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International Relations Film Listing

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3407V America and the Holocaust: Deceit and IndifferenceVHS1994
2998V Americas in TransitionVHS1981
2692V Arabs and the WestVHS1991
373V Arming of Iraq, TheVHS1990
4955V Bioterror, Anthrax, Small Pox, Ebola and MoreVHS2001
5282V Border, TheVHS
4911V Breaking the Silence, Truth and Lies in the War on TerrorVHS2003
DVD2390 Carter Presidency, The: Lessons for the 21st CenturyDVD2007
DVD2835 Coffee Futures, Neyse Halim Ciksin FalimDVD2010
3396V Cold War, CNN Cold WarVHS1998
DVD2025 Cold War, CNN Cold WarDVD1998
4355V Courageous Women of Colombia, TheVHS1997
DVD1553 Crossing ArizonaDVD
4880V Death by MythVHS2002
3278V Dirty Secrets: Jennifer, Everardo and the CIA in GuatemalaVHS1998
1012V Face of WarVHS1985
464V Faces of WarVHS1986
4786V Fight Against Terror at the U.N.VHS2003
DVD472 Fog of WarDVD2003
4348V Good Kurds, Bad KurdsVHS2000
DVD1119 Goodbye babyDVD
1968V Gulf War, TheVHS1996
100V Guns, Drugs and the CIAVHS1987
4817V Hidden in Plain SightVHS2003
DVD1658 Human Trafficking: A Crisis for the EU and the WorldDVD
DVD1659 Identities: Culture and Nationality in Europe TodayDVD
DVD1656 Inside the European Union: Parliament Under PressureDVD
2218V Inside the School of AssassinsVHS1996
1056V International Trade: Exchange RatesVHS1986
DVD2949 Islam and AmericaDVD2001
4613V Islam and America: Through the Eyes of Imran KhanVHS2001
5187V Italian-Ethiopian War, The, Africa in World AffairsVHS1978
5205V Justice and the GeneralsVHS2002
1595V Kingdom DividedVHS1987
556V Latin America: Intervention in Our Own BackyardVHS
558V Mexico and the U.S.VHS1988
DVD1655 No Colors: Racism and Prejudice in Modern EuropeDVD
DVD1824 Other Europe, TheDVD2006
4735V Our Friends at the BankVHS1997
1152V Panama Deception, TheVHS1992
333V Peter DruckerVHS1988
DVD375 Proliferation Threat, TheDVD2003
2217V School of Americas, School of AssassinsVHS1994
2V Secret World of the CIA, TheVHS1988
1919V Sissela Bok, Psychology of LyingVHS1988
5091V Sound of the Violin in My Lai, Tieng Vi Cam My LaiVHS
DVD1660 Stop the Flow: Analyzing the Causes of EU ImmigrationDVD
4925V Truth, War and ConsequencesVHS2003
4709V War Behind Closed DoorsVHS2003
1847V While America Watched: The Bosnia TragedyVHS1994
DVD1209 Women on PatrolDVD2004
2700V World Bank, TheVHS1997