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Minority Studies Film Listing

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4878V 30 Minute Blue Eyed, Blue EyedVHS2003
DVD4260 9066 to 9/11, Something Strong WithinDVD2004
1852V Affirmative Action versus Reverse DiscriminationVHS1984
4780V Angry Eye, TheVHS2001
1830V Arab AmericansVHS1993
1813V Bharati Mukherjee: Conquering AmericaVHS1990
5195V Birth of a Nation 4*29*1992VHS1994
DVD2739 Blacks & Jews, Blacks and JewsDVD1997
3677V Blacks and Jews, Blacks & JewsVHS1997
DVD2432 Bontoc EulogyDVD1995
DVD1944 Class Apart, ADVD
95V Class DividedVHS1987
5216V Classroom Climate Workshops on Gender Equality..., ...for Faculty MembersVHS1998
5104V Color of Fear II, Walking Each Other HomeVHS1997
4630V Color of Fear, TheVHS1994
DVD2553 Color of Fear, TheDVD1997
DVD519 Covered GirlsDVD2003
2989V Domino: Interracial People and the Search for IdentityVHS1994
4049V Edward Said on OrientalismVHS1998
DVD2742 Edward Said On OrientalismDVD1998
942V Ellis Island: Gateway to AmericaVHS1991
4483V Essential Blue Eyed, Essential Blue-EyedVHS1999
1828V Euro-American Issues in the USAVHS1993
4061V Eye of the Storm, TheVHS1970
DVD2562 Eye of the Storm, TheDVD
2461V Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White MaskVHS1996
5003V Glenn C. Loury, Professor of Political EconomyVHS1987
DVD3486 Graduates, The, Graduados, LosDVD2013
DVD3539 History & Memory, History & Memory: For Akiko and TakashigeDVD1991
DVD852 How Biased Are You?DVD2000
3997V Images of IndiansVHS1979
DVD2894 Klan,The: A Legacy of Hate in AmericaDVD1982
1468V Klan: A Legacy of Hate in AmericaVHS1982
3701V Life and Times of Sara Baartman: The Hottentot VenusVHS1998
4073V Long Night's Journey into DayVHS2000
DVD2425 Long Night's Journey Into DayDVD2000
5174V Maids and MadamsVHS1985
4438V Make a DifferenceVHS1993
DVD889 Matters of RaceDVD
DVD2770 Multiracial IdentityDVD2010
1757V Nokomis: Voices of Anishabe GrandmothersVHS1994
2592V Not in Our TownVHS1995
2593V Not in Our Town IIVHS1996
4796V Our Burmese DaysVHS1995
5121V Paha Sapa, Struggle for the Black Hills, TheVHS1993
DVD2579 Pathology of Privilege, Tim Wise: On White PrivilegeDVD2008
DVD3924 Portuguese in CaliforniaDVD2014
4763V Question of Race, AVHS1999
624V Race Against Prime TimeVHS1985
2404V Race, The Floating SignifierVHS1996
2405V Race, the Floating Signifier (Reference Edition)VHS1996
4837V Race: The Power of an IllusionVHS2003
DVD1891 Race: The Power of an IllusionDVD2003
DVD1686 Racial Stereotypes in the MediaDVD
3626V Rap, Race and EqualityVHS1994
DVD1090 Reel Bad ArabsDVD2006
DVD2338 Reel InjunDVD2009
5068V Return of Sara Baartman, TheVHS2002
DVD2740 Return of Sara Baartman, TheDVD2002
DVD1201 Shattering the Silences, Shattering the Silences: The Case for Minority FacultyDVD
1840V Skin DeepVHS1995
DVD3708 Skin DeepDVD1995
DVD3708 Skin DeepDVD1995
3989V Slaying the DragonVHS1987
DVD4025 Slaying the DragonDVD1987
2997V South Africa Belongs to UsVHS1980
4779V Stolen Eye, TheVHS2002
3328V Understanding Prejudice: Gripes and Common GroundVHS1996
DVD3906 Viva la CausaDVD2008
3902V Way Home, TheVHS1998
DVD1123 What's Race Got to Do with It?DVD2006
1904V Women and MinoritiesVHS1990