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Comedy Cinema Film Listing

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4421V 8 1/2 WomenVHS1999
DVD3434 9 to 5, Nine to FiveDVD1980
DVD720 A Day Without a MexicanDVD2004
DVD1441 A Run For Your MoneyDVD1949
DVD3622 Adam's RibDVD1949
DVD459 AdaptationDVD2002
DVD129 Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the DesertDVD1994
4033V Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the DesertVHS1994
4357V After HoursVHS1985
3277V Ah, Wilderness!VHS1935
3960V AlfieVHS1966
3513V Alice's RestaurantVHS1969
DVD7 American GraffitiDVD1973
3139V American GraffitiVHS1973
337V Andy Warhol's Bad, BadVHS1977
4813V Animal HouseVHS1978
DVD3782 Animal House, National Lampoon's Animal HouseDVD1978
DVD23 Annie HallDVD1977
1551V Annie HallVHS1977
3688V Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, TheVHS1974
4242V Arbuckle and Keaton, vol. 1, Arbuckle & Keaton, vol. 1VHS
4243V Arbuckle and Keaton, vol. 2, Arbuckle & Keaton, vol. 2VHS
3935V Associate, TheVHS1996
DVD1717 Austin Powers in GoldmemberDVD2002
DVD1715 Austin Powers, International Man of MysteryDVD1997
DVD1716 Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged MeDVD1999
DVD3624 Awful Truth, TheDVD1937
DVD3818 BananasDVD1971
DVD2665 BeginnersDVD2011
DVD463 Being John MalkovichDVD1999
DVD3321 Bend It Like BeckhamDVD2002
DVD377 Best in ShowDVD2000
5158V Big BusinessVHS1929
DVD1301 Big Lebowski, TheDVD2001
2833V Big NightVHS1996
DVD2172 Black DynamiteDVD2009
DVD576 Black Film CollectionDVD
3026V Black King, Harlem Hot ShotVHS1932
DVD681 Blazing SaddlesDVD1974
DVD3590 Blue JasmineDVD2013
DVD553 Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Bob and Carol and Ted and AliceDVD1969
DVD515 Bob RobertsDVD1992
DVD86 Boys on the SideDVD1994
3721V Boys on the SideVHS1995
DVD246 BrazilDVD1985
2843V Breakfast at Tiffany'sVHS1961
4816V Breaking AwayVHS1979
DVD2504 BridesmaidsDVD2011
5048V Brink's JobVHS1978
DVD26 BulworthDVD1998
3217V BulworthVHS1998
DVD1814 Buster Keaton CollectionDVD1929
2764V Car WashVHS1976
4646V Carlin at CarnegieVHS1982
4647V Carlin on CampusVHS1984
DVD1971 CavemanDVD1981
3335V Chameleon StreetVHS1989
DVD45 Chaplin MutualsDVD
2003V Charlie Chaplin at Mutual Studios IIVHS1916
2004V Charlie Chaplin at Mutual Studios IIIVHS1917
DVD3210 Cho RevolutionDVD
DVD1927 Christmas Story, ADVD1983
DVD1244 City LightsDVD1931
4050V ClerksVHS1994
DVD950 CluelessDVD1995
DVD3681 Coming to AmericaDVD1988
DVD67 Cookie's FortuneDVD1999
3726V Cookie's FortuneVHS1999
2322V Crimes and MisdemeanorsVHS1989
4921V Crimes of the HeartVHS1986
4745V DaVHS1988
DVD2213 Dazed and ConfusedDVD1993
DVD3998 Dear White PeopleDVD2014
DVD758 Definite articleDVD1996
4772V Devil and Miss Jones, TheVHS1941
DVD1786 Devil Wears Prada, TheDVD2006
DVD3855 Distinguished Gentleman, TheDVD1992
4159V Dr. DolittleVHS1998
DVD148 Dr. StrangeloveDVD1964
2456V Dr. StrangeloveVHS1964
DVD760 Dress to killDVD1998
3658V Drowning By NumbersVHS1988
DVD1838 Drunken Master, Jui kuenDVD1978
3360V Duck SoupVHS1933
4027V EdwinVHS1984
4308V ElectionVHS1999
DVD2316 FanboysDVD2008
DVD3788 Fast Times at Ridgemont HighDVD1982
DVD3786 Ferris Bueller's Day OffDVD1986
DVD2688 Finishing the GameDVD2007
2494V Fisher KingVHS1991
5228V Flim-Flam Man, Flim Flam ManVHS1967
DVD3800 Flirting with DisasterDVD1996
DVD3646 Forgotten SilverDVD1995
DVD3727 Four RoomsDVD1995
3963V Full Monty, TheVHS1997
DVD162 Galaxy QuestDVD1999
DVD292 General, PlayhouseDVD1927
1924V General, PlayhouseVHS1927
2770V Gentlemen Prefer BlondesVHS1953
4648V George Carlin Again!VHS1978
4649V George Carlin's Personal FavoritesVHS1996
DVD759 GloriousDVD1997
DVD3648 Gods Must be Crazy I & II, TheDVD1980
1514V Going My WayVHS1944
2281V Gold Rush, TheVHS1925
DVD2621 Good FencesDVD2002
3051V Graduate, TheVHS1967
DVD3878 Grand Budapest Hotel, TheDVD2014
2307V Great Dictator, TheVHS1940
DVD2392 Great Dictator, TheDVD1940
4227V Groove TubeVHS1974
DVD465 Groundhog DayDVD1993
DVD2171 Hamlet 2DVD2009
4198V Happy, TexasVHS1999
67V Harold and MaudeVHS1971
BLU54 HeathersDVD1988
DVD318 Hedwig and the Angry InchDVD2001
DVD3620 High FidelityDVD2000
3739V Highway 61VHS1992
DVD65 His Girl FridayDVD1940
2111V His Girl FridayVHS1940
DVD476 His Girl FridayDVD1940
4789V His Girl FridayVHS1940
DVD1751 History of the World, Pt. 1DVD1981
5297V HookVHS1992
3100V Horse's Mouth, TheVHS1958
DVD2825 Hot FuzzDVD2007
DVD2457 I Heart HuckabeesDVD2004
2519V I'm Gonna Git You SuckaVHS1988
3221V I'm No AngelVHS1933
DVD2177 IdiocracyDVD2006
4199V In & OutVHS1997
DVD1772 In BrugesDVD2008
DVD2178 Informant, TheDVD2009
DVD1380 ItDVD1927
DVD336 Italian Job, TheDVD1969
4474V Jackie Mason in IsraelVHS1995
4475V Jackie Mason on CampusVHS1992
4473V Jackie Mason: An Equal Opportunity OffenderVHS1995
3046V JeffreyVHS1995
DVD1781 JunoDVD2007
DVD2586 Kids Are All Right, TheDVD2010
DVD3869 Kinky BootsDVD2005
DVD3791 Knocked UpDVD2007
DVD251 L. A. Story, LA StoryDVD1991
DVD219 Lady EveDVD1941
2112V Lady Eve, TheVHS1941
DVD405 Lavender Hill Mob, TheDVD1951
2883V LimelightVHS1952
DVD3941 Lions Love (...And Lies)DVD1969
2325V Little Big ManVHS1970
DVD1267 Little Miss SunshineDVD2006
4092V Living End, TheVHS1992
2587V Living in OblivionVHS1995
DVD470 Lost in TranslationDVD2003
DVD1439 Maggie, TheDVD1954
2797V Man of No ImportanceVHS1994
DVD1302 Man Who Wasn't There, TheDVD2001
2446V ManhattenVHS1979
DVD1016 Marx Brothers Silver Screen CollectionDVD
2565V MASH, M*A*S*HVHS1970
DVD1250 MASH, M.A.S.H.DVD1969
DVD3273 Me and You and Everyone We Know, Me & You & Everyone We KnowDVD2005
2679V Meet John DoeVHS1941
DVD2605 Meet the SpartansDVD2008
DVD2176 Men Who Stare at Goats, TheDVD2009
4660V MidnightVHS1939
4193V Midwinter's TaleVHS1995
2742V Mighty AphroditeVHS1995
DVD1300 Miracle of Morgan's Creek, TheDVD1944
4860V Miss FirecrackerVHS1989
DVD353 Modern TimesDVD1936
2882V Modern TimesVHS1936
2881V Monseiur Verdoux: A Comedy of MurdersVHS1947
DVD645 Monty Python and the Holy GrailDVD1974
DVD646 Monty Python's Life of Brian, Life of Brian, TheDVD1979
DVD647 Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, Meaning of Life, TheDVD1983
DVD2913 Moonrise KingdomDVD2012
2648V Mr. Deeds Goes to TownVHS1936
DVD218 My Man GodfreyDVD1936
DVD1452 Nada +, Nothing MoreDVD2001
DVD2200 Napoleon DynamiteDVD2004
DVD16 NetworkDVD1976
3218V NetworkVHS1976
DVD929 NetworkDVD1976
DVD3271 New York StoriesDVD1989
2438V Night at the OperaVHS1935
DVD2134 Night at the Opera, ADVD1935
DVD1638 Noises OffDVD1992
4563V O Brother, Where art ThouVHS2000
DVD1731 O Brother, Where Art Thou?DVD2000
3730V O Lucky Man!VHS1973
DVD475 Ocean's ElevenDVD2001
3910V Odd Couple, TheVHS1968
DVD2182 Office SpaceDVD1999
3163V On ApprovalVHS1944
4650V On Location with George CarlinVHS1977
DVD608 On the Road with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Road to MoroccoDVD
DVD3689 Only in AmericaDVD2006
DVD537 Opposite of Sex, TheDVD1998
1676V Passport to PimlicoVHS1949
DVD1442 Passport To PimlicoDVD1949
4601V PeckerVHS1998
3933V Pentagon Wars, TheVHS1998
DVD96 Pillow TalkDVD1959
3767V Pillow TalkVHS1959
DVD29 PleasantvilleDVD1998
3455V PleasantvilleVHS1998
DVD3393 Pre-Code Hollywood CollectionDVD2009
4104V President's Analyst, TheVHS1967
3720V Pretty WomanVHS1990
DVD1939 Producers, TheDVD2005
4417V Projectionist, TheVHS1971
5153V Pups is Pups, Three Smart BoysVHS
3518V Purple Rose of CairoVHS1985
2491V Pushing HandsVHS1992
DVD214 PygmalionDVD1938
DVD2241 Radio DaysDVD1987
DVD1303 Raising ArizonaDVD1987
DVD1531 RatatouilleDVD2007
4403V Real Blonde, TheVHS1997
3667V Reivers, TheVHS1969
DVD1774 Reno 911!: MiamiDVD2007
DVD2563 Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are DeadDVD1990
2898V Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are DeadVHS1990
DVD1311 Royal Tenenbaums, TheDVD2001
4317V Ruling Class, TheVHS1972
DVD3083 Ruling Class, TheDVD1972
DVD1837 Rush HourDVD1998
DVD4298 Samuel Fuller Collection, TheDVD1953
DVD1696 Savages, TheDVD2007
DVD1812 School of Rock, TheDVD2003
DVD510 Scotland, P.A., Scotland PADVD2002
DVD626 Secrets and LiesDVD1996
DVD461 Shakespeare in LoveDVD1998
3624V Shakespeare in LoveVHS1998
3220V She Done Him WrongVHS1933
4036V She's Gotta Have ItVHS1986
3741V She-Devil, She DevilVHS1990
2443V Sherlock Jr., Our HospitalityVHS1924
4857V Shirley ValentineVHS1989
2315V Simple MenVHS1992
DVD1769 Simpsons Movie, TheDVD2007
BLU62 Sixteen CandlesDVD1984
2488V SlackerVHS1991
DVD272 SleuthDVD1972
DVD464 Smoke SignalsDVD1998
DVD354 Some Like it HotDVD1959
2778V Some Like it HotVHS1959
3593V Soul FoodVHS1997
3632V Stairway to Heaven, Matter of Life and DeathVHS1946
DVD3062 Stardust MemoriesDVD1980
DVD367 Steel MagnoliasDVD1989
2400V Strictly BallroomVHS1992
DVD216 Sullivan's TravelsDVD1941
4226V Sun Shines Bright, TheVHS1953
DVD2506 Sunshine CleaningDVD2008
DVD1770 SuperbadDVD2007
3584V Tales of ManhattanVHS1942
DVD1681 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky BobbyDVD2006
DVD4089 TangerineDVD2015
DVD1089 Thank You for SmokingDVD2006
4395V This is Spinal TapVHS1984
2367V Three Men and a BabyVHS1987
DVD1808 ThumbsuckerDVD2005
DVD1443 Titfield Thunderbolt, TheDVD1953
2614V To Be or Not to BeVHS1942
DVD3793 To Be or Not To BeDVD1942
1561V Tom JonesVHS1963
DVD190 TootsieDVD1982
3294V TootsieVHS1982
2272V Trading PlacesVHS1983
DVD1018 Treasures of Black CinemaDVD
DVD535 Trouble in ParadiseDVD1932
3045V True IdentityVHS1991
DVD2880 Tucker & Dale vs. EvilDVD2010
DVD4003 TV Set, TheDVD2006
2661V Two Reelers Comedy Classics #10VHS
DVD757 UnrepeatableDVD1994
DVD1498 Up The FrontDVD1972
2282V Used CarsVHS1980
DVD2595 Vagabond Lover, TheDVD1929
2740V Vanya on 42nd StreetVHS1994
3450V W. C. Fields: 6 Short FilmsVHS
DVD22 Wag the DogDVD1997
3157V Wag the DogVHS1997
DVD1955 Waiting for GuffmanDVD1996
3041V Watermelon Man, TheVHS1970
2175V Wedding Banquet, Hsi YenVHS1993
DVD2212 Wet Hot American SummerDVD2001
DVD1440 Whiskey GaloreDVD1949
2376V White Men Can't JumpVHS1992
BLU92 Wild in the StreetsDVD1968
4752V Women, TheVHS1939
DVD2616 Women, TheDVD1939
4461V Young FrankensteinVHS1974
DVD2931 ZeligDVD1983
DVD2130 ZombielandDVD2009