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Academy Award Winner Film Listing

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DVD3589 12 Years a SlaveDVD2013
DVD3591 20 Feet from StardomDVD2013
DVD2253 75th Annual Academy Awards Short FilmsDVD2003
4421V 8 1/2 WomenVHS1999
DVD1239 African Queen, TheDVD1951
1532V All About EveVHS1950
DVD621 All About EveDVD1950
4099V All About My Mother, Todo Sobre Mi MadreVHS1999
282V All Quiet on the Western FrontVHS1930
DVD46 All Quiet on the Western FrontDVD1930
1517V All the King's MenVHS1949
DVD3861 All the King's MenDVD1949
1085V AmadeusVHS1984
DVD1216 AmadeusDVD1984
DVD142 Amarcord, I RememberDVD1974
1791V Amarcord, I RememberVHS1974
DVD126 American BeautyDVD1999
4026V American BeautyVHS1999
2426V American DreamVHS1991
1526V American in Paris, AnVHS1951
DVD4094 AmyDVD2015
5193V Anderson Platoon, TheVHS1967
DVD23 Annie HallDVD1977
1551V Annie HallVHS1977
3635V Antonia's Line, AntoniaVHS1995
1557V Apartment, TheVHS1960
DVD2973 ArgoDVD2012
1602V Around the World in 80 Days, Around the World in Eighty DaysVHS1956
DVD2789 Artist, TheDVD2011
DVD3624 Awful Truth, TheDVD1937
DVD299 Babette's Feast, Babettes GaestebudDVD1987
2832V Babette's Feast, Babettes GaestebudVHS1987
DVD579 Barbarian Invasions, The, Invasions Barbares, LesDVD2003
DVD352 Beautiful Mind, ADVD2001
4590V Beautiful Mind, AVHS2001
DVD2665 BeginnersDVD2011
1890V Belle Epoque, Age of BeautyVHS1992
1554V Ben-HurVHS1959
DVD1195 Ben-HurDVD1959
DVD474 Best Boy, Best ManDVD1979
DVD106 Best Years of Our LivesDVD1946
1513V Best Years of Our LivesVHS1946
DVD3875 Big Hero 6DVD2014
4499V Big MamaVHS2000
DVD4092 Big Short, TheDVD2015
DVD3879 BirdmanDVD2014
563V Black Orpheus, Orfeu NegroVHS1959
DVD2433 Black Orpheus, Orfeu NegroDVD1959
BLU96 Black Orpheus, Orfeu NegroDVD1959
DVD2357 Black SwanDVD2010
DVD2103 Blind Side, TheDVD2009
DVD3590 Blue JasmineDVD2013
DVD3080 Blue SkyDVD1992
BLU12 Bonnie and ClydeDVD1967
DVD823 Born Into BrothelsDVD2004
DVD312 Bowling for ColumbineDVD2002
4771V Bowling for ColumbineVHS2002
2060V BraveheartVHS1995
2407V BraveheartVHS1995
5065V Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O'BrienVHS1996
DVD4097 Bridge of SpiesDVD2015
DVD300 Bridge on the River KwaiDVD1957
1516V Bridge On the River KwaiVHS1957
1530V Broadway Melody, TheVHS1929
DVD919 Brokeback MountainDVD2005
4081V Burnt by the Sun, Utolmlennye SolntsemVHS1994
DVD30 CasablancaDVD1943
1540V CasablancaVHS1943
DVD381 CasablancaDVD1943
1522V CavalcadeVHS1933
1590V Chariots of FireVHS1981
DVD1569 Chariots of FireDVD1981
DVD1206 Chernobyl Heart, Chernobyl Heart: The Dark Side of Nuclear PowerDVD
DVD351 ChicagoDVD2002
4852V ChicagoVHS2002
1543V CimarronVHS1931
512V Cinema ParadisoVHS1989
DVD144 Cinema ParadisoDVD1989
DVD4069 CitizenfourDVD2014
DVD1464 CleopatraDVD1963
DVD2255 Collection of 2005 Academy Award Nominated Short Films, ADVD
DVD1522 Collection of 2006 Academy Award Nominated Short Films, ADVD
DVD2256 Collection of 2007 Academy Award Nominated Short Films, ADVD
DVD2105 Cove, TheDVD2009
DVD822 CrashDVD2004
DVD2085 CrashDVD2004
DVD2195 Crazy HeartDVD2009
DVD3890 Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1DVD2013
DVD210 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Wo Hu Cang LongDVD2000
4347V Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Wo Hu Cang LongVHS2000
DVD3594 Dallas Buyers ClubDVD2013
1575V Dances With WolvesVHS1990
DVD1253 Dances with WolvesDVD1990
DVD4100 Danish Girl, TheDVD2015
1550V Deer HunterVHS1978
1134V Defending Our LivesVHS1993
DVD1252 Departed, TheDVD2006
DVD2160 Departures, OkuribitoDVD2008
DVD2684 Descendants, TheDVD2011
4130V Discreet Charm of the BourgeoisieVHS1972
937V Down and Out in AmericaVHS1985
1559V Driving Miss DaisyVHS1989
DVD3863 Driving Miss DaisyDVD1989
2089V Educating PeterVHS1992
4239V Eleanor Roosevelt StoryVHS1965
2602V Emperor JonesVHS1933
2720V English Patient, TheVHS1996
DVD2671 English Patient, TheDVD1996
3311V Fanny and AlexanderVHS1982
689V Fellini's 8 1/2, 8 1/2VHS1963
DVD340 Fellini's 8 1/2, 8 1/2DVD1963
DVD2355 Fighter, TheDVD2010
DVD472 Fog of WarDVD2003
DVD196 Forrest GumpDVD1994
1741V Forrest GumpVHS1994
1605V French Connection, TheVHS1971
DVD538 French Connection, TheDVD1971
1533V From Here to EternityVHS1953
DVD1264 From Here to EternityDVD1953
DVD3592 FrozenDVD2013
DVD1008 Funny GirlDVD1968
1615V GandhiVHS1982
3266V Garden of the Finzi-ContinisVHS1970
1542V Gentleman's AgreementVHS1947
DVD622 Gentleman's AgreementDVD1947
1591V GigiVHS1958
DVD1465 Girl, InterruptedDVD1999
DVD244 GladiatorDVD2000
4170V GladiatorVHS2000
BLU53 GladiatorDVD2000
DVD232 Godfather IIDVD1974
1585V Godfather, Pt. II, Godfather IIVHS1974
1582V Godfather, TheVHS1972
1514V Going My WayVHS1944
DVD48 Gone with the WindDVD1939
DVD107 Gone with the WindDVD1939
1541V Gone With the WindVHS1939
DVD2802 Graduate, TheDVD1967
DVD3878 Grand Budapest Hotel, TheDVD2014
1529V Grand Hotel, TheVHS1932
DVD3588 GravityDVD2013
DVD3595 Great Beauty, TheDVD2013
DVD3586 Great Gatsby, TheDVD2013
DVD656 Great Ziegfeld, TheDVD1936
1600V Greatest Show on EarthVHS1952
3420V HamletVHS1948
DVD486 HamletDVD1948
5341V HamletVHS1948
DVD1428 Harlan County, U.S.A.DVD1976
2616V Harlan County, USA, Harlan County, U.S.A.VHS1976
DVD3072 Harvey Girls, TheDVD1946
4922V He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin'VHS1983
DVD3300 Heiress, TheDVD1949
DVD2663 Help, TheDVD2011
DVD3945 HerDVD2014
4784V Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus BarbieVHS1988
1524V How Green Was My ValleyVHS1941
DVD623 How Green Was My ValleyDVD1941
DVD2683 HugoDVD2011
DVD2084 Hurt Locker, TheDVD2009
DVD3735 IdaDVD2013
1549V In the Heat of the NightVHS1967
DVD1683 In the Heat of the NightDVD1967
DVD454 IndochineDVD1992
DVD2107 Inglourious BasterdsDVD2009
DVD2354 Inside JobDVD2010
DVD4095 Inside OutDVD2015
DVD241 Into the Arms of Strangers, Stories of the KindertransportDVD2000
DVD2792 Iron Lady, TheDVD2011
1525V It Happened One NightVHS1934
DVD1246 It Happened One NightDVD1934
DVD2367 King's Speech, TheDVD2010
1567V Kramer vs. Kramer, Kramer vs KramerVHS1979
DVD4339 La La LandDVD2016
DVD3278 Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in IndiaDVD2001
4065V Last Days, TheVHS1998
1568V Last Emperor, TheVHS1987
DVD1277 Last King of Scotland, TheDVD2006
1552V Lawrence of ArabiaVHS1962
DVD1242 Lawrence of ArabiaDVD1962
DVD829 Letter to Three Wives, ADVD1949
DVD124 Life is BeautifulDVD1998
3854V Life is Beautiful, La Vita e BellaVHS1997
293V Life of Emile Zola, TheVHS1937
DVD4253 Life of Emile Zola, TheDVD1937
DVD3035 Life of PiDVD2012
DVD3039 LincolnDVD2012
DVD1267 Little Miss SunshineDVD2006
DVD1530 Lives of Others, The, Das Leben der AnderenDVD2006
5155V Living Desert, TheVHS1953
4072V Long Way Home, TheVHS1997
BLU21 Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the RingDVD2001
DVD471 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Return of the KingDVD2003
1515V Lost WeekendVHS1945
1546V Man For All SeasonsVHS1966
5340V Man for All Seasons, AVHS1966
DVD2156 Man for All Seasons, ADVD1966
DVD1860 Man On WireDVD2007
DVD4340 Manchester by the SeaDVD2016
DVD884 March of the PenguinsDVD2005
DVD3754 MarjoeDVD1972
1584V MartyVHS1955
2844V Maya Lin: A Strong Clear VisionVHS1995
951V MediterraneoVHS1991
1592V Midnight CowboyVHS1969
DVD543 Midnight CowboyDVD1969
DVD2667 Midnight in ParisDVD2011
DVD3712 Mighty Times: The Children's March, Children's March, TheDVD2005
DVD1883 MilkDVD2008
DVD716 Million Dollar BabyDVD2004
DVD3037 Miserables, Les, Les MiserablesDVD2012
DVD4328 MoonlightDVD2016
4082V Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears, Moskva Slezamne VeritVHS1979
1520V Mrs. MiniverVHS1942
DVD2523 Mrs. MiniverDVD1942
4781V Murder on a Sunday MorningVHS2001
1527V Mutiny on the BountyVHS1935
DVD1257 Mutiny on the BountyDVD1935
1545V My Fair LadyVHS1964
DVD1227 My Fair LadyDVD1964
DVD929 NetworkDVD1976
710V Nights of Cabiria, Notti di CabiriaVHS1957
DVD331 Nights of CabiriaDVD1957
4509V No Man's LandVHS2001
DVD2672 Norma RaeDVD1979
DVD567 Nowhere in Africa, Nirgendwo in AfrikaDVD2002
3098V Number Our DaysVHS1977
DVD2375 Number Our DaysDVD1977
4670V Official Story, The, Historia Oficial, LaVHS1985
DVD2173 Official Story, The, Historia Oficial, LaDVD1985
DVD4331 OJ: Made in AmericaDVD2016
1547V Oliver!VHS1968
DVD227 On the WaterfrontDVD1954
1744V On the WaterfrontVHS1954
DVD564 One Day in SeptemberDVD1999
73V One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestVHS1975
DVD17 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestDVD1975
1569V Ordinary PeopleVHS1980
1565V Out of AfricaVHS1985
DVD1281 Pan's Labyrinth, El Laberinto FaunoDVD2006
1152V Panama Deception, TheVHS1992
DVD3644 Panama Deception, TheDVD1992
1562V PattonVHS1970
DVD1255 PattonDVD1970
DVD284 Pelle the Conqueror, Pelle ErobrerenDVD1988
DVD44 PhiladelphiaDVD1993
1566V PlatoonVHS1986
DVD1222 PlatoonDVD1986
DVD2104 PreciousDVD2009
3815V Prelude to WarVHS1943
DVD1536 Queen, TheDVD2006
DVD49 Rain ManDVD1988
1553V Rain ManVHS1988
3482V Rain ManVHS1988
DVD2664 RangoDVD2011
DVD1909 Reader, TheDVD2008
DVD53 RebeccaDVD1940
1342V RebeccaVHS1940
DVD4170 Revenant, TheDVD2015
1624V RockyVHS1976
DVD1223 RockyDVD1976
DVD4101 RoomDVD2015
DVD4333 Salesman, The, ForushandeDVD2016
1601V Schindler's ListVHS1993
DVD1262 Schindler's ListDVD1993
DVD2993 Searching for Sugar ManDVD2012
3814V Seeds of DestinyVHS1946
DVD2403 Sense and Sensibility, Sense & SensibilityDVD1995
551V Sentinels of SilenceVHS1971
DVD2881 Separation, ADVD2011
DVD461 Shakespeare in LoveDVD1998
3624V Shakespeare in LoveVHS1998
1548V Silence of the Lambs, TheVHS1991
DVD3235 Silver Linings PlaybookDVD2012
DVD1911 Slumdog MillionaireDVD2008
DVD2356 Social Network, The DVD2010
BLU10 Social Network, TheDVD2010
1616V Sound of Music, TheVHS1965
DVD1259 Sound of Music, TheDVD1965
BLU11 Sound of Music, TheDVD1965
DVD4098 SpotlightDVD2015
DVD3625 Star is Born, ADVD1976
DVD4065 Still AliceDVD2014
1576V Sting, TheVHS1973
687V Strada, La, Road, TheVHS1954
DVD341 Strada, La, Road, TheDVD1954
DVD3628 SuspicionDVD1941
1563V Terms of EndearmentVHS1983
DVD3880 Theory of Everything, TheDVD2014
DVD2887 There Will be BloodDVD2007
2870V Through a Glass Darkly, Sasomi en SpegelVHS1962
DVD3711 Time for Justice, ADVD1995
3404V Times of Harvey Milk, TheVHS1984
DVD2529 Times of Harvey Milk, TheDVD1984
2732V Tin Drum, Blechtrommel, DieVHS1979
3094V TitanicVHS1997
DVD2947 TitanicDVD1997
1561V Tom JonesVHS1963
DVD2353 Toy Story 3DVD2010
DVD2117 TrafficDVD2000
DVD1873 TsotsiDVD2005
4877V Uncle Sam, the Movie Collection, Vol. 2VHS
DVD2983 UndefeatedDVD2011
DVD38 UnforgivenDVD1992
1564V UnforgivenVHS1992
DVD2106 UpDVD2009
2875V Virgin Spring, JungfrukallanVHS1959
DVD885 Walk the LineDVD2005
DVD1863 Wall-EDVD2008
4664V War Game, TheVHS1966
1593V West Side StoryVHS1961
DVD1263 West Side StoryDVD1961
DVD1665 West Side StoryDVD1961
DVD2686 When We Were KingsDVD1997
DVD3876 WhiplashDVD2014
DVD2129 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?DVD1966
3488V Why Man CreatesVHS1969
1347V WingsVHS1927
2769V Woodstock: Three Days of Peace and MusicVHS1970
DVD2135 Wrestler, TheDVD2008
1531V You Can't Take it With YouVHS1938
3670V Young at HeartVHS1987
2791V ZVHS1969
DVD4342 ZootopiaDVD2016