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Holocaust & Genocide Film Listing

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DVD4276 Against the TideDVD2008
4743V AkropolisVHS1971
DVD1894 All About DarfurDVD2005
DVD3277 America and the HolocaustDVD2005
3407V America and the Holocaust: Deceit and IndifferenceVHS1994
2392V Bielski BrothersVHS1996
134V Breaking the Silence: The Generation after the HolocaustVHS1984
4055V Calling the Ghosts, Prozivanje DuhovaVHS1996
4470V Children of ChabannesVHS1999
DVD1315 Darfur DiariesDVD2005
DVD1568 Devil Came on Horseback, TheDVD
50V Different World: Poland's Jews 1919-1943VHS1986
3941V Everything's For YouVHS1989
2381V Facing HateVHS1991
DVD944 Fateless, SorstalanságDVD2004
DVD2627 Film Unfinished, ADVD2010
1198V For the LivingVHS1993
DVD2826 Forgiving Dr. MengeleDVD2005
DVD4027 GenocideDVD1981
4480V Harvest of Despair: The Unknown HolocaustVHS1984
416V Holocaust, In Dark PlacesVHS1978
DVD1474 Homo Sapiens 1900DVD1998
4784V Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus BarbieVHS1988
DVD4034 I Have Never Forgotten YouDVD2006
5349V Images of the World and the Inscription of War, Bilder der Welt und Inschrift des KriegesVHS1988
DVD3208 IMages of the World and the Inscription of War, Bilder der Welt und Inschrift des KriegesDVD1988
DVD1851 Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the HolocaustDVD2004
DVD241 Into the Arms of Strangers, Stories of the KindertransportDVD2000
DVD3891 Journey Into the Holocaust, ADVD2014
3426V Jud Suss: The Indoctrination of Racial HatredVHS1940
3409V Judgment at NuremburgVHS1961
1162V Kristallnacht: The Journey from 1938 to 1988VHS1988
4065V Last Days, TheVHS1998
3503V Last Stage, Ostatni EtapVHS1948
DVD4029 LiberationDVD1994
DVD124 Life is BeautifulDVD1998
3854V Life is Beautiful, La Vita e BellaVHS1997
DVD1853 Lodz GhettoDVD1989
4072V Long Way Home, TheVHS1997
DVD4030 Long Way Home, TheDVD1997
DVD3984 Look of Silence, TheDVD2014
DVD1826 Maelstrom, TheDVD1997
918V ManzanarVHS
DVD1816 Mass Graves of Guatemala, Buried SecretsDVD2005
103V Memory of the CampsVHS1985
DVD827 Memory of the CampsDVD1985
DVD3645 Missing Picture, TheDVD2013
3410V Murderers Are Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal StoryVHS1989
4574V My Mother's Courage, Mutters CourageVHS1995
DVD2853 My Neighbor My KillerDVD
987V Night and Fog, Nuit et BrouillardVHS1955
3588V Night and Fog, Nuit et BrouillardVHS1955
DVD566 Night and Fog, Nuit et BrouillardDVD1954
3411V Night PorterVHS1974
4071V Night Train to MunichVHS1940
DVD4177 No Home MovieDVD2015
2259V Ona People: Life and Death in Terra del FuegoVHS1977
3412V Our ChildrenVHS1948
DVD1852 Out of the AshesDVD2002
DVD2230 OutcastDVD1997
DVD993 Paper ClipsDVD2004
3273V Passenger, TheVHS1963
4905V Pianist, TheVHS2002
1799V Primo Levi: A Sketch of His LifeVHS1991
3063V Rwanda: How History Can Lead to GenocideVHS1995
3413V Seven BeautiesVHS1976
3609V ShoahVHS1985
DVD1197 ShoahDVD1985
5063V Silent SongVHS2001
1856V Terror in the Balkans: The Breakup of YugoslaviaVHS1993
4544V That Justice Be DoneVHS1946
DVD3729 There Was Once...DVD2012
DVD255 Triumph of the SpiritDVD1989
DVD4032 Unlikely HeroesDVD2003
2746V Wannsee Conference, TheVHS1987
4734V War PhotographerVHS2001
DVD3889 Watchers of the SkyDVD2014
DVD587 We Want the Light, Christopher Nupen's We Want the LightDVD2004
2157V Weapons of the SpiritVHS1988
1847V While America Watched: The Bosnia TragedyVHS1994
891V With Hardship their GarmentVHS1974
DVD1987 With Open EyesDVD
DVD2837 Worse Than WarDVD2009
5062V Zyklon PortraitVHS1999