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Childhood & Development Film Listing

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726V 28 UpVHS1984
1743V 35 Up, Thirty Five UpVHS1991
4156V 42 Up, Forty-Two UpVHS1998
DVD3317 49 UpDVD2005
DVD3947 5 Girls, Five GirlsDVD2001
DVD3318 56 UpDVD2012
DVD1104 Accent Reduction ProgramDVD2001
765V Among EqualsVHS1991
3545V AttachmentVHS1994
DVD815 AutismDVD2003
DVD913 Autism and Applied Behavioral AnalysisDVD2001
5120V Autism Spectrum Disorders and the SCERTS ModelVHS2004
DVD2923 BabiesDVD2010
4610V Barbie NationVHS1998
DVD1765 Barbie NationDVD1998
2946V Character Education: Application in the ClassroomVHS1998
141V Child Language: Learning Without TeachingVHS1974
4430V Child that You Do Have, Child that You Do Have: A New Approach to AutismVHS1994
137V Child's Play and the Real WorldVHS1974
392V Childhood and AdolescenceVHS1990
3974V Children Are Watching, TheVHS1999
138V Children's Agression: Its Origin and ControlVHS1974
DVD711 China's Lost GirlsDVD2004
DVD1035 Cognitive DevelopmentDVD1995
DVD2067 Coming of Age, Coming of Age: Ethnograhic Profiles from a Global PerspectivDVD2005
1122V Communicating Effectively with Young ChildrenVHS1993
4702V Conversations in RhymeVHS1981
DVD847 Dealing Effectively with Attitudes & EmotionsDVD2004
DVD848 Dealing with Guilt and ShameDVD2004
142V Ego Development: The Core of a Healthy PersonalityVHS1974
2931V Emotional IntelligenceVHS1996
DVD3962 Girls Like UsDVD1997
DVD939 Good Food/ Bad FoodDVD
760V Great ExpectationsVHS1991
3791V Gross Motor DevelopmentVHS1987
DVD2363 Growing Up OnlineDVD2008
DVD832 Hope Speaks, An Introduction to Childhood Apraxia of SpeechDVD
766V House of TomorrowVHS1991
2930V How are Kids Smart?VHS1995
DVD3975 I Am a GirlDVD2013
DVD3948 I Have Tourette's But Tourette's Doesn't Have MeDVD2006
139V In the BeginningVHS1978
763V In the Land of the GiantsVHS1991
391V Infancy and Early ChildhoodVHS1990
3812V Infant Motor DevelopmentVHS1988
DVD3949 Inside the Teenage BrainDVD2004
DVD1400 John Bowlby: Attachment Theory Across GenerationsDVD
DVD850 Language DevelopmentDVD1995
2811V Last One Picked, First One Picked On, Last One Picked--First One Picked OnVHS1994
3315V Learning to CommunicateVHS1992
764V Life's LessonsVHS1991
5100V Listening to ChildrenVHS1995
DVD940 Living with ADHDDVD
761V Louder than WordsVHS1991
762V Love's LaborsVHS1991
4540V Managing the Defiant ChildVHS1997
DVD914 Measuring Success in Treatment for AutismDVD2005
4969V Medicating KidsVHS2001
3796V Middle Childhood: Physical Growth and DevelopmentVHS1997
2088V Morality: The Process of Moral DevelopmentVHS1977
4706V Moving Forward with MusicVHS1989
DVD846 Multidimensional Approach to Assessment & TreatmentDVD2004
2932V Multiple IntelligencesVHS1997
DVD1100 Narrative AssessmentDVD1995
5351V Nature and NutureVHS
3543V Newborn: Development and DiscoveryVHS1996
2758V Nourishing Language Development in Early ChildhoodVHS1996
140V NurturingVHS1978
5191V ObservationVHS1993
1708V Out of the Mouths of BabesVHS1976
4704V Parents and Children Creating TogetherVHS1989
144V Piaget's Development Theory, Growth of Intelligence in Preschool YearsVHS1972
143V Piaget's Development Theory: An OverviewVHS1989
4585V Piaget's Developmental Theory: ClassificationVHS1967
3050V Piaget's Developmental Theory: ConservationVHS1968
2155V Piaget's Developmental Theory: Formal Reasoning PatternsVHS1976
4584V Piaget's Developmental Theory: Memory and IntelligenceVHS1971
DVD2550 Piaget's Developmental Theory: An OverviewDVD1989
5190V PlayVHS1993
DVD2909 Play, Play: A Vygotskian ApproachDVD1996
2757V Play: A Vygotskian ApproachVHS1996
4705V Playing GamesVHS1988
3542V Prenatal Development: A Life in the MakingVHS1996
DVD2014 Preschool in Three Cultures RevisitedDVD
3795V Preschoolers: Physical and Cognitive DevelopmentVHS1994
DVD841 Raising Cain, Exploring the Inner Lives of America's BoysDVD2005
DVD1082 Refrigerator MothersDVD2002
DVD845 School Clinician, TheDVD2004
DVD2919 Secret of the Wild ChildDVD1994
3233V Secret Shame: Bullied to DeathVHS1996
4703V Sharing BooksVHS1988
DVD1101 SpeakingDVD1999
3313V Speech and Language DelaysVHS1992
DVD844 Stuttering 101DVD2004
2002V Stuttering and Your ChildVHS1994
DVD849 Stuttering Intervention for TeenagersDVD2004
4245V Taken In: The Lives of America's Foster ChildrenVHS1997
1737V Teach the ChildrenVHS1992
DVD517 Up SeriesDVD
DVD1965 Video Companion to Preschool in Three CulturesDVD1989
786V Videotape Companion to Preschool in Three Cultures, Preschool in Three CulturesVHS1989
1738V Violence Factor, TheVHS1984
1793V Vygotsky's Developmental Theory: An IntroductionVHS1994
DVD3635 What Parents Need to Know From Kids About DivorceDVD2010
DVD2838 What Poor Child Is This?DVD2011
1784V When the Bough BreaksVHS1995
DVD3607 When the Bough BreaksDVD2014