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Native Americans Film Listing

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2100V Alaska: The Last FrontierVHS1995
2480V Always for PleasureVHS1978
3168V American Indian Dance TheatreVHS1989
DVD1673 American Red and BlackDVD
DVD1888 ApocalyptoDVD2006
4477V Basketry of the PomoVHS1962
DVD1631 Black Indians: An American StoryDVD
3263V Blood Tests: Native American GambleVHS1996
DVD2728 Blood Tests: Native American GambleDVD1996
DVD2416 Bones of ContentionDVD1995
3262V Bones of Contention: Native American ArchaeologyVHS1995
DVD4083 By BloodDVD2015
DVD2420 Cahokia MoundsDVD1994
1758V Cahokia Mounds: Ancient MetropolisVHS1994
4154V Carved from the HeartVHS1997
DVD3566 Cherokee Word for Water, TheDVD2012
3916V CirclesVHS1997
DVD2359 Club NativeDVD2007
1105V Columbus Didn't Discover UsVHS1990
1641V Dakota Conflict, TheVHS1992
1710V Dancing in Moccasins, Keeping Native American Traditions AliveVHS1989
4840V Dancing To Give ThanksVHS1988
4819V De Florida a Coahuila, From Florida to CoahuilaVHS1998
2169V Death Runs RiotVHS1996
3357V Discovering the MocheVHS1978
2167V Empire Upon the TrailsVHS1996
DVD2532 Experimental Eskimos, TheDVD2009
1640V Faithkeeper, TheVHS1991
2171V Fight No More ForeverVHS1996
DVD3807 First LanguageDVD2014
2172V Geography of HopeVHS1996
2173V Ghost DanceVHS1996
DVD3871 Good Day to Die, ADVD2010
2170V Grandest Enterprise Under GodVHS1996
DVD1586 Great Indian Wars, TheDVD
1079V Guatemalan ReportVHS1991
701V Hisatsinom, The Ancient Ones, AnasaziVHS1984
4335V HomelandVHS1999
1290V Honor of All, TheVHS1986
1709V Hopi ProphecyVHS1991
5166V Hopi: Corn is LifeVHS1997
3326V Hopi: Songs of the Fourth WorldVHS1983
DVD2769 Hopi: Songs of the Fourth WorldDVD1983
3997V Images of IndiansVHS1979
4607V In the Light of ReverenceVHS2001
5318V In the White Man's ImageVHS1991
DVD2520 In the White Man's ImageDVD1992
5090V In Whose Honor?, American Indian Mascots in SportsVHS1997
DVD2482 In Whose Honor?, American Indian Mascots in SportsDVD
2391V Incas, TheVHS1980
DVD1153 Incidents of Travel in Chichen ItzaDVD1997
4150V Indian by BirthVHS2000
DVD3738 Indian RelayDVD2013
DVD2731 Ishi, The Last YahiDVD1992
1200V Ishi: The Last YahiVHS1992
1714V Kayapo: Out of the ForestVHS1989
DVD2424 Learning Path, TheDVD1991
1950V Long Road Home, TheVHS1992
1230V Louise Erdrich and Michael DorrisVHS1988
4313V Mending Ways: The Canela Indians of BrazilVHS1999
1646V More than Bows and ArrowsVHS1994
3940V Mystery of the First AmericansVHS2000
988V Navajo Talking PictureVHS1986
1757V Nokomis: Voices of Anishabe GrandmothersVHS1994
2259V Ona People: Life and Death in Terra del FuegoVHS1977
2174V One Sky Above UsVHS1996
5121V Paha Sapa, Struggle for the Black Hills, TheVHS1993
2166V People, TheVHS1996
3915V Picturing a PeopleVHS1997
3375V Popol Vuh: The Creation Myth of the MayaVHS1988
3887V Primal Mind, TheVHS1984
DVD2338 Reel InjunDVD2009
4759V Return of the Sacred PoleVHS1990
DVD4086 Rez, TheDVD1996
1144V Rigoberta Menchu: Broken SilenceVHS1993
579V River People, Behind the Case of David SohappyVHS1990
947V RoanoakVHS1986
2527V Runa: Guardians of the ForestVHS1989
1639V Sacred GroundVHS1991
1653V Seeking the First AmericansVHS1980
814V Separate VisionsVHS1989
1291V Sharing Innovations that WorkVHS1985
DVD464 Smoke SignalsDVD1998
2168V Speck of the Future, TheVHS1996
1643V Spirit of Crazy Horse, TheVHS1990
2205V Spirit of the DawnVHS1994
1642V Spirit of the Mask, TheVHS1992
DVD2393 Spirit of the Mask, TheDVD1992
128V Stephen Jay Gould: This View of LifeVHS1984
1604V Sunrise Dance, TheVHS1994
1084V Surviving Columbus: The Story of the Pueblo PeopleVHS1992
1969V Sweating Indian Style, Conflicts Over Native American RitualVHS1994
DVD2745 Sweating Indian Style, Conflicts Over Native American RitualDVD1994
DVD3750 Teachings of the Tree PeopleDVD2006
DVD2058 Trail of Tears, The: Cherokee LegacyDVD2006
3901V Transitions: Destruction of a Mother TongueVHS1991
DVD3827 True WhispersDVD2002
DVD2799 Two SpiritsDVD2009
DVD2795 Two-Spirit PeopleDVD1991
DVD3739 Urban RezDVD2013
DVD1584 War That Made America, TheDVD2005
DVD1943 We Shall RemainDVD2009
DVD2962 We Still Live HereDVD2010
DVD2476 West, TheDVD1996
4334V Who Owns the Past?VHS2000
1914V Winds of MemoryVHS1992
DVD1266 Yes, I Am Not IktomiDVD