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Women Studies Film Listing

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DVD1279 10 Voices, 10 Voices: Ten African American Women that made a DifferenceDVD
3877V 1900 HouseVHS1999
96V Abortion ClinicVHS1983
DVD851 Abortion War, The, Thirty Years After Roe v. WadeDVD2003
DVD1875 AbusedDVD2006
DVD2091 Africa RisingDVD
1143V Alice WalkerVHS1992
DVD1688 Beauty Backlash, TheDVD2006
DVD1898 Beauty Myth, TheDVD
DVD969 Becoming BarbieDVD1993
5099V Beyond Killing Us Softly, Strength to Resist, TheVHS2000
2350V Bintou in Paris, Pari du BintouVHS1994
4057V Black Women On: The Light, Dark ThangVHS1997
470V Blind JusticeVHS1987
DVD1171 Blossoms of FireDVD2000
DVD3959 Born in BrazilDVD2002
3215V Breasts: A DocumentaryVHS1996
1100V Burning Times, TheVHS1990
4055V Calling the Ghosts, Prozivanje DuhovaVHS1996
794V Casting the First StoneVHS1991
3374V Century of WomenVHS1994
65V China's Only ChildVHS1983
2830V Choice for a Chinese WomanVHS1993
DVD4314 Dalya's Other CouuntryDVD2017
DVD3987 Dark GirlsDVD2011
2552V Daughter RiteVHS1979
DVD3540 Day I Will Never Forget, TheDVD2002
4518V Day Will Come, AVHS1999
DVD2197 Death in Tehran, ADVD2009
1134V Defending Our LivesVHS1993
4530V Don't Ask WhyVHS1999
DVD3567 Double DareDVD2004
DVD4064 Double Day, TheDVD1975
DVD2633 Dream GirlsDVD1993
3520V Ella's JournalVHS1996
DVD4335 Empowerment Project, TheDVD2014
3417V Equal Rights Amendment: Unfinished BusinessVHS1998
4531V F Word, F-WordVHS1994
735V Fast Food WomenVHS1991
DVD2723 Fast Food WomenDVD1991
DVD3974 Feminist, Feminist: Stories From Women's LiberationDVD2013
3403V Few Good Women, AVHS1997
1711V Fire Eyes, Female CircumcisionVHS1994
2383V Flowers for GuadalupeVHS1995
DVD3825 Fly GirlsDVD1999
DVD3973 Forbidden VoicesDVD2012
2483V Fragile Promise of Choice, TheVHS1996
2482V From Danger to DignityVHS1995
1101V Full CircleVHS1993
DVD2920 Generation MDVD2008
DVD3748 Girl RisingDVD2013
4545V Girls Around the WorldVHS1999
2154V Girls Can!VHS1994
2747V Girls Like UsVHS1997
DVD3962 Girls Like UsDVD1997
1099V Goddess RememberedVHS1989
DVD1669 Greatest Silence, TheDVD2007
DVD3883 Grey Area, TheDVD2012
3234V Grounded for Life: Afraid to Say NoVHS1988
2327V Growing Up FemaleVHS1971
DVD2545 Growing Up FemaleDVD1971
DVD3886 Half the RoadDVD2014
2751V Half the SkyVHS1997
DVD2852 Half the SkyDVD2012
2550V Halving the BonesVHS1995
5322V Hearts and HandsVHS1987
1164V Hidden FacesVHS1990
3333V Hillary's ClassVHS1994
DVD2183 History of Women's Achievements in America, ADVD
DVD3988 Hunting Ground, TheDVD2015
DVD3975 I Am a GirlDVD2013
1066V I Need Your Full CooperationVHS1989
DVD2203 Ida B. Wells & Fannie Lou HamerDVD2009
DVD1679 If These Walls Could TalkDVD1996
5118V In a Just World, Abortion, Contraception and World ReligionVHS2003
5274V In the Name of Love, Modern Day Mail Order BridesVHS
DVD3885 India's DaughterDVD2015
DVD4041 Inside Her SexDVD2014
DVD2801 Invisible War, TheDVD2012
4192V Ireland, Mother IrelandVHS1988
DVD825 Iron Jawed AngelsDVD2004
DVD1581 Iron Ladies of LiberiaDVD2007
3884V Jane: An Abortion ServiceVHS1995
718V Japan, Behind the MaskVHS1986
3456V Joan Does DynastyVHS1999
4685V Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party, Dinner PartyVHS1990
DVD1582 Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt, TheDVD2003
DVD751 Killing Us Softly 3, Avertising's Image of WomenDVD2000
DVD2366 Killing Us Softly 4DVD2010
3841V Killing us Softly IIIVHS2000
1661V Lady MarshallVHS1990
DVD1306 Leila Khaled: HijackerDVD2005
2508V Leona's Sister GerriVHS1994
DVD1118 Letters From the Other SideDVD
DVD4042 Living Thinkers, Living Thinkers: An Autobiography of Black Women ini the IvoDVD2013
DVD1671 Made in L.A., Hecho en Los AngelesDVD2007
DVD3055 Makers, Makers: Women Who Make AmericaDVD2013
DVD4059 Man, When He Is a Man, A, Hombre, Cuando es el Hombre, ElDVD1982
1620V Mary Catherine Bateson, Changing Role of WomenVHS1994
DVD2202 Mary McLeod Bethune & Shirley ChisholmDVD2009
1387V Mary Silliman's WarVHS1993
2551V Meeting Two QueensVHS1991
260V Metropolitan AvenueVHS1985
3377V Midwife's TaleVHS1997
793V Mirror, Mirror, Mirror MirrorVHS1990
3435V Miss Amy and Miss MayVHS1990
2839V Miss India GeorgiaVHS1997
DVD2525 Miss RepresentationDVD2011
DVD4058 Miss Universe in Peru, Miss Universo en el PeruDVD1982
DVD1839 Missing WomenDVD
DVD2430 Motherhood Manifesto, TheDVD
DVD4088 Mothering InsideDVD2015
DVD3884 Mothers of BedfordDVD2011
DVD1815 My Daughter the TerroristDVD2007
DVD3280 My FeminismDVD1997
4398V My Journey, My IslamVHS1999
DVD1211 Naked Feminist, TheDVD2003
DVD1899 Naomi Wolf: In-DepthDVD
2702V Newshour with Jim Lehrer, June 17, 1997VHS1997
DVD3630 No Woman No CryDVD2010
3558V Not For Ourselves AloneVHS1999
1819V One Woman, One VoteVHS1995
DVD2162 One Woman, One VoteDVD1995
2206V Operacion, OperationVHS1982
1159V Options for Women at Mid-LifeVHS1990
DVD2250 Orgasm Inc.DVD2009
2657V Paris Was a WomanVHS1995
1067V Patently Offensive: Porn Under SiegeVHS
DVD1809 Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and the FamilyDVD
DVD1766 Performing the BorderDVD1999
5066V Period PieceVHS1996
DVD1207 Period: The End of MenstruationDVD2005
5243V Phantom of the OperatorVHS2004
DVD3004 Phsntom of the Operator, TheDVD2004
4906V Pill, TheVHS2003
DVD2519 Pill, TheDVD2003
820V Playing for KeepsVHS1990
DVD2967 Poster GirlDVD2010
DVD2575 Power and ControlDVD2010
DVD2517 Pray the Devil Back to HellDVD2008
1092V Presence of the Goddess, Vision Whose Time has Returned, AVHS1993
3601V Queen of FalconVHS1991
255V Quilts in Women's LivesVHS1980
2092V Railroad WomenVHS1988
479V Rape CultureVHS1989
DVD1477 Real Women Have CurvesDVD2005
DVD1468 ReassemblageDVD1982
4698V Rebel Hearts, Sarah and Angelina Grimke and the Anti Slavery MovementVHS1994
DVD3972 Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil RightsDVD2013
4690V Right Out of History, Making of Judy Chicago's The Dinner PartyVHS1981
1851V Right to Live, Right to DieVHS1984
1095V RitesVHS1991
DVD1880 Selling Sex in Heaven, Hope in HeavenDVD2005
5330V Seneca ReflectionsVHS
5279V Sentencing the VictimVHS2002
DVD4329 She's Beautiful When She's AngryDVD2014
427V She's Nobody's Baby: American Women in the 20th Century, Ms.VHS1981
1674V Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging AmericaVHS1991
785V Simone de BeauvoirVHS1978
DVD4063 Simplemente JennyDVD1977
DVD3647 Sin by SilenceDVD2009
57V Sins of Our MothersVHS1989
DVD691 Sisters of '77DVD
DVD796 Sixteen DecisionsDVD
DVD4025 Slaying the DragonDVD1987
1864V Slim HopesVHS1995
3337V Slim HopesVHS1995
DVD938 SlutDVD2004
DVD805 Some Women of MarrakechDVD1976
960V Southern Sex, TheVHS1992
4694V Speaking Out: Women, AIDS and Hope in MaliVHS2002
3345V Speeches of Famous WomenVHS1995
3665V Spirits RisingVHS1995
DVD3485 Sporting ChanceDVD2012
DVD1583 Standing on My Sisters' ShouldersDVD
1145V Status of Latina Women, TheVHS1992
4699V Step by Step: Building a Feminist MovementVHS1998
5124V Still Doing It, Intimate Lives of Women over 65VHS2004
907V Stories of ChangeVHS1991
1663V Sweet Sugar RageVHS
5299V Talaq, Divorce Iranian StyleVHS
915V Talking HistoryVHS1984
DVD1208 Teen Mothers, MeninasDVD2005
DVD1878 These Girls Are MissingDVD1997
966V They're Doing My TimeVHS1989
2090V Through the Glass CeilingVHS1994
2858V Tis Pity She's a Whore, First Women on the London StageVHS1994
DVD2380 Tis Pity She's a Whore, First Women on the London StageDVD1994
DVD1525 Town Bloody HallDVD1931
3621V Union MaidsVHS1976
DVD892 Vagina Monologues, TheDVD2001
795V Veiled RevolutionVHS1982
DVD2635 Veiled Revolution, ADVD1982
3122V Voices from InsideVHS1996
DVD4038 W.A.R.: Women Art RevolutionDVD2010
DVD1755 Walk to Beautiful, ADVD2008
3902V Way Home, TheVHS1998
DVD1353 Wet Dreams and False ImagesDVD2004
DVD894 What's Health Got to Do with It?, Young Women Speak OutDVD2002
1112V When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold StoriesVHS1992
DVD1575 Witches in ExileDVD2004
1116V Woman and Her SymbolsVHS1990
4339V Woman's World, A, Women in PoliticsVHS2000
5246V Woman, Who Is Me?VHS1977
4693V Womanhood and Circumcision, Three Maasai Women Have their SayVHS2002
DVD2730 Womanhood and Circumcision, Three Maasai Women Have Their SayDVD2002
4965V WomanhouseVHS1972
DVD1098 Women and AlcoholismDVD2003
2698V Women and IslamVHS1993
1904V Women and MinoritiesVHS1990
5328V Women in PoliticsVHS1992
945V Women in the Third WorldVHS1986
4463V Women of HezbollahVHS2000
1096V Women of Hull HouseVHS1992
2709V Women of Summer, TheVHS1985
DVD1209 Women on PatrolDVD2004
4700V Women Organize!VHS2000
1798V Women Serving ReligionVHS1991
2453V Women with Open Eyes, Femmes aux Yeux OuvertsVHS1993
2794V Women World LeadersVHS1996
2864V Women's Bank of BangladeshVHS1996
431V Women's Voices: The Gender Gap MovieVHS1984
823V Women: Coming Out of the ShadowsVHS1991
4406V Women: The New PoorVHS1990
DVD3000 Wonder Women!, Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American SuperheroinesDVD
417V You May Call Her Madam SecretaryVHS1987