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Animated Cinema Film Listing

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DVD3017 Adventures of Aquaman, TheDVD1967
DVD357 AkiraDVD1988
3182V Aladdin and the Magic LampVHS1993
4015V All Singing! All Dancing!VHS
DVD2110 American Imperialists, Soviet Animations vs the United StatesDVD
DVD1308 Animate! Book DVDDVD2006
DVD2352 Animating Reality: A Collection of Short FilmsDVD2010
2609V AnimationVHS
DVD327 Animatrix, TheDVD2003
DVD2274 Anxious AnimationDVD2006
DVD2411 Astro BoyDVD2009
DVD2773 Atlantis, The Lost EmpireDVD2001
4054V Banned and CensoredVHS
BLU97 Batma: The Killing JokeDVD2016
DVD253 Batman BeyondDVD1999
DVD4251 Batman, The Animated Series, Volume OneDVD1992
DVD4283 Batman, The Animated Series, Volume TwoDVD1992
BLU99 Batman: The Dark Knight ReturnsDVD2013
BLU98 Batman: Year OneDVD2011
DVD3875 Big Hero 6DVD2014
DVD2884 BraveDVD2012
3630V Brothers Quay CollectionVHS
5117V Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie, Bugs Bunny/Road Runner MovieVHS
5116V Bugs Bunny's Overtures to DisasterVHS
DVD2120 Capitalist Sharks, Soviet Animation vs. Greed and AmbitionDVD
DVD2574 Cars 2DVD2011
4555V Cartoonies Featuring Betty BoopVHS
3813V Cartoons Go to WarVHS
DVD2839 Chico & Rita, Chico y RitaDVD2010
DVD294 Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-BetweensDVD2000
4336V Cinderella, Ugly Duckling, TheVHS1986
DVD2128 CoralineDVD2009
DVD2292 CoralineDVD2009
DVD2516 Corpse BrideDVD2005
DVD3018 DC Super Heroes: The Filmation AdventuresDVD2008
4016V Down and Out with Flip the FrogVHS
3599V Everybody Rides the CaroselVHS1975
DVD379 FantasiaDVD1940
DVD2147 Fantastic Mr. FoxDVD2009
DVD2119 Fascist Barbarians, Soviet Animation vs. Nazi TyrannyDVD
4999V Films of Oskar Fischinger, Vol. 1VHS
DVD2778 FirebreatherDVD2010
2753V Fox Terrytoons, 1932-1939VHS
DVD3592 FrozenDVD2013
DVD247 Ghost in the ShellDVD1995
DVD2772 HerculesDVD2001
2643V Hollywood Salutes Canadian AnimationVHS
416V Holocaust, In Dark PlacesVHS1978
DVD1678 House of Sweet Magic, TheDVD
DVD634 Incredibles, TheDVD2004
DVD4095 Inside OutDVD2015
4457V Izu Dancer, Dancing GirlVHS1986
4305V Joseph, King of DreamsVHS2000
DVD865 Lady and the TrampDVD1955
DVD2771 Lilo & StitchDVD2002
3769V Lion King, TheVHS1994
DVD101 Little MermaidDVD1989
3770V Little Mermaid, TheVHS1989
DVD2302 Looney Tunes: Golden CollectionDVD
4255V Magicks of Megus-Tu, Time TrapVHS1973
DVD4290 MoanaDVD2016
DVD1467 MulanDVD1998
DVD2443 Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Kaze no Tani no NaushikaDVD1984
DVD2528 Nightmare Before Christmas, TheDVD1993
DVD4295 Ninja ScrollDVD1993
DVD2111 Onward to the Shining Future, Communism: The Shining FutureDVD2006
1651V Origins of American AnimationVHS
4624V Paperboy, TheVHS2000
DVD1771 PersepolisDVD2007
BLU71 Peter PanDVD1953
DVD604 PinocchioDVD1940
DVD2169 PonyoDVD2009
DVD123 Prince of EgyptDVD1998
4022V Prince of Egypt, TheVHS1998
DVD2180 Princess and the Frog, TheDVD2009
DVD1388 Princess MononokeDVD1997
2564V Private SNAFU, Private S.N.A.F.U.VHS
DVD2664 RangoDVD2011
DVD1531 RatatouilleDVD2007
4452V Robot CarnivalVHS1987
DVD4232 Secret of Kells, TheDVD2009
DVD245 ShrekDVD2001
4401V ShrekVHS2001
DVD1769 Simpsons Movie, TheDVD2007
DVD3275 Sita Sings the BluesDVD2008
4256V Slaver Weapon, Amergris ElementVHS1973
3702V Snow White and the Seven DwarfsVHS1937
DVD1269 Snow White and the Seven DwarfsDVD1937
DVD359 Spirited AwayDVD2001
DVD2339 Still Life with Animated DogsDVD2005
DVD4250 Superman, The Complete Animated SeriesDVD1996
4254V Survivor, Lorelei SignalVHS1973
DVD4273 Tales of the Princess Kaguya, TheDVD2013
DVD1493 Ten Films by Helen HillDVD
3589V Tex Avery's Screwball Classics #1VHS
3590V Tex Avery's Screwball Classics #2VHS
3591V Tex Avery's Screwball Classics #3VHS
3592V Tex Avery's Screwball Classics #4VHS
DVD3846 Three Caballeros, TheDVD1944
3949V Toy StoryVHS1995
DVD2208 Toy StoryDVD1995
DVD2353 Toy Story 3DVD2010
DVD438 Triplets of Belleville, Belleville Rendez-vousDVD2003
DVD2106 UpDVD2009
DVD1923 Vampire Hunter DDVD1985
DVD1827 Waking LifeDVD2001
DVD1863 Wall-EDVD2008
DVD1240 Walt Disney On the Front Lines, Walt Disney on the Front Lines : Animation from 1941-1945DVD1941
DVD1951 Waltz With Bashir, Vals im BashirDVD2008
DVD1200 Who Framed Roger RabbitDVD1988
3488V Why Man CreatesVHS1969
DVD4342 ZootopiaDVD2016