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Experimental Cinema Film Listing

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DVD2628 15 Films by Jodie Mack, Fifteen Films by Jodi MackDVD2010
DVD2631 48th Ann Arbor Film Festival , Ann Arbor Film Festival Vol. 3DVD2010
DVD1337 Amatuer as Auter, TheDVD
DVD1308 Animate! Book DVDDVD2006
2425V Avant Garde and Experimental FilmsVHS
DVD831 Avante Garde: Experimental Films of the 1920's and '30'sDVD
3144V Beat and BeyondVHS
DVD1572 Body as Matrix, TheDVD2002
DVD1129 BranchesDVD
3630V Brothers Quay CollectionVHS
DVD348 By Brakhage: An AnthologyDVD
DVD1350 Chantal Akerman: Les Annees 70DVD
DVD3636 Chelsea Girls, TheDVD1966
4567V ChewVHS1993
DVD1130 CityscapesDVD
DVD2899 Collected Works of Phillip BarkerDVD2012
DVD2948 D.W. Griffith's Biograph ShortsDVD2002
DVD3262 Damned If You Don'tDVD1984
DVD1479 Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs, TheDVD1999
DVD1066 Decasia, The State of DecayDVD2002
DVD1333 Devil's Plaything, TheDVD
965V Divine Horsemen, Living Gods of HaitiVHS1977
DVD3966 Don Hertzfeldt, Volume Two, 2006-2011DVD2012
3549V Early AbstractionsVHS
DVD3051 Early Abstractions & Mirror Animations (1941-1957)DVD2007
DVD3934 Early Works of Cheryl Dunye, TheDVD1994
DVD4172 EraserheadDVD1977
2925V Experimental Avant Garde #18VHS
2635V Experimental Avant Garde #19VHS
DVD1571 Expressing the Inexpressible, Shirin Neshat : The Woman MovesDVD2000
DVD2437 F for FakeDVD1976
DVD4167 Film About a Woman Who...DVD1974
DVD2560 Films of James Broughton, TheDVD
DVD3642 Films of Jay RosenblattDVD2009
DVD3056 Films of Kenneth Anger, Complete Magick Lantern CycleDVD
4999V Films of Oskar Fischinger, Vol. 1VHS
3500V Flaming CreaturesVHS1963
DVD4047 Free Radicals, Free Radicals: A History of Experimental FilmDVD2011
DVD1570 Gary Hill: Transcending the Senses, Gary Hall: I Believe it is an ImageDVD2001
DVD4056 Germaine DulacDVD
DVD3040 Gunvor Nelson: DeparturesDVD2007
3914V Heaven and Earth MagicVHS1962
DVD3264 Hide and SeekDVD1996
4114V Hitler, Ein Film Aus DeutschlandVHS1977
DVD1678 House of Sweet Magic, TheDVD
DVD1984 How Little We Know About Our NeighboursDVD2005
5349V Images of the World and the Inscription of War, Bilder der Welt und Inschrift des KriegesVHS1988
DVD3208 IMages of the World and the Inscription of War, Bilder der Welt und Inschrift des KriegesDVD1988
DVD2531 Impossibility of Knowing, TheDVD2010
DVD1335 Inverted NarrativesDVD
2229V Jetee, Buck Rogers in the 25th CenturyVHS
DVD3029 Jordan Belson: 5 Essential FilmsDVD2007
DVD256 KoyaanisqatsiDVD1983
4370V KoyaanisqatsiVHS1983
2655V Kustom Kar KommandosVHS1965
DVD2746 Leighton PierceDVD
4695V Leighton Pierce: Recent Digital WorkVHS2002
DVD3030 Len Lye: RhythmsDVD2009
DVD2860 Licorice Train, TheDVD1969
DVD1334 Light Rhythms: Music and AbstractionsDVD
DVD1323 Lost Book FoundDVD1996
BLU75 Lost Lost Lost & WaldenDVD2015
2665V Man Ray Classic ShortsVHS
DVD974 Man With a Movie Camera, Chelovek s kino-apparatomDVD1929
1031V Man with a Movie Camera, The, Chellovek S Kino-ApparatomVHS1929
BLU74 Masterworks of American Avant-Garde Experimental Film, 1920-DVD2015
3913V Matthias Muller: Selected FilmsVHS
DVD2552 Maya Deren, Maya Deren Experimental FilmsDVD1943
2642V Maya Deren: Collected Experimental FilmsVHS
DVD1332 Mechanized Eye, TheDVD
DVD1135 Mini MoviesDVD
DVD1128 Modular MovesDVD2004
DVD2503 NaqoyatsiDVD2002
DVD1121 Norman McLaren: The Master's EditionDVD
3546V Obsessive BecomingVHS1995
DVD3265 Odds of Recovery, TheDVD2005
5348V On CannibalismVHS
3571V Pas de DeuxVHS1968
5291V Peter Rose, Volume IV, Language, LanguageVHS1999
DVD1336 Picturing a MetropolisDVD
4568V Plow the SkyVHS1991
DVD257 PowaqqatsiDVD1988
4566V Power of IgnoranceVHS1992
DVD3266 Seeing RedDVD2005
DVD3263 Sink or SwimDVD1990
DVD455 SlowDVD2001
4569V Spare TimeVHS1991
3651V Surveying the First DecadeVHS
DVD3209 Surveying the First Decade, Vidoe Art and Alternative Media in the U.S., 1968-1980DVD1995
DVD3606 Suticase of Love and ShameDVD2013
4194V Sweet MovieVHS1974
2937V Sympathy for the DevilVHS1968
DVD1493 Ten Films by Helen HillDVD
DVD3261 Ties That Bind, TheDVD1984
DVD2629 Time Pieces, Ann Arbor Film Festival Vol. 1DVD2008
DVD1134 To CareDVD
DVD2451 Treasures IV: American Avant Garde Film, 1947-1986DVD
DVD2630 Unexplored Territories, Ann Arbor Film Festival Vol. 2DVD2009
4009V Videos of Sadie Benning, The, Video Works of Sadie BenningVHS
DVd1321 Videos of Sadie Benning, TheDVD
4565V Vision ProblemsVHS1992
DVD1393 Vital Statistics of a Citizen, Simply ObtainedDVD1977
DVD1338 Viva la DanceDVD
DVD4324 What Farocki TaughtDVD1998
DVD1573 William Kentridge: Art from the AshesDVD1999