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Evolution Film Listing

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DVD2262 Becoming HumanDVD2009
1766V Beyond AfricaVHS1981
DVD1963 Clash of the CavemenDVD
DVD1052 Darwin's RevolutionDVD1986
1720V Darwin's Revolution in Thought, Stephen J. GouldVHS1995
1719V Darwin's Revolution in Thought, Stephen Jay GouldVHS1995
175V Dr. Leaky and the Dawn of ManVHS1966
3356V Early Stone ToolsVHS1967
1068V Evidence for Evolution, TheVHS1986
DVD326 EvolutionDVD2001
4836V EvolutionVHS2001
DVD1352 Flock of DodosDVD2006
4719V Future of Life, The, Biodiversity in the New MillenniumVHS2003
301V God, Darwin and the DinosaursVHS1989
3837V History of the AnthropoidVHS1997
1055V Horses for Courses: An Evolutionary RadiationVHS1992
DVD2904 Human Family Tree, TheDVD2009
1062V Human Way of Life, AVHS1981
1765V Human Way of Life, AVHS1981
1763V In the BeginningVHS1981
DVD1036 Journey of Man, Story of the Human SpeciesDVD2002
1691V Ladder of CreationVHS1974
787V Life On EarthVHS1987
1683V Lower than the AngelsVHS1974
4741V Monkey in the MirrorVHS1995
3753V Monkeys, Apes and ManVHS1971
150V Mysteries of MankindVHS1988
1933V Nature of Human NatureVHS1995
1767V New Era, AVHS1981
1764V One Small StepVHS1981
3838V Origins of Homo SapiensVHS1997
1061V Settling DownVHS1981
1768V Settling DownVHS1981
1934V Social Brain, TheVHS1995
128V Stephen Jay Gould: This View of LifeVHS1984
1769V Survival of the SpeciesVHS1981
2994V Tales of the Human DawnVHS1990
5321V War on Science, Intelligent Design in the ClassroomVHS