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LGBT Studies Film Listing

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DVD752 3 Girls I KnowDVD
DVD1528 A Deathly Silence, A Teen's SuicideDVD
DVD1041 Age of AIDS, TheDVD2006
3279V Beauty Before Age: Growing Older in Gay CultureVHS1997
DVD4231 Becoming JohannaDVD2016
3401V Before StonewallVHS1984
DVD2062 Brother Outsider: the Life of Bayard RustinDVD2002
DVD3710 BulliedDVD2010
2827V Celluloid ClosetVHS1996
DVD2553 Color of Fear, TheDVD1997
DVD4326 Deep RunDVD2015
DVD639 Diversity Rules OK!, Changing Nature of FamiliesDVD2002
DVD1905 Dos Patrias: Cuba y la Noche, Two Homlands, Cuba and the NightDVD
DVD2168 Education of Shelby Knox, TheDVD2005
2328V Embracing Our Sexuality: Women Talk About SexVHS1993
943V Finding Our Way, Men Talk About Their SexualityVHS1989
2954V Florence and RobinVHS1994
DVD2907 For the Bible Tells Me SoDVD
3402V Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian LivesVHS1992
DVD4179 FreeheldDVD2015
4798V Friends in High PlacesVHS2001
4492V From a Secret PlaceVHS1993
DVD1859 Further Off the Straight and NarrowDVD
DVD3938 History LessonsDVD2000
DVD1885 In Good ConscienceDVD2004
DVD4327 Inside the Chinese ClosetDVD2015
DVD2548 It's ElementaryDVD1996
4917V It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in SchoolVHS1996
DVD2587 James Baldwin: The Price of the TicketDVD1990
DVD2275 Jihad for Love, ADVD2007
DVD1877 Juchitan, Queer ParadiseDVD2002
3154V Looking for LangstonVHS1989
4102V Matthew Shepard Political FuneralVHS
1926V Men and Masculinity: Changing Roles, Changing LivesVHS1990
5132V No Dumb QuestionsVHS2001
DVD2445 No Dumb QuestionsDVD2001
415V Not All Parents are StraightVHS1987
4048V Off the Straight and NarrowVHS1998
3405V Out of the PastVHS1997
DVD3967 Paper DollsDVD2006
2630V Paris is BurningVHS1990
DVD2679 Paris is BurningDVD1990
2657V Paris Was a WomanVHS1995
4116V Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer's EndVHS1997
DVD3829 Portrait of JasonDVD1967
2699V Question of Equality, TheVHS1995
3352V Resident AlienVHS1990
2362V Rock Hudson's Home MoviesVHS1992
2502V Silverlake Life: The View From HereVHS1994
DVD3298 Small Town Gay BarDVD2006
DVD3828 Still BlackDVD2008
DVD3718 Stonewall, Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian CommunityDVD2010
3803V Stop the ChurchVHS1990
4167V Straight from the HeartVHS1994
3404V Times of Harvey Milk, TheVHS1984
DVD2529 Times of Harvey Milk, TheDVD1984
3358V Tongues UntiedVHS1989
DVD3662 Tongues UntiedDVD1989
3761V Transformation, TheVHS1995
DVD2648 Transformation, TheDVD1995
DVD3755 Transgender TuesdaysDVD2012
DVD3847 TranslatinaDVD2010
DVD2799 Two SpiritsDVD2009
DVD2795 Two-Spirit PeopleDVD1991
DVD2228 Tying the KnotDVD2004
DVD908 Understanding Hate CrimesDVD
DVd1321 Videos of Sadie Benning, TheDVD
3359V Word is Out: Stories of Some of Our LivesVHS1977