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Biographical Cinema Film Listing

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DVD3589 12 Years a SlaveDVD2013
DVD1435 Aimée & JaguarDVD1999
DVD1879 Alex Haley's Queen, QueenDVD1992
DVD3555 Alexander, Alexander Revisited: The Final CutDVD2004
DVD134 Alexander NevskyDVD1938
DVD3543 Alexander NevskyDVD1938
DVD3196 Alexander the GreatDVD1956
DVD3196 Alexander the GreatDVD1956
DVD3861 All the King's MenDVD1949
DVD3862 All the King's MenDVD2006
DVD6 All the President's MenDVD1976
DVD514 Almost FamousDVD2000
DVD1216 AmadeusDVD1984
DVD365 AmistadDVD1997
DVD3728 And Starring Pancho Villa as HimselfDVD2003
DVD3999 And the Band Played OnDVD1993
DVD3199 Anne of the Thousand Days, Mary Queen of ScotsDVD1969
DVD1916 Antowone FisherDVD2002
DVD2973 ArgoDVD2012
DVD352 Beautiful Mind, ADVD2001
DVD4092 Big Short, TheDVD2015
DVD2103 Blind Side, TheDVD2009
DVD42 Bonnie and ClydeDVD1967
BLU12 Bonnie and ClydeDVD1967
DVD87 Boys Don't CryDVD1999
DVD878 CapoteDVD2005
DVD1569 Chariots of FireDVD1981
DVD1464 CleopatraDVD1963
DVD671 Coal Miner's DaughterDVD1980
DVD3594 Dallas Buyers ClubDVD2013
DVD2005 Dangerous MindsDVD1995
DVD4100 Danish Girl, TheDVD2015
DVD4265 Duchess, TheDVD2008
DVD1712 Ed WoodDVD1994
DVD310 Eight Men OutDVD1988
DVD2174 Elizabeth RDVD1971
DVD3197 Elizabeth: The Golden AgeDVD2007
DVD1649 Empire of the SunDVD1987
DVD635 Finding NeverlandDVD2004
DVD3877 FoxcatcherDVD2014
DVD4229 Free State of JonesDVD2016
DVD4179 FreeheldDVD2015
DVD2127 Frost/ NixonDVD2008
DVD3675 Fruitvale StationDVD2013
DVD2959 Game ChangeDVD2012
DVD3466 GandhiDVD1982
DVD668 Ghosts of MississippiDVD1996
DVD1465 Girl, InterruptedDVD1999
DVD34 GloryDVD1989
DVD899 Good Night, and Good LuckDVD2005
DVD4264 Goya's GhostsDVD2006
DVD1811 Great Debaters, TheDVD2008
DVD2957 Grey GardensDVD2009
DVD2929 Hatfields & McCoysDVD2012
DVD258 Heavenly CreaturesDVD1994
DVD3311 HollywoodlandDVD2006
DVD1146 Hotel RwandaDVD2004
DVD2086 I, ClaudiusDVD1976
DVD1872 Ike: Countdown to D-DayDVD2004
DVD3894 Imitation Game, TheDVD2014
DVD3231 Impossible, TheDVD2012
DVD883 In Love and WarDVD1996
DVD685 Insider, TheDVD1999
DVD2093 Into the StormDVD2009
DVD2211 Into the WildDVD2007
DVD2584 InvictusDVD2009
DVD825 Iron Jawed AngelsDVD2004
DVD2792 Iron Lady, TheDVD2011
DVD136 Ivan the TerribleDVD1944
DVD3542 Ivan the TerribleDVD1944
DVD2428 John AdamsDVD2008
DVD2879 Julie & JuliaDVD2009
DVD3766 Julius CaesarDVD2002
DVD2367 King's Speech, TheDVD2010
DVD4070 KinseyDVD2004
DVD3783 La BambaDVD1987
DVD3783 La BambaDVD1987
DVD1537 La Vie En Rose, The Extraordinary Life of Edith PiafDVD2007
DVD1277 Last King of Scotland, TheDVD2006
DVD2006 Lean On MeDVD1989
DVD4253 Life of Emile Zola, TheDVD1937
DVD3039 LincolnDVD2012
DVD4133 Love & MercyDVD2015
DVD286 LutherDVD1974
DVD738 LutherDVD2003
DVD3951 Malcolm XDVD1992
DVD2156 Man for All Seasons, ADVD1966
DVD1825 Marie AntoinetteDVD2006
DVD2849 Michael CollinsDVD1996
DVD1818 Midnight ExpressDVD1978
DVD1883 MilkDVD2008
DVD1756 Miss Evers' BoysDVD1997
DVD4262 Miss PotterDVD2007
DVD1496 Mission, TheDVD1986
DVD2977 MoneyballDVD2011
DVD3720 Monuments Men, TheDVD2014
DVD1852 Out of the AshesDVD2002
DVD1255 PattonDVD1970
DVD1771 PersepolisDVD2007
DVD1460 PineroDVD2001
DVD189 PollockDVD2000
DVD4241 Pursuit of HappynessDVD2006
DVD1536 Queen, TheDVD2006
DVD18 Raging BullDVD1980
DVD3854 Remember the TitansDVD2000
DVD4170 Revenant, TheDVD2015
DVD3629 Scarlett Empress, TheDVD1934
DVD1262 Schindler's ListDVD1993
DVD3001 SkinDVD2008
DVD2356 Social Network, The DVD2010
BLU10 Social Network, TheDVD2010
DVD2896 Squid and the Whale, TheDVD2005
DVD2004 Stand and DeliverDVD1988
DVD949 SylviaDVD2004
DVD3618 The Butler, Lee Daniels' The ButlerDVD2013
DVD3880 Theory of Everything, TheDVD2014
DVD342 Tucker: A Man and His DreamDVD1988
DVD2645 Viva Zapata!DVD1952
DVD885 Walk the LineDVD2005
DVD3888 WildDVD2014
DVD3593 Wolf of Wall Street, TheDVD2013
DVD1258 Yankee Doodle DandyDVD1943
DVD2958 You Don't Know JackDVD2010
DVD1511 Young Mr. LincolnDVD1939