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Crime Cinema Film Listing

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DVD3761 20,000 Years in Sing SingDVD1932
DVD60 39 Steps, Thirty-Nine Steps, TheDVD1935
2347V 39 Steps, The, Thirty Nine Steps, TheVHS1935
5296V Along Came a SpiderVHS2001
DVD3587 American HustleDVD2013
DVD2490 Anatomy of a MurderDVD1959
DVD616 Asphalt Jungle, TheDVD1950
3552V BadlandsVHS1973
BLU50 BadlandsDVD1973
DVD2689 Better Luck TomorrowDVD2002
4412V Big Heat, TheVHS1953
DVD117 Big SleepDVD1946
2500V Big SleepVHS1946
DVD576 Black Film CollectionDVD
3957V Blood SimpleVHS1984
3952V Blow OutVHS1981
DVD541 Blue Gardenia, TheDVD1953
3961V Blue Lamp, TheVHS1950
4200V Blue VelvetVHS1986
DVD116 Body HeatDVD1981
4012V Body HeatVHS1981
DVD42 Bonnie and ClydeDVD1967
2585V Bonnie and ClydeVHS1967
DVD644 Boondock Saints, TheDVD1999
2255V Boyz N the Hood, Boys in the HoodVHS1991
DVD2521 Boyz N the Hood, Boys in the HoodDVD1991
3099V BugsyVHS1991
2980V CasinoVHS1995
5230V Chamber, TheVHS1997
DVD61 ChinatownDVD1974
2230V ChinatownVHS1974
BLU17 ChinatownDVD1974
3934V City HallVHS1996
3035V ClockersVHS1995
2568V Clockwork OrangeVHS1971
4247V Company BusinessVHS1990
2076V CompulsionVHS1959
DVD193 Conversation, TheDVD1974
1043V Conversation, TheVHS1974
2512V CrossfireVHS1947
DVD610 D.O.A.DVD1950
DVD1810 Dark Knight, TheDVD2008
DVD611 DetourDVD1948
DVD27 Devil in a Blue DressDVD1995
3033V Devil in a Blue DressVHS1995
3180V Dial M For MurderVHS1954
3729V Dirty HarryVHS1971
DVD3709 Disability, Disability: A Story About Federal RegulationsDVD2013
DVD11 Dog Day AfternoonDVD1975
3226V Dog Day AfternoonVHS1975
DVD928 Dog Day AfternoonDVD1975
DVD33 Double IndemnityDVD1944
3185V Double IndemnityVHS1944
3831V Double Life, AVHS1947
DVD2634 DriveDVD2011
DVD2501 Enter the VoidDVD2009
2410V FargoVHS1996
DVD1217 FargoDVD1996
3771V Fatal AttractionVHS1987
DVD3773 Fog Over FriscoDVD1934
2511V Force of EvilVHS1948
DVD149 FrenzyDVD1972
4001V Get CarterVHS1971
DVD234 Godfather Collection Bonus MaterialsDVD
DVD232 Godfather IIDVD1974
DVD233 Godfather IIIDVD1990
1585V Godfather, Pt. II, Godfather IIVHS1974
DVD231 Godfather, TheDVD1972
1582V Godfather, TheVHS1972
4854V GoodfellasVHS1990
DVD328 Gosford ParkDVD2001
DVD627 Grand CanyonDVD1991
DVD113 Grifters, TheDVD1990
4014V Grifters, TheVHS1990
DVD617 Gun CrazyDVD1949
4788V Henry: Portrait of a Serial KillerVHS1989
2368V House of GamesVHS1987
4414V In a Lonely PlaceVHS1950
1549V In the Heat of the NightVHS1967
DVD2505 InceptionDVD2010
4203V Jackie BrownVHS1997
BLU38 Jackie BrownDVD1997
DVD315 KaliforniaDVD1993
DVD614 Killer Bait, Too Late For TearsDVD1949
3431V KillersVHS1946
DVD264 Killing, TheDVD1956
DVD1125 Kiss Me Deadly, Mickey Spillane's Kiss Me DeadlyDVD1955
DVD2660 KluteDVD1971
DVD119 L. A. ConfidentialDVD1997
3943V L. A. ConfidentialVHS1997
DVD57 Lady VanishesDVD1938
DVD625 Laramie Project, TheDVD2002
3585V LauraVHS1944
DVD676 LauraDVD1944
3040V Letter, TheVHS1940
3432V Little CaesarVHS1931
DVD1530 Lives of Others, The, Das Leben der AnderenDVD2006
DVD3597 London BoulevardDVD2010
DVD554 Long Goodbye, TheDVD1973
4838V Mackintosh ManVHS1973
DVD118 Maltese FalconDVD1941
2555V Maltese Falcon, TheVHS1941
DVD56 Man Who Knew Too Much, TheDVD1934
DVD15 Mean StreetsDVD1973
1474V Mean StreetsVHS1973
DVD661 Midnight in the Garden of Good and EvilDVD1997
2317V Miller's CrossingVHS1990
3642V Mississippi BurningVHS1988
DVD618 Murder, My SweetDVD1945
DVD499 Mystic RiverDVD2003
DVD1232 Naked City, TheDVD1948
DVD121 Natural Born KillersDVD1994
2789V Natural Born KillersVHS1994
3742V Natural Born KillersVHS1994
3955V Never Come BackVHS1990
DVD115 North By NorthwestDVD1959
2352V North by NorthwestVHS1959
DVD55 NotoriousDVD1946
DVD226 NotoriousDVD1946
DVD3067 Ocean's ThirteenDVD2007
DVD3066 Ocean's TwelveDVD2004
DVD25 One False MoveDVD1991
DVD2658 Out of SightDVD1998
1614V Panic in the StreetsVHS1950
3827V Philip Marlowe, Private EyeVHS1986
DVD2953 Phone BoothDVD2002
DVD66 Player, TheDVD1992
2718V Player, TheVHS1992
DVD923 Plea, TheDVD2004
4019V Postman Always Rings Twice, TheVHS1946
DVD146 Rear WindowDVD1954
1519V Rear WindowVHS1954
4117V Rear WindowVHS1954
4486V Requiem for a DreamVHS2000
1343V RopeVHS1948
3603V SabotageVHS1936
3146V SaboteurVHS1942
DVD2790 ScarfaceDVD1983
DVD613 Scarlet StreetDVD1945
DVD147 Shadow of a DoubtDVD1943
2515V Shadow of a DoubtVHS1943
DVD2543 Sherlock HolmesDVD2009
DVD482 Singing Detective, TheDVD2003
DVD52 SpellboundDVD1945
1576V Sting, TheVHS1973
DVD612 Stranger, TheDVD1946
DVD58 Strangers on a TrainDVD1951
2579V Strangers on a TrainVHS1951
DVD2573 Super FlyDVD1972
DVD120 Talented Mr. RipleyDVD1999
4013V Talented Mr. Ripley, TheVHS1999
1518V Thief, TheVHS1952
5196V Thieves Like UsVHS1973
DVD534 Thin Man, TheDVD1932
2620V This Gun for HireVHS1942
DVD660 Time to Kill, ADVD1996
DVD484 To Live and Die in L.A., To Live and Die in L ADVD1985
DVD125 Touch of EvilDVD1958
2741V Touch of EvilVHS1958
DVD2541 Town, TheDVD2010
4311V TrafficVHS2000
3760V Usual SuspectsVHS1995
DVD82 Usual Suspects, TheDVD1995
DVD40 VertigoDVD1958
1345V VertigoVHS1958
3523V VertigoVHS1958
4063V VictimVHS1961
4644V Wall StreetVHS1987
4645V Wall StreetVHS1987
3242V White HeatVHS1949
4363V Wild at HeartVHS1990