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Language Instruction Film Listing

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2212V Buongiorno Italia!VHS1983
5313V Constructive World of Advanced Spanish, TheVHS
1261V Destinos, pts. 1&2, Introduction, AnVHS1992
1266V Destinos, pts. 11&12- Un Viaje a Madrid y ArgentinaVHS1992
1267V Destinos, pts. 13&14- Un Viaje a la ArgentinaVHS1992
1268V Destinos, pts. 15&16- Un Viaje a la ArgentinaVHS1992
1269V Destinos, pts. 17&18- Un Viaje a la ArgentinaVHS1992
1270V Destinos, pts. 19&20- Un Viaje a Puerto RicoVHS1992
1271V Destinos, pts. 21&22- Un Viaje a Puerto RicoVHS1992
1272V Destinos, pts. 23&24- Un Viaje a Puerto RicoVHS1992
1273V Destinos, pts. 25&26- Un Viaje a Puerto RicoVHS1992
1274V Destinos, pts. 27&28- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1275V Destinos, pts. 29&30- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1262V Destinos, pts. 3&4- Un Viaje a SevillaVHS1992
1276V Destinos, pts. 31&32- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1277V Destinos, pts. 33&34- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1278V Destinos, pts. 35&36- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1279V Destinos, pts. 37&38- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1280V Destinos, pts. 39&40- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1281V Destinos, pts. 41&42- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1282V Destinos, pts. 43&44- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1283V Destinos, pts. 45&46- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1284V Destinos, pts. 47&48- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1285V Destinos, pts. 49&50- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1263V Destinos, pts. 5&6- Un Viaje a SevillaVHS1992
1286V Destinos, pts. 51&52- Un Viaje a MexicoVHS1992
1264V Destinos, pts. 7&8- Un Viaje a MadridVHS1992
1265V Destinos, pts. 9&10- Un Viaje a MadridVHS1992
1292V French In Action, pts. 1&2- OrientationVHS1987
1297V French in Action, pts. 11&12- EncountersVHS1987
1298V French In Action, pts. 13&14- Getting UnderwayVHS1987
1299V French In Action, pts. 15&16- Getting UnderwayVHS1987
1300V French in Action, pts. 17&18- In All Labor there is ProfitVHS1987
1301V French in Action, pts. 19&20- Entering School ZoneVHS1987
1302V French in Action, pts. 21&22- Fishing for an InvitationVHS1987
1303V French in Action, pts. 23&24- Bills of FareVHS1987
1304V French in Action, pts. 25&26- Bills of FareVHS1987
1305V French in Action, pts. 27&28- All Manner of TransportataionVHS1987
1306V French in Action, pts. 29&30- All Manner of TransportationVHS1987
1293V French In Action, pts. 3&4- GenesisVHS1987
1307V French in Action, pts. 31&32- ResidencesVHS1987
1308V French in Action, pts. 33&34- ResidencesVHS1987
1309V French in Action, pts. 35&36- ResidencesVHS1987
1310V French in Action, pts. 37&38- EntertainmentVHS1987
1311V French in Action, pts. 39&40- EntertainmentVHS1987
1312V French in Action, pts. 41&42- A Matter of ChanceVHS1987
1313V French in Action, pts. 43&44- Think VacationVHS1987
1314V French in Action, pts. 45&46- Think VacationVHS1987
1315V French in Action, pts. 47&48- What Variety!VHS1987
1316V French in Action, pts. 49&50- What a Nightmare!VHS1987
1294V French In Action, Pts. 5&6- FamiliesVHS1987
1317V French in Action, pts. 51&52- Parade and ReviewVHS1987
1295V French In Action, pts. 7&8- PortraitsVHS1987
1296V French in Action, pts. 9&10- Vacation in BrittanyVHS1987
5288V Inside Reading and Writing WorkshopsVHS1998
DVD1029 Japan: Grammer and VocabularyDVD1995
5309V Russian Language, The, Neobyknovennyĭ Ibikus v Sankt-PeterburgeVHS1992
DVD867 Talk FrenchDVD2000
DVD869 Talk GermanDVD2002
DVD868 Talk SpanishDVD1998
DVD640 Virgil Goes to China, An Introductory Course in Spoken MandarinDVD1991
DVD3307 Visual LatinDVD