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Social Problems, Misc. Film Listing

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DVD4113 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten BulletsDVD2015
3299V Advertising and the End of the WorldVHS1998
3602V AffluenzaVHS1997
5319V Africa, Who is to Blame?VHS2005
3236V Altered States: A History of Drug Use in AmericaVHS1993
3483V America's War on PovertyVHS1995
4780V Angry Eye, TheVHS2001
3304V Avoiding Conflict: Dispute ResolutionVHS1995
3401V Before StonewallVHS1984
2647V Bell Hooks: Cultural Criticism and TransformationVHS1997
DVD2741 Bell Hooks: Cultural Criticism & TransformationDVD1997
5099V Beyond Killing Us Softly, Strength to Resist, TheVHS2000
4499V Big MamaVHS2000
4776V Blame Game: Are We a Country of Victims?VHS1994
DVD312 Bowling for ColumbineDVD2002
4771V Bowling for ColumbineVHS2002
4095V Celso and CoraVHS1983
DVD2636 Change Comes KnockingDVD2008
3974V Children Are Watching, TheVHS1999
2186V Children in America's SchoolsVHS1996
DVD1896 Children in America's SchoolsDVD1996
4080V Colombia's Guerilla War: A Sundered NationVHS1999
5104V Color of Fear II, Walking Each Other HomeVHS1997
4630V Color of Fear, TheVHS1994
DVD2553 Color of Fear, TheDVD1997
1732V Consuming ImagesVHS1989
DVD677 Corridor of ShameDVD2005
DVD1394 Country BoysDVD2005
2094V Crime and Solutions, Fighting Back: Crime and SolutionsVHS1995
DVD1675 Crimes at the BorderDVD
DVD1887 Dangerous Journey, A, Illegal Immigration: A Dangerous JourneyDVD2006
DVD3575 Delta ForceDVD1995
4764V Diversity NowVHS2001
2402V Does TV Kill?VHS1995
DVD3726 Don't Shout Too LoudDVD2011
937V Down and Out in AmericaVHS1985
418V Dreamworlds, Desire, Sex, Power in Rock VideoVHS1990
DVD1268 Dreamworlds 3DVD2007
2848V Dreamworlds II, Dreamworlds 2VHS1995
530V Drug BabiesVHS1990
4956V Dying To Be ThinVHS2000
4049V Edward Said on OrientalismVHS1998
DVD2742 Edward Said On OrientalismDVD1998
4720V Escape from AffluenzaVHS1998
4586V Ethnic NotionsVHS1986
4061V Eye of the Storm, TheVHS1970
DVD2562 Eye of the Storm, TheDVD
1617V Families FirstVHS1992
4916V Fear and Learning at Hoover ElementaryVHS1997
1208V Fires in the Mirror, Crown Heights Brooklyn and Other IdentitiesVHS1993
DVD2378 Fires in the Mirror, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and Other IdentitiesDVD1993
DVD2615 Food StampedDVD2010
DVD1549 Force More Powerful, ADVD
4010V Forgotten FiresVHS1998
DVD2559 Game Over, Game Over: Gender, Race & Violence in Video GamesDVD2002
DVD3830 Girl TroubleDVD2004
5003V Glenn C. Loury, Professor of Political EconomyVHS1987
4151V Grandma's HandsVHS1998
3234V Grounded for Life: Afraid to Say NoVHS1988
4246V Guerilla TelevisionVHS2000
3882V Homes and Hands: Community Land Trusts in ActionVHS1998
1290V Honor of All, TheVHS1986
5175V In the Land of PlentyVHS1999
727V Inside Life OutsideVHS1988
3444V Kids Behind BarsVHS1997
1348V Killing Screens: Media and the Culture of ViolenceVHS1994
3516V KKK: Hate Crimes in AmericaVHS1993
DVD2894 Klan,The: A Legacy of Hate in AmericaDVD1982
1468V Klan: A Legacy of Hate in AmericaVHS1982
DVD1105 Last Chance for EdenDVD
2508V Leona's Sister GerriVHS1994
3443V Life After Prison: Success on the OutsideVHS1998
5227V Life and DebtVHS1992
3496V Lines of BloodVHS1991
692V Little Problem at HomeVHS1990
102V Living Below the LineVHS1984
4073V Long Night's Journey into DayVHS2000
DVD2425 Long Night's Journey Into DayDVD2000
DVD3308 Lost & FoundDVD2003
3615V Lost Children of Rockdale CountyVHS1999
DVD2196 Lost Children of Rockdale County, TheDVD1999
2711V Making Welfare WorkVHS1994
4102V Matthew Shepard Political FuneralVHS
4148V MIckey Mouse MonopolyVHS2001
DVD1015 Mickey Mouse MonopolyDVD2001
4749V Monuments are for Men, Waffles are for WomenVHS2000
2592V Not in Our TownVHS1995
2593V Not in Our Town IIVHS1996
4127V Nuyorican DreamVHS2000
DVD2144 Nuyorican DreamDVD2000
4796V Our Burmese DaysVHS1995
3405V Out of the PastVHS1997
1067V Patently Offensive: Porn Under SiegeVHS
DVD3313 Place at the Table, ADVD2012
DVD4026 Population BoomDVD2013
DVD2964 Pruitt-Igoe Myth, TheDVD2011
2699V Question of Equality, TheVHS1995
4763V Question of Race, AVHS1999
624V Race Against Prime TimeVHS1985
4758V Race and EthnicityVHS2002
484V Race and Sex Discrimination in the Workplace, What You Need to KnowVHS1990
2404V Race, The Floating SignifierVHS1996
2405V Race, the Floating Signifier (Reference Edition)VHS1996
4757V Race: The World's Most Dangerous MythVHS2001
4837V Race: The Power of an IllusionVHS2003
DVD1891 Race: The Power of an IllusionDVD2003
DVD864 Rancho California (por favor)DVD2002
2054V Reducing Urban ViolenceVHS1995
DVD3867 Requiem for Detroit?DVD2010
5068V Return of Sara Baartman, TheVHS2002
DVD2740 Return of Sara Baartman, TheDVD2002
2053V Selling the FutureVHS1994
1115V Sex and Justice, Highlights of the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas HearingsVHS1993
1291V Sharing Innovations that WorkVHS1985
852V Shelter StoriesVHS1990
1840V Skin DeepVHS1995
1864V Slim HopesVHS1995
3337V Slim HopesVHS1995
4779V Stolen Eye, TheVHS2002
907V Stories of ChangeVHS1991
4167V Straight from the HeartVHS1994
3834V Stranger with a CameraVHS2000
850V Streetlife: The Invisible FamilyVHS1988
3878V Taylor's Campaign: Courage on the StreetsVHS1997
84V Teenage PregnancyVHS1985
DVD1545 Trials of Darryl Hunt, TheDVD2005
4904V Two Towns of JasperVHS2002
3328V Understanding Prejudice: Gripes and Common GroundVHS1996
DVD1672 Unnatural CausesDVD2008
1738V Violence Factor, TheVHS1984
3293V Violence: An American TraditionVHS1995
2052V Virtual Wasteland, TheVHS1994
DVD2626 Visions of UtopiaDVD2009
2051V Welcome to the JungleVHS1994
2943V Welfare Reform: Social ImpactVHS1997
2945V Welfare Reform: Social ResponsibilityVHS1997
1897V What Can We Do About Violence?VHS1995
DVD2838 What Poor Child Is This?DVD2011
DVD2613 What's on Your Plate?DVD2009
4519V Where Did You Get That Woman?VHS1982
3822V Who Plays God?VHS1996
85V Why Suicide?VHS1987
1217V Why Value Diversity?VHS1991
331V William Julius WilsonVHS1988
823V Women: Coming Out of the ShadowsVHS1991
4406V Women: The New PoorVHS1990