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Southern & South Carolina Studies Film Listing

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261V Among Brothers, Politics in New OrleansVHS1986
DVD2855 Barbecue & Home CookingDVD2004
DVD2754 Barnwell Ring, TheDVD2007
DVD3732 Baruchs of Hobcaw, TheDVD2011
3258V Baskets of Gold: Preserving an African American TraditionVHS1998
DVD2756 Beaufort's OriginalsDVD
DVD2141 Before RosaDVD
DVD2125 Bragging Rites: The Carolina-Clemson RivalryDVD2003
DVD2856 Brunswick StewDVD2005
DVD2857 Burgoo!: A Southern TraditionDVD2008
DVD2927 Carolina Brogue, TheDVD2008
639V CCI: A Case Study of a Southern Prison, Our Brother's Keeper: CCIVHS1993
DVD4175 Circle UnbrokenDVD2014
4849V Citadel Conference on the Civil Rights Movement in S.C.VHS2003
DVD3909 Citizen ByrneDVD1950
DVD2757 Clyburn of South CarolinaDVD2007
DVD4341 Common Ground, Common Ground: Story of the ACE BasinDVD2011
DVD887 Confederacy TheoryDVD2001
DVD677 Corridor of ShameDVD2005
3292V Crimes and PunishmentsVHS1993
3647V Delta JewsVHS1998
DVD2758 Dick Riley: The Education GovernorDVD2007
DVD3903 Down on Bull StreetDVD2015
1338V Dr. Toer's Amazing Magic Lantern ShowVHS1987
DVD4286 EdgewoodDVD2010
594V Family Across the SeaVHS1990
DVD3634 Family Across the SeaDVD1990
DVD4195 Family NameDVD1997
DVD2210 Finding ClovisDVD
1995V Flight to Freedom: The Underground RailroadVHS1995
4423V Freedom BagsVHS1990
DVD2755 Gaillard's CharlestonDVD2006
3173V Good Conversation: A Talk with the McKissacksVHS1997
DVD498 Grand Strand: A Myrtle Beach StoryDVD1999
4823V Guide My FeetVHS2003
DVD2858 Hallowed GroundDVD2007
256V Hands that Picked Cotton, Black Politics in Today's Rural SouthVHS1984
229V Hurricane Hugo Update, Governor's Helicopter TourVHS1989
230V Hurricane Hugo Update, Second Aerian TourVHS1989
DVD3912 In Memorium, James F. Byrnes, 1879-1972DVD
4503V It's GritsVHS1978
DVD2859 It's GritsDVD1978
3002V James Dickey TributeVHS1997
DVD3908 James F. Byrnes, "Palmetto Special" : James F. ByrnesDVD1980
5334V Jenkins' Orphanage Band, Movietone outtakes for USC Film Library National Film RegistVHS1928
DVD3715 Jonathan Green's SeekingDVD2007
4842V Land of Promise: The Jews of South CarolinaVHS2003
3216V Liberty Ship John W. Brown Visits Charleston, SCVHS1998
5046V Lost and FoundVHS2003
5064V Mai's AmericaVHS2002
DVD2419 Midwifery, Delivered With LoveDVD1991
2839V Miss India GeorgiaVHS1997
4383V Modjeska Simkins Story, TheVHS2001
DVD3549 Moving MidwayDVD2007
4637V North and South, North and South, Book 1VHS1985
4638V North and South II, North and South, Book IIVHS1986
2593V Not in Our Town IIVHS1996
4609V Nuestra Comunidad: Latinos in North CarolinaVHS2001
1939V Once in a Lifetime: Making BMWs in the USAVHS
DVD1409 Over Here: The Homefront During World War IDVD2007
DVD1280 Oxford American Southeren DVD, 2007, TheDVD2007
DVD2862 People Who Take Up Serpents, TheDVD1974
3637V Promised Land, TheVHS1995
126V Pushing Back the Darkness, Story of Santee CooperVHS1988
DVD3733 Roots in the River, Roots in the RIver: The Story of Congaree National ParkDVD2009
DVD2398 Sacred Spaces of the Charleston Low CountryDVD2004
DVD1071 Saving Sandy IslandDVD
DVD1881 Scarred Justice: The Orangeburg Massacre 1968DVD2009
5201V Sea Island Adventure, AVHS1999
DVD1067 Searching for the Wrong- Eyed JesusDVD2004
DVD2373 Shaggin' On the StrandDVD1985
DVD2863 Sheep Stew of Dundas, TheDVD2001
DVD439 Sherman's MarchDVD1986
3550V Sherman's MarchVHS1986
1331V South Carolina Newspaper Project, TheVHS1993
DVD1622 South Carolina-- The Good LifeDVD1970
90V South's Slave SystemVHS1987
DVD2401 Southern Manors & ChapelsDVD2008
DVD2864 Southern RoutesDVD2005
960V Southern Sex, TheVHS1992
DVD2865 Southern StewsDVD2002
DVD3910 Statesman, A, James F. Byrnes: A StatesmanDVD
DVD3911 Statue Dedication, James F. Byrnes: Statue DedicationDVD
231V Storm of the CenturyVHS1989
232V Storm of the Century: UpdateVHS1989
DVD3882 Tales from the Land of GullahDVD1999
DVD1545 Trials of Darryl Hunt, TheDVD2005
2193V Uprising of '34, Uprising of 34VHS1995
DVD2743 Uprising of '34, The, Uprising of 34DVD1995
DVD2867 Virginia Brunswick StewDVD1998
DVD2903 Voices in Black & WhiteDVD1996
DVD491 When Rice Was KingDVD1999
5109V Yeah You Rite!VHS1985