVD4093 United in AngerDVD2011
DVD479 Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential ElectionDVD2004
2966V UnzippedVHS1995
DVD1065 Vernon, FloridaDVD1982
290V Vietnam, In the Year of the PigVHS1968
DVD2867 Virginia Brunswick StewDVD1998
DVD930 Wadi 1981- 1991, Wadi Grand Canyon 2001DVD2001
DVD2365 Waiting for "Superman"DVD2010
4664V War Game, TheVHS1966
DVD1529 War Made EasyDVD2007
DVD3696 War on Democracy, TheDVD2007
4133V War Room, TheVHS1993
DVD1543 War Tapes, TheDVD2006
4388V Wartime MomentsVHS
DVD2351 Waste LandDVD2009
DVD3889 Watchers of the SkyDVD2014
DVD2240 Water Front, TheDVD2007
DVD493 Weather Underground, TheDVD2003
DVD2779 Weiqi WondersDVD2012
DVD1117 When the Leeves BrokeDVD2005
3090V When We Were KingsVHS1996
DVD2686 When We Were KingsDVD1997
DVD3707 Who Is Dayani Cristal?DVD2013
DVD1060 Why We FightDVD2005
DVD2301 William Kunstler, Disturning the UniverseDVD2009
DVD1072 Winter SoliderDVD1972
DVD1575 Witches in ExileDVD2004
DVD1699 WordplayDVD
DVD1942 World According to Monsanto, TheDVD
DVD3239 Y.E.R.T., Y.E.R.T.: Your Environmental Road TripDVD2011
DVD2312 Yo Soy Boricus, Pa'que Tu Lo Sepas!, I'm Boricua, Just So You KnowDVD2006
DVD2900 You've Been TrumpedDVD
DVD3492 Zhao Liang: 3 Films DocumentariesDVD2010