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AFI Top 100 Films Film Listing

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DVD70 2001: A Space OdysseyDVD1968
2337V 2001: A Space Odyssey, 2001, A Space OdysseyVHS1968
3364V African QueenVHS1951
DVD1239 African Queen, TheDVD1951
DVD3196 Alexander the GreatDVD1956
1532V All About EveVHS1950
DVD6 All the President's MenDVD1976
DVD7 American GraffitiDVD1973
3139V American GraffitiVHS1973
DVD1265 American in Paris, AnDVD1951
1551V Annie HallVHS1977
DVD1251 Apartment, TheDVD1960
2442V Apocalypse NowVHS1979
DVD237 Apocalypse Now ReduxDVD1979
DVD1989 Apocalypse Now: The Complete DossierDVD1979
1554V Ben-HurVHS1959
DVD1195 Ben-HurDVD1959
2395V Blade RunnerVHS1982
DVD42 Bonnie and ClydeDVD1967
2585V Bonnie and ClydeVHS1967
BLU12 Bonnie and ClydeDVD1967
DVD300 Bridge on the River KwaiDVD1957
2378V Bringing Up BabyVHS1938
DVD1254 Bringing Up BabyDVD1938
3855V Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidVHS1969
DVD1221 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidDVD1969
DVD8 CabaretDVD1972
1540V CasablancaVHS1943
DVD61 ChinatownDVD1974
2230V ChinatownVHS1974
BLU17 ChinatownDVD1974
741V Citizen KaneVHS1941
DVD195 Citizen Kane, Battle over Citizen KaneDVD1941
2686V Citizen KaneVHS1941
2497V City LightsVHS1931
DVD1244 City LightsDVD1931
2568V Clockwork OrangeVHS1971
DVD267 Clockwork Orange, ADVD1971
DVD10 Deer HunterDVD1978
2430V Do the Right ThingVHS1989
DVD33 Double IndemnityDVD1944
3185V Double IndemnityVHS1944
DVD148 Dr. StrangeloveDVD1964
2456V Dr. StrangeloveVHS1964
2575V Dr. ZhivagoVHS1965
3360V Duck SoupVHS1933
3566V E. T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, E T The Extra TerrestrialVHS1982
DVD1219 E.T., E.T. The Extra- TerrestrialDVD1982
2336V Easy RiderVHS1969
DVD539 Easy RiderDVD1969
DVD196 Forrest GumpDVD1994
1741V Forrest GumpVHS1994
1605V French Connection, TheVHS1971
1924V General, PlayhouseVHS1927
DVD232 Godfather IIDVD1974
DVD231 Godfather, TheDVD1972
1541V Gone With the WindVHS1939
4854V GoodfellasVHS1990
DVD1193 GoodfellasDVD1990
3051V Graduate, TheVHS1967
DVD721 Graduate. TheDVD1967
DVD417 Grapes of WrathDVD1940
288V Grapes of Wrath, TheVHS1940
2236V High NoonVHS1952
DVD1192 High NoonDVD1952
1549V In the Heat of the NightVHS1967
2006V IntoleranceVHS1916
DVD1246 It Happened One NightDVD1934
DVD35 It's a Wonderful LifeDVD1946
2663V It's a Wonderful LifeVHS1946
DVD238 JawsDVD1975
2413V JawsVHS1975
BLU18 JawsDVD1975
2768V Jazz SingerVHS1927
2949V King KongVHS1933
DVD1220 King KongDVD1933
2321V Last Picture Show, TheVHS1971
DVD1242 Lawrence of ArabiaDVD1962
4591V Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingVHS2001
DVD118 Maltese FalconDVD1941
2555V Maltese Falcon, TheVHS1941
DVD1250 MASH, M.A.S.H.DVD1969
DVD353 Modern TimesDVD1936
2882V Modern TimesVHS1936
3366V Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonVHS1939
DVD1214 Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonDVD1939
1545V My Fair LadyVHS1964
DVD1227 My Fair LadyDVD1964
2228V NashvilleVHS1975
DVD16 NetworkDVD1976
3218V NetworkVHS1976
DVD929 NetworkDVD1976
2438V Night at the OperaVHS1935
DVD2134 Night at the Opera, ADVD1935
DVD115 North By NorthwestDVD1959
2352V North by NorthwestVHS1959
1744V On the WaterfrontVHS1954
1045V Philadelphia StoryVHS1940
DVD995 Philadelphia Story, TheDVD1940
1566V PlatoonVHS1986
DVD1222 PlatoonDVD1986
DVD4 PsychoDVD1960
2574V PsychoVHS1960
4578V PsychoVHS1960
DVD73 Pulp FictionDVD1994
2790V Pulp FictionVHS1994
BLU15 Pulp FictionDVD1994
DVD18 Raging BullDVD1980
2713V Raging BullVHS1980
3367V Raiders of the Lost ArkVHS1981
DVD1188 Raiders of the Lost ArkDVD1981
DVD146 Rear WindowDVD1954
1519V Rear WindowVHS1954
4117V Rear WindowVHS1954
3781V Saving Private RyanVHS1998
1601V Schindler's ListVHS1993
DVD1262 Schindler's ListDVD1993
DVD19 Searchers, TheDVD1956
2427V Searchers, TheVHS1956
3336V Searchers, TheVHS1956
2231V ShaneVHS1953
DVD1213 ShaneDVD1952
2558V Shawshank Redemption, TheVHS1994
DVD2179 Shawshank Redemption, TheDVD1994
DVD41 Silence of the LambsDVD1991
1548V Silence of the Lambs, TheVHS1991
DVD20 Singin' in the Rain, Singing in the RainDVD1952
DVD108 Singin' in the Rain, Singing in the RainDVD1952
2339V Singin' in the Rain, Singing in the RainVHS1952
DVD460 Sixth SenseDVD1999
3702V Snow White and the Seven DwarfsVHS1937
DVD1269 Snow White and the Seven DwarfsDVD1937
DVD354 Some Like it HotDVD1959
2778V Some Like it HotVHS1959
DVD2126 Sophie's ChoiceDVD1982
DVD1259 Sound of Music, TheDVD1965
2772V Star Wars, Star Wars IV: A New HopeVHS1977
DVD1183 Star Wars, Star Wars IV: A New HopeDVD1977
2703V Streetcar Named DesireVHS1951
DVD380 Streetcar Named Desire, ADVD1951
2369V Sullivan's TravelsVHS1941
DVD624 SunriseDVD1927
2343V Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Blvd.VHS1950
DVD1249 Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Blvd.DVD1950
5148V Swing TimeVHS1936
DVD2136 Swing TimeDVD1936
DVD21 Taxi DriverDVD1976
DVD110 Taxi DriverDVD1976
2431V Taxi DriverVHS1976
BLU16 Taxi DriverDVD1976
3094V TitanicVHS1997
2553V To Kill a MockingbirdVHS1962
DVD1196 To Kill a MockingbirdDVD1962
DVD190 TootsieDVD1982
3294V TootsieVHS1982
3949V Toy StoryVHS1995
DVD2208 Toy StoryDVD1995
3368V Treasure of the Sierra MadreVHS1948
DVD826 Treasure of the Sierra MadreDVD1948
2521V Twelve Angry MenVHS1957
1564V UnforgivenVHS1992
DVD40 VertigoDVD1958
1345V VertigoVHS1958
3523V VertigoVHS1958
3849V Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?VHS1966
DVD2129 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?DVD1966
2408V Wild Bunch, TheVHS1969
DVD1261 Wild Bunch, TheDVD1969
DVD98 Wizard of OzDVD1939
2573V Wizard of Oz, TheVHS1939
2681V Yankee Doodle DandeeVHS1942
DVD1258 Yankee Doodle DandyDVD1943