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Advertising Film Listing

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DVD2000 7-Up: The Uncola StoryDVD
3305V Ad and the Ego, TheVHS1996
DVD3691 Ad and the Ego, TheDVD1997
3299V Advertising and the End of the WorldVHS1998
DVD2009 Advertising Creative AppealsDVD2006
3602V AffluenzaVHS1997
DVD1688 Beauty Backlash, TheDVD2006
DVD969 Becoming BarbieDVD1993
4241V Behind the Screens, Hollywood Goes HypercommercialVHS2000
5099V Beyond Killing Us Softly, Strength to Resist, TheVHS2000
DVD1074 Big Bucks, Big PharmaDVD
1679V Classics of Political Television Advertising, TheVHS1986
DVD2327 Coke's Water BombDVD2004
4349V Color CommunicatesVHS1992
1732V Consuming ImagesVHS1989
DVD1904 Consuming KidsDVD2008
DVD750 Deadly Persuasion, The Advertising of Alcohol and TobaccoDVD
4770V Fine Art of Separating People from their MoneyVHS1996
DVD3614 Greatest Movie Ever Sold, TheDVD2011
DVD1998 How Consumers DecideDVD
3865V Icons & Symbols: The Power of Persuasion, Icons and Symbols: The Power of PersuasionVHS1997
DVD1999 Inside Saatchi & SaatchiDVD2004
3372V Invisible Persuaders: The Battle For Your MindVHS1994
DVD751 Killing Us Softly 3, Avertising's Image of WomenDVD2000
DVD2366 Killing Us Softly 4DVD2010
3841V Killing us Softly IIIVHS2000
1733V Leading QuestionsVHS1989
DVD2685 Merchants of Cool, TheDVD2001
DVD690 No LogoDVD2003
DVD575 Persuaders, TheDVD
3371V Psycho-Sell: Advertising and Persuasion, Psycho SellVHS1991
DVD1686 Racial Stereotypes in the MediaDVD
3990V Reading FilmVHS1992
1864V Slim HopesVHS1995
3337V Slim HopesVHS1995
1887V Stale Roles and Tight BunsVHS1988
4445V Storyboards and Sequential ArtVHS1999
5013V Tobacco on TrialVHS1997
DVD1353 Wet Dreams and False ImagesDVD2004
1745V Why You Buy: How Ads PersuadeVHS1988