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Drama Cinema Film Listing

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DVD1547 12 Angry MenDVD1957
DVD1856 1984DVD1956
DVD2048 21 Grams, Twenty-One GramsDVD2003
DVD3930 25th HourDVD2002
1770V 84 Charing Cross Road, Eighty Four Charing Cross RoadVHS1987
DVD4129 Abraham Lincoln, Struggle, TheDVD1930
DVD772 Absence of MaliceDVD1981
DVD1382 AccidentDVD1967
DVD2897 AdorationDVD2008
BLU7 Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, TheDVD1994
DVD3860 Advise & ConsentDVD1962
DVD1790 AfflictionDVD1997
DVD1239 African Queen, TheDVD1951
DVD3303 Age of Innocence, The DVD1993
DVD3429 Alec Guinness 5 Film CollectionDVD2009
1532V All About EveVHS1950
DVD621 All About EveDVD1950
4059V All My SonsVHS1948
1517V All the King's MenVHS1949
3225V All the President's MenVHS1976
DVD927 All the President's MenDVD1976
DVD514 Almost FamousDVD2000
1085V AmadeusVHS1984
DVD126 American BeautyDVD1999
4026V American BeautyVHS1999
DVD204 American History XDVD1998
3275V AmistadVHS1997
DVD2882 Amores Perros, Love's a BitchDVD2000
1820V And the Band Played OnVHS1993
DVD3999 And the Band Played OnDVD1993
338V Andy Warhol's Trash, TrashVHS1970
DVD648 Angels in AmericaDVD2004
DVD1160 Angels Over BroadwayDVD1940
2268V Anna and the King of SiamVHS1946
5143V Anna Pavlova: A Woman for All Time, PavlovaVHS1996
DVD355 Anniversary Party, TheDVD2001
DVD355 Anniversary Party, TheDVD2001
DVD2291 Another CountryDVD1984
DVD3063 Another WomanDVD1988
DVD1888 ApocalyptoDVD2006
3343V Apollo 13VHS1995
3798V Apostle, TheVHS1997
1631V ArrowsmithVHS1931
4224V Ashes and EmbersVHS1982
1040V Atlantic CityVHS1980
DVD3602 August: Osage CountyDVD2013
DVD1497 AvalonDVD1990
DVD2050 BabelDVD2006
5111V Baby DollVHS1956
DVD985 Baby DollDVD1956
4676V BamboozledVHS2000
DVD2782 BamboozledDVD2000
DVD266 Barry LyndonDVD1975
BLU83 Barton FinkDVD1991
3091V Bastard out of CarolinaVHS1996
4590V Beautiful Mind, AVHS2001
DVD1473 Beckett On FilmDVD
4375V Before Night FallsVHS2000
4550V Beiderbecke AffairVHS1985
3808V BelovedVHS1998
DVD2288 BentDVD1997
DVD990 Bernice Bobs Her HairDVD1976
DVD106 Best Years of Our LivesDVD1946
1513V Best Years of Our LivesVHS1946
DVD1179 Big FishDVD2003
DVD800 Big Red One, TheDVD1980
DVD3714 Billy BuddDVD1962
4808V Billy ElliotVHS2000
DVD3879 BirdmanDVD2014
DVD3456 BirthDVD2004
2971V Bitter MoonVHS1994
2514V Bitter Tea of General YenVHS1933
DVD576 Black Film CollectionDVD
2956V Black NarcissusVHS1947
BLU95 Black NarcissusDVD1947
DVD194 Black RobeDVD1991
DVD2357 Black SwanDVD2010
2108V Blonde VenusVHS1932
3025V Blood of JesusVHS1941
2617V BlowupVHS1966
DVD3080 Blue SkyDVD1992
DVD2711 Bomb the SystemDVD2002
DVD3935 Born in FlamesDVD1983
DVD1503 Born Reckless, PilgrimageDVD1933
DVD3804 BoyhoodDVD2014
DVD3692 Bread & RosesDVD2000
4489V Bread and RosesVHS2000
1072V Breaker MorantVHS1979
BLU58 Breakfast Club, TheDVD1985
3660V Breaking the WavesVHS1996
DVD3775 Bride Came C.O.D., TheDVD1941
1586V Brig, TheVHS1964
4851V Broadcast NewsVHS1987
DVD919 Brokeback MountainDVD2005
DVD4112 BrooklynDVD2015
DVD547 Brother JohnDVD1970
DVD1011 BubbleDVD2005
DVD4046 Bucket List, TheDVD2007
DVD3771 Bureau of Missing PersonsDVD1933
DVD1846 Burn!DVD1969
2577V Bush MamaVHS1979
4005V Captain JackVHS1999
DVD4111 CarolDVD2015
DVD1040 Carole Lombard, The Glamour CollectionDVD
4191V Caroline?VHS1990
DVD30 CasablancaDVD1943
1540V CasablancaVHS1943
DVD381 CasablancaDVD1943
DVD3556 Cassandra's DreamDVD2008
DVD981 Cat on a Hot Tin RoofDVD1958
DVD451 Caught on a TrainDVD1980
1522V CavalcadeVHS1933
1590V Chariots of FireVHS1981
DVD1225 Cherry Orchard, TheDVD1981
4315V Child of Resistance, Hour GlassVHS1972
DVD1470 Children of MenDVD2006
4206V Children's HourVHS1961
DVD1773 Chimes at Midnight, FalstaffDVD1965
3962V Citadel, TheVHS1938
741V Citizen KaneVHS1941
DVD195 Citizen Kane, Battle over Citizen KaneDVD1941
2686V Citizen KaneVHS1941
DVD3858 City HallDVD1996
DVD2460 Clan of the Cave Bear, TheDVD1986
DVD2829 ClaudineDVD1974
DVD1464 CleopatraDVD1963
DVD1485 CleopatraDVD1934
DVD3798 CloserDVD2005
DVD3933 Clouds of Sils MariaDVD2014
2974V Color of Money, TheVHS1986
DVD432 Color PurpleDVD1985
2846V Color Purple, TheVHS1985
DVD453 Coming HomeDVD1998
DVD680 Coming HomeDVD1978
2799V Commitments, TheVHS1991
DVD509 Company, TheDVD2003
DVD988 Constant Gardener, TheDVD2005
DVD2612 ContagionDVD2011
DVD4246 ConvictionDVD2010
4688V Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her LoverVHS1989
2984V Cool Hand LukeVHS1967
4508V Cradle Will RockVHS1999
DVD822 CrashDVD2004
DVD2085 CrashDVD2004
DVD2195 Crazy HeartDVD2009
DVD4140 CreedDVD2015
DVD3061 Crimes and MisdemeanorsDVD1989
DVD1486 Crusades, TheDVD1935
3797V Cry FreedomVHS1987
2668V Daisy MillerVHS1974
4551V DamageVHS1992
DVD212 Dancer in the DarkDVD1999
4557V Dancer in the DarkVHS2000
4454V Dancing at LughnasaVHS1998
DVD3772 DangerousDVD1935
3162V Dangerous LiaisonsVHS1988
DVD155 Dark CityDVD1950
4775V Dark VictoryVHS1939
DVD74 Daughters of the DustDVD1991
2439V Daughters of the DustVHS1991
3945V David and LisaVHS1962
3548V Days of HeavenVHS1978
3870V Days of Wine and RosesVHS1962
DVD3811 Dazed and ConfusedDVD1993
DVD773 Dead CertDVD1974
3765V Dead Poets SocietyVHS1989
2796V Dead, TheVHS1988
DVD3683 Deadline, U.S.A.DVD1952
3801V Deaf HeavenVHS1993
DVD2236 Death and the MaidenDVD1994
DVD488 Death in VeniceDVD1971
2780V DeliveranceVHS1972
DVD1404 DeliveranceDVD1972
DVD550 Delta, TheDVD2001
DVD1252 Departed, TheDVD2006
DVD2684 Descendants, TheDVD2011
DVD1953 Diary of a Mad Black WomanDVD2005
DVD4081 Diary of a Teenage Girl, TheDVD2015
1713V Diary of Anne FrankVHS1959
DVD3598 Dirty Pretty ThingsDVD2002
DVD3709 Disability, Disability: A Story About Federal RegulationsDVD2013
4340V DisclosureVHS1994
DVD2030 DisfiguredDVD2008
DVD2946 Displaced Person, TheDVD1977
DVD3230 Django UnchainedDVD2012
DVD37 Do the Right ThingDVD1989
2430V Do the Right ThingVHS1989
5151V Docks of New York, TheVHS1928
DVD1466 Doctor, TheDVD1991
DVD785 Donnie DarkoDVD2001
DVD2294 Double JeopardyDVD1999
DVD551 Down in the DeltaDVD1998
1559V Driving Miss DaisyVHS1989
DVD3863 Driving Miss DaisyDVD1989
DVD1512 Drums Along The MohawkDVD1939
2336V Easy RiderVHS1969
DVD539 Easy RiderDVD1969
DVD1706 Edward ScissorhandsDVD1990
DVD3075 Efficiency Expert, TheDVD1992
292V Egyptian, TheVHS1954
DVD3084 Electric Horseman, TheDVD1979
DVD2051 ElegyDVD2008
4875V EleniVHS1985
2569V Elephant Man, TheVHS1980
2602V Emperor JonesVHS1933
DVD1649 Empire of the SunDVD1987
2720V English Patient, TheVHS1996
DVD2671 English Patient, TheDVD1996
DVD2501 Enter the VoidDVD2009
3421V Entertainer, TheVHS1960
4234V Erin BrockovichVHS2000
DVD1150 Ethan FromeDVD1993
2680V Europeans, TheVHS1979
3656V Eve's BayouVHS1997
DVD702 EverymanDVD
DVD2478 Everything is IlluminatedDVD2005
2246V ExoticaVHS1994
DVD3640 Face in the Crowd, ADVD1957
BLU65 FacesDVD1968
DVD686 Fail-SafeDVD1964
DVD3036 Fall of the House of Usher, La Chute de la MaisonDVD1928
DVD3816 Falling DownDVD1992
DVD1140 Far From HeavenDVD2002
DVD1295 Fast Food NationDVD2006
DVD1461 Fast Runner, The, AtanarjuatDVD2001
DVD3460 FearlessDVD1993
3931V Few Good Men, AVHS1992
DVD368 Field of DreamsDVD1989
DVD458 Fight ClubDVD1999
4768V Fight Club, TheVHS1999
DVD2355 Fighter, TheDVD2010
4233V Fire Down BelowVHS1957
DVD2996 First Grader, TheDVD
3076V Five Easy PiecesVHS1970
DVD3684 Five Fingers, 5 FingersDVD1952
2380V FlashdanceVHS1983
4366V FleshVHS1968
DVD2998 FlightDVD2012
DVD3797 Flight of the Phoenix, TheDVD1965
BLU59 FootlooseDVD1984
DVD2871 For Colored GirlsDVD2010
DVD3776 Forbidden Hollywood Collection, Volume TwoDVD1933
DVD3810 Forbidden Hollywood, Volume 7DVD1933
DVD196 Forrest GumpDVD1994
1741V Forrest GumpVHS1994
DVD1484 Four Frightened PeopleDVD1934
DVD1505 Four Men and a Prayer, Seas BeneathDVD1938
DVD1502 Four SonsDVD1928
DVD3481 FreaksDVD1932
4913V FridaVHS2002
DVD662 Fried Green TomatoesDVD1991
DVD3675 Fruitvale StationDVD2013
DVD3600 Funny GamesDVD2007
3152V FuryVHS1936
DVD3464 Future, TheDVD2010
DVD2959 Game ChangeDVD2012
DVD3623 GaslightDVD1944
DVD1014 George WashingtonDVD2000
BLU93 Get CarterDVD1971
3198V Get on the BusVHS1996
3332V GiantVHS1956
DVD1194 GiantDVD1956
3022V Girl from ChicagoVHS1932
2226V Glengarry Glen RossVHS1992
3031V Go Down, Death!VHS1944
2572V God's Stepchildren, God's Step ChildrenVHS1938
DVD92 Gods and MonstersDVD1998
3704V Gods and MonstersVHS1998
DVD401 Golem, the Petrified GardenDVD1993
DVD3881 Gone GirlDVD2014
DVD48 Gone with the WindDVD1939
DVD107 Gone with the WindDVD1939
1541V Gone With the WindVHS1939
DVD2621 Good FencesDVD2002
4815V Good Will HuntingVHS1997
DVD1193 GoodfellasDVD1990
1728V Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian FosseyVHS1988
DVD3703 Governess, TheDVD1998
DVD721 Graduate. TheDVD1967
DVD2404 Gran TorinoDVD2008
1529V Grand Hotel, TheVHS1932
DVD1513 Grapes of Wrath, TheDVD1940
DVD3588 GravityDVD2013
DVD1811 Great Debaters, TheDVD2008
DVD2044 Great ExpectationsDVD1998
DVD3586 Great Gatsby, TheDVD2013
130V Great SantiniVHS1979
1600V Greatest Show on EarthVHS1952
DVD663 Green Mile, TheDVD1999
DVD2232 Green Street HooligansDVD2004
4113V Handmaid's TaleVHS1990
3764V Hanging Garden, TheVHS1997
DVD1501 Hangman's House, 3 Bad MenDVD1928
DVD3065 Hannah and Her SistersDVD1986
DVD1457 Hard TimesDVD1977
DVD3072 Harvey Girls, TheDVD1946
3668V He Got GameVHS1998
5198V Heart is a Lonely Hunter, TheVHS1968
BLU54 HeathersDVD1988
DVD258 Heavenly CreaturesDVD1994
2687V Heavenly CreaturesVHS1994
DVD3300 Heiress, TheDVD1949
DVD2663 Help, TheDVD2011
3951V Henry and June, Henry & JuneVHS1990
DVD3945 HerDVD2014
3689V Hester StreetVHS1975
DVD4236 Hester StreetDVD1975
4828V Higher LearningVHS1994
DVD2538 Holy Mountain, TheDVD1973
DVD3558 Home at the End of the World, ADVD2004
5342V Horse Whisperer, TheVHS1998
DVD1146 Hotel RwandaDVD2004
DVD513 Hours, TheDVD2002
DVD2669 House of the Spirits, TheDVD1993
DVD2293 Houseboy, TheDVD2007
DVD3071 How to Marry a MillionaireDVD1953
1779V Howard's EndVHS1991
DVD3079 Human Stain, TheDVD2003
4219V Hush-A-Bye Baby, Hush A Bye BabyVHS1990
2717V I Am a Fugitive From a Chain GangVHS1932
3430V I Heard the Owl Call My NameVHS1973
DVD3777 I Will FollowDVD2011
DVD3462 I'm Still HereDVD2010
3017V Ice Storm, TheVHS1997
DVD2975 Ides of March, TheDVD2011
2710V If...VHS1969
2549V IllusionsVHS1982
2433V Imitation of LifeVHS1959
4297V Imitation of LifeVHS1934
DVD456 Imitation of LifeDVD
DVD4202 ImmigrantDVD2013
DVD2827 In CalienteDVD1935
DVD1802 In the CutDVD2003
3049V In the GloamingVHS1997
DVD1683 In the Heat of the NightDVD1967
1776V In the Name of the FatherVHS1993
DVD1459 In the Time of the ButterfliesDVD2000
DVD1804 In the Valley of ElahDVD2007
DVD3487 IncendiesDVD2010
DVD262 Independence DayDVD1983
DVD3057 InteriorsDVD1978
2006V IntoleranceVHS1916
4407V Intruder in the DustVHS1949
DVD1500 Iron Horse, TheDVD1924
BLU90 IronweedDVD1987
DVD1506 Irvin S. Cobb's Judge Priest, Doctor BullDVD1934
3034V Island in the SunVHS1957
DVD1233 Island in the SunDVD1957
5372V Island of the Blue DolphinsVHS1964
DVD35 It's a Wonderful LifeDVD1946
2663V It's a Wonderful LifeVHS1946
DVD1238 Jazz Singer, TheDVD1980
DVD2722 Jesus of MontrealDVD1989
DVD3774 Jimmy the GentDVD1934
1812V Joy Luck ClubVHS1993
DVD2830 Junction Boys, TheDVD2002
DVD1050 JunebugDVD2005
DVD1 Jungle FeverDVD1991
2447V Jungle FeverVHS1991
DVD1499 Just PalsDVD1920
DVD1111 KesDVD1970
3953V KidsVHS1995
DVD2610 Killer of SheepDVD1977
DVD263 Killer's KissDVD1955
326V Killing Fields, TheVHS1984
BLU67 Killing of a Chinese Bookie, TheDVD1976
DVD2131 Killing of Sister George, TheDVD1969
DVD3077 King of the GypsiesDVD1978
DVD3869 Kinky BootsDVD2005
1567V Kramer vs. Kramer, Kramer vs KramerVHS1979
DVD4259 L.A. RebellionDVD2015
DVD3082 Lady Chatterley's LoverDVD1981
DVD3815 Lady Vanishes, TheDVD1938
5127V Last Command, TheVHS1928
1568V Last Emperor, TheVHS1987
2321V Last Picture Show, TheVHS1971
DVD540 Last Picture Show, TheDVD1971
DVD314 Last SeptemberDVD1999
2356V Last Tango in ParisVHS1972
3200V Last Temptation of ChristVHS1988
DVD629 Lesson Before Dying, ADVD1999
DVD3621 Letter from an Unkown WomanDVD1948
DVD829 Letter to Three Wives, ADVD1949
DVD2860 Licorice Train, TheDVD1969
DVD452 Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, TheDVD1943
293V Life of Emile Zola, TheVHS1937
DVD3035 Life of PiDVD2012
5059V Lisbon StoryVHS1994
2983V Little BuddhaVHS1994
DVD2121 Little WomenDVD1994
DVD269 LolitaDVD1962
3061V LolitaVHS1962
DVD3597 London BoulevardDVD2010
4068V Long Walk Home, TheVHS1990
3052V Longtime CompanionVHS1990
2571V Lord of the FliesVHS1963
DVD4291 Losing GroundDVD1982
3037V Lost BoundariesVHS1949
1515V Lost WeekendVHS1945
DVD3059 Love and DeathDVD1975
DVD3805 Love is the DevilDVD1998
DVD410 Love LizaDVD2002
BLU47 Love StreamsDVD1984
3030V Lying LipsVHS1939
3802V M. ButterflyVHS1993
DVD3725 MacbethDVD1971
DVD3304 Magic MikeDVD2012
2576V Magnificent Ambersons, TheVHS1942
4041V MagnoliaVHS1999
334V MahabharataVHS1989
5340V Man for All Seasons, AVHS1966
DVD1719 Man Who Would Be King, TheDVD1975
4018V Man with the Golden Arm, TheVHS1955
DVD2450 Man With the Golden Arm, TheDVD1955
DVD4340 Manchester by the SeaDVD2016
2992V Manchurian CandidateVHS1962
DVD1218 Manchurian Candidate, TheDVD1962
5114V MandingaVHS1976
4456V MandingoVHS1975
DVD3668 MandingoDVD1975
1341V MarnieVHS1964
DVD4099 Martian, TheDVD2015
DVD2988 Master, TheDVD2012
1070V MatewanVHS1987
DVD4244 MauriceDVD1987
DVD3799 Mean CreekDVD2004
DVD1788 MedeaDVD1988
DVD2606 MedeaDVD1969
DVD1037 Medium CoolDVD1969
DVD3639 Meet John DoeDVD1941
DVD3463 MelancholiaDVD2011
1592V Midnight CowboyVHS1969
DVD543 Midnight CowboyDVD1969
DVD882 Mikey & NickyDVD1977
2384V Mildred PierceVHS1945
DVD3295 Mildred PierceDVD1945
DVD716 Million Dollar BabyDVD2004
440V MissingVHS1982
DVD3695 MissingDVD1982
604V Mission, TheVHS1968
DVD1496 Mission, TheDVD1986
1580V Mississippi MasalaVHS1991
DVD308 Mississippi MasalaDVD1992
DVD3682 Mister JohnsonDVD1990
DVD4328 MoonlightDVD2016
DVD1055 Moonstone, TheDVD1996
DVD2290 Moulin RougeDVD1952
3366V Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonVHS1939
DVD1214 Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonDVD1939
DVD3857 Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonDVD1939
DVD239 Mulholland DriveDVD2001
DVD1031 MunichDVD2005
DVD3942 Mur Murs, DocumenteurDVD1981
1527V Mutiny on the BountyVHS1935
DVD1257 Mutiny on the BountyDVD1935
4408V My AntoniaVHS1995
DVD2737 My Beautiful LaundretteDVD1985
dvd1516 My Darling ClementineDVD1946
4524V My Dinner with AndreVHS1981
2135V My Family, Mi FamiliaVHS1995
DVD1010 My Left FootDVD1989
4633V My Louisiana SkyVHS2001
DVD1110 Mysterious SkinDVD2004
BLU44 Name of the Rose, TheDVD1986
DVD2060 Namesake, TheDVD2006
DVD801 NancherrowDVD1999
DVD112 NashvilleDVD1975
2228V NashvilleVHS1975
3028V Native SonVHS1951
DVD3585 NebraskaDVD2013
2566V NellVHS1994
DVD3465 Never Let Me GoDVD2010
4866V Never on SundayVHS1960
DVD872 Nicholas NicklebyDVD2002
BLU3 Night of the Hunter, TheDVD1955
DVD983 Night of the iguana, TheDVD1964
DVD4334 NightjohnDVD1996
DVD718 Nightmare AlleyDVD1947
5140V NijinskyVHS1980
DVD870 Nine LivesDVD2005
DVD1532 No Country For Old MenDVD2007
3661V Norma RaeVHS1979
DVD2672 Norma RaeDVD1979
DVD2325 North CountryDVD2005
DVD1396 North Star, TheDVD1943
DVD1621 Northanger AbbeyDVD1987
DVD2317 Notes on a ScandalDVD2006
2379V Nothing but a ManVHS1964
1462V NotoriousVHS1946
DVD3294 Now, VoyagerDVD1942
DVD221 O, OthelloDVD2001
4537V OVHS2001
DVD3067 Ocean's ThirteenDVD2007
DVD3066 Ocean's TwelveDVD2004
DVD254 Odd Man OutDVD1947
5171V Of Love and Shadows, De Amor y SombrasVHS1994
DVD1411 On the BeachDVD1959
DVD227 On the WaterfrontDVD1954
1744V On the WaterfrontVHS1954
3308V Once Were WarriorsVHS1994
DVD3560 OndineDVD2009
73V One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestVHS1975
DVD17 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestDVD1975
DVD68 Opening NightDVD1977
1569V Ordinary PeopleVHS1980
DVD291 OrlandoDVD1993
2712V OrlandoVHS1993
BLU94 Other Side of the Underneath, TheDVD1972
1565V Out of AfricaVHS1985
DVD343 Outsiders, TheDVD1983
DVD4193 Palmy DaysDVD1931
DVD1402 PapillonDVD1973
2314V Paris, Texas, Paris TexasVHS1984
2999V Park RowVHS1952
3274V Patch of Blue, AVHS1965
DVD259 Paths of GloryDVD1957
DVD1371 Paul Robeson: Portraits of the ArtistDVD
DVD3997 Pay It ForwardDVD2000
DVD1775 Peaceful WarriorDVD2006
3138V Peeping TomVHS1960
3633V Piano, TheVHS1993
3267V Pillow BookVHS1996
3966V Pimpernel SmithVHS1941
2435V PinkyVHS1949
DVD3296 PinkyDVD1949
BLU6 Pirate RadioDVD2009
DVD667 Places in the HeartDVD1984
DVD3078 PlentyDVD1985
DVD781 Poolhall JunkiesDVD2001
4881V Power of One, TheVHS1992
DVD3393 Pre-Code Hollywood CollectionDVD2009
DVD2104 PreciousDVD2009
BLU100 Prestige, TheDVD2006
3950V Pretty BabyVHS1978
DVD1199 Pride & PrejudiceDVD2005
3732V Pride of the YankeesVHS1942
DVD72 Pride of the Yankees, TheDVD1942
4231V Prime of Miss Jean BrodieVHS1969
DVD1509 Prisoner of Shark Island, TheDVD1936
3334V Prospero's BooksVHS1991
DVD2542 Prospero's BooksDVD1991
2790V Pulp FictionVHS1994
DVD3073 Pumpkim Eater, TheDVD1964
DVD3073 Pumpkim Eater, TheDVD1964
DVD3064 Purple Rose of Cairo, TheDVD1985
DVD3678 QuerelleDVD1982
DVD687 Quiet American, TheDVD2003
3178V Quiet Man, TheVHS1952
3733V Quiller MemorandumVHS1966
4058V Quiz ShowVHS1994
3673V Quo VadisVHS1951
DVD2435 Quo VadisDVD1951
DVD477 Rabbit Proof Fence, Rabbit-Proof FenceDVD2002
DVD1871 RadioDVD2003
2713V Raging BullVHS1980
DVD49 Rain ManDVD1988
1553V Rain ManVHS1988
3482V Rain ManVHS1988
DVD1909 Reader, TheDVD2008
DVD1477 Real Women Have CurvesDVD2005
DVD53 RebeccaDVD1940
1342V RebeccaVHS1940
3330V Rebel Without a CauseVHS1955
DVD1260 Rebel Without a CauseDVD1955
DVD771 Red CockroachesDVD2004
DVD2647 Red RoadDVD2006
4201V RedsVHS1981
DVD3076 Relative ValuesDVD2000
204V RembrandtVHS1936
DVD1938 RenditionDVD2008
DVD3069 Rich and FamousDVD1981
DVD1515 Richard Llewellyn's How Green Was My ValleyDVD1941
4161V Right Stuff, TheVHS1983
2559V River Runs Through ItVHS1992
4358V Roaring Twenties, TheVHS1939
DVD2608 Robe, TheDVD1953
1624V RockyVHS1976
DVD1223 RockyDVD1976
DVD984 Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, TheDVD1961
588V RomeroVHS1989
DVD4101 RoomDVD2015
DVD3068 Room at the TopDVD1959
DVD1256 Room with a ViewDVD1985
3917V Ruby BridgesVHS1998
3908V RudyVHS1993
285V Salt of the EarthVHS1954
DVD4298 Samuel Fuller Collection, TheDVD1953
2308V SankofaVHS1993
DVD2546 SankofaDVD1993
3763V Sarah, Plain and TallVHS1991
DVD1763 Scarlet Pimpernel, TheDVD1934
2598V Scarlet StreetVHS1945
2289V Scarlett EmpressVHS1934
1601V Schindler's ListVHS1993
3177V School DazeVHS1988
DVD2049 Secret Life of Words, TheDVD2005
DVD3864 Selma, Lord, SelmaDVD1999
DVD2403 Sense and Sensibility, Sense & SensibilityDVD1995
DVD3658 Serious Man, ADVD2009
DVD620 Set-Up, The, Setup, TheDVD1949
1742V ShadowlandsVHS1993
3240V ShadowsVHS1959
BLU64 ShadowsDVD1959
DVd3058 Shadows and FogDVD1992
DVD3058 Shadows and FogDVD1992
306V Shakespeare WallahVHS1965
DVD3070 Shanghai SurpriseDVD1986
2558V Shawshank Redemption, TheVHS1994
DVD2179 Shawshank Redemption, TheDVD1994
DVD2624 SherrybabyDVD2006
DVD383 Shipping News, TheDVD2001
2346V Short CutsVHS1993
DVD3459 SiddarthaDVD1972
DVD3459 SiddarthaDVD1972
DVD989 Siege, TheDVD1998
DVD1483 Sign of the CrossDVD1932
DVD557 Six Degrees of SeparationDVD1993
BLU62 Sixteen CandlesDVD1984
DVD3060 SleeperDVD1973
2779V Sling BladeVHS1996
DVD1911 Slumdog MillionaireDVD2008
3581V Snake Pit, TheVHS1948
DVD948 Snows of Kilimanjaro, TheDVD1952
DVD1289 Solider's GirlDVD2003
DVD3932 Somers TownDVD2008
DVD468 Song of BernadetteDVD1943
DVD338 SongcatcherDVD1999
DVD4230 Songs My Brother Taught MeDVD2015
DVD2126 Sophie's ChoiceDVD1982
DVD4102 Southern ComfortDVD2000
3662V Southerner, TheVHS1945
DVD260 SpartacusDVD1960
3659V SpartacusVHS1960
3918V Stand by MeVHS1986
DVD3430 Stanley Kramer Film CollectionDVD2008
DVD3625 Star is Born, ADVD1976
DVD3062 Stardust MemoriesDVD1980
3331V Stars Look Down, TheVHS1940
DVD208 Startup.comDVD2001
DVD1508 Steamboat Round The BendDVD1935
DVD31 Stella DallasDVD1937
2115V Stella DallasVHS1937
DVD3693 Sterangers in Good CompanyDVD1990
DVD3615 Stickey Fingers of Time, TheDVD2001
DVD4065 Still AliceDVD2014
DVD95 StonewallDVD1995
3766V StonewallVHS1996
DVD3904 Storm CenterDVD1956
2335V Strangers in Good CompanyVHS1990
4112V Strawberry Statement, TheVHS1970
DVD2619 Street DreamsDVD2009
DVD980 Streetcar Named Desire, ADVD1951
2343V Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Blvd.VHS1950
DVD1249 Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Blvd.DVD1950
DVD369 Sunshine StateDVD2002
2437V SvengaliVHS1931
DVD982 Sweet Bird of YouthDVD1961
4194V Sweet MovieVHS1974
DVD203 Sweet Smell of SuccessDVD1957
4333V SweetieVHS1989
4410V SweetieVHS1989
5356V Tale of Two Cities, AVHS1958
DVD21 Taxi DriverDVD1976
DVD110 Taxi DriverDVD1976
2431V Taxi DriverVHS1976
BLU16 Taxi DriverDVD1976
4459V Tea with MussoliniVHS1999
DVD3616 TeknolustDVD2002
DVD1550 Ten CanoesDVD2006
DVD1651 Ten Commandments, TheDVD1956
DVD531 TexasvilleDVD1990
DVD2828 Their Eyes Were Watching GodDVD2004
DVD2727 Thelma & Louise, Thelma and LouiseDVD1991
2714V Thelma and LouiseVHS1991
DVD2887 There Will be BloodDVD2007
DVD559 Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould, 32 Short Films About Glenn GouldDVD1993
DVD337 This Sporting LifeDVD1963
3268V Thousand Acres, AVHS1997
DVD784 TimecodeDVD
DVD1447 Tin Drum, Die BlechtrommelDVD1979
3094V TitanicVHS1997
3179V To Catch a ThiefVHS1955
DVD1001 To Sir, With LoveDVD1966
2520V To Sleep with AngerVHS1990
DVD1514 Tobacco RoadDVD
3176V Tom and Viv, Tom & VivVHS1994
DVD2956 Too Big to FailDVD2011
DVD2117 TrafficDVD2000
DVD3839 TrafficDVD2000
4244V TraffikVHS1989
DVD79 TrainspottingDVD1995
DVD3514 TransamericaDVD2005
DVD3562 TriageDVD2009
DVD255 Triumph of the SpiritDVD1989
4594V True ColorsVHS1991
DVD689 Truman Show, TheDVD1998
DVD3812 Two-Lane BlacktopDVD1971
DVD1487 Union PacificDVD1939
DVD920 Ushpizin, GuestsDVD2004
DVD3081 ValmontDVD1989
DVD3813 Vanishing, TheDVD1988
DVD68 Velvet GoldmineDVD1998
3728V Velvet GoldmineVHS1998
BLU30 Velvet GoldmineDVD1998
DVD3008 Vicious CircleDVD2008
4554V VigilVHS1984
DVD1641 Virgin Suicides, TheDVD1999
DVD2978 War HorseDVD2011
DVD2883 WarriorDVD2011
DVD2463 Washington SquareDVD1997
2809V WaterlandVHS1993
DVD192 Watermelon Woman, TheDVD1997
4302V Watermelon Woman, TheVHS1997
DVD1517 What Price GloryDVD1952
4240V What's Cooking?VHS2000
DVD1504 When Willie Comes Marching Home, Up The RiverDVD1950
DVD3876 WhiplashDVD2014
DVD1113 White Countess, TheDVD2005
3849V Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?VHS1966
DVD2129 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?DVD1966
325V Whose Life is it Anyway?VHS1981
DVD780 Wild GeeseDVD1978
BLU92 Wild in the StreetsDVD1968
5300V Wind and the Lion, TheVHS1975
DVD3301 Wings of the DoveDVD1997
DVD3905 Winter MeetingDVD1948
4883V WitVHS2001
DVD1322 WitDVD2001
DVD489 WitnessDVD1985
BLU66 Woman Under the Influence, ADVD1974
DVD2976 Won't Back DownDVD2012
4814V Wonder BoysVHS2000
DVD3936 Working GirlsDVD1986
DVD1507 World Moves On, TheDVD1934
DVD2135 Wrestler, TheDVD2008
DVD213 Written on the WindDVD1956
DVD1241 Wuthering HeightsDVD1970
3007V Year of Living DangerouslyVHS1982
3965V Young Mr. Pitt, TheVHS1942
2879V Zabriskie PointVHS1970
4858V Zorba the GreekVHS1964